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any neck pain? Sounds like a cervical spine problem. And med advice.. you nee an xray!

Posted By: Ladydi on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: CARPAL TUNNEL SYMPTOMS..sm - Bored today!

You might be old enough for degenerative changes, or disc space narrowing. What you are describing could definitely come from cervical spine nerve root compressions. Does the symptomatology change when you reposition your neck or adjust your posture? See somebody, that's kinda-sorta something you shouldn't be messing with.

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it's definitely cervical spine; otherwise it's fine
neck pain
I had neck pain and both wrists/hands, and they thought it was carpal tunnel, finally had an MRI and had herniated disk at C5-C6 with nerve entrapment, ended up with cervical diskectomy and pain went away for a long time, but now back in my neck when I type too much, but I also have spurs in my neck and DJD in my neck. Transcription is a tough job, repetitive motion causing back, neck and arm/hand/wrist pains. I found the Thermawraps that you can buy at the store to help a lot, it has heat and you wear it like a collar. I have been to a chiropracter and acupuncturist and these did not help at all, and that is why I had the surgery. If the neck pain keeps up, I would have an MRI, I waited too long for doctor to go ahead with one, nerve was trapped under C5-C6 for 3 years and that is why I had the surgery. Good luck, hope the pain is relieved. I had it for a long time and it can be terrible.
Maybe she won't be such a pain in the neck
once you have your cervical surgery.  They can probably get off paying her real cheap.  Sounds like you are being duped.  You may want to consider working for another practice who appreciates you instead of going above your head and hiring people since you are the supervisor.  If they didn't think it was a good idea, they wouldn't have had the girl waiting there for you to train when you got back.  Unfortunately this happens.  Believe me, I know from experience, I worked for a hospital for over 15 years.  They hired a lady that was ready for retirement.  She comes and goes as she wishes.  She did not listen to a word I said.  She had medical problems herself and as far as I was concerned was not worth my time.  So you know what I did?  I resigned.  End of story.  Now I am happy and not having to train.  So instead of thinking they care about what you think, start caring about what you think and find a position somewhere else where you are more appreciated.      It sounds a little late in this game to train even someone with a lot of experience if your plan is to go out in just a few months.  Everyone can be replaced, believe me, it is so true.   
I know about CTS, but do any of you have neck pain? SM

My neck is killing me, I guess from staying in the same position for hours. I am starting to feel a knot in my neck!


neck pain
I like the center of my monitor even with my eyes. This keeps my neck straight. Also if you wear glasses be sure to measure the distance from your eyes to the monitor so you are not pulling your head foreward.
Back/neck pain
If anyone responds to the post about upper back/neck pain, please let me know - I have the exact same problem, and it makes long hours just miserable sometimes! Thanks in advance!!
Neck Pain Relief
The main problem I have is neck pain from typing. Found some good products to help and especially the neck exercises that keep me going with less pain and headaches.
back/shoulder/neck pain
last year I started out like that and so I checked the ergonomics of my keyboard, etc. I wound up moving my mouse to my left hand and that helped somewhat but later developed symptoms of a frozen shoulder. Do you get an extreme burning sensation? It took me a year to recover. I feel your pain.
I feel your pain, and you are DEAD ON on how that account sounds!!
: (
Sounds like my old job, pain in the butt, all that crap slows you
Clinic is generally easier, but you can get longer reports with acute care generally. Kind of a toss-up I think. I get slowed down most when I have to look up the doctor's name and addresses when I do letters. Doing a bunch of clinic notes/evaluations tonight where they supply a patient list and all the doctors names and addresses.....saves me tons of time....but that is a rarity. Oh well, good luck.
I saw an xray the physician had
that showed a Gator-Aid bottle up this guy's rectum. The wife wanted to know if he had accidentally sat down on it. He had to have it surgically removed. And then again, there is the one I typed on where the person was an alcoholic, had drank dog shampoo and when arriving at the ER was blowing all kinds of bubbles.
Yes they are!!!! OSi and SoftScript are neck and neck
There are MUCH better companies out there. Please, for your sake, do not go there with SoftScript.
cervical meandering gait
Cervical meandering gait
I agree = cervical not surgical

I never mentioned that I had cervical cancer
No, I made it a point not to mention that I had cervical cancer for just that reason. I had strong issues against the whole Gardasil thing long before my daugther's doctor brought it up. When I left the room for the rest of the exam, apparently the doctor was trying to talk my daughter (still a minor) into the injection. Even if she had changed her mind, I still have the final say. She has the same feelings as I do --she hears the bad side effects ect on the news/reads it on-line. I just think it should be illegal, if it isn't already for any doctor to do that. Yes, I am stressed out. I have been working like a dog for two weeks straight without any days off, but I do not like when doctors go behind my back on issues my minor childern cannot decide upon. I have been reading info on Gardasil for months now, most of it not promising. They even haulted production for a time because of side effects and sales have gone down 16% because people are starting to see the negative results. Some doctors are even coming forward and saying that it should not be mandatory. I think it should not even be on the market. Class action lawsuits are forming as I type this.
I feel your pain. If at teaching hospital, great pain. SM
Some doctors do give standard discharge summaries, so you could just make copy and then pull it up. It is not easy, especially when they give 20 lines of lab results.
Radical Hysterectomy for cervical cancer surgery with daVinci Robot - live Webcast. sm

Here is the link - check it out.  Pretty wild doing surgery through robotic arms.  Of  course, UNC Chapel Hill, has this great expensive robotic surgeon!   Would love to do the op reports for these surgeries.



c-spine or C-spine?
from the spine......................NM
It has nothing to do with having a spine as you refer to it..
As long as the place I work helps me pay my bills, raise my children, and treats me fairly, it doesn't matter to me.  You are never going to get the entire transcription community to do that.  If we were all alike and had the same opinion life would be very dull and we would all be like drones.  If you CHOOSE not to work for companies that outsource, that is fine with me, as that is YOUR CHOICE.  However, I am happy where I am and it gives me what I need in life.  I hope that you can be a bigger person and respect other peoples choices in life.  They need not all be like yours. 
It is disks in the spine now
I transcribed for a spinal surgeon who said that the Academy of Orthopaedics has decided that spinal discs should officially be spelt "disks."  Apparently they want to make everything consistent.  So that is how I spell it unless a doc tells me to spell it othe old way.  Which I do although technically it is incorrect.
how do you get an inguinal hernia in your spine?

Does your dad have a spine? He can't spare a hour in the car to take you
I would ask him personally (bypass stepmommy)....and if you really want to see him, then take taxi from the station to their house. Don't let her control when you see your family.
If the radiologists are associated with a spine clinic
diskograms, epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, vertebroplasties, etc.
Have you been worked up for fibro and/or is the arthritis in your spine, too? Sorry...:( nm
Back in the day, disk was for eye, disc was for spine,
now the MTSO I work wants disk for everything.
And I was told it was "disk" for eye, and "disc" for spine.
Anyone w/ experience w/ Resurgens or Pinnacle Orthopedics for spine care in the
Has anyone ever used either or know anyone who has?   Would appreciate any comments.  I need to see someone for my scoliosis which I know is progressing, and the pain is giving me fits right now.  Thanks. 
disks in C-spine, then huge metal fan fell on back of head!
That is when the real pain began. A rhizotomy is where they cut the nerve roots to relieve the pain (anterior) or muscle spasms (posterior). I just had neurectomies, and my head has been worse for the last two months. The neurosurgeon was unable to get left side because my occipital nerve was entangled in the artery, but he got the right. Now I cannot feel the right side of the back of my scalp; however, I am still having a lot of pain! So much for that.
Well you can always strap one around your neck :)

Think about it. The possibilities are endless when you learn to be "without hands" doing this job.

If it is lunchtime, cutting a sandwich into 6 individual pieces and stabbing each piece with a toothpick works very well as you only have to do one bite at a time and your keyboard doesn't get nasty from touching the bread.

For dessert, don't buy Reeses peanut butter cups. The "Popable" Reeses fit nicely into a small cup that you can toss a mouthful from whenever the urge hits you.

I don't recommend anything that you actually have to pick up with your fingers, i.e., Cheese Doodles, Doritos, salt and vinegar chips, etc., as the keyboard gets really icky and you lose time that way or you have to wipe the residue on your pants or a leftover coffee filter.

I've also found that a straw works well with coffee once it has cooled down to tepid, as it usually does before you expect it.

stiff neck

What do you do for a stiff neck from working at the computer too long?  Mine is killing me today.

How about a neck pillow you can
That can help sometimes; you can even make one. Just sew up a tube and fill it with beans or rice. Or maybe you could get someone to massage your neck to loosen up those tight muscles? If nobody is around to do that for me, I sometimes stand under the shower with hot water or take a long soak in the tub with Epsom salts. Also, those neck rotating exercises help loosen up tense muscles sometimes. Hope it gets better; I know the feeling well. If it's not the hands, wrists, or arms, it's the back, neck, or butt.
help for stiff neck
I have many severe problems with my neck (which is one of the reasons I am on SS disability). Take a long mens tube sock and fill with rice and some lavender. Either tie the end or sew it close. Heat in the microwave, then hang it around your neck. It will work wonders. This also helps sore shoulders as well.
Stiff neck
What really helped me, and I know they are expensive, but an Aeron chair was the best MT investment I made, especially the one with the swivel arms that you can pivot to the right position for your keyboard. No more back or neck ache. At least this worked for me.
It is about the norm around here in my neck of the USA. nm
My neck does hurt too...but...
my wrists usually get super sore when I STOP typing, I guess from not using them so much. If I take a weekend off, I am in severe pain with them, usually the brace works or taking ibuprofen, but now the brace doesn't fit. Thanks for your help!! I have actually thought about trying acupuncture, someone I know did that and they don't have any back pain at all after some sessions, supposed to be covered by my insurance too. Thanks again for your help!
QA is not breathing down MY neck, as I am only the--sm
transcriptionist with a small MTSO, but they may be breathing down the MTSOs neck. All I know is that one doctor in particular, a felon on top of that, has his office QA each report for errors and for line count. If he feels the line count is in error, he demands a return of funds charged...not from me personally, but from the MTSO. My MTSO also has another account that discovered that their transcription company was charging for lines not typed, i.e. ALL lines, and fired them for it. So they DO check. Even doctors do not want to get ripped off. The OP can charge whatever she likes. Maybe 11 cpl in her area is the going rate. That is not for anyone else to decide, but she must be honest above all, or she won't have ANY account for long.
So what neck of the woods are you from?
In other words, where do you live in case this is a little deep for you. I have been a Transcriptionist for over 30 years and it is simply our way of speaking here in the south- has nothing to do with being lazy or unintelligent either one. Even with my southern twang, I still pride myself on my understanding not only of English but what we do for a living every day. No slouch here.
Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

A break? Your arm, your neck or your leg? Your choice...
Sore neck and shoulders
This is the first year that I have had this type of pain. There is nothing that will relieve it and if there is the slightest movement of my computer screen or anything out of the ordinary, there it goes. I am afraid surgery is in my future. I do take breaks and your schedule sounds good. Thanks for the information....
Put a frozen sirloin on your neck. nm
Forgot one...NECK after shoulders(nm)
Migraines really are not associated with stiff neck.
I have been cursed with them for about 15+ years - stiff neck is usually associated with some types of meningitis - RUN to the nearest ER, my friend. Photophobia, sensitive to noise, nausea, vomiting -- these are migraines - stiff neck, no.
Get a soft neck collar and try
Roll up a towel and put it under your neck when you sleep for support. If you don't get a collar you can also use a rolled towel and pin it while you're working.
Neck pain is horrible. Good luck
neck and upper back sm
Swimming helps some. Massage definitely helps. I have asked the massage therapist just to focus on my neck and upper back and to work deeply. Rates for massage depend on where you live. I pay about $60 for an hour. Sometimes you can get a half hour. Definitely ask for what you want with massage, and give feedback about what feels helpful. A chiropractor has helped and a strong vibrator has helped. Good luck! I know the pain.
back and neck pains
does anyone have any tips for backache and neck pains from sitting?  I do try to take breaks and do stretches.  As far as a good chair, any hints?  I know of a good brand but it is awfully expensive but may be worth the investment, but I would like to spend under $200 if I could.
Repetitive Stress Injury Neck
I am in bad shape with my neck and I thought maybe I could come here for some advice before I go to my doctor. I have an injury there already, but I thought it healed.  I do 8 to 10 hours a day of typing and computer work.  I do sit in an ergonomic chair, but I have very bad neck pain still...primarily on the left and it is a sharp intermittent pain.
Repetivie stress injury neck
I had fusion at C6-7 15 years ago, with release of nerve entrapment. Now I also am getting the same pain back in my neck and arms from transcription. I have been on muscle relaxants and pain killers. My desk is ergonomically correct as is my chair, level of screen. My screen is eye level. I may need another MRI, as it is now affecting my neck/shoulder. I am going to try a back cushion to see if that will help me. There are several stores that sell these and they are not too expensive. I know the pain, it is horrible and I feel for you. I would just try to see what your doctor can offer you. Cortisone injections do work as does physical therapy. Good luck and I hope your pain is gone soon.
neck/upper back problems
Anyone else out there with neck and upper back problems.  I am having problems with neck spasms and it makes my head feel funny with pain into my jaw etc.  Another downfall to our jobs I guess.    Any tips from anyone that has had these and gotten relief would be much appreciated I do not like taking muscle relaxers. 
... to prevent neck strain. Lift it up on something if it's