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You might be sending finished work back to an FTP site

Posted By: or just emailing their office. Depends. nm on 2007-07-20
In Reply to: Will you be accessing the voice files via a Cphone, too? - Usually what's done using that type of device.


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sending back work
I have made it a point to learn the *hard* doctors, cause they are sent to me quite a bit, cause MQ knows I can do the *hard* doctors..Its crummy having to learn them and knowing you are losing money in the process but once you learn the *hard* doctors, you know the ones who are ESL or English as third or fourth language (smile), you can do them and then it is no big deal.  Yesterday, I got a half transcribed report with at least seven blanks for Q/A..I was able to do the report with no blanks cause I have learned this doctor, who has what I think is a Middle Eastern French accent..He is quite hard but I can do him as I have learned him over the years (since 2000).  Practice makes perfect and the way transcription is going with voice recognition, I think the only transcriptionists who will be left in the end are the ones who can do the ESL, mumblers, speed talkers or speech impediment doctors, the ones who voice recognition cannot do.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
I think I will be sending it back.

I noticed that the CD seems to "skip" over some questions or items that it used to ask. Since I do a lot of searching on the 'net, I guess I will call this one a "not needed" item anymore.  I just thought it would be a bit easier instead of going to the 'net to do a search...you know "information at your finger tips" type of deal.

Thanks for the input. I'm a little dissapointed in this version to say the least. I have no idea why they took a great product and ruined it.


No, at this co. QA is good about sending back

that's the usual process so that we can listen to our errors. How do you ever learn if you don't see your errors?

My refund was for 2 cents. I am sending it back along with a letter to the CEO
and ask them why per contract I did not get the raise promised me in 90 days. I no longer work for them, but hey, I am not going to let this opportunity slip by.

It makes no sense to spend more money than the check was to get it to you and for a company to be that wasteful, you wonder what is in the back of their mind. For both you and me, good thing we did not go run and try to spend it in one place!

Something stinks there!
I've worked for svl places that said to change it back to 100% before sending, so it must affect
are they sending you work to check
all of their work? I don't THINK the gal I work for checks all of my work. I send her a list daily of every job I've typed and which ones I had questions on or blanks and she checks those. I can't imagine not ever having a question whether it be from a bad connection, mumbling, whatever. I would think that is normal. If you never have questions or blanks, I would question what kind of work is being passed along to the client. Of course if I was having to check every report because of mistakes, I would definitely question why I still am paying the transcriptionist.
Equates to sending our work offshore.
I NEVER shop at Walmart. Google their business practices, they are the pits!
Technical Question regarding sending and recieving work

So many companies have different ways of sending and receiving work that I am a little confused.

I work for a local hospital. We used to send and recieve work via a DVT transcribe station and phone line downloading work from the Lanier system. Now we use Lanier VXP interface and player.

My question: Is the DVT transcribe station the same thing as a Lanier for Voice that some services state you need? Or is it completely different?

I had to pay mucho $$ for this station and don't want to see it gathering dust.

Does anyone know what the most popular program companies use for sending and receiving work? I notice ExText is mentioned quite often, but I seem to have conflicts all the time with that program shutting down on me for no reason when I'm in the middle of a document. I, nor tech support, have been able to figure out why.

I'm thinking of changing jobs as I am totally bored/sick of doing the same dictators  over and over again. I need something to perk me up. I'm also sick of ESL dictators, of which I seem to get more than my share during each day. Since I would rather give quality instead of quantity, I'm finding it harder and harder to get my line production every day.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

that should read "they ended up sending all the work"
Full audio relisten before sending in work
The hospital recently hired a new supervisor for the transcription department. The MTs were just informed that there are quality issues. They have requested that the MTs perform a full audio relisten to ALL reports before sending them in. Not a read over or proofreading on the fly, but a 100% relisten! I don't mind doing this on shorter reports but some reports are 10 minutes plus. This is going to be incredibly time consuming. I feel like speaking my mind, but I like the company I work with and Christmas is coming and this is not the time for me to be out of a job. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation? Thanks!
I went back to that site.
I saw a much longer page than I had before, but the only way I can see to order the CD is using PayPal. I've used PayPal before, and it is awful. They won't let me use the same credit card my husband uses, which is stoopid. So I sent an E-mail telling ShortHand to call me. They will do it by credit card if they want my order.
Is the site back and ready? (nm)
Yes, Site is back and ready.
If you experience any problem. Send us an email at webmaster@mtstars.com
I get my work from an FTP site that they load the work to, however I don't have pool work so to
speak, but I tell them how many minutes a day I want.  The work is generally put in my box by 5 pm every day, then I have until 10 am the following day for some priority work, or 3:30 pm for the rest, so TAT is not too bad. I would like to work less at night though, but I working on that. My downside is I do not get the same dictators day to day, there are a few I do on a semi-regular basis though, some generate great lines but take longer to do that other doc's and are not "money-makers", I also do not get paid for spaces so that hurts a bit too.  This is WP5.1 too.....so very antiquated but that is what the hospital uses, so not much choice there. But I understand what you mean about the C-phone. I was just doing another job with C-phone recently...they incidentally did not tell me how to get off of the system, which was very simple.  I'd finish a job, then hit stop and hangup if I wanted to get off or quit working.  That is what you need to do if you want to sleep, eat, etc.  Don't feel guilty, do what you signed up for, believe me they watch the pools and will get others to do the work you don't finish.  If they get on your case remind them that you are only PT and only want 500 lines a day, etc.  It's not worth killing yourself over.  Good Luck.
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MT's can take the work right off the ftp site
and you can pick and choose which job types each Transcriptionist is allowed to work on, anywhere from 1 to 9. You also can delineate which ones have QA priveleges and the files are marked Completed or for QA so you know the status. Until they are marked completed, the docs can't download the completed work back. So you don't route the work to the MT's, they can get it themselves.
Yes, you get back to work now. Go back to
some routine, and it does start to hurt less. I know  And remember, she is still there at work with you. Always will be. I figure at this point I have a whole herd of loved dogs under my desk each day - along with a couple horses, hamsters, parakeets, rabbits...If only I could see them - must be quite a happy zoo! But I know they are all there I sense their love.
Who is this Dixie on another MT site that tries to get everyone to work for MQ by telling them how
great everything is. Pity them depending on the office they get into and unfortunately even the good offices will close soon as per the MQ plan.
I use DSS files too. I work through the MedEDocs site. sm
My foot pedal is a 15 pin foot pedal that is plugged into the joy-stick port on my tower. I went to Radio Shack to get the 15-pin adapter to get it to work in the USB port. I think the adapter was maybe $15 or so. It works just fine.
I'm an on-site, hoping to work at home soon. I originally (s/m)
got into MT for the flexibility, but over the years on-site MT where I work has no flexibility at ALL. They stand there all day looking over our shoulders, monitor our bathroom breaks, and even go into apoplexy if there is a gap of more than 30 seconds or so between finishing one report and starting another. Who needs THAT? And the OFFICE POLITICS.... OMG... I'm so sick to death of office politics, power struggles and back-stabbing. I would rather do ESL doctors all day long, by MYSELF, in the peace and quiet of my own home, on a flexible schedule so I can go outdoors in the daytime once in a while, and maybe get enough exercise that I won't become fat like all the rest of them in my office. After being an MT for more years than I care to admit, I know that money isn't EVERYTHING. It's not always how much you have, but how well you MANAGE what you do have. So at this point in my life, I'm ready to have fewer dollars in my wallet, and more peace in my life.
Link doesn't work, but none sell for more than $290 on the site.
Exactly which one did you pay $350 for?
Unless you want to work on site, that is. If so, check Manpower and the newspapers for starters. nm
Weren't you set up with a VPN or some other site to access the work? The tech people need to set
Sure does, if you are going back to work (sm)
and want to get screwed out of your disability money.
Back to work
I started working 2 or 3 weeks after I delivered via C section. I might have even been back sooner but I had twins. But I am only part time and ~at the time~ had a flexible schedule.

Good luck! A bit of advice, don't resume a regular diet right after the C section. Liquid diet the first 24 hours. Soft diet the next 24. Then resume regular diet, as tolerated. Take it from someone who ended up with a bowel obstruction and NG tube (terrible!!!!) because the nurses said GO AHEAD AND EAT!!! when the cafeteria brought me chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, some kind of veggie, and a dinner roll.
Let's take the work back!
I agree that unionizing is not the answer at this point. I would like to see us take the work back from the MTSOs from the hospitals and physician offices. Let us talk to our local medical facilities, explain what is happening with their work (nationals, overseas), and ask for a chance to prove ourselves. If we offer a reasonable rate and perhaps even a small free sample of our work, maybe, just maybe, we will find facilities ready for a change back to a more personal transcription setting.

No, I don't have all the answers - wish I did - but this is my suggestion, and the only one I can think of at this point. I am one of those MTs who has been an MT for 20+ years who has seen a decrease in pay, as many of you have also seen.

I will read with interest any other reasonable suggestions from my fellow MTs.
No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

one last comment for me, then I'm back to work. sm
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Then lets say she led an exemplary life, servitude to others, love of mankind, everything "good".

Then lets say Jesus was THE only path. Would Jesus, a man of his magnitude, deny Magdelena the kingdom of Heaven if she lived her life with Jesus' principles but didn't believe he existed. I think not. He would say, pleased to meet you and come on in!
Frank, I will go get back to work as soon as I
fix my makeup and put shine serum in my hair to look beautiful typing today for you.
Made more back then, did not work
for a large service, had my own business and also worked for a clinic, better pay.  Services are stingy.  I hard one complaining because half their expenses were MT salaries.  I asked him why don't you just get rid of the MTs, then you won't have to pay them.  Cheapskates. 
Not! They are why I went back to work for a hospital
to work
Going back to work after c-section
I returned to work two weeks after my c-section working 6 hours per day. I however made sure to get out of the chair frequently so as to not get so stiff from sitting for so long, which does happen so soon after a c-section. I wouldn't go back to soon though, as it can be very stressful with a new baby and a job to tend to on top of it all.
Tell her NO exceptions, work has to be back. If she is not

able to do the work don't give it to her.   You wouldn't tolerate it with the other MTs and I sure which I had an account that wouldn't drop me if work was that late.  Send her (if you haven't already) a form where you state TAT and ask for her commitment on a monthly basis.   You can state in the form that failure to meet TAT could/would result in termination.   She is taking advantage of you but only because you allow her too.  

Maybe only give her work 2 days a week  and give her only an amount that she seems to be doing currently.  If you give her less work maybe she will be able to meet TAT. 


I have work going back years - sm
others keep it a month or two. I have one doctor who sees patients on a yearly basis, I pull the previous report so I don't have to retype a lot of it, as he basically repeats the old one with a few changes, I'd have a lot more work to do otherwise. I have another account that constantly misplaces their work, I have to retrieve work from months earlier because they cannot find their copy. I can either pull it from my stash, or the MTSO has a FTP where we back up all our work just for this purpose, she keeps it all there going back years. I have no idea how often she cleans it out, but she hasn't in the almost 2 years I have been with her. On another note, I only keep the sound files for a month, then I dump them.
yes, when all that overseas work comes back
after it becomes illegal to outsource work with our personal information.  I am hoping that day comes soon.
bringing back the work!
In addition to doing MT, I also work as a coder at a very large teaching hospital and academic facility with 160'some clinics. Our transcription is outsourced and recently started going overseas. Guess what - our hospital is bringing it back to the States AND will not accept voice recognition! Too many errors that affect coding, AR days and, thus, reimbursement. Our dictation will continue to be outsourced but will not be allowed to go outside the US and can only be done by a real MT. Too bad it had to be the reimbursement that was the only issue that will bring the work back and not simply the fact that the quality is just not there but..at least there is something that will keep the work here in the US and keep it from being doing by VR. I just thought someone might like to know this is happening. I am hoping other hospitals get the hint.
Finally finished, no dead air.

Just finished. Took an hour. No blanks. Going to
and drink a beer lol
36+ years. I wish I had finished my Masters. sm
The field is changing. I would never recommend it.  I do not see a bright future. 
Just Finished Treatment for Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica/piriformis syndrome about a month ago. My physiatrist sent me to physical therapy for Graston therapy and iontophoresis. I was to the point where I had to sleep in my recliner with a heating pad on my hip. Of course, this is the result of sitting for too long......a battle wound common to the medical transcriptionist.

The Graston therapy is pretty painful and you really wonder how it could possibly help. The iontophoresis consisted of a patch with two large circular pads connected by an electrode. The pads are soaked with dexamethasone. The patch is then stuck to the butt for 24 hours. It's painless, except I pulled off a couple of layers of skin when I removed them. I had this done about 5-6 different times over a three-week period. I was also taught some gentle stretches to stretch these muscles, which I haven't been too diligent about doing.

Bottom line is that I completed my PT about two weeks ago and I haven't had any pain since then. I hope you get some relief for your condition. I know how very painful it can be.


Just finished 150 minutes today
Still have 30 to go. 
Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
My SIL finished a course at a local college

She got a job on-site and could be sent home, but she has decided to cross-train for a management position.  If she takes it, the salary is $65,000.00 per year.  So tell me there isn't money in this business.  She just finished her course!!! 

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