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With state and Federal, you 40% of your earnings GO, bottom line.

Posted By: . on 2005-09-12
In Reply to: Actually, I lived in California my ENTIRE life... - former bank manager

I don't know what's up for debate, it's fact.

Housing prices have gone up 40% in the past year alone in California.

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I think all state labor laws are pretty much in line with the federal laws as far as PTO SM

among other things.  Basically, federal law states that an employer is not required to offer paid time off or paid holidays.  An employer doesn't have to pay you for time not worked.  It states quite clearly that PTO is an agreement between the employer and employee upon hire.  So, if you have an agreement with your employer stating you accrue PTO and get certain Holidays off with pay, then upon termination or resignation, you are entitled to any unused time you have accrued.  However, since not mandated by any state or federal laws, if an employer refuses to pay you for any unused PTO, you will have to take legal action, likely in small claims court.  You will probably eventually win, but you have to decide is it worth all the trouble and legal fees?

When you actually get right down to it, labor laws really don't do much for the working class.  We are not guaranteed anything except minimum wage and a safe work environment.

The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
I don't think FEDERAL varies whereas state...sm

I think states set their own regulations but I do believe that Federal is all one set of rules/regulations.  The police might be able to tell you but I think you'd find out so much more via the internet if you know what state he is in.  I found someone in jail recently.  I put in her name and she is locked up and probably going to get the books slammed at her.  Very young nonthinking girl too. 

All states and even federales have websites.  You can type in INMATE information and then the state and all kinds of links will come up.  You can probably this way find his name at some institution and if paroled, call the institution he was paroled from and find out more details if possible.

BEST of luck on this!!!  The internet is great for finding even old friends (I found several 30+ years after being in contact).

HIPAA is a federal law, not State.
I could be wrong but I don't think you need to get the office to sign anything.  You just need to be HIPAA compliant on your end.  Double check on this though.
you're right, it's federal but diff for each state...see link...sm


ALL STATES PAY MINIMUM WAGE DIFFERENTLY - i.e., Arizona says *No state minimum wage law.*

I figure income minus expenses, send 23% for federal and 7.5% to state--sm
quarterly. The state probably differs state to state, but that is the percentile my accountant came up with. Have never had to pay and additional.
File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, your state attorney general, and the SM

state attorney general for the state The VLC is located in.  I happened to check it out and they have offices in Niagara Falls, NY and in Ontario.  Be sure to forward copies of every thing your file to them.  You can fill online complaint forms at the FTC website and the NY Attorney General's website.  Print out copies of these forms and mail copies of them after you fill them out to the school with a letter basically stating that you have reported them to these agencies and they will be intervening for you on this matter.

I also like the idea of putting cc's on your correspondence to a local news reporter.  And call them every single day until they are tired of hearing from you!

Good Luck!

No need to repost. Look at the LINK/URL at the bottom of the message and click on State of Californi
Not sure, I have deductions for federal income tax, SS tax, Medicare tax, and state income tax. ???
Federal holiday, banks and federal offices closed, but
schools and everything else open here. 
Bottom line is the $.
The bottom line is
You always type it the way the client or your boss, company tells you to. And you are right, ibuprofen should not be capatalized unless at the beginning of the sentence because it is the generic name of a drug. As far as the BOS is concerned...there are many people that believe that book is the Bible as far as transcription is concerned. Again, it all boils down to the way your client or company wants the information transcribed. The BOS is not always followed to the letter.
bottom line
nobody likes to see the officials produce the outcome of the game.... Of course they have to call things that are obvious, but in a championship game you cannot call the "iffy" calls and potentialy change the outcome of the game. Just let the players PLAY!!
Bottom line -
It can make a WORLD of difference how you feel about this profession depending on the accounts you have. I used to have nice accounts and made tons of money because I also got paid a huge line amount. I now have really tough accounts and do not get paid as much as I previously did. I work on four different accounts with all different specifics, tons of backround noise, grunting ESLs, you name it. I also have nearly no contact with the company itself, unless they need something from me. They then have no problem with calling me up.
Bottom line.......sm
You need to decide if this account is worth the aggravation. If it pays well and you make a decent wage monthly, then you need to put up with the aggravation.

If this account is not worth your time, then let it go.

If you are an IC, you can not get involved in the politics of the office or any other "petty" nonsense.

From the business owner perspective, only you can decide if the account is prosperous for you or not.

All this stuff about missing notes is aggravation and time consuming. Time is money. Is this account worth the headaches that come along with it.

Believe me, not all accounts are like this and some accounts are worse than this.

Again, the question becomes.."does this account make you enough money a month that you are happy with?"

Only you can answer that...Going back and forth with the office staff about missing notes is not the answer.

Ask yourself....Is it worth the effort to negotiate your contract under new terms, and if so, will you be happy with the new terms, and will these new terms eliminate your problem of missing notes?

As an observer.....the answer is probably "NO". But good money to me and good money to you may be different.

Good luck!
Bottom line is don't sub it out if

I would like to know bottom line here
I have been working in this field for 35 years and hope to continue. I work mostly VR, some straight. My pay is low, 4 VR and 8 straight. I only work part-time now because am at a point where that is sufficient. Can anyone tell me what their final pay is for a week's worth of work? If I worked full time it would be at least as much as I made in the 80s working inhouse. I know the pay is less than we made years ago but I figured out how much I needed to type to make X amount of dollars and that is what I do each day.
Yep, for Wedmedx. Bottom line, if you are an MT
Bottom line, in the loop. nm
bottom line it's what client wants...sm
and all of her corrections, most of them were right on....sorry to say that to you.....but it's p.o. b.i.d. and 82-year-old and all that good stuff.  If they want you to EXPAND GERD that's in your favor.....you get more characters which equates to more line counts.  But bottom line, it is what the client wants and all the clients are different with different things they want......hence why you think there is no consistency.  Best of luck!!! 
always remember -- the bottom line is it's about
Errors in transcribed reports can and do lead to adverse outcomes for patients. Are we as MTs pushed to be perfect ?? Heck yes - the documentation we help produce will impact a patient's care not only in the current admission or office visit but in the future when other docs are asking for copies of records. Medication errors, diagnosis errors can haunt a patient for years to come. No one can be 100% perfect all the time, but the goal is to strive to that - take the feedback as constructive criticism - learn from your mistakes and always consider the patient's needs above your own need for validation. It's not about you, it's about the patient.
Bottom line for EVERYTHING is the almighty
Well, bottom line is money

If the administration at the hospital are feeling financial strain, rather than cutting back on their own 6 figure salary, they seem to think hmmmm....how many people can we get rid of and get the job done at a cheaper rate."  At least that is what happened at a hospital I worked it.  They were 16 million in debt and there had to be some lay offs and others that were left took the slack.  They don't sacrifice, they expect everyone else to work harder and get paid less. 

It is not just us.  H works for a car dealership.  People are leaving and are not getting replaced.  The owner expects the workers that are still there to pick up the slack with no raises either.  When the finance manager left, the new car manager filled in.  He went and asked the owner for a raise because he is having to work 2 jobs now.   The owner told him no, he is just filling in.  The man said, no filling in is 2 or 3 weeks, this has been a year.  The owner said, well, we don't really need a manager, we need you just to sell cars.  In other words, the guy got demoted.  After being there 10 years, he left.  H's boss is going in after the first of the year to try to get them all a raise.  I have to put it to him, he is brave to do that after what happened to the other guy.   

I guess the bottom line is
can I make a decent living doing mostly VR at 4 cpl?
Can I actually just buy sliced bread and line the bottom?...
It is all about the bottom line. One of the largest transcription sm
companies is Cbay and they are pricing everyone else out.

I have spoken to several doctors and many other people about this issue and no one, and I mean no one, gives a hoot who types the report up.

This is about dollars and cents and it is not going away.
Bottom line is they need the worked turned around

quickly.   Most companies overhire and one of those reasons is because there are lots of MTs  who don't work their usual schedule, take a day off w/o notice, etc., so they have to have extra to cover for that.   My company does their best not to overhire, but at times that means we have to work like dogs because there is so much work.   I think some companies also offer incentives/benefits based on production and if you can't reach them they don't have to compensate you for them.   There are times that work is just slow and a company can't give you work they don't have, but not being able to make any lines is a consistent issue then there is a problem.  I would call your supervisor and ask for a backup account and/or look for another position. 


Hosp not right but bottom line was with CIGNA.
Bottom line, if it ends up in court, it is on the
Bottom line, if your time is adequately
It is not MT versus MTSO we have a bottom line too, & right now it is -
The bottom line is if the work runs dry, then

It's not rocket science.

Bottom line, just worry about your own butt instead of kissing theirs ; ) LOL
I guess the bottom line is any one of us would go back to in-house... SM

given the chance.  I re-read my previous post to you and I sounded like a b*tch and I wanted to apologize.  You sound like a very positive person who takes criticism and not so pleasant advice very diplomatically.

If your problems with your boss are more of a personal nature, rather than the quality or quantity of your work, I would maybe go over her head.  You already have an adversarial relationship with her anyway, so why not get it on record that you feel she is treating you unfairly?  Or maybe confront her yourself?  I would probably do the latter.  I'm not someone that can bite my tongue which probably explains why I work by myself at a computer all day rather than in customer service! 

Just an FYI, I actually am starting an in-house MT job at a hospital tomorrow!  I've decided that if they try to lay me off in favor of outsourcing, I'm just going to refuse.  I'm going say "nope, I'm sorry, I refuse to be laid off.  I'm going to get back to work now."  I wonder what they would do? 

Spoken like true "suit". All about the bottom line,
Lets bottom line this, say she leaves and goes to another company
What do you think would be her chances of them going to VR? Do you think it will go poof and disappear? Do you think refusing to take lower wages makes the companies take notice and reverse to go back to the golden days when we had really good salaries? Be willing to bet that next paycheck most would go along with their companies going to VR rather than changing, going to a new job only to find out the same thing happens there.
And all this time I thought the bottom line was patient care. nm
Webmedx has shortened all the hours too, for which they pay a differential. Bottom line, always.
We don't care what kind of education you have or how many websites you know about, bottom line

is your lacking of personality, and your [ pointing the finger ] attitude that you have.  You go back to transcribing all the YUK that we now get after VR skims off the cream and see how well you do sitting listening to that for an entire shift, and you may take off that crown on top of your BIG HEAD !! How did you find one big enough to fit?

QUEEN  Made just for QALady

Bottom line? Religion, of any kind, IS a problem. The world
So there.
So, bottom line is it is a fraudulent web site and viewing it may have exposed us to a virus?
Line rates by city/state...

can anyone share what going rates are for IC and transcription services  in their area?

Line rates are set by company, not state.
I might add that I make less than half what I did when I worked in the hospital laboratory (I was in management), but that's OK.  I'm much happier. 
Uh...30% IS near 40%. lol. And you need to put aside 50% of your earnings in CA.

I work five hours a day and take home (after taxes, etc.) between $1500-1700 every pay period.
In California. That's specific enough.
My earnings
For the last three years, I worked a 30-hour week and earned 44K with MQ each year. I expect to earn at least 60K now that I am fulltime.
How do you get your earnings up?

Hi there,

I have been working as an MT since January.  It was certainly slow at first as I was on a learning curve.  Now I am quite familiar with the work and have made all sorts of "shorthand" for myself with MS Word.  I also spend long hours, often more than 8 a day working at this, and I am still only earning under $600 per two weeks.  How do I get my earnings up?  I have heard one can make very good money doing this... but I am considering going back to work outside the home.  I need to earn at least $1000 per two weeks.  The company I am with pays 8 cpl for typing and 4 cpl for editing.

MT Earnings

The MT Conundrum

Those in the medical transcription field flocked to our 2008 Salary Survey, eager to see how they measured up against their colleagues. We had 872 total respondents in the transcription field, and 516 full-time MTs/editors and 212 part-time MTs/editors took our annual survey. Average MT salaries did nudge up a bit--4 percent--from last year, with full- and part-time MTs/editors making an average of $28,900 in 2008, compared to $27,800 last year. Full-time MTs reported bringing in $33,500.

At the Association for Health Care Documentation Integrity (AHDI), Kim Buchanan, CMT, AHDI-F, director of education and credentialing, hears a lot of complaints from MTs in the industry reporting drops in pay. "You hear complaints that wages are going down, but overall the data shows otherwise," Buchanan said. "This stat is showing we're slowly increasing."

MTs who work for medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) did see a dip in pay (see sidebar on the next page), but certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs) (21 percent of full-time MTs) saw average salaries poke up to $39,000. To compare with last year's results, CMTs across all HIM professions brought in $37,864, and this year, CMTs who were MTs and other HIM professionals combined made an average of $43,900. Buchanan was very encouraged by the numbers, as full-time MTs who have a CMT make nearly $7,000 more than their non-credentialed colleagues. "To me, that really shows the credential differentiates you in the marketplace," Buchanan noted. "It's really encouraging to me to see the credential is being valued, and it should be. The complexity of documentation we're starting to see is going to require a  knowledgeable worker, and to me, credentials show you made a commitment to lifelong learning and you are truly invested in your knowledge."

The registered medical Transcriptionist (RMT) credentialed folks didn't fare as well, making on average $6,000 less than full-time MTs with no credential. The credential is only 2 years old, Buchanan explained, and most RMTs are entry-level MTs/editors who just came out of school. Looking at the average salary of MTs/editors with 0 to 2 years' experience ($24,500), RMTs make more than that ($26,100), and the RMT might also just be the ticket that gets new MTs hired in the field. "In a way, it's really helping them leapfrog that beginning salary you show on 0 to 2 years," Buchanan said. "It's helping them, it's propelling them, and it's putting them ahead, which is great. That's exactly what we wanted it to do."

After examining all the numbers for MTs, Buchanan was happy the average salary for MTs/editors crept up, albeit slightly. "Overall, I'm encouraged to see we continue to increase, even if it's at what looks like a snail's pace," Buchanan said. "In an economy where people are losing jobs left and right, it's good to know transcription is remaining viable, and we're still seeing our wages creep back up."  

Lynn Jusinski is an associate Editor with ADVANCE.

MT earnings
What a load of crap