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I think you're all wrong. It's all about getting the work done

Posted By: I'm working on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: I am not a whiner and have been in - Opinions please!

for the hospital in the fastest time possible and my company doesn't care if I do it or if you do it (if you worked for us) or if someone else does it, just get it done for the client. So complain as you like, find somewhere else to work if you need, but get the work done. That's the bottom line.

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wrong, wrong, wrong. work is being outsourced because of $. period. not because of unqualified MTs
they're wrong

The report is not valid unless the doctor signs it.  If there is something incorrect on there and he still signs it anyway, he is verifying that the information is accurate and then he is responsible for the error, not you.  I don't believe a transcriptionist has ever been held legally liable.

You're wrong.
He was not making speeches about the war when the hurricane was coming or after.   I think everyone was too busy attending meetings.   But at least he wasn't blaming everyone else like Mr. Mayor.
No, you're not wrong.
You're still WRONG!!!
You're too busy trying to prove everyone else wrong that you're not even paying attention to the original question, which was why do newscasters say "pleaded guilty." The answer is because that's the proper use of the word: The past tense of plead is PLEADED. The word "pled" is an Americanized version of it, probably derived from lead/led, hence plead/pled. It's acceptable - but not as proper as pleaded, which is why newscasters, public speakers, etc. use it.

So, before you go ahead and plaster a big WRONG!!! under someone else's comment (which is so completely obnoxious), make sure that you are correct and know what everyone is talking about in the first place. Maybe you're the one who needs to do the studying up.
I think you're wrong.
In this instance anyway. I don't see how they can stop someone off shore from posting questions like the OP.
They're wrong.
Whoever told you that it is the law that you must give a SS# to register your child is misinformed. A SS# is not to be used for identification per the original intent of the SS. I have never given the school a SS# for any of my kids and they had no problem at all; they assigned a student number to each one. If this person is insistent, ask to speak to their superior or contact a school board member--that usually gets the problem solved in a hurry.
No, you're wrong.
The rate of pay in this industry has NOTHING to do with intelligence. There are companies willing to work for less than others. Hospitals/clinics, etc., want to see an improved bottom line, so the contract goes to the lowest bidder. It's more about the cost of living and the standard of living in the country where the work is being done.
No, you're wrong....
Please understand that not all Americans have the same ideas.  Some of us see things from a different angle.  Do not be closeminded.  No one is asking you to agree, but have some respect and try to learn from others' perspectives.
You're right, everyone else is wrong. There.
How do you know you're being trained wrong?

Can you give some specifics?  BTW, many MT rules do not follow standard English grammar rules.  We either go by the BOS (AAMT Book of Style) or per account specs provided.  Each job is different.  If you want a paycheck, you learn to adapt to their particular style.

I seriously doubt anybody's going to hire an untrained QA person.  A person has to have years of experience as an MT before doing QA.  Honestly, if you're that unhappy, quit.

Wrong. You're the only one who sucks
more than Monica. In fact, you sucked so much, you were the first american to overdose on semen. They were barely able to save you. Yo daddy and uncle ron kept your throat full of protein.
you're not wrong..just full of yourself.

I dunno if you're wrong or not...
or even a shrew or not. If it were me, though, and in fact it was me a couple of months ago, I'd not go out to lunch a couple of times to be able to get my keyboard. How much is this ergonomic keyboard you are needing anyway? When my ergonomic keyboard bit the dust a couple of months ago, I got on e-bay and got mine for $8.00 ($1.00 bid, $7.00 S&H). It came right away and my soreness and achiness for those few days went right away! But, even though this keyboard retails $50.00, I am wondering how much the one you want costs; way over $100.00? I guess what I'm getting at is I'd just take my kids to the park with Colonel Sanders AND get my ergomic keyboard too. I am sorry that your husband responded so coldly. My husband would bend over backwards to help find a for me to get the keyboard, but I can't see where I'd even make it his problem. I would just adjust my budget so I could get my keyboard and let my husband know what I was doing to be able to get it (and this is what I did a couple of months ago). I guess I don't see how this is such a huge issue; we're only talking about a couple of weeks, right? Of course your health and well-being is of great importance, and an ergonomic keyboard is a high priority because of your symptoms, but would it be that awful to adjust your budget just one time so you could get the keyboard? I guess I don't get to get out that much anyway, so missing a couple of lunches with friends wouldn't be that bad for me!

I've totally missed something here I am sure, right?

Anyway, I do hope your symptoms get much better soon; take care of yourself, especially regarding CTS.
You're right, hubby & son are wrong. :) nm
You're on the wrong board!
This particular board is for medical transcriptionists, so we can't help you. Sorry!
Either way, you're in the wrong place. sm
Please read your own message. You made two errors when you neglected to take out two headers not needed, IMO. I don't mean to be rude, but you said it yourself.
You're totally wrong.

The hospitals know exactly where their work is being done.  Large facilities contracting with offshore (or US nationals who provide the offshore liason for them) do it knowingly and with one goal in mind - savings.  It's unfortunate, but it's happening every day.

No you're not wrong but my statement stands too
If it was your daughter missing and the media basically concentrated on a demographic other than yours, you'd be wondering why you can't get help for your daughter too. Media looks for sensationalism and the since outrage currently involves young children or affluent, pretty, white young adult females, that's what the media flocks to.
If you don't know what a typo is, you're in the wrong business.
This is a message board, not a paid document.
you're wrong, I type for an MD w/ADHD...nm

Fantasia doing just great- you're wrong..sm


All about Fantasia and what she's doing, TV, songs, etc. 

For those who think Clay was a better more soulful singer than Ruben....those people who think that..... evidently have not one soulful fiber in their body....

Gaydar is what Clay Aiken is all about......to each his/her own....

Sorry, I think you're all wrong. This is the sexiest man alive...!

Nope, you got that wrong. What we're afraid of is
You're both right and you're both wrong.
There are too many variables to give an accurate--or even estimated--count. Using a standard 1-inch margin, you may have short lines and lots of paragraphs and get a lower count. If no paragraphs and it's a full page of text from margin to margin, you get your higher count. You can't possibly use an average count because of variables, which is why no one can commit to a pat answer.
Well, you're all complaining that accounts are current and work is low, so, gee, maybe they're
focusing on WORK, as in CLIENT and transcribing, as maybe half of you should be focusing on!!
LOL, maybe you should stop reading anti-Bush blogs because you're wrong.
You're lucky they work for you. I've never gotten a refill to work right, ever.
getting the wrong work type
I work for an MT service and do discharge summaries per my request.  My production is quite good when I work on this work type.  However, quite often I end up transcribing an OP note here and there.  This really slows me down and affects my line count.  I realize that it probably happens because the doc keys it in wrong.  Or it could be that when they are out of summaries, my 2nd work type is OPs.  I am really out of practice with OP notes and just getting one here and there throws me for a loop.  Any advice on how to handle this? TIA
people sometimes goof off at work, nothing wrong with that
 It doesnt take up THAT much time.
MDI Maryland has plenty of work, you are talking about the wrong one - Florida maybe?. nm
You're probably doing nothing wrong, employee status seems to be the norm with IC status primaril
SE status instead of IC? For me,SE status is heaven -with part of taxes paid and flexibility in my schedule. Have you ever applied to MDI-MD? They only accept qualified, experienced MTs and stress quality in their transcription. From what I read of your qualifications, it sure would be worth contacting them.

Per "see mssgs" comment regarding age discrimination later on in this discussion, I'm 64 - no problem getting hired at a line rate higher than average. Age is not a factor with MDI-MD - knowledge and quality is !!!
You're 100% right! And where we work - (sm)
(and what we wear!) should have NO bearing whatsoever on whether or not we're considered 'professionals'.

I think the reason the MT industry has gotten out of the hands of MTs and hospitals, and into the hands of plain old businessmen, is because, since we're a mostly 'invisible' workforce, they could see countless cracks and loopholes they could take advantage of when it came to cheating the workers (and the laws in this country) and making more profit for themselves.

I caught something on TV last night speaking about the "equal value" laws some states have, when it comes to the disparity between men's and women's pay. Certain jobs were awarded point systems to determine their worth to an employer. One example was secretaries (women) vs. the building's heating/AC/etc. maintenance workers (mostly men). They each were worth 100 points. Yet the men made twice what the women did, and worked fewer hours on average.

Considering what MTs are expected to know (especially according to AHDI/AAMT), I wonder what our point-value would be compared to, say - a paralegal, or a paramedic, or an executive secretary, etc. (Probably not the best comparisons, but all I can think of at the moment). The only difference between us and them is where we work. They're on-site & highly visible; we are off-site and totally invisible. (How many of us have ever even met our bosses or supervisors face-to-face? Very few, indeed). But does that make an MT worth less? NO. Only in the eyes of the tunnel-visioned doctors, dictating away and aware only of their own jobs, or the hospital CEOs trying to bolster their own worth to their institutions by cutting transcription costs (many of them don't even quite know what transcription even IS), and worst of all, the owners of large MTSO's, who in large part these days are simply businessmen or women who bought the company because they felt they could turn a huge profit with it by underpaying its workers, and most of whom have never been an MT a single day in their lives.
Look at what you're using now as far as ports for work. sm
You'll need to get a laptop that has the same kinds of ports. If you're using all USB, you're in luck because most new computers only have USB. If you're using a serial foot pedal, consider buying an model just off lease that has that port. There has been such a problem where I work because they don't have USB capabilities in their software yet and so their serial foot pedal does not work with newer laptops even with adapters from serial to USB.

I just bought off lease a Dell and made sure it had all the ports I wanted, including a parallel port because that's the foot pedal I have. The laptop was built in 2002, has over 1 gig of RAM, all the updates for Windows XP and it works just fine for me.
I understand what you're going through. I work both myself. sm
I have been IC for several years, and thought I might go back to employee for benefits.  But I found the insurance was so high, and the pay was not as good, so I work both part time now.  The bottom line is, I can't give up the freedom I've had in the last several years.  I am given so much work in the morning, and have all day to finish it, and I love this system.  I tried to set a schedule for my part-time employee job, thinking I would like to go to full time if it worked out.  But I had too much trouble making myself fit a schedule (they have offered to let me work when I can, so I'm still keeping the job, but if I can't do it right, I will quit).  Unfortunately, when you get used to IC, it is hard to fit back in a "box."  Maybe you could look for a company that would allow you some flexibility in your schedule, say an 8-hour window to work 6 hours.  If you have the experience, some companies will work with you that way.  I don't think IC is a dead end, it is just a little harder to manage.  But the benefits did not pan out.  I can get the insurance cheaper individually, the pay was lower so I could actually put a little back as an IC every pay period and take time off "paid."  The only thing I miss is what they pay for taxes (I think 7% or so), and having someone else do these things for me.  If you like IC as I do, try setting up your own retirement plan, getting your own insurance, and put a little back each pay period for some time off.  Good luck with your decision.
You're RIGHT, & many of us *need* to work at home
How does income tax work when you're IC?
I was offered a position from a company as an IC, and the contract had a clause about being responsible for your own tax deductions, etc. As I have only ever been an employee, I am not entirely sure how this works. If you are IC how do you pay taxes? Thanks!
You're lucky. I get lots of work but have

You're right! I wouldn't work for a company that SM
expected me to surf all over the world just because some prima donna didn't want to be bothered with proper dictation.
I work for a national, and we're allowed
Any program will work if you stick with it and it's NOT what you're doing right now. nm
Depends on where you work and how you're paid
It depends on what kind of work you're doing..sm...

If you're doing clinic work, you would need the book that pertains to your clinic.  I'd also recommend a Stedman's Abbreviations, acronyms & symbols.  I'd also recommend Sander's Pharmaceutical Book.  Other than that, I'd use Google and trustworthy websites. 


You're right. Unfortunately, in some areas inhouse work is
I keep hoping some sort of changes in U.S. laws may come to the rescue before it's too late, and the whole industry becomes offshore and automated. Because if that happens, there will be less and less reason to want to entrust one's care to an HMO.
I typed a report on the wrong patient as the doc keyed in the wrong info, SM
He later said the correct patient's name and I SWEAR to this day I made the changes but somehow the report when through without the correct patient and changes made. I still remember that incident.
True. So then don't work. We're talking CHOICES here. nm
No! And boy do I know where you're coming from! I tried to get the Olympus pedal to work, but..
wound up pulling my hair out instead.  They don't make it easy on us, do they?!?!? 
If you're so brilliant then, why aren't you in a better line of work?
1. Surgeon.

2. Attorney.

3. College professor.

oh, and yes, my brilliant one - what year exactly did you graduate with your Ph.D. from Harvard?

So you use MCI for unlimited LD for work and they're fine with it? About how many minutes do you
use per month, do you think?
You're right about the "prehistoric" part! The place I used to work (sm)
uses Lanier, and it's a mess. It's WORSE than prehistoric. It was down more than it was up. It was also not at all friendly for at-home MTs, either.
They're not thrown to the dogs when they had no work to begin with!