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You might try downloading ExpressScribe.

Posted By: MslaMT on 2007-10-08
In Reply to: dumb me... but...... - magnolia

I think it has a few test files when you first down load it that you could practice on.

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Believe me, like illegal music downloading, program downloading exists too! (nm)
I too had a problem months ago and it froze up. I spoke to the company. They said it was because I had too many other programs running and using too much RAM, that it did not leave enuf for EXS. to work properly. They even suggested adding more RAM. They said EXS requires a certain amount of RAM, etc., to function appropriately. Could this be part of your problem too?
Yes, I have been using it for almost a year now and have never had any problems.
I had this problem just after Christmas when I got a new computer and downloaded ExpressScribe.  After searching through their forums, I found out that a lot of people were having a problem, there was some glitch in the program, and everyone was going back and downloading the previous version, which resolved the problem.  This worked for me as well. Good luck.
Anything other than ExpressScribe?

Am I the only one that doesn't like ExpressScribe? The audio always sounds very digitized to me. Are there any other better programs out there?


Hi. Just an opinion, but why don't you try ExpressScribe first and see if that meets your needs? It is free and it is as good, as far as I can tell. You may have to buy a foot pedal that will work with it, or may not. Mine does not. Try the keyboard controls though and see what you think.
An ExpressScribe Question
How do you set the backspace when I lift my foot off the pedal?  Mine is not backspacing at all and I can't' figure out how to set it.  Thanks.
contact expressscribe..sm
a lot of these programs were not ready for Vista yet. I would have waited at least a year before buying Vista due to just that reason. Personally maybe you should have found out of ExpressScribe was compatible with Vista prior to buying the laptop with it preinstalled. It would have saved a lot of hassle.
expressScribe/Quicktime sm


I downloaded ExpressScribe for work but I also have QuickTime so I can use ITunes.  The QuickTime seems to over-ride the ExpressScribe and play the audio files which are dictation.  I want to use the ExpressScribe so I can use my foot pedal.  When I uninstall QuickTime ExpressScribe works, when I reinstall QuickTime only QuickTime works.  So QuickTime must be set to default or something.

Anybody know how I can get both these to work or is there another player that will work with the USB footpedal to play the dictations but still allow QuickTime on the computer for other stuff?


ExpressScribe hot keys
If you open the ExpressScribe and go to control, then hot key set up you can make it work by assigning keys.  I work in MS Word and was using F5 to open files, but when I have the ExpressScribe reduced and hit F5 it opens the ExpressScribe window instead of my Word file.  I just assigned a different key to open and close the ExpressScribe.  You can also create a new one to assign a file to "done" so you don't have to use your mouse.
ExpressScribe question...sm

I am taking a test for a part time job.  It is required to download ExpressScribe to take the test.  I also had to install some additional files so that ExpressScibe would recognize .sri files.  I did this also.  Well when I go to play the file on there there is nothing, and it says under duration of file:  00:00 minutes.  It is like the file has nothing on it.  Did I do something wrong or is that file corrupated or what? 

ExpressScribe is locking up my

Has anyone had this happened to you lately?  I have been Express Scribe for years and never had any issues with it.  About 2 or 3 weeks ago ES started making my computer run really really really slow.  I checked the Task Manager and it says that ES is making my computer run at 100%.  Why is this?  If I close ES everything runs fine.  I contactd tech support 3 times but they have never gotten back to me.  I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and that didn't work either.   What should I do?  Are there other free transcription audio players out there?

Thanks so much in advance

Do you still have the CD's for downloading - sm
or backup of your old Windows system? If so, I'm fairly certain you could download that onto a new computer in addition to Vista, and run that instead 'til things clear up with the Vista problem at some MTSO's.

Either that, or hang onto your old PC to use for work only, and in the meantime you can buy the new PC and get used to Vistas and its quirks & differences, etc. without worrying about it messing up your work.
Help- What do I need for downloading?
I just had a Dr. ask me if I was able to download dictation.  What does that mean, like from an email or something?  I am new so what do I need to get?  I downloaded express Scribe, but I don't even know how it works!  I am ordering a foot pedal and headphones right now. 
You can download ExpressScribe for free.
Do a Google search for the URL.   You can use your keyboard to control the dictation to do testing.  
I use Dictaphone ExText with ExpressScribe.
ExpressScribe and audio files
Thanks for your reply.  I have used ExpressScribe before, but my predicament is that I need something that will play dictation that has been burned onto a CD.  My CD-RW drive is drive D, and I do not know how to get ExpressScribe to load the dictation that is in that drive. Can anyone help? 
ExpressScribe - how do I delete files?
How do I delete old audio files from ExpressScribe?  These are the ones that I can go and recover if I've deleted from my main screen but they are still backed up.  I've got a ton and don't need to keep any of them - they are just taking up memory space.  Anyone know?
How to get ExpressScribe to pick up FTP files???
Everytime I click on the file to play it pulls up window media player and it gives me an error.  How do I get Express Scribe to play the files?
Question about ExpressScribe & Vista

My mother uses ExpressScribe and she has recently upgraded to Vista.   She is still able to get ExpressScribe to work but her serial foot pedal no longer works.  We purchased an adapter, but haven't had any success getting it to work with Vista.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.



Downloading all folders...sm
The Olympus software that comes with the recorders always downloads every folder that has files in it, and you just need to make sure whatever file transfer method you use checks in all of the folders for new files.

Suggestions for PC, just used for downloading,

Try downloading this player

It should open the file and then maybe you can change the format of the file back to a wav file.
Downloading dictations (sm)

If you key in alt-ctrl-Z while the first one is loading, it will prevent the other two from downloading from the queue.  When you are ready to submit and do another file, you will need to key in that sequence again to allow the next one to come in.

downloading terror
Dawn you must have been the fly on the wall at my place.  It's been monstrous downloading unfamiliar programs and some of those doctors are somebody's idea of a terrible joke - the kind you have to have a report of theirs in front of you so you can learn what they are saying.  I have never tested online til now..  As for now, I am taking a day or 2 off of applying after I put stupid wrong info on an app, my own fault for being "frantic".  Time to walk away for a day or so.  I got told by one company they would call me when they have work, I felt it was a kind brush-off, and I cried myself to sleep.
If you got the file there, then you should be able to download ExpressScribe and load it into
I use an Infinity and it works fine with ExpressScribe. (nm)
If a service wants you to use GearPlayer, though, you can't substitute with ExpressScribe. nm
ExpressScribe-Computer running slow

My ExpressScribe is making my computer run really really slow and in the task manager it is at 100%.  When I close it, my computer works fine?  How do I fix this?  Thanks

Check out ExpressScribe. There is a way with them and it is free. Microcassettes also.
H&A Timeclock - after downloading, how do you get it to work?
Virus after downloading DQS from website
Has anyone lately downloaded DQS from their website?
I down loaded two computers (PC and laptop). Both were
infected from a virus found in the WEBCORRECT.exe file.

Anyone else encounter this problem? My virus program isolated the virus and then I deleted the file. I forgot to write
down the virus, something like Trojan Backhorse? Not really sure.
Problems downloading Vianeta...
Has anyone had problems trying to download the Vianeta program onto their computer?  I have been at this for over 3 weeks and am now facing the prospect of having to do a full system restore on my PC.  I was wondering if anyone who uses this platform has had problems and if so, offer a solution other than a system restore.
Downloading medical speller ? (sm)

I googled medical dictionaries and spellers and I've found several.  Some are free.  What's the concensus?  Are the free ones just as good as buying the Stedman's or something comparable?  Opinions please. 


When does it occur? On boot up? downloading? other?
Downloading Editscript files
After you log in, it takes a while for several reports to load. When you get your first screen, you hit Alt U to get the first report. Hope this works for you.
Trouble downloading test.

I got an e-mail with an attachment for a typing test.  When I opened the attachment I took about a second and screen went into my player but the job was not there to transcribe.  I never had this happen before.  I was resent the attachment and the same thing happened.  I have had problems before with the foot pedal working but also had the voice portion so was still able to test.  Any suggestions ?  TIA.

Maybe downloading the newest version will help.
no, it's called illegal downloading - sm
and the key word is "illegal"
Downloading DSS files from TASP

I will need to download and play DSS files from a TASP system.   My boss says I will need to purchase a player and program from Olympus to do this.  Others have said I can use Bytescribe or Express Scribe with my USB pedal.  My question is, if that's the case, how easy will it be to transfer from a TASP and play them on one of these players.  My boss is making it out to be an impossible task.   She said others have tried other programs and other foot pedals with either partial success or no success.   Any help would be appreciated.   The pedal package is $300 and who can afford that?  Not I!  Thanks and happy typing! 

Anyone know if a pedal with Dictaphone adapter will work with ExpressScribe?

Thanks !!!


Don't you worry about all the lawsuits for downloading music?
My kids love to download, but once the law suits started against the computer owners I cut it out completely. I know they love music, I do myself, so share with me please, don't you worry about getting "caught?"
Downloading tests via the Internet for employment
Hello all. I was wondering if any of you download tests online when attempting to work for someone advertising here on the job boards. I just feel a little squimish. I'm being instructed to go to the Start Menu, right click, and type in the file name, etc. and then it takes me out to it online. Does this see like a safe thing to do? It doesn't mean anything is going on my PC is it when I type in the file name and password and end up at a site through Internet Explorer.  Sorry for my ignorance or if I'm not making sense.. I just use my computer for a lot of confidential info, etc. and don't want a complete stranger onboard. Any help, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
downloading free word program
has anyone ever used open office to download word so a test can be taken?  I rent a computer from my company and I know I probably should not do this.  My question is would they know if this is being done?  Thank you.  
downloading dictation versus telephone
ive been transcribing 220-250 lines per hour using the following:  I dial into the telephone system using a Dictaphone to access the dictations and use Persona Client and Telnet software. It is all just straight typing, the dictation is waiting for me as I don't have to download nething.  I get paid by minutes dictated.  For example, if I transcribe 1 hour of dictation it would equal 600 lines.  600 lines at 8 cpl = 48.00.  I'm lookin elsewhere for employment, and I'm worried about the downloading of dictations (which seems most are doing now-a-days) slowing my daily production down.  Does anyone seem to be more/less productive as far as using a telephone to access dictations as opposed to downloading.  Also, is there a big difference between getting paid per 65 character line or by minutes dictated.  TY
Downloading Java didn't work
So I deleted it again like they told me to do in the beginning.  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks
Need Testing Help - Downloading Voice Files
I am taking a transcription test and I have downloaded the voice files on my desktop. I am trying to drag them into Express Scribe but it isn't working. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
I already know the details, hubby downloading porn while wife

downloading a tabbed browser will solve that problem
You can only have one Outlook Express open and downloading emails at a time. If have both the SM

laptop and the PC trying to download email for the same address, you are going to have one downloading some and the other downloading whatever comes in after the first computer downloads, make sense?  That's why you are only getting part of your email on one and part on the other.  You have two different machines trying to download the same emails.

If you set both Outlook Express programs set up the exact same way on each computer, then both will work, but not at the same time.

Hope that makes sense.

Company requested not downloading Vista as it will not work with our program.