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Yes - it was explained to me that this happens when the egg implants in the uterine wall. The blood

Posted By: WI MT on 2006-03-27
In Reply to: Has anyone ever had a positive serum pregnancy test and...sm - Scared but praying

Had this with all of my pregnancies.

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No - I do not want implants or a mastopexy - I was just wishing for nature to take care of it!
My breasts are of a nice size naturally. I am not vain - underwire bras are fine for me.

De Ja vu explained...

In one of her books she explains how we are given a blue print of our life before we are born, so we can choose our path and what lessens we want to learn while being on earth, to get us closer to God in the spiritual word.  She explains when we have de ja vu, a feeling we had been in this exact same place/situation before, that is a part of our path we remember seeing before birth.  Again, some of you may laugh at that..but is there any other explanation for de ja vu?  I'm a spiritual person and when I read that, I said a-ha!  Total believer.

I just explained it. Don't know what else to say

No. The way it was explained to me is that once you have sm
it expunged, you can honestly say "no," except like I said before, if you are applying for a high-level security position or such.

Good luck to you. No one should have to pay for a mistake that happened years and years ago.
Should have explained further - where I
work 12,000 pay period is FT, that is base pay. Over that you receive the incentive.
Both--should have explained further.
For root words -
tr - treat
trd - treated
trs - treats
trg - treating
trm - treatment
etc, etc.

Also I use numbers for the same "phrase" and to capitalize ceratin things 0

err - emergency room
er1 - Emergency Room.

cce - clubbing, cyanosis, and edema
cce1 - cyanosis, clubbing, and edema.

Also I put an h in front of headers -

pmh - past medical history

Just find a style for yourself that is comfortable and easy to remember for you.
Well, maybe I explained it wrong

I have the wavplayer footpedal only and it is supposed to plug into the speakers, but does not fit.

Thank you. That is exactly how Dictaphone explained it to me sm
when I went to Florida for training.
why do u need it explained. Everyone counts different.
what do u need to know?
very nicely explained
exactly right!
is this the writing on the wall for us? is there nothing we can do??
are we being sold-out by our own profession?
I saw the writing on the wall with them
More than 2 years ago I decided to quit lining their pockets with my hard-earned money to support their "garden party" mentality and grossly overpriced coferences that are too expensive for the average MT to attend (come on, do we really need an annual meeting in Hawaii???). I dropped my membership after more than 10 years of seeing no action, hearing of secret meetings, never ending in-fighting, and just a general attitude of them thinking it was up to the average working MT to support their grand "hobby" of being a board member while they sat around accomplishing nothing year after year.
s-wall of bladder
In a laser lithotripsy report I'm hearing, "gravel from prior S-wall in the bladder" and "pieces down there from prior S-wall". I know there is no S-wall, so what could it be? Thanks!
Hitting the wall

Hi fellow MTs:

Just wanting opinions.  I find some days, my fingers/brain are really "on" with transcribing, but then I have other days, where reaching my line count is a struggle.  Obviously, I'd prefer to all "on" days and I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions on being "on" more than off.

Thanks in advance and happy typing!

Hitting the wall
Thanks to my fellow MT's for these suggestions. I'll have to try the classical music.

Have a great day!
Could this be the writing on the wall for the US MTs...

Whoever is responsible for this current economy in my opinion has just done us in...

This is from an Indian company (if you go to their site check out their job openings, all in India)

See below: 

With the economy in the US showing ‘no’ signs of recovery and with the ‘fourth’ largest bank going bust, companies which earlier had said an emphatic ‘no’ to outsourcing, will have to rethink.

High Capital Costs

The burgeoning ‘operational’ costs a company based in the US incurs for basic back office functions such as payroll processing, accounting, distribution and other important functions adds to the high capital cost of a product or service rendered by companies there.

A new ‘strategy’

A new mind-set is the need of the hour; entrepreneurs need to harness new technologies, outsource assembly lines across the globe to offset the high labor costs  at home, this trend adopted by some of the companies a couple of years ago has turned the corners for them, ever since they started moving some of their tasks to overseas companies based in India, operational cost were reduced by one third.

Internet the ‘messiah’

The vast avenues of communication made possible by Internet has made it possible for enormous levels of information that is exchanged, unlike the pre-Internet days where communication was possible only through a telephone, a fax or a personal face-to-face meeting, now entire board room meetings can be held on the Internet regardless of the physical presence of members.

Cost ‘benefits’ of outsourcing

When a company based in the US ships a $14 to $15 an hour transcription job assignment to India where a transcriber is paid just $1 an hour, consider the cost benefits the company will receive, in comparison to the in-house service maintained by the company.

How will ‘US’ benefit from outsourcing

US companies will be able to enjoy reduced costs, and the large profits that will result can be re-invested in new ventures or expanding the existing ones, thus the outsourced new contractors can in fact create new markets for American products, and displaced US workers will have the opportunity to find newer jobs in vibrant new enterprises. The US companies will have the advantage of developing newer products with better features and thus antiquated products or services can be handled by the ‘contracted’ offshore companies.

Advantage of a different time zone of an ‘offshore’ company :

The operations of a US based company will never come to a stand-still, even after the staff has left for the day, the off-shore company based in India will take over and complete your unfinished task, thus projects get a round-the-clock attention, giving the companies an effective lead in completing projects with a quick turn-around-time. Client is therefore assured of an ‘on time’ delivery of his project, and in the bargain the company will have the benefit of maintaining the customer retention ratio.

Why choose ‘transcriptionstar.com’ as your vendor

As a transcription company we have the process expertise and an effective track record of experience and knowledge, we also are very flexible in adapting to newer technologies and since our operations are India based, where employ wages are one fifth of the their counterpart’s in US, an effective price advantage can raise profit margins of US companies to new heights.

Avert ‘Costs’ from sneaking up and corrode ‘Savings’:

medicaltranscriptionsservice.com can effectively ensure that companies outsourcing transcription requirements to us can save 40% to 50% on costs, whether it is for applications for Business Transcriptions, Media Transcriptions, Legal Transcriptions or Medical Transcriptions, we are the ‘source’  that you can ‘outsource’ and avert costs from sneaking up and corrode savings.

Advantage outsourcing from India:

With a vast reservoir of English speaking university graduates and a vibrant democracy, India can virtually ‘clone’ the operations of US companies at one fifth of the cost, and still maintain the standards of quality required by clients in the US, remember it is time to act now than wait, ‘outsourcing’ is the solution.

“A Stitch in Time saves nine”

Writing on the Wall
I went to their website.  I could not find any link for job openings nor could I find any of this text on their website.  Where did it come from, am I missing something?
A college professor I had explained it like this...

We all have "breaking point" for getting cancer.  Has a lot to do with your immune system and what you are doing to your body, i.e. smoking.  One person smokes and gets cancer at 38  _____1_____________ and the next person smokes and gets cancer at 78 _______________1____.  It's individual and you just never know.  However, the fact that a person gets cancer 10 years after quitting cigarettes doesn't mean they wouldn't have gotten it if they had continued to smoke.  Probably would have gotten it sooner, but since the prior smoking has done it's damage, they got it anyway. 

I heard that if you quit before age 35 you can usually reverse the damage and your risk factors, but after that, there's no going back in a big way.  The damage is done. 

I have explained several times now that we have added the
Indian URL to the Google Adsense filter so that it will stop appearing, but it does take a few days for it to take effect.  We have NO control over Google when a banner appears, but we can remove it though it does take time on Google's part.
I called docsonline and they explained &
It sounds as if the writing is on the wall where you are now so...
It might be a good time to move to a national. Many of them do offer benefits, and if you are fast and accurate, you can make okay money. It might be just what you need if you are as stressed at work as it sounds like you are. I do like having my own private bathroom, being able to work in shorts and T-shirts, and take breaks when I need to. My final decision to work from home came when my last boss started monitoring the time we spent in the bathroom!
I think the writing was pretty much on the wall on
The docs who don't know anything about what we do, or it's value, and only see now many cpl they pay, should probably be dropped as soon as you can find a better account to replace them, not waiting 'til they drop you.

I've always believed very strongly that the complaining customer that always wants a deal, but doesn't EARN that deal, is not worth having. I'm sure he was alot more trouble to type for than what he was worth. 10 cents per 65-character line is the very least any of us should accept. If a doc ever tries to gyp me down to a 9 cpl, I'll tell him that's too bad, and to give me a call when he comes up with that extra penny.
I have to vent! ASR is driving me up the wall!
When I was started on ASR, I was told it was strictly "voluntary" and that if I did it, I would get a "mixture" of ASR reports and straight MT.  Well, not the case.  Now everyone has to learn ASR and every report I get is ASR-- even the most horrible of horrible dictators.  I keep fixing the same mistakes over and over and ASR has "learned" nothing from the corrections.  I still think it is all a ploy to put ALL the dictators on it, no matter how bad they are, just so we will make the same per line as the Indians.  My last shift, I had exactly ONE very short report that was not on ASR and all the rest were.  Just as soon as I can find another job, I am out of MT altogether.  They have totally ruined what used to be a good profession with all their "progress".  Well, they can have it! 
Yes, I had that happen. I went to Radio Shack, explained...
my circumstances and they sold me a filter that took care of the problem EXCEPT when the ham operator ramped up. IF you know where the tower is, these people should be reported - it's against federal guidelines to ramp up that heavily. I found the tower (down the street from me), called him in, and the feds they came a-knockin'. Funny - no more problems! Good luck!
Liver protruding through the abdominal wall
My father just had an MRI and it shows that his liver is protruding though the abdominal wall.  He has a hugh "bump" on his right side, sort of like a hernia.  The doctor is baffled by this and says that she has never seen anything like it before.  Has anyone ever heard of this happening? 
She has explained it before - lots of expanders if I recall correctly.
I believe it - I to make great line counts in a few hours, but have to work in 2-3 hour periods, take a break, and go back later for 2-3 more hours.

If I sit here all day, I am not productive. It works for me.
Wall painting faux finish techniques sm
Has anyone ever done their walls in a faux finish technique?  I have a rather large room inhabited by my husband and the 2 dogs in the evening while I work, a big screen t.v., a beige fireplace, beige and hunter green wood look vinyl tile on the floor and hunter green furniture. One wall is paneled in a pecan paneling as it couldn't be done any other way. This room was an add on to the house. Right now the walls are a gray color but am looking to paint it something different, something that might not show the splotches caused by the dogs shaking their wet fur on occasion and fingerprints around the switches.  I found the softly aged walls technique on the HGTV web site were you use 2 colors and a divided roller and divided pan. I kind of like the look and it looks fairly easy for me to do.  Anyone have any ideas?
So you DO have a moose-head hanging from the wall of your trailer?
walked right into that one, Ellie Mae!
They're coming to take you away. Your family called 911 and explained you were sputtering and re
could not understand a word you were saying and you were about to take a baseball bat to the computer muttering something about join, CIA, MQ, dreams, lawyers.

Get some rest, take your medication and maybe you can come home on the weekends with supervision.

bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaa MQ has finally broke one of their damage controllers.
i still use my fan even during fall/winter and turn it towards the wall but drowns out noises. nm
I've beat my head against the wall trying to make a decent

the ESLs, I can't get much past 1200 lines daily anymore.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Yes to all the above - they need some new blood
Blood Test
Could it just be that his CEA is elevated? The rise in CEA would be used to determine if treatment is working. Just a thought.
blood thirsty
Call me all what you will, but I don't understand why Barney is being bashed here?

Hey BARNEY - I really don't think ya did anything wrong.

I suppose I better watch what I say or I could be crucified next by some of your blood hungry people!
blood clots
It happened to me earlier this year, right out of the blue--pulmonary emboli--and with no real risk factor other than sitting still doing long hours of transcription. Everybody stretch and move around--it's important!
I'd recommend getting CMP and other blood
tests and going from there.  If you get a physical and they do the blood work, should be covered under insurance. 
The blood can be from implantation, but...
it can also be a sign of miscarriage of ectopic pregnancy.  I have had three pregnancies.  During the first pregnancy I started having spotting at about 5 weeks that got heavier, and I ended up miscarrying.  The second pregnancy I started spotting at about 6 weeks, but went on to have a full term healthy baby.  The third pregnancy I started spotting and kept this up for 3 weeks.  When I started having pain in my lower right side they found that I had an ectopic pregnancy.
Some companies try to squeeze blood out of you
and as long as someone does it, that makes them think they can continue to do it. I would not do it for free. If they ask you to do it, then tell them what you charge. If they don't buy, then they are not worth working for. That's why all the industry rates are going down, down, down. Too many who just continue to work for free or low wages. We have to stand up for ourselves or the industry will just keep going down as we have seen it for a decade.
Do you take blood pressure medication? sm
They can make you extremely tired, too. I take Toprol XL and have for 13 years. It peaks about 3 hours after I take it I have trouble staying awake at the PC from 6 am to about 10:30 am. I literally fall asleep with fingers right on the keyboard. It was so bad that I finally changed to the afternoon shift. I asked my doc about it and he said try taking it at night. Well, that brought on the headaches I was trying to avoid. He said to take 1/2 in the a.m. and 1/2 in the p.m. No dice, still had headaches. He won't change my pills, says if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it. He wants to keep my pressure on the low side. My only solution was changing shifts and now I don't fall asleep at the keyboard anymore. I can get 10 hours of sleep at night but still fall asleep about 3 hours after taking that medication. I'm fine if I am up and about and doing things but sitting at the keyboard is another story.
Dad has blood clot in his lungs
Please pray for my daddy.  He and my mother and younger brother went on a 10-day, 3800 mile trip to Mount Rushmore.  He started having chest pain and arm pain while he was gone. He went to the doctor when he got back and they found out he had two blood clots that were in his legs and had traveled to his lungs.  He is in the hospital and they are trying to stabilize him on Coumadin.  He is 49 years old.  They said that they stopped every 2 hours for a break, but drove some distance every day but one.  I am worried about him, please pray for him.  He is not in any pain and is resting, reading and watching TV.  I don't want to lose my daddy.
Had to ammend the blood thing ... sm
Once she was proficient at cleaning and dressing minor scrapes (9 or 10), I had to ammend the blood to lots of blood, but by then, it had become a running joke. It now stands at massive amounts of gushing arterial blood, and she wonders why she can't break her neck, but a broken skull with brains oozing out is okay. Needless to say, she has a bit of a sick sense of humor. She's a great kid, though.
What is it they're looking for in the blood? Drugs?
common sense dictates you read the writing on the wall. technology has made you obsolete.
and the government has seen to it that american workers are no longer necessary and allows business to outsource many middle income jobs. 
No spin. No blood pressure problems.
I'm not complaining about an Indian MT taking good work from me and I don't know anyone within the company who gives out that information anyway.  I do believe you might resolve your issues by telling the whole story because at first glance it just sounds like you are complaining and really don't want a solution.  If that's the case I am sorry for you.  I am also sorry for you that your source came up with an "Indian MT" taking your work who only wants American doctors to cause your blood to boil.  Not only does this intruder come from India but she leaves you with the lousy Indian dictators.  Not that you sound prejudiced or anything.  But do you really need all that info to perform your job?    Or is someone trying to stir you up like that higher source you have within the company.  Maybe they want you to get mad  and quit!  Be careful who you believe and IF your source information is valid what are you going to do with it but fret?  That's not a good thing friend.
Did he have blood work w/his job physical? Maybe they missed something. nm
I love my vet, the only blood work she does is an occasional - sm
heartworm test, about every 2 years. Only take the dogs (and cat) in for shots, no extra or unnecessary stuff. She is cheap (and good) too, compared to where we used to live. I'd say if there is a hint of a problem, then yeah it should get monitored. But if there is nothing wrong, then why? Once every few years should be adequate I would think for blood work. As for teeth cleaning, I have only done it once with 1 of dogs because she was going to be out anyways getting some teeth pulled, a tumor removed too, so we had her teeth cleaned. As for my other dogs, forget it, that is what Milk Bones and Dentabones are for. I already spend enough on shots for 3 dogs, Frontine, heartworm pills, special dog food for the 1 dog, etc. Some vets do whatever to get more $, others though don't get greedy (country vets) and think of the animal, not on pumping up their bottom line. If you aren't happy with your vet then either tell them you only want the 1 x a year visit, shots only, none of the extra crap, you can say NO, it's your pet. Or find another vet. Though we are in the boonies, we have 2 vets within 2 miles of each other, who are both very reasonable, go into town though and you pay a lot more.
Is this your flesh and blood grandchild you are talking about?? sm
If not, how could people who "wanted to be teenagers" literally dump the child on your doorstep?  Sounds like you resent that poor child much more than the people getting what you call "vanity" surgery.  Gad, what a sad, awful attitude you have.
He drew my blood for my marriage license - engaged to someone else
True story. My husband was the one who was drawing my blood for my marriage license. I was engaged to someone else, and back then you have to have your blood drawn before you got married. When I sat down, he said to me "are you sure you want to get married before you and I have a chance to get to know each other?" I cracked up and realized he was right - I needed to get to know him before I got married to somebody else. We have been married 24 years - 4 children and 2 grandchildren.
MAs take vitals, draw blood, give injections, etc.

PAs have the mostly the same authority as a doctor EXCEPT writing narcotic prescriptions they need their suopervising doctors signature.  I used to work in a doctor's office as an MA for a PA.  Hope this helps!!!

i gave blood, sweat, and tears as a QA person -
I tried for over a year with a very lame lady who supposedly graduated from one of the *top 3* schools and was a former nurse. She had a terrible ear, little to no comprehension, and was clueless on how to even use her reference books! She was hands down the worst MT out of dozens of people I worked with. The point is this - You can usually tell pretty early if someone is worth training or not. What does your gut say?
blood or visible bones?! lmao - I love it!