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Your management is to blame, not the MT.

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: Try to understand. - Working my shift.

Your management allows it to happen.

Talk to them.

It is isn't up to you nor me nor anyone else not in management to regulate who gets what work and when and how much.

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Should it be "life cycle management" or "lifecycle management"?
Having a debate at work.
Don't blame QA!
If your quality is there, you don't need to worry.  If you are worried about your quality, don't blame it on QA people.  We are not "out to get you," just making sure that we send a quality product to our clients.  That is our job.  I have been in this business for 30 years.  I try to help our MTs by giving them good feedback.  It is insulting to me as a professional when an MT with poor quality whines about what QA "did to her."  You should see some of the garbage I have to fix daily....Some reports take an hour or more to QA - just one job!!  We have productivity quotas to meet, too, and this hurts us.  This is why the poor-quality MTs are being gigged in their pay.  If you are not a poor MT, no worries, right?
Don't blame QA

You go girl!!  My thoughts exactly....

i don't blame you there
now if others will do the same, we could actually have good debates/venting sessions; I appreciate your answer
I don't blame you at all. We did the same
for my nephew and I will get a list of music alternatives from my sister and post for you.

Keep up the good fight!
can't really blame them 100% either

I've learned to take a more pragmatic view of the problem rather than blindly placing all the blame on the doctors themseves.  Rather, I place the majority of the blame on the shoulders of the government and the insurance companies for driving up the costs not only to patients but to the providers.  Practices have found that they've got to cut back somewhere. Some have turned to EMR, some are using voice recognition, and some have resorted to going the cheapest way possible, offshoring, to create the documentation REQUIRED by insurance companies and the government in the first place.  Though we may debate the morality of sending American jobs overseas, they're not doing anything illegal.

The biggest problem I have with offshoring, as my friend once put so eloquently, is "I wouldn't want my medical records to go to some country we're going to be at war with in a few years." (thanks, AK!) We Americans are expected to abide by government-imposed HIPAA laws, but does that extend to offshore companies?  They say they are HIPAA compliant, but who really knows? Which "government" agency watchdog do we have to protect our privacy in these other countries?  Gee, we're having such a problem with identity theft, wonder why?

I've taken to asking any new physician that I go to who will be typing my medical record after this office visit.  If they say they sending it to some really cheesy company in India or even refuse to tell me who, I walk.  How many of you do the same thing?

Can't really blame them.
You are working for them actively IN their system.

I wouldn't bat an eye at it. I say kudos to the hospital for protecting patient information and upholding HIPAA appropriately.

I did not blame anything on anyone.
I simply stated a fact. Some MTs are incapable of making a successful transition to editing. I did not blame anything on anyone. Do I think that the measly pay rates offered by some companies for editing are fair? No. There are also companies that pay a reasonable, but not great, pay rate for editing.

I will reiterate what I said before. If you cannot make a living on what you make doing editing--then don't do it. Period. Bemoaning the fact you can't make decent money while your bills pile up accomplishes nothing.

So, you blame this on QA? How do you know

"Anonymous" and "Untouchable?" 

Don't speak for me.  You don't know me.  I have always wanted to deal directly with the MTs.  There are other QAs who agree with me, too.  But we have been told in may meetings that just will not happen.

Of course, I would imagine the anal ones who should not have their QA jobs would not like to do that, because they could not back-up their corrections.  But I stand behind mine.  I would rather talk directly to the MTs -- lack of communication is good for nothing but misunderstandings and bitterness. 

I am not out to get any MT.  I will not make a change in your report unless it is an outright blatant medical terminology mistake or a formatting error.

Why are you so mean?  You don't know me.  I wouldn't be nasty to you.  I have never done anything to you. 

Bitterness is not good for anyone.  Why don't you place your anger towards the QA who is giving you troubles?  Turn that QA in.  Keep doing it.  If more MTs would speak up, then the ones who should not have jobs will be held accountable.

I know what you are talking about.  I understand.  I see it myself when I look at completed reports and I see what some QA are doing.  It is wrong.  But not all of us are the same way with our jobs.  I have always tried to be professional and helpful to the MTs.  I leave notes with info that they might need concerning the particular report, and even thank them for their hard work. 

I am sorry you feel so hateful towards someone who never did a thing to you. 

How can you blame the landscaper for
what the wind did? Any tree will uproot or break unless it is a palm tree if the wind is bad enough.
No blame placed on anyone. Surely you have
limits in your life, don't you? I would hope so. Those are the lines I have drawn. I have had to change accounts before and change employers before. I may have to again, who knows?

It doesn't cost me anything whether you take that as blaming MTs or not.

Not anywhere in that post did I blame MTs. I took responsibility for what I wanted to do and I am ALLOWED to make those decisions for myself. Perhaps you should do the same for you.

Enjoy your day!
Blame the names
on the 911 system. To help keep dispatchers from having to deal with sound alike names and sending emergency services to the wrong street the 911 center in most areas gets the final say so on whether a street name is okay or not.

When a small rural county I lived in went with the 911 system those of us who lived in the small cities had to rename some of the existing streets since there were streets in the rural areas of the county over 50 miles away with the same names.
I don't blame the merchants for doing that

actually, he said he didn't blame me..nm
Who else would you blame this on? You did the work. SM

it didn't cut the mustard and you want to blame somebody else? You know, one report will not get you canned.

I do feel sorry for you, again.

you can't blame them for killing themselves to get here,
and adding further insult to injury, we put everything in their language. however, thanks to our system of welfare, too many US citizens refuse to work the hard labor jobs, so we "need" the illegals.
blame game..........sm

As for the *blame game* - most states and MOST judges don't care....they don't care if your spouse is caught in bed with people.  Hopefully the OP's state is like that.  Many states today are *no contest* states.  If you want a divorce, you can get a divorce in most states with no contesting.  If the OP's state is not like this - is not a *no contest* state, the OP needs to file for a divorce in another state, where the OP would need to get residency status in that particular state (using someone's address who you know real well). 


I blame it on trying to remember too much sm
all the time. My brain goes on overload and then shorts out. LOL
I didn't blame her
If you read my post, you would know that I said I am guilty of that, not Misha. As I said, I was curious if that might have been the problem, because if a dog's nails are properly trimmed I have never seen this problem. That's not even saying that it doesn't happen, just that I personally have never seen it. If it is the case, however, should I blame the dog?
Take a look at who their parents are. Where's the blame now? nm
I blame my employer...

...for taking another transcriptionist's word over mine regarding a situation involving only the two of us. I blame my employer for overlooking the fact that another Transcriptionist was 15 minutes late EVERY SINGLE DAY for five years, had temper tantrums at work (even the employer said she needed anger management classes), and antagonized the radiologists - and yet still, somehow, I was the "bad guy" and that employee was the golden child. I blame my supervisor for being IN THE SAME ROOM and witnessing the cold and cruel way the other transcriptionists treated me, when I had nothing but pleasant things to say to and about them, and still allowing the manager to "let me go" when it finally came down to a choice.

No, I didn't fit in. I don't lose my temper at work. I don't try to turn people against other employees. When there is a problem at work, I have the courage to address it and calmly try to work it out. I treat other people with respect and dignity.

You're absolutely right. I didn't fit in. But I should mention - I left there August 28, 2005, and they STILL have not filled my position, nor have they filled the position of another employee who left at the end of December 2005. What does that say about who "fits in" at that department?

Don't blame you - I refused also.
I AGREE, if you put up with it, you are to blame but sm
If you put up with that for five years they probably think you have accepted them!  That shouldn't go on for more than 3 months.  Here is the serious deal though.. you have to pay well to get someone who takes pride in their work.  Nine cents a line will get you someone good.
Blame it on ExText...
It is a glitch that I have encountered...and have always been told that it is a glitch and I just have to learn to live with it.
Every doc is different and you should not blame the specialty. sm
I do dictation for a podiatric surgeon and he is the most perfect dictationist one could ever hope for. He is a perfectionist about every thing, spells other doctor's names, spells other city names, spells out the claim numbers, etc. I would trade all my 11 docs for one more like him. it is not the specialty..it is the doctor.
I don't blame you. I have the same problems, only
"Faster, faster, faster! And oh, by the way - NO mistakes... EVER!"

No normals for me, either. I wouldn't mind it if I got paid a decent rate for full, word-for-word typing.

I hate proof reading. I'm not good at it. (Also, there is a neurological phenomenon that makes it particularly difficult to proof your own work, because you tend to only see what your mind wants to see on the page.)

Never any positive feedback, and pay that is downright embarrassing. Thank goodness my pay is at least direct-deposited, and I don't have to look a teller in the eye while depositing a check.
Then I don't blame you for venting.
Nobody should cherry pick. I never do it. I take all the junk that comes down the pike now. I hate a certain work type, but when I get it, I just curse under my breath and do it.
blame the victim, geez
You people crack me up.  Blame the victim and her family.  For pete sake.  You sound like the type of person who would blame a rape victim cause she was wearing a short skirt.  The Aruban Govt thinks that boy is guilty, that is why they are holding him.  He is guilty, IMHO.  His story has changed several times.  If you are innocent, you have one story.  He left her on the beach, come on, who would leave a young girl, not familiar with the area, on a beach at 2-3 in the morning?  The person at fault?  The person who murdered her or kidnapped her and I think it is that obviously well off son of a high ranking lawyer.  Instead of pointing fingers at her family, we should be sending prayers and hope.
blame the victim, geez
Sorry, but if you dont' want to get picked up and treated as such, don't go to places like that p. e. r. i. o. d. And yes, some women ask for it maybe not intentionally, but it happens. People need to start taking reponsibility for their stupid decisions.
I don't blame you for your rant, but here's how I feel about it. SM

Consider the source, laugh, and enjoy your home and your family. You don't have to defend yourself to anybody.

Please, stop the Blame Game
Again, aren't we all in the same boat here - FT, PT, IC, SE, we are all MTs... isn't the point here that those of us who are having a difficult time with the co. we work for (specifically, for me, MQ) that we are all trying to validate, encourage, and hopefully figure out a way to hold the COMPANY responsible??? I don't know the answer, but I DO KNOW that blaming each other, ICs, SEs, FT employees, whatever, is NOT the answer. Geez.
Seems likely it is fashionable to blame Bush for everything now. nm
My kind? The blame goes far beyond our president.
He should have finished his first battle before he started another. He has done nothing to ensure that our safety is any better than it was pre-911. If anything, it is worse.
I dont blame for feeling like that, I would too

All these ladies are giving great advice.  It seems like you're mind is racing and you're frazzled.  Your situation is stressful, so of course you're in this state of mind.  Get your mind organized, get calm, then you can think your way through this.  I've got HIGH anxiety, and I need to stop and reorganize every so often or else things will fly off the handle bars.  Take a bath with candles, nice music, a glass of something calming and slow down.  Once you have slowed down, and can think logically your kids will see you are in more control and you can formulate a plan for them, and they will listen.  They see you're out of control, so they take advantage of it.  These are stressful times with no money and rising expenses,  but like other posts have stated, don't forget whats really important, and put it into perspective by first taking care of yourself.

She's asking for advice, not someone to assign blame...

I really don't see how your post is going to help her find a solution to her problem.  It is easy to stand up on a pedistal and point out other people's mistakes, but we've all made them.  She needs advice on how to fix her situation, and "assigning blame" is just rediculous.  I can't believe this thread even went in that direction. 

I also don't think that it is right to blame someone for their spouse's actions.  It is his fault for acting that way, not hers for marrying him.

I don't blame you. I really believe in today's MT marketplace,one has to do what one has to do
Besides, when was the last time a clinic was upfront with an MT, other than trying to get the service for nothing. I say go for it!
Easy to blame it on poverty

I grew up in poverty, much like Loretta Lynn in Coal Miners Daughter.  I mean poverty.....pair of shoes a year, you name it, yet I never murdered anyone, nobody in my family murdered anyone, we didn't rob the local gas station, we didn't murder tourists.  We also didn't hang around on the street corner selling drugs.  We worked, all of us, doing whatever it took to survive and not a one of us ever collected public assistance.  In fact I had never heard of public assistance until I was in my 20s and had moved out of state to Texas and saw somebody using food stamps and didn't know what they were!  I thought Texas had a special colored money different from the "green" I was used to seeing.

Education doesn't cost a dime. I don't care if you have to wear clothes with holes in them, it's your MIND that matters, not what you wear to school.   College is just about free for anybody who wants to go with special programs especially for single mothers, minorities, and those under certain income levels.  I loved learning from a very young age and with my own children, school comes first above and beyond all other activities.  They work for what they want, both inside the home and out. I have four, not one has ever been in trouble, not one drinks or smokes.  So saying poverty breeds violence is an excuse.  What people need are parents with responsibility, and having 5 or more children out of wedlock by different fathers is not responsible.  Not working is not being responsible. Not setting boundaries for your children is not responsible.   I know many all-white absolutely destitute areas in coal country and you can drive through there without getting shot, mugged, or having your car stolen.   I knew many nurses in the New Orleans area who grew up in the projects, went to college and decided they wouldn't raise their children like that.  That's responsibility. Not letting your pre teen and teen children run the streets at all hours, that's responsibility.  Working and showing your children you can succeed with schooling and working, that's responsibility.  Not showing up at school yelling prejudice because your child smacked a teacher and got expelled, that's responsibility.

I did a quick search for crime stats and found this:


Also, my ex is in the national guard in Texas and was there when people were relocated to help keep order.  He saw people dragging in televisions, designer clothes and shoes, etc., all with the vouchers they were given to find housing.   Texas welcomed people with open arms and a small percentage did find housing and went back to work, but the larger majority wasted the money and then were extremely upset that there was no more.   These were people of all races.  One businessman offered his home to a white family of 7 and told them they didn't have to pay until they went to work.  Four months later they still weren't working and when he went in the house to do a repair they requested, the house had been ruined, totally.  Carpets burned and stained, holes in the walls, absolute filth.  The home was worth 256,000 when he provided it to them, and after the finally got them out it took him just under 100,000 to redo the destruction.  Once again, poverty is no excuse!   They should have taken the opportunity to look for work and been happy they were in a great neighborhood outside of Houston with good schools and good churches, full community support.  I have an illness that will kill me and I'm in pain daily, but I work and I'll keep working until I drop.  I couldn't anymore support my family on Disability than sprout wings and fly.   It all depends on mindset and determination and nobody told me when I was born that I should expect our government to just hand me everything and I can sit back and do nothing. 

lol, don't blame you...I used to spend so much time
searching for sample reports, listening over and over, trying to make sense of some speedy English-speaking (incoherent, actually speaking half words and tripping over their words and stuttering because they go so fast) docs. This is a legal medical document, doc, treat it like one! And in my opinion, too many MTs and QA that try to interpret the gibberish often make more of a mess because you just can't be 100% sure in cases like these and better off leaving it blank so as to avoid the lawsuits. Don't ya think? ;)
Statement in your posting about no blame in
Florida?? I think Florida went for the person who is going to be the next president. I would think the celebration there as much as anywhere else- however having said this, I do not find that excuse worth much. Dictators are not stopping work to watch the activities now because really what is going on right now. Say on that particular day, probably the only ones working will be us!!
I wouldn't blame this nightmare
on MTs who 'simply cannot make the transition'. VR is a rip-off. Yes, the companies make a bigger profit, but at what cost to the MTs. It's simply not possible to accurately VR three times as many lines as straight transcription. Period.
Part of the blame here falls on the dictator...SM
presuming, of course, that the report was cherrypicked because the dictator was an awful mushmouth/speedy Gonzales/etc.

IF THESE DICTATORS WOULD GET THEIR *&@$ING ACT TOGETHER AND DICTATE CLEARLY, cherrypicking would be much less of a problem. Of course, reports are cherrypicked for other reasons (specialty, length, etc.) but in my experience, it's the horrible dictators that are the problem here.
Some people would just rather pass blame and complain

which is FIND ANOTHER CAREER, PEOPLE! This one is going down the toilet! It's not just outsourcing - it's voice recognition too! This profession is going bubbye and all you can do is worry that Punjab knows you have a sore throat! 

That's not the problem at hand here! Learn to do something else before you're standing in the unemployment line hoping Seven Eleven is hiring!


This is the blame the victim mentality. You are not alone in this situation. sm
It isn't just you. The situation you're talking about is really tough. I don't know what the answer is but I know it is impossible to do a good quality, profitable job when you have zillions of different dictators.
I hold New Orleans totally to blame

They knew they had a city under sea level. They knew the levees could only withstand a Category 3 hurricane. They had three days to get enough food and water into the Superdome.

Need I go on?

I would blame it on too many years of night shift, but I have done it
You bet! I can't blame you one bit for being upset. I read your post
i can't blame you in your situation, but if you look at the total picture sm
it is only contributing to the problem. the problem with finding "lousy" americans to do the job is just the reason you mentioned. half the price. american companies in the labor field have had to cut expenses so much to compete with illegals that they can't afford to hire anybody worth working as someone with good work ethics can't feed their families on that small income these days. so it is a trickle effect. same boat as the MT world...the illegals are coming in and doing the american's job at half the expense thus knocking the good quality americans out of the work force and without jobs. wonder how they can afford to work so cheap?? probably because american's have to pay taxes and they don't!!
You should blame Congress, they make the laws. nm
blame the victims as usual shame on you

Profession has turned into a prodution line and its the MTs themselves that are turning it into that, not the MTSOs.
i dont blame you at all. If you buy a product you should be able to use it till at least the foot p
I wonder if you can copy it from one computer and burn it on a disk so you can have a backup. I will try that and see.
The blame needs to be placed with the company who allows MTs doing consistently shoddy work to