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You've got some aspects wrong, Curious.

Posted By: Busy MT'ing on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: A question for you who work off schedule. - Curious

No one is trying to screw anyone out of lines. It's just not our job to make sure YOU have your work done, period. We're doing what we are told and allowed to do, flat out.

It isn't my responsibility whatsoever to make sure lines are spread out evenly, to make sure anyone else has lines, etc. My job is to get the work done with as much quality and speed as possible. My responsibility is to ensure my household is stable and to keep a good, solid relationship with my employer.

Your "poor me, I'm a victim" mentality does you in.

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Oh I know, I've studied legal aspects of med recs, too, been in this a long time. sm
I totally get everything you say, and I don't argue with any of it.
But I work for a national that has had the same errors in the same normals for YEARS, so we're talking probably thousands of charts by now. I can't fix years of apathy. If I was in charge, you betcha I would.
The doctor's name is what's on the document, it still comes down to him/her.
As you can already see, you've come to the wrong board! By using the word professional, you've
excluded about 99% of the population of "whatever" it is that hangs on these boards. Certainly not professional for sure! But you sure are doing a good thing for someone! Its the thought that counts. Sorry you met the dregs right at the start.
I've always been curious about the satellite thing...
We are considering moving from the city to the sticks in the very near future, and I'm finding a lot of areas we can ONLY get satellite for high speed internet.

I have seen a few job ads that say no satellite, but why is that? I really know nothing about that service so there is probably an easy answer, I just don't know what it is.

It would be good to know if that will be a major problem before we move out there and I find myself out of a job. ;)

Curious. I've never fasted for a colonoscopy, just clears for 2 days and then the colon prep. The
Weigh all aspects for opportunity
I am making $14/hr QA with national and that was supposed to be "starting" pay over a year ago..still waiting for my raise to bring me equal to my peers who are making just a buck or 2/hr more. I don't know about in-house QA but I am a 30-year veteran MT and when I see you say you've been 9-year MT, I am seeing for YOU what I would call an OPPORTUNITY which is something that is hard to put a price on when you're 'relatively young' in your career. I'm just trying to think about when I had 9 years under my belt as an MT in-house and yes, as you say, you still are learning something every day and even at 30 years, I am always learning something every day. In this business if you're not willing and eager to learn each and every day, then you're going to be lost real quick...There are many other factors you should weigh beside pay when looking at this. You need to consider benefits and long-term possible advancement that may be there for you. You have already impressed these people and this could be your chance to get beyond the MT aspect (which, I might add, is becoming more and more of a losing prospect IMO). I'm just saying that you should weigh ALL factors other than pay and see which one offers you the most for your future in this industry and don't miss an opportunity here...you can always go back home if it doesn't work out! Good luck to you.
You certainly do not have to. Then again, if you've done nothing wrong,
it can establish the facts of the matter. You want to be sure the other driver isn't trying to escape liability or that comparative negligence isn't a factor in insurance payment. If it was me, I would do the recorded statement because it can only help your situation. Being rear ended isn't automatically the other driver's fault. I rear ended somebody, but it was her fault for not using her turn signal and gearing down instead of using her brakes. She had to pay me because her comparative negligence portion was figured at 85% versus my 15% for not slowing sooner.

FWIW, I've been transcribing for an insurance company for about 10 years now. I transcribe recorded statements and reports. You should do the recorded statement because it will only help your situation.
Now..I've been know to be wrong...but...
isn't it metacarpophalangeal joint? I can't seem to reference metacarpal-phalangeal joint in any of my references.

And, according to Stedman's Orthopaedic Words, there IS a carpophalangeal joint.

You need to brush up on your adjoining terms before you go correcting a physician.
First, cyber hugs. Next, you've done nothing wrong
There is no reason for you to feel humiliated. He is the problem, not you. You know your family best and must choose the path that seems right to you. However, please consider making it clear to your family, your mother in particular, what has been going on and why you have been forced to make this choice. He has no right to make you miserable. Is there a trusted family member in whom you could confide? Having an ally in your family would likely lighten the burden. In any event, please strengthen your relationships outside your family so that you have caring friends and associates to count on if there is no one in your family to turn to.
wrong....I've been there, believe me the stockpile of liquor is just as great as in the US
there are just no bars, and there are underground church services all over.  You learn to make your own wine.   Company I worked for had ministers and priests (called them teachers on their work permit), with full active services in a special house.  Believe me its nothing like you all think it is there.   Nothing.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I've seen quite a few names, first and last, of people
mgmt on this board in the past, in similar situations, which is why I felt I could post this question. I certainly don't think I was not being tactful to the people I asked about, as I complimented them and enjoyed working with them. I wouldn't mind my name being on this board if someone said something nice about me. 
wrong, wrong, wrong. work is being outsourced because of $. period. not because of unqualified MTs
For CURIOUS: You are not curious, you are paranoid and a sociopath
Are you referring to the sentence

'And HOW to you put a marker?'

where I typed a 't' instead of a 'd'?

It was just a TYPO!

I am an American MT!

It is so pitiful how PARANOID SOME American MTs have become, ESPECIALLY THE OLD ONES, fearing for their jobs and being afraid of getting the boot.

Trying to be 'expert linguists,' sniffing out various dialects, detecting some Indian hints, whereas they most probably live in rural areas or in cities with a population of 1,000 inhabitants.

So sad, so sad, what has become of the MTing profession?

Now, CURIOUS, start nitpicking my post.

I typed a report on the wrong patient as the doc keyed in the wrong info, SM
He later said the correct patient's name and I SWEAR to this day I made the changes but somehow the report when through without the correct patient and changes made. I still remember that incident.
Fantasia wrong??? Haven't seen the OP's CD, couldn't have been too wrong.
I use EXText with my current job and I've used at a couple of other jobs I've had. I've ne

used DocQscribe, but I have used Meditech, Cerner, Vianeta, the Precyse platform (I can't remember the name), Dolbey, and  Lanier platform I think was called Cequence (?). 

Out of all the different platforms I have typed on, I have liked EXText the best.  In my opinion, it's very user friendly, easy to learn, and I really like ESP which is the built in abbreviation expander.  Plus it is very easy to create your own normals which I love.  My fingers literally never leave the keyboard because there are macro keys for everything.  You can use your mouse if you prefer or learn the function macros.  I love it.  I think I'm more productive on EXText than with any other platform.

It's about morality - not censorship! Right is right and wrong is wrong!
As far as it being wrong, well who defines right and wrong? On the
other hand, what if he were doing the same thing? How would you feel? I think that should answer your question.
You SUPPOSE it was wrong! It was way wrong.
Spell as best you can or blank them and keep going. I've passed many tests when I've left blan
curious MT

Trust me you should hope that VR does not catch on too quickly!  It is very intense work, and you get paid squat for doing it!  And you still have to type either when the voice is not recognized, ie, as in when the dictators are residents and just coming in, and you get paid the measy sum to edit reports that require more transcription than editing, so far there is yet a formual to distinguish between this!  So count your blessings that VR is not making its wave across Amercia with the MT's until everyone catches on to the fact that it is not "easy money" and we need to be paid exactly the same amount of money whether we transcribe or whether we do VR.   Or the companpy uses some formula you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out!   Whether for personal use or for business use VR still needs to go back in the closet from whence it came!  Or the Nationals need to pay us a living wage to do the editing if the clients want VR.  Then I'll be more than happy to offer my 20+ years experience up to do as much VR as they want.  At the moment those of us that do VR are being grossly taken for granted and our knowledge and experience used without proper compensation, because we were not totally informed about the trials and tribulations of VR and just HOW much work it truly is.





Just curious
Did you contact the MT and try to find out what the problem might be?  With a Q.A. score that low (unless you're a comma freak) :) there is no hope.  Personally I hate doing Q.A. but I've done it.  I recall one MT that had a really low Q.A. I talked to  and asked how I might help.  Turns out she was a clinic MT (BIG difference) hired to do acute care on, of course, a production basis.  She was about to lose everything she owned trying to make it.  She ended up moving back in with her parents for a time and today so far as I know, she's a great MT.  She had potential, just lacked knowledge.  I think Q.A. has to realize that less than qualified MTs are hired routinely and this is not their fault.
Just curious, but

...how would you know what your company has to pay? In my experience, turnaround penalties were known by the account managers and senior management. It's a contractual detail, not public knowledge or something to be shared with transcriptionists. Then again, maybe you are in contracts, or account management, or maybe you are the CFO or COO. However, if all of your accounts truly incur no penalties, you should be buying lotto tickets, and please share the numbers with all of your friends here on MT Stars.

And yes, I've been in account management and senior management. It's not a pretty place.

Just curious
ditto your thoughts!
Just curious, but how old are you?
I barely remember Beatles.
Just Curious
What is it that makes the job so difficult for someone with as much experience as you have as an MT? I have thought about making the switch myself, and was just wondering.

just curious
Why is that there are 3-5 pages of whining about MQ and having no work and only 5-6 hits to tips on how to improve skills.  Why waste time writing these "open letters" and add to your Expanders or buy an Expander or ask for tips.  No one, not even MQ, owes anyone anything.  You have to make a way for yourself.  1200 lines per day is level I work.  My goodness, get a grip.  I think they are trying to tell you all something............They need production to stay AFLOAT.....May be the work is going to MTs who are grateful to have a job.
I'm curious too.
I've been with MQ for 2 months now but we have had them begging us for overtime, offering lots of incentives and stuff. We haven't even come close to running out.

I'll be waiting to see answers though!
Just curious
so, are you going to stop the fat and ugly stuff or not?
I would be curious to see if many SE's
opt for FT (or PT) employee status because of better benefits.

Benefits were not an issue for me, so it wouldn't be enticing to me but I would be curious as to how many would convert their status if a good enough benefit program was offered. (And what the "good enough" would be defined as for everyone.)

Just curious. Break's over.

Just curious

Where is this crazy Amherst office people are always complaining about?


Now Im curious

What is the condensed version of why people are quitting MQ?  You guys could have your own board there is so much conversation!  The rest of us seem mute. LOL


Does anyone know if having a consistently low body temperature can affect/cause things like:  mood, memory, depression, appetite, abdominal pain, fatigue, irritability?  Body temp of 96.5-98.1, mostly stays in the 97.5 range at different times of the day.  Using a digital therm. in mouth to get readings.  Have read about Wilson's syndrome, but have heard that it is not real.   Thanks in advance.
I am curious about that, too!
just curious

Has anyone sent a resume to alex-med, inc. and heard back from them yet?  Thanks

Just curious; are you actually a TH MT or
what about Spheris did you like the most.  I am looking for employee status, benefits, equipment furnished, easy platform, available work, etc.
I'm curious...

Why do some companies demand that their MTs know inside and out the rules of the AAMT yet count off if you don't type EXACTLY what the doc says, including such errors as incomplete sentences or "Upper extremities are intact x4" or dictated commas where there isn't supposed to be a comma?

Why does it matter at all if you know the AAMT by heart if you aren't allowed to put the rules to use?

Why why WHY???  


curious too
How about the easiest too?
Just curious, is you second job as an MT? nm
Just curious...
Are they certain it is the flu? There is a test they can do now to determine if that is in fact what he has. I was just curious because it seems that he should be starting to feel better after 5 days if it's the flu. I had a flu test last week for similar symptoms, but that wasn't it so even though my strep test was also negative they treated me for strep anyway and I'm all better now.
Just curious...what do YOU think would
Maybe this person is thinking something similar about you...that they have employed you for all these years and now you are leaving. I am a small MTSO and have had a couple of people resign. One of them did not give a reason. I did not ask why. I figured if she wanted me to know why she would have told me.
just curious
Just curious if any of you who post about being shocked or disappointed even vote? I used to until Mandisa went and now I don't really care. As far as Kellie, I think the only reason she is getting through is because she is promoted on votefortheworst.com, according to the web site is a major fake.
Just curious
Have any of y'all done the court reporting course?  I'm thinking about doing that since I think it *should* make me speedier as an MT as well, but not sure how it would work.
Just curious
What business are you thinking about getting into, can only see myself in transcription for a few more years myself, please share.
Curious, who are you with...nm
huh? what's OFL ?? *curious*...nm...LOL

curious about this

Has anyone ever had a REAL psychic-type experience, i.e. a dream that came true or something along those lines?

Just Curious
How do you handle your accounts when you need some time off?  I have an account with a cardiologist (also on tapes) in addition to my full-time hospital job (soon to be outsourced to MQ).  I have often thought about getting several small accounts instead of working full-time, but I'm worried that it won't be flexible enough when it comes to taking days off at a time. 
are/were u an MT/ME? *curious*...sm

no offense meant....

Just curious

My kids are supposed to be going to Boston with their dad next week, and I'm concerned about all the rain and flooding.  I was hoping that maybe if someone lives in or near Boston they could tell me how bad the roads and the surrounding areas are.  I know their trip won't be cancelled, but I just want to make sure they are safe (I can't help worrying about them.  I guess it's just that "mom" blood).  

To whoever reads this or lives in the northeast, I hope that you remain safe and your families are well.....

just curious ...
be open to "sharing" with someone of another persuasion? They, too, have found something they wish to share, whether it be Buddhism, Judaism, Muslim, whatever. God also commands them to be a "light to the world" -- it's beyond me why "Christians" feel so smug and superior. I find it very sad, not to mention closed-minded. Or should I say brainwashed?