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Posted By: MadamX on 2005-09-23
In Reply to:

What an absolute relief.  I have worked for MQ for 11 yrs.  They managed to cut my pay from $50 an hour to $8 an hour... They had the nerve to ask me "what is minimum wage in your state?", implying I should be glad to be making more than minimum wage...

I have been an MT for 22 years now.  Before the change to DQS, I could easily type 500 lines per hour... On the new platform, I was lucky to get 100 lines per hour...  MQ was quite pleased with this, suggesting I work 12 hours a day to make my quota instead of the 3 hours a day I was used to working.....

I have the utmost belief that I have made an excellent change... This is my second day for my new employer; I'm already averaging 300 lines per hour....What a relief.  I would have to have a lobotomy to ever go back to MQ.  They have no respect for any of us... Used to be that loyalty meant something.  Used to be that quality mattered..

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I quit once for 3 years, but then started again. (Quit cold turkey when I did)

I quit two months ago. I tried to quit for over a year, but I just had to be ready.
I tried the patch, NRT gum, Zyban, everything. One morning, I woke up and just quit cold turkey. There are some good online support groups out there that can help you when you're ready.
And I have seen a new ad in the magazine Advance that has a sign on bonus for SE's, maybe just better pay, let's think positive!!
Do NOT quit MT yet! & dont quit looking.Try her
love, love, love the show. hate american idol. this show is for real.
the only reason i entertained watching it was because of mark burnett and as usual he has such genious casting and editing. btw, don't know who anything about "metal" music but these performers make me like it. love marty and jd as performers. HATE JESSICA. susie is so nice and so emotional. it seems they all support each other and enjoy each others skills. regarding ty and bob marley, ty was excellent but he also lucked out on the song! bob marley was genious too and his music is very easy to listen to. i don't like 3/4 of what the others are given to sing but their performances make me love the music. dave navarro shines on this show, very gracious for the most part and letting the contestants down easy when they have to leave. he was great last night with brandon (?). sweet, sweet show. i am so impressed with everyone involved.
Yep that's it, 4000. Love, love love the zoom
But I feel like a dork typing...every time I try to type But it is coming out as Nut!
I love it too - love doing my nails 5 hours a day and staying awake

Love NOT getting paid while sitting doing my nails too.  It's a real turn on.

I tell all my friends to try it -- sit in front of your computer while you have no money to pay your rent and instead do your nails, you get a real buzz down in the pit of your stomach.


Also LOVE LOVE ESCRIPTION and make good money but...
Can I ask how you sit there for 8 hours. Lately, I'm having a motivation problem. When I focus, I can rack up the lines, but lately, I get so easily distracted. My mind wanders and I struggle to get my lines. Any tips on how you stay productive who do you work for?? I work for Transcend.
People either love it or hate it. I personally love it
but I know a lot of people say you cannot make any money on it and will not work on it. I do okay. I'm obviously not getting rich but I am making a living. I found it easier than Dictaphone and faster such in downloading and uploading job and you only have to log on one system and not like Dictaphone where you have to log onto the VPN and then log onto the program. It's always worth a try, but yes, the biggest complaint I hear is that no one can make a living and the cpl isn't that great.
TC quit
Yerica, LOL..No such luck.  Peggy quit, so did Miranda who worked in the digital room.  They both went to FutureNet, same place April went last November.  Jessie from the digital room is gone too..
Quit then if it's really that bad for you. sm
I don't like the e-mails either but you need to take this up with Joann rather than coming here and screaming at everybody. If it doesn't pertain to you, then ignore it. Why you're so uptight about something that isn't addressed to you is crazy.
LOL....I'd have quit after 1!!!!
now mine just takes in live-in strays since he can't get married again, he's still married in a different state and can't find the wife to get the divorce. IT's probably a good thing that he can't. He's be the one with 32 wives and still counting, some all at the same time. LOLOLOLOL
For those who want to quit
We need a MT smoker board any ideas???? Since we listen to what doctors say and know more than the average person (because we our brilliant people) we need a support group..
Here is how I quit MQ.
I took another FT job. Did not say a word to MQ. Just simply went about working for new job. I was not able to type at all for MQ. They did not call me. After about three months, I finally was contacted. Told them I had to take another job and that after eight hours with it, I was too tired to type for them. They asked me to go PT and I said I would try. Waited another three months and could not meet PT criteria (did not actually type a thing but wanted to see if FT job would work age - it was). After another 3 months, I called them and told them I would be shipping their things back. End of story. Of course, I doubt if I could ever go back there.

Sometimes in life you get what you give.
quit being mean
quit it!!!
Quit, got that right....sm
I quit two positions on the FIRST day because I could see that it was going to be impossible to get the production I want/need with the system as they were training me. No sense wasting my time or theirs...just got outta there.
I would not quit what I am now doing.
I just want more radiology work.  I do basic 4 and radiology with radiology being a 1/3 of my work.  I would like to keep the rad work but replace basic four with more rad work elsewhere.
yup, das y i quit
I quit!
Could you tell me the name of the company? I just started with a company, and I honestly don't think I will EVER be able to make the line count .... 11,000. Have never made that many lines. Am a good MT but takes time to do short reports, proof, etc. Even a short report can take awhile depending on extra things doctor wants you to do, like send a cc to different people, do this, do that, etc. By the time I proof the report, it could easily take 15 minutes or more. Takes time to proof and to try and find a doctor's name, etc., esp. in a big hospital.
I quit!
Just curious...how long were you on-board? I think I know the place.
i quit
I smoked up to a pack a day.  I quit 20+ years ago and never regretted it.  It was tough but I first figured out why I smoked (as a reward) and then started replacing the reward cigarette with something else - food, a small gift for myself, whatever... I had it licked in a few weeks but then slipped over the New Year's weekend.  I quit again and that was for good.  All the women in my family quit as well!  It was a very liberating experience.
Quit, yes...sm
I have always wanted to be able to travel the country and help out with Habitat for Humanity and other such organizations to help those who really need it. There are millions of poor people here who need the help and we should all give something back.  If it was a substantial amount (like a couple of million or more) I would help my siblings pay off homes, etc., volunteer, and travel.
Quit then and go somewhere else
Either keep up with the technology changes, do your work or quit. Just quit whining.  These changes are here, work with them.  And yes, to me it is good money.   Got two new accounts the past 6 weeks, good money, older doctors that will stay with me for the last ten years I plan on working as they don't like the EMR's, internet or whatever and just want to dictate and have someone type up the chart notes/OP notes/letters and be done with it.  My one larger account will bring in over $400 per week for 4 days of dictation.  One dermatology doctor, lots of Op notes and consults -- good lines, repetitive typing and good pay.   So either do something about your job situation or income to make it what you want or find another line of work. 
Anyone quit due to ASR?
I'm really worried about it.  I think it's just going to cut my pay in half or maybe even worse.
I'd quit in a second
What I would probably do is invest a lot of it, and get a part-time job doing something that I really loved. No way would I stay working as an MT full-time. Oh, and congratulations!

My late payments were 2 weeks at first too, and then it got to be a month, and then very sporadically late and then finally after 10 years of this waiting and wondering, I quit.  I can't work like that.  I didn't know if I'd ever get paid this last time.  I think once they see that you'll tolerate it, then it continues to happen. 

Do not quit
If you are happy then stay doing what you are doing, not many can spend time with kids, avoid day care, etc. My husband told me my salary was NOT worth it and convinced me to retire. aI did very well $$$ wise.  I am not totally and completely miserable. He would not even help me return the doc's stationery and I had to mail some back so the other company could use it. I cried on a daily basis. The docs and hospitals were angry with me and I don't think they would even give me a reference if I wanted one.I did give a notice, I did not sell as it would be like selling one of my kids, it was that much a part of my heart. I am very angry with my husband as well as being heartbroken and lost. I am not up to savvy on file transfer protocol, etc., and a lot of things that have come up in the last two years. I am one heartbroken woman. Your husband is only thinking of himself and wanting to own you. Don't let that happen. I am at the point where I want to start all over as a newbie after years of being #1 in my area. Men are ego maniacs! I am one unhappy former service owner, don't let it happen to you! And please, no nay sayer meanie responses, I don't need that at this point in my life. There are some on here who just love to jump all over your heartfelt concerns, been there too!! Stay with the supporters of what you are going through. Don't give it up!
I liked my accounts, easy docs but I never knew when I was going to be paid and was fed a line of bull every time I asked about it. There are nice accounts that pay on time out there.
I quit an account that did not pay on time.  I had to wait 3 months; welp, I said see ya'...  wasn't worth my time.
did you quit your old job before
starting this new one?
want to quit job
I work for 2 companies.  I accepted a job position with Transcend not too long ago and have had nothing but problems.  I love my original company and I just want to work full-time for them.  I took the job at transcend b/c my hubby was not working much but he has now gotten a new job and is going to be making good money so I don't really need a second job.  Transcend's platform is terrible and I can't even begin to describe how terrible their audio files are.  And during training you can only do 10 jobs a day which equals no money.  So I am going to say the heck with them.  They are a waste of time.....nice people but their training process is too aggravating.  How do you guys quit a company?  Do you just send them an email?  I don't really want to call anyone there because then they will try to convince you to stay.
Quit in the middle of a 4-hour training session. After 2 hours I learned probably 35 days to change the background of my screen color and type, etc., everything that did not pertain to their platform and still never learned to begin to type a report in 2 hours, in between the lady screaming at her kids. Had a splitting headache and anxiety. Never returned to the second portion of their training. Their recuiter called me later to ask me what was lacking in their training process and how they could improve it. I promptly returned their computer and equipment. I also had big hopes for the job and they are a national company. Don't feel bad - it happens.

I quit there because its ridiculous to sit in front of the computer for 8 hours and only get 200 lines!

I would quit. nm
don't quit yet.
I would talk to the doctor first. He has taken on a new doctor and opened new offices so he is obviously busy. He knows you're busy too but if you don't say anything, you are obviously saving him money. See if you can hire another Transcriptionist to help out. It obviously sounds like a place with plenty of work. I wouldn't quit.

I just quit my job as an IC
I was with a doctor's office for seven years and never raised my rates. I discussed a raise with them and not only did they say NO, they said they were planning to cut my wages. Since two women had "undercut me" in the bidding war for cents a line. Well that is the problem these days, there is no STANDARD. I am a GREAT worker, (as they told me this several times after I resigned... they were not pleased to see me go) well guess what I have too much pride to work my ASS off and not be rewarded for it.
I get absolutely NO benefits and what I was getting paid for work that was FULL TIME did not cover those costs. So I will take a pay cut for benefits as I have no retirement and I better start thinking about it. I used to think it was the greatest thing ever, so much freedom... but now I know better as I get older...
Tell them to find another transcriptionist, payment due in full and make sure to let EVERYONE else in the local transcription community know that they don't pay their bills. Depending on where you live and how much it's for, you may be able to sue in small claims.

But, yeah, definitely cut your losses now.

Why do u think your co wants you to quit?
wants you to quit?
I quit. LOL. nm
What cha going to do when you quit?
I work on VR and have been totally ticked today because most of my reports have been straight. UGH. I hate to transcribe straight anymore, totally spoiled because of VR, so easy. Are you trained for other work than doing this?
I went back in house and love it. I love not being
secluded. I was working in my PJs, less organized and feel much better now that I get up and dress for work and see people (even those in traffic aren't so bad anymore). I find that I have more of a life now, and my family says that I spend more time with them now.

Working at home served its purpose for a long time; I was ready to go out into the world again now that I have no little ones at home.
BD WONG! I love him! I love all CSI and Law and Orders!
I am so addicted. I actually schedule my job and family around the shows LOL.
TC quit Monrovia
Wow, I had no idea those people were gone.  I avoid all office contact because my TC is the dreaded Yerica.  email me if you have time.  ssc.
need advice on how to quit

Hi All,

Finally, I've had more than I can swallow at you-know-where and have accepted a job with a better company. I already feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!! The ESLs and constant account changes were just ridiculous.

I once saw posts with advice on how to quit without burning any bridges (e.g. what to say, how to say it), but I have spent an hour looking for them and cannot find them.

Would any of you care to share some advice again please? Appreciate it... thanks!!



I tried Transcend and also had to quit after just
2 pay periods. There simply wasn't any work. I can't just sit around and wait for things to pick up so had to go to a company that doesn't overstaff. Other than that, I thought I was going to be happy. Loved the account they put me on (when there was work). It hadn't switched over to BeyondText yet so I can't speak to that. Just basically agreeing with your post. Experienced it personally.
must have been J and not T; i quit for some reason, sm
getting hassle out of J as tech support and never following through. got *itched at for using email program and it was my computer. i told them off and said i could put whatever "crap" i wanted on MY computer. never experienced any problems before J came along. T was best support there was. get rid of that J and get him outta there!
Ditto here, so I quit. nm
You are right - Worked for them - Quit.
Justification is that it is daytime in India when it is nightime in US and they cannot find enough transcriptionists in the US who will work night shift. Difficult to find work in some specialities after 6 PM because it is sent to India. They bus the people (in India) into an office and give them a free meal but no benefits i.e. insurance. No respect for this or any other American company who takes jobs out of this country not to mention our personal identitication information (SS#, name, etc.) shipped overseas. Bet they never heard of a background check.
Quit May 4, 1986
Good luck to you! The first few weeks are the hardest, but you can do it!
quit 4 years ago
I tried unsuccessfully to quit about 10 times, but I wasn't really mentally ready to quit.  I was smoking 1 pack to 1-1/2 packs per day when my now husband told me he wanted me to quit smoking.  That was all the motivation I needed.  I quit cold turkey.  When I first quit, I carried around ink pens and pencils and held them just like a cigarette to keep my hand busy, and I kept lots of Lifesavers and gum with me at all times.  I set aside the money that I was used to spending on cigarettes and instead used it for a vacation.  I'm just like a little kid--the reward system works pretty well for me, so I just set little rewards along the way for myself so that I would stay smoke-free.  Even now, I stay away from situations where I will be tempted to smoke because I still have cravings.  Quitting is hard to do, but you can do it!  Just focus on your specific reason for wanting to quit, and you will get there.  Good luck!