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I think all state labor laws are pretty much in line with the federal laws as far as PTO SM

Posted By: Tinks on 2006-12-26
In Reply to: It also depends on what your state laws say as well. sm - ET

among other things.  Basically, federal law states that an employer is not required to offer paid time off or paid holidays.  An employer doesn't have to pay you for time not worked.  It states quite clearly that PTO is an agreement between the employer and employee upon hire.  So, if you have an agreement with your employer stating you accrue PTO and get certain Holidays off with pay, then upon termination or resignation, you are entitled to any unused time you have accrued.  However, since not mandated by any state or federal laws, if an employer refuses to pay you for any unused PTO, you will have to take legal action, likely in small claims court.  You will probably eventually win, but you have to decide is it worth all the trouble and legal fees?

When you actually get right down to it, labor laws really don't do much for the working class.  We are not guaranteed anything except minimum wage and a safe work environment.

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Must check your state labor laws
This is what most of them follow is whatever state you live in. I live in a state where you have to get 40 hrs before you can hit OT. No OT for more than an 8-hour day.

But of course, I also live in a state that has $1.95 as its minimum wage still!
Labor laws
I think there may be some strong labor laws against such behavior. State labor laws obviously vary, but even Federal Labor Laws should prevent this.

I hate to hear about collusion like this against a person, who possibly just had the temerity to disagree.

Labor laws in some states (particularly CA) SM
are more stringent and some of the nationals won't hire from certain states because their laws are stricter than federal labor laws.
U.S. Labor Laws Don't Apply...

in India. Unfortunately , many countries don't have employee anti-discrimination laws. India seems to be one example. But , I have seen employment ads in the Philippines where they not only discriminate on the basis of age , but they do so on the basis of gender as well. Then there also issues of workplace health and safety (no O.S.H.A. there) as well.

Those who get these jobs there probably feel pretty fortunate , but we know better don't we?

child-labor laws.....sm
I'm wondering about third-world children who are being trained to learn MT for "their future," we all know they are quickly becoming home-based MTs.  I'm sure parents and teachers are already drilling them on medical terminology in preparation to add to the family income.  These are poor, desperate, countries who have always worked their children, this is not going to change.  Will our child-labor laws apply to them, since they will be doing American work???
also, check out the laws in your state (sm)

regarding how the landlord should handle your deposit during the time you rented from them.  In my state, it must be kept in an escrow account, and the landlord must show proof of this.  Also, landlords are liable for lots of routine maintenance on the house/apartment while it is rented.  For example, landlords are responsible for painting, replacing miniblinds, cleaning carpets, etc every four years, in the state of Georgia.

Go online and check it out...you could get your money back, plus some! Good Luck!

It also depends on what your state laws say as well. sm
In Texas, they have to pay you for your PTO time.
not sure what state you are in but there are some good new stalking laws...
you should get yourself a lawyer. this man is stalking you and can possibly become violent.

most lawyers give you a free consultation the first time so you can see if there is anything that can be done.

since you had the extramarital affair in the first play, no offense, but you just may like living on the edge. if you are seriously worried, take it to the proper authorities and do whatever it takes to stop this man.
Each state has different divorce and family laws; however, sm
ex-hubby is not entitled to anything after the date the divorce was filed. So, if she filed for divorce on January 1 and hit the lottery on January 2, he gets nothing!

At least that is how it is in PA. Don't know about other states.
It all depends on what state you live in and what their laws and requirements are. Check with your
Two diff topics. OT laws state 40 hours in most states req'd
Each state has different laws. Where I live, if I have clients in the same state I live in, yes I ne
have clients from another state, no I do not need a license. Every state is different. I checked with my attorney and the State Business offices.
With state and Federal, you 40% of your earnings GO, bottom line.
I don't know what's up for debate, it's fact.

Housing prices have gone up 40% in the past year alone in California.
In some areas there are laws against leaving a dog tied in a yard like this.  it is considered neglect or abuse or something
OT laws
What you're talking about here is illegal and violates the Federal labor laws. It is also not legal to just not pay someone if they work OT. You still have to pay them, and then deal with not following policy through whatever disciplinary action you have in place. But over 40 hours means OT pay, period. There is no exception to that and if your supervisor is advising you differently, he/she is asking you to break the law.
Do any of you married people have trouble with your in-laws, particularly your mother-in-law?  Mine is quite domineering and manipulate, though my husband doesn't see it one bit.  She has really created a lot of problems between him and I because I don't think she ever really liked me.     However, he sides with HER all the time !
I suffered with this for 15 years of my 17-1/2 year marriage. I finally started dishing it back to her, big time. She was really a spineless woman, and she retreated. In fact, they hardly ever came to visit anymore. However, the damage was done and the marriage died. So, good luck. I wouldn't go out of my way to try and please her, because believe me, you won't!
I have in-laws that are like that...

I wish I could also put it out of my head and get over it, but it still bothers me.  My MIL doesn't get it and has never wanted to. My mom was the only one who ever really understood before she died a few years ago, but only because she would ask me and wanted to know. My husband tells me to let it go, that they'll never understand. That includes his sisters and brothers. I'm 38 and still care about silly things like that. I do need to let it go and know that we are doing good by my working at home. I've seen all my three kids' firsts just by being here, and that's what is important. I've even mentioned to my MIL what I make in the past and still doesn't seem to care or want to know, just will say "oh, really?" and then move on to the next subject. When everyone is talking about having to work the next day at a holiday party, I keep my mouth closed now and say nothing. To them, I don't really work. I feel like a crazy person if I do mention working, like I have an imaginary job, so I quit talking about it. It's funny now because SIL's daughter went to school for this and is currently looking for a job, so they'll have to start understanding it better.  I'm glad to know I inspired her.

Old laws are still on the books everywhere.

Most schools will not use corporal punishment any more period.  Believe me, there are some kids at our school that could use a good whack on the backside.  However, the school district then would have to worry about assault charges from parents.  Teachers aren't willing to risk their entire careers over a bad apple.

The 4th grade girl who brought a handgun to my child's nice suburban school got suspended for three days and counseling.  The 5th grade boy who brought a knife was led off in handcuffs by police, but he was back in school the very next week.  Now, he's an angry high school kid who has to take a special class with other "angry" kids.  The kindergartener who stabbed my kid's teacher in the face with a metal mechanical pencil last year wasn't removed from her classroom at all.  Instead, they brought in a "behavioral specialist".  It wasn't working, but I told the principal if my children were in any of these kids' classes again, I'd be sending all my kids to private school.

My in-laws use a neti pot.
You can either buy a pot or use a water bottle with a hole cut in the lid. Fill it with 8 ounces of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of NONiodized salt. Gently irrigate your nasal passages with it. Google for informative articles and video demonstration. Yuck.
please see my above post for laws...sm
please see my post just above this regarding laws that have changed and/or are changing in the 21st century..........*S*.....
To get a break your in-laws might consider...
respite care for a week or two. It would cost about what they are paying the private nurse. They would not even have to really "get away." Just having a break from constant care would be a vacation. I know; been there and done that!
The laws mandate...sm
that if a spouse or immediate family member is placed overseas by military then your employer would have to keep you working as long as you're willing. As far as your not being married, you'll need to ask your human resources department.
You need to read IRS laws....they have to pay
no it does not...check your SS laws again.--sm
my father was on full SS after he retired. He worked part time as a security guard. He could NOT earn over a certain amount each month. There ARE restrictions, no matter if early retirement or full retirement.
No similar laws that I know of

Can you post a link?

India is notoriously lax on privacy, intellectual property, etc., types of laws.  Their judiciary system has always been at or near the top when it comes to corruption also.  It is easy to bribe your way out of trouble.  I know this.  I have family over there and hear plenty of stories of what goes on that would never get by in the USA.  The offshorers take chances in third world nations (not just to say India, there are others like Philippines, Pakistan, etc.).  They take these chances because of the fact that the labor is much cheaper.  They cross their fingers and hope for no trouble and since the USA has not outlawed sending its citizens' personal information to other countries, they are allowed to do so and they choose to boost their profits in the meantime.  It is what it is.  They are in business to make money.  Just like the subprime mortgage lending mess ... banks turning a blind eye to unqualified borrowers to make a  quick buck.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost for the banks.

The laws cannot be ENFORCED, so we have no
way of knowing what they're doing with our info. Sending our sensitive information overseas where HIPAA laws don't apply including names, DOB, Social Security numbers, addresses, etc., in itself is a HIPAA violation.
Well, I bet it's because CA has laws that protect
workers, so certain skeevy companies at least don't want to hire them because then they would (horrors) have to pay them when there is no work rather than pay them nothing while they sit waiting for work. That's just one of the protections we have here in CA. IMO
That would be HIPAA laws....nm
why would that violate laws? I would say you could do it -
So you are educated in the laws of Aruba? Wow.
I sound like I have lack of knowledge about this case, as does Mrs. Twitty.  So, I guess me and Mrs. Twitty should look to you for explanations and answers as to where her daughter is and what happened to her?  Do you have some inside info the rest of the world is not privy to?  I'm just wondering because if not, you are blowing a lot of hot air around and basically just about as uneducated about the laws and the evidence surrounding this case as the rest of us.
If you don't mind using a mix, my ex-laws are from Louisiana
you have to find them on the net, usually they sell through other food sites, but their mixes are to die for. And when i can't get to Louisiana, I get a box of these mixes. and when I cna't think what to give for Xmas I give these mixes. just awesome.
Cell Phone Laws
Here in NYS there's a law that you can't be on your cell phone unless you have a headset. The police rarely enforce the law. Every day I see someone on their cell phone. I wish they'd catch these people before they kill someone. I'm sorry your son had to go through the accident because of someone's stupidity.
Yes there are many places without leash laws.
Found out laws in Virginia. sm
One-third will go to me and two-thirds will go to kids (remarriage). We can't stand each other, and they will kick me out. Hubby not happy. Have another house but if I'm contributing to household should get to decide what happens to house if he passes, since I live there. He's thinking it over.

The Laws of Medical Transcription


1.  When a doctor carefully and distinctly spells out the name of a patient, drug, body part or referring doctor, it will be spelled WRONG. 


2.  If a doctor calls from the O.R., incoherent with rage because a note he/she dictated is not done and the patient in question is anesthetized on the table, that note will have been dictated on the Dictaphone that is sitting inside the doctorís pocket. 


3.  A dictation that is stat, urgent and absolutely vital to the patientís care will be dictated into a Dictaphone with dead batteries.


4.  When dictating an involved neurosurgical op report involving rarely used instruments and multiple complications, the doctor will be sitting next to either a beeping ventilator in a crowded ICU or a screaming infant. 


5.  The speed at which an ESL doctor dictates is increased in direct proportion to the thickness of his/her accent: i.e., ESL = mc2 = total incomprehensibility.


6.  A doctor who is a crystal clear, concise and organized dictator whom you love to transcribe for, within 15 days from the moment you begin working on his/her account will decide to accept a job at another hospital. 


7.  The above mentioned crystal clear, concise and organized dictator will be replaced by the only doctor in the Western Hemisphere who has both a lisp AND a stutter. 


8.  A doctor with a sexy, deep voice that turns your knees to Jell-O and your skin to goose-flesh will have a stomach the consistency of Jell-O and a face that resembles a goose. 

California MTs and OT laws - Question for ya.

Hey there,

I work for Spheris.  My supervisor just informed me that from this point forward, I cannot work OT.  

 Are there any Spheris MTs from California who could e-mail me about what I could do as a cut in pay right now is devastating. 

 There are exceptions for people who do piece work I have read and wonder if there is a way to get around this.  I am paid by exam and sup says when I work 2 minutes OT, they have to pay me OT for every exam, plus if I work over 5 days, OT for the whole week, or over 8 hours, OT for the hourly pay...

Needless to say, I am devastated by this... as I live alone.  Need I say more?  ::sigh::

HIPAA laws being broken.

Since nobody seems to care about MTs losing jobs & work being offshored, and it doesn't appear that they'll start taxing or otherwise financially punishing companies for doing it any time soon, what if we instead go at this from a HIPAA law point of view.  If they would start fining companies who offshore for HIPAA violations for every single patient record, that might put a stop to it.  HIPAA laws don't apply overseas & can't be enforced, and in this country HIPAA is a FEDERAL LAW.  I'm going to start writing letters to Senators, Representatives, and the President, and I think if we all did that, maybe someone would take notice of this privacy law being violated....  We have to do something to save our jobs, we can't just sit back and complain amongst ourselves.  

Laws are more 'binding' than contracts.
Out of curiosity, are you an MT or an MTSO who offshores? I find it hard to believe any MT would be defending this.
Aruba is a foreign country. Their laws
are different than U.S.  Father said "no body, no crime" because he knows in their system if they have no body, they have no crime. Therefore, they have to find a body...or they can't prosecute for murder.... Their laws, not ours.  That is what it is when you travel outside the country, you are under the foreign country's laws.. Really too bad but that is how it is.
It does violate privacy or employment laws.
I've posted about it before because there were MTSOs trashing MTs by name on some of the boards.  My mother is an HR director, so she's told me what companies legally can and can't divulge about employees or former employees.  Companies are not allowed to prevent people from securing employment, or slander/libel them.  Personal opinions cannot cloud the reference.  They can only confirm or deny the accuracy of certain items, such as employment dates, etc.  I think the most judgmental question they can answer is, "Would you rehire this person?"  Yes or no.
times like this I hate the HIPAA laws

I would *love* to invite somebody like that to my home and give them a shot at this one dictator I do ... thick French accent, right off the boat. 

"Please, have a seat. Put on this headset. Press that foot pedal. 'Type' about 15 lines. Let me know when you're done."

(one minute later, as they push away from the computer with that "do what" look in their eyes)

"Done so soon? My goodness you ARE a fast typer!!!"   

HIPAA laws have nothing to do with font size.
Some in your office don't have a clue, evidently.

A summary of the HIPAA law is posted at the HHS website.

Or you can go to HIPAA.org.
BK laws have changed. Ch 13 (repay) protection
is only option available if I understand the details correctly. Visa Corp. has tried to push this bill through for a decade and it was finally passed. There may be certain dire situations that allow an individual to wipe out debt (Ch7) but it will be a rare one. It is wage garnishment until the debt is paid, basically, though it may stop added penalities and possibly stop the debt from growing over time. See a reputable BK atty for a free 30 consult. It is all in the numbers really. What you owe and what your earning potential is, possibly the situation at hand but not like before (I filed Ch 13 after misfortune to save my home, paid back debt over 3 years with my wages garnished). Bad timing for this economy and many people will suffer, especially the elderly and the ill.
Hospital background check laws
Can someone tell me where I can find the hospital background check laws?  Looking for IL mainly.  Thanks.
HIPAA laws require that all pre-existing..sm...
conditions be covered as long as there is NO break in coverage.
You should blame Congress, they make the laws. nm
If HIPPA laws are broken, whether overseas
or here, the US company making the contract with the overseas entity would be held liable for not adhering to HIPAA laws as they are responsible for those companies they contract with.
Those laws sure haven't stopped my co. from making
in-laws raise cattle and sells them-6 available for this fall
a nutritionist also told me that grass-fed cows are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (unlike grain-fed cows). I have tried to offer them to a few friends but none seemed interested.

In-laws used to raise cows purely for family consumption (4 families in all, sharing one cow per year). But interested friends asked last year if my in-laws would be interested in selling. The idea brewed so now we have 6 to go. No buyers yet, though. Grass-fed and roaming freely, with names and treated like pets, cleaned and taken care of like their very own children, we have peace of mind consuming meat of cattle we raised rather than buy from grocery stores. Same thing with veggies. Sad thing we only have 5 months to plant and harvest. I do can what I can (pasta sauces, tomato salsa, pickles, etc.) and store onions and potatoes. My mother-in-law raises chickens also, for year-round egg supply. We buy our milk from a local farm (pasteurized unhomogenized). My sis-in-law gets milk from her own cows, raises pigs and chickens as well. I hope to be able to raise pigs and chickens next year, too. To me, these are the truly good food, not those in the restaurants/grocery stores.