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it's definitely cervical spine; otherwise it's fine

Posted By: I work for spinal surgeons on 2008-10-08
In Reply to: I agree = cervical not surgical - nm


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any neck pain? Sounds like a cervical spine problem. And med advice.. you nee an xray!
You might be old enough for degenerative changes, or disc space narrowing. What you are describing could definitely come from cervical spine nerve root compressions. Does the symptomatology change when you reposition your neck or adjust your posture? See somebody, that's kinda-sorta something you shouldn't be messing with.
cervical meandering gait
Cervical meandering gait
I agree = cervical not surgical

I never mentioned that I had cervical cancer
No, I made it a point not to mention that I had cervical cancer for just that reason. I had strong issues against the whole Gardasil thing long before my daugther's doctor brought it up. When I left the room for the rest of the exam, apparently the doctor was trying to talk my daughter (still a minor) into the injection. Even if she had changed her mind, I still have the final say. She has the same feelings as I do --she hears the bad side effects ect on the news/reads it on-line. I just think it should be illegal, if it isn't already for any doctor to do that. Yes, I am stressed out. I have been working like a dog for two weeks straight without any days off, but I do not like when doctors go behind my back on issues my minor childern cannot decide upon. I have been reading info on Gardasil for months now, most of it not promising. They even haulted production for a time because of side effects and sales have gone down 16% because people are starting to see the negative results. Some doctors are even coming forward and saying that it should not be mandatory. I think it should not even be on the market. Class action lawsuits are forming as I type this.
Radical Hysterectomy for cervical cancer surgery with daVinci Robot - live Webcast. sm

Here is the link - check it out.  Pretty wild doing surgery through robotic arms.  Of  course, UNC Chapel Hill, has this great expensive robotic surgeon!   Would love to do the op reports for these surgeries.



c-spine or C-spine?
from the spine......................NM
It has nothing to do with having a spine as you refer to it..
As long as the place I work helps me pay my bills, raise my children, and treats me fairly, it doesn't matter to me.  You are never going to get the entire transcription community to do that.  If we were all alike and had the same opinion life would be very dull and we would all be like drones.  If you CHOOSE not to work for companies that outsource, that is fine with me, as that is YOUR CHOICE.  However, I am happy where I am and it gives me what I need in life.  I hope that you can be a bigger person and respect other peoples choices in life.  They need not all be like yours. 
It is disks in the spine now
I transcribed for a spinal surgeon who said that the Academy of Orthopaedics has decided that spinal discs should officially be spelt "disks."  Apparently they want to make everything consistent.  So that is how I spell it unless a doc tells me to spell it othe old way.  Which I do although technically it is incorrect.
how do you get an inguinal hernia in your spine?

Does your dad have a spine? He can't spare a hour in the car to take you
I would ask him personally (bypass stepmommy)....and if you really want to see him, then take taxi from the station to their house. Don't let her control when you see your family.
If the radiologists are associated with a spine clinic
diskograms, epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, vertebroplasties, etc.
Have you been worked up for fibro and/or is the arthritis in your spine, too? Sorry...:( nm
Back in the day, disk was for eye, disc was for spine,
now the MTSO I work wants disk for everything.
And I was told it was "disk" for eye, and "disc" for spine.
Anyone w/ experience w/ Resurgens or Pinnacle Orthopedics for spine care in the
Has anyone ever used either or know anyone who has?   Would appreciate any comments.  I need to see someone for my scoliosis which I know is progressing, and the pain is giving me fits right now.  Thanks. 
disks in C-spine, then huge metal fan fell on back of head!
That is when the real pain began. A rhizotomy is where they cut the nerve roots to relieve the pain (anterior) or muscle spasms (posterior). I just had neurectomies, and my head has been worse for the last two months. The neurosurgeon was unable to get left side because my occipital nerve was entangled in the artery, but he got the right. Now I cannot feel the right side of the back of my scalp; however, I am still having a lot of pain! So much for that.
Looks fine to me.
That's fine, but...
statistically children do better and live in less poverty within a married committed relationship.  It's no guarantee, but statistically chances are better if you create the proper nest beforehand.  Kids deserve that stability, not a scary violent father who isn't committed to their mother.  I'm not condemning you, just pointing out that there are better choices to be made.  And I do know that my 17yo may up and do something stupid herself.  Therefore by the grace of God go I.
I just tried, got in just fine. nm

Just fine, thanks
Always has been, always will be.
Which is fine, but they need to PAY someone for that. (nt)

I think it would be fine to say...

send monday to charity in lieu of gifts. I wouldn't give money to a couple who specifically requested it though. A wedding is a celebration of marriage, not getting money or gifts.

Thanks, I'm fine just...
my thumb itches this morning but that's it.  The brown recluse is not the only spider to have violin shape. That's why we went to the ER.  On my husbands preliminary look at him at home he saw the violin.  But under a microscope, he saw that he did not have the eyes.
No I would not put up with it- now and then of course is fine - sm
I encourage my DH to go out and do things, though he gets upset when I do sort of similar things; mine involve driving 200 miles. I take the kids with me and I basically hang at friends houses for a day or two. He tends to get freaked when we are not home. Me, I'd be thrilled to have 2 days of freedom, but my DH is a freak to say the least. But if he were to go out a couple times (2) a month to a bar setting with friends I would not have an issue with it. But 3 x a week is a bit much, also expensive, and possibly dangerous if he is drinking and driving. If it bothered your friend you'd know, but since she has not brought it up she must be okay with it. Who knows maybe he is a real jerk at home and she is happy he is out 3 night a week, who knows. I would not worry about it, as you said it is not your business.
looks fine to me
"aggressively" treatment would be incorrect !
No. It's been fine for me.

Thanks! I'm fine...
Both legs were swollen. I just couldn't tell the left one was. It went up into my groin too. Apparently, I have pedal edema, a UTI and was a little dehydrated. So, no clot or anything. My legs were feeling tight and weird from the swelling I guess.

I guess better safe than sorry, huh?!
MQ is just fine now. sm
There is no need for panic.  We are also getting paid downtime for the time the system was down. People aren't leaving Medquist because of this, at least I'm not.  In my opinion, Medquist is still the best!
I have before and it was fine (nm)
It's fine!
There is no problem transcribing lectures that they have recorded or in typing or transcribing reports. As long as you are not actually providing the intellectual content, it's fine. In the days before computers, typing papers was an excellent way to earn money.

A lot of schools have writing clinics that help students with reports and assignments. They advise on writing style, grammar, etc. If they can do it, so can you. :)

You will be fine
There is really no "certification" that people look for in our industry. There is a CMT or RMT certification that you can pay lots of money to a group called AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documention, Inc - who USED to be calle the AMERICAN Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT). This group was originally formed to further the cause of MTs in America, but it has deteriorated to something unrecognizable and corrupt. Notice that they took any mention of the word "American" out of their name and also "MT" All they want is your money and will do nothing for you. You DO NOT need either an RMT nor a CMT to work in this business.

You have experience under your belt now, which is the main thing companies look for, not the credentials. I don't think you will have trouble finding another position. If you can't get hired on with any of the MTSOs right now, try getting your own accounts. I did this for years and it was very lucrative. Not much rest, but I had lots of work. That will give you more experience under your belt.

You are not foolish, my dear, you just fell for an old "scam" and I know exactly who you mean. They are the ones who should be ashamed - not you.

Good luck to you. :-)
you'll do fine
but yes, with anything there is the learning curve where your paycheck generally suffers a little.  I love it tho.  Hope i never have to learn another system.  The expander part is quick and easy.  I would not recommend trying to learn their preset shortcuts, just make your own.   i developed my own quicker than remembering theirs; it is quick and easy to look them up if you foget 'em too. 
aside from my above post, MQ Mon is fine!
no one bothers me, I always have work, albeit I am on DQS, as mentioned before, but other than that, I don't have any problems w/the office.  Been with them for over four years!  Good Luck!
It sounds fine to me.
The only thing I would do is get rid of the "she" in the "and she is out" part of it. 
I use wireless and it is fine. (sm)
I don't think it is quite as fast as DSL, but it is definitely adequate.

As the poster below said, you have to be clear of trees to get a signal.
got the no-line...they were fine
then got the Acuvue bifocal contacts and I LOVE wearing them!
That would be all fine and dandy...
however, these days companies want that kind of expertise all for the honor of earning about 6 cents a line.  That's the problem with this job... Whether you are fresh out of school or your butt looks like the seat of your computer share from sitting in it for the last 20 years, you get paid the same.  Not always, but increasingly so.
Another fine cherrypicking day.
Man, would I love to go on all day about this company and the cherrypickers here.  This is totally 100% unbelievable that they let people do this every single day. 
fine line...
because he is your brother-in-law. then again, business is business. i probably wont go lower than 10 cpl. hope thats not being greedy either :)
"orthopedics" is just fine. nm
Your ad looks fine. Best of luck to you! nm
You'll be fine.....sm
It is a bit cooler today than it has been lately. We were at 80 yesterday. Today, 74. I think it will be fine to lay out, but I don't know about going into the water. lol :)
I think you are handling it fine - see msg

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  I can relate to your grieving and missing someone who has died.  I lost my best friend that I had since sixth grade last January and my father-in-law last March and I still miss both of them terribly.  I was still grieving over my friend when my father-in-law died, which made it almost worse in a way.  There is no set grieving schedule, per se.  I still cry over my lost loved ones.  I still want to call my friend and I have to stop myself.  It sounds like you are functioning normally in your daily life, with only intermittent times of grief, which I think is totally normal.  If your grieving was getting in the way of your normal daily activities, then I would worry, but that does not seem to be the case.  The pain never goes away, but it lessens somewhat with time.  It's been a year for me and I still cry when something reminds me of them, but the crying jags are getting further apart, so there has been some healing.  I don't know if you are a religious person, but prayer helped me through my toughest times.  I know that I felt better afterwards and I knew that they were fine where they were and that they were happy.  Keep doing what you're doing and don't worry about the time factor.  We all grieve in our own way and on our own time schedule.       

If you have excellent QA to help - you will be fine.
Meaning - transcribe the reports, leave blanks of anything you are unsure of, and with great QA feedback, you will learn in no time.

You can do it - don't be afraid.

On the other hand, if you do not have a great QA department to help you with your blanks and accuracy of your reports, I would say stay with the what you know for now.

You can learn it. Maybe you can just do a 5 or 10 reports a day along with your clinic work to start with or without great QA help.

Good luck to you!
On the job training is fine
You can achieve the goal of MT with on the job training.  I started out at a state hospital in NY and was trained working in the clinic as the transcriptionist.  On my own, I went to night college but the training I received on the job was excellent  The last hospital I worked at in-house, we had a training program and once a year we would hire a newbie and I would train the person and edit their work.  If you live in California, I would check out Chronicle Transcripts as they hire newbies and train them.  Pay-wise, you can make quite a bit of money and also practically nothing.  Depends what company/hospital you work for and what part of the country.  Good luck. 
I have Vonage and fax just fine
Not sure about e-fax though, as I don't use that. I just do regular faxes with the fax machine hooked up to my Vonage VoIP box and they always go just fine.
that's fine - I don't care about the $$....sm
whether it be 9/7.2 or 11/9.....doesn't matter, but you did the 20% math for the posters who didn't believe - so thanks again!!!! 
google is fine for me too..nm
That is a fine rate, but I would
ask how you are connecting to Meditech.  Meditech is a huge database, and unless you have experience with it already, then you wouldn't know that it is a very slow, dragging system.  It is not Transcriptionist friendly.  There is no medical spellcheck.  Apparently there are two versions of Meditech in which one is word-based, but the experience I've had with Meditech has been horrible.  You won't get much done because you will spend too much time waiting for your typing to catch up.  JMO.  I would steer away from Meditech.
Nah. We're fine here, thanks. nm