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Anyone w/ experience w/ Resurgens or Pinnacle Orthopedics for spine care in the

Posted By: Atlanta area? SM on 2006-10-24
In Reply to:

Has anyone ever used either or know anyone who has?   Would appreciate any comments.  I need to see someone for my scoliosis which I know is progressing, and the pain is giving me fits right now.  Thanks. 

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Resurgens - Scoliosis
I transcribed for a Dr. Eli Finkelstein at the Resurgens Roswell office. He does handle patients with scoliosis and if it were me, I would start there. I also happen to know a few people personally who have seen him professionally and they all thought very well of him as a physician. Good luck!
Do have experience in acute care? (sm)
If so, you won't have a problem.  It will take just a little getting used to, but overall it is quite easy if you already have acute care experience.  I live in Texas, and the hourly pay is around $11-$14/hour.  Currently I make 11 cpl on radiology as well as acute care as a hospital employee.  Hope this info helps you out on your decision.   
How do I get acute care experience?
I've been working as an MT for over two years now for a local MTSO.  The MTSO I work for has several PT accounts, some family practice accounts, and a few others.  I've grown bored and want to get into hospital accounts (I want the action LOL).  Does anyone know of any companies that hire experienced MTs to learn acute care?
And I have 25 years of acute care experience
Hon, I have 16 years acute care experience sm
in all work types/specialties and only getting 9 cpl as an employee with a service plus incentives. 
EASY. If you have the experience in acute care,
No offense is intended to any radiology MT.
Acute care position with clinic experience???
Can anyone help or advise me? I have 3 years of clinic experience, but I would like to break in to acute care. It seems like I run into the same brick wall that I ran into with no experience.  Does anyone have any leads or advice as to acquiring acute care employment with clinic experience only? What do I need to do? Thanks.
Through your years of experience you care more about quality I bet than quantity
This happened to me after midcareer that is after about 15 years. I started caring about the patient more than my paycheck. This might have cost me a lot of dough, and I can't afford fancy extras much anymore. But, I can sleep at night knowing I put the right gender of the patient with the difficult ESL dictating. I do not know you, but I just bet that your 1200 is a really good 1200.
I have 17 years acute care experience and don't make 1200 lines in 6 hours. sm
I work for a company that is VERY picky about their work, 100% QA everything.  I have been with them over a year, and have to go back and listen to my work a second time while proofing.  I only make 160-170 lines an hour, but the pay is good for that, and I have learned so much in the year that I can go to work anywhere without problems.  For me it is worth the extra time to put in the few extra hours a week to have really top QA.  There is room for all types in this business, the really fast ones, and the slower ones who work differently, you just have to find your place.  Ideally, we should all type 200 lines an hour and have 99%+ QA, but I don't thank too many of us make it.  Good luck to you.

Hello!!  I noticed that you work for orthopedic doctors. I have 12 years of orthopedic experience and have worked in the environment. I am looking for additional part time work.  Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find orthopedic work. I hear it is not easy finding ortho transcriptions.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you!!

Sara Skelton


oops - orthopedics
How to break in to OPs or orthopedics?
Any companies willing to work with a very experienced radiology MT?  TIA
Orthopedics is mine--sm
but I like occupational med and rheumatology too.
Orthopedics, ophthalomology and Neuro
Just over 8 years. Orthopedics, ER, clinic. nm
oops, spelling should have been Orthopedics. That's better.

Orthopedics is the preferred spelling. nm
c-spine or C-spine?
from the spine......................NM
It has nothing to do with having a spine as you refer to it..
As long as the place I work helps me pay my bills, raise my children, and treats me fairly, it doesn't matter to me.  You are never going to get the entire transcription community to do that.  If we were all alike and had the same opinion life would be very dull and we would all be like drones.  If you CHOOSE not to work for companies that outsource, that is fine with me, as that is YOUR CHOICE.  However, I am happy where I am and it gives me what I need in life.  I hope that you can be a bigger person and respect other peoples choices in life.  They need not all be like yours. 
It is disks in the spine now
I transcribed for a spinal surgeon who said that the Academy of Orthopaedics has decided that spinal discs should officially be spelt "disks."  Apparently they want to make everything consistent.  So that is how I spell it unless a doc tells me to spell it othe old way.  Which I do although technically it is incorrect.
how do you get an inguinal hernia in your spine?

Does your dad have a spine? He can't spare a hour in the car to take you
I would ask him personally (bypass stepmommy)....and if you really want to see him, then take taxi from the station to their house. Don't let her control when you see your family.
it's definitely cervical spine; otherwise it's fine
If the radiologists are associated with a spine clinic
diskograms, epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, vertebroplasties, etc.
Have you been worked up for fibro and/or is the arthritis in your spine, too? Sorry...:( nm
Back in the day, disk was for eye, disc was for spine,
now the MTSO I work wants disk for everything.
And I was told it was "disk" for eye, and "disc" for spine.
disks in C-spine, then huge metal fan fell on back of head!
That is when the real pain began. A rhizotomy is where they cut the nerve roots to relieve the pain (anterior) or muscle spasms (posterior). I just had neurectomies, and my head has been worse for the last two months. The neurosurgeon was unable to get left side because my occipital nerve was entangled in the artery, but he got the right. Now I cannot feel the right side of the back of my scalp; however, I am still having a lot of pain! So much for that.
any neck pain? Sounds like a cervical spine problem. And med advice.. you nee an xray!
You might be old enough for degenerative changes, or disc space narrowing. What you are describing could definitely come from cervical spine nerve root compressions. Does the symptomatology change when you reposition your neck or adjust your posture? See somebody, that's kinda-sorta something you shouldn't be messing with.
Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
Kinship care versus foster care/adoption
Having been placed in a position where I now have custody of my 3 YO granddaughter and going through the legal system, I sought an online network of relative caregivers for children. I would encourage you, especially since you are in Georgia, that if you take any children into foster care with the idea of adopting them, there is federal law that requires the state to take certain actions in a specific time frame. When a child is removed from it's bio parent(s), the state is required to investigate any possible relatives who can take the child before foster care is considered, but even before that, reunification with the parents is the priority. Once a child enters the system and is in the system for 15 out of any 22 months, the state is required to find permanent placement for the child.

The problem with this is that there are case workers who may favor a foster family and do not seek out relative care. I have a good friend in Georgia who had to fight all the way to the state level to get custody of her grandson after the child was placed from the hospital into a foster care home with the promise that the foster parents would be allowed to adopt. She has now adopted her grandson, but it was a long, hard battle to get the state to admit their own interests were placed above those of the child and/or family.

If you get a child placed through the state, please make certain there is not a relative who wants that child before you get your hopes up. The courts are now favoring return of children to relatives even after a child has spent years with a foster family who hoped to adopt them.

States get bonus federal funds by complying with the time lines and being able to close the case, so some states place children in foster care because it is easier than trying to locate relatives.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine my sweet bella going to someone outside her family.
If it was a clinic, it might have been urgent care, but it was NOT acute care. sm
Acute care refers to work in an acute care setting, a hospital, doing at least History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations, Surgery notes, Emergency Department notes, and much more, including GI procedures, Cardiology procedures, Neurological procedures, Pulmonary Function Studies.  It goes on and on and it means and acute care hospital setting, not a clinic.
I always figure if they don't care about their dictation, they probably don't care about their
Dont care how many languages you took. Care
How is one going to get experience, when no one will hire without experience????
I constantly see all these job openings asking for experience.  How can I get experience, when no one will hire me without experience???
oh, so if I don't care about my job, I "should" care
you come off as narcissistic.
Do you need to have 2 years full time experience or just 2 years' experience? nm
I dont know. I didnt care then and I dont care now.
Just me

In my experience,

ratio is about 3 to 4 on a large hospital account doing all specialities and report types.   I think it would be closer to 2 or 3 with clinic work.   

In my experience, I had to (sm)
allow the company to access my computer by clicking on an icon on my desktop.  After they were done, I had to click "out" of the program, thus they cannot access my computer unless I give them my "permission" by accessing the program on my end!  Does that make sense?
in my experience, (sm)
work always slows down in the summer, especially after a holiday.  Hang in there, it gets better!
I said he looks like he could take care of me.

i mean that in the sense that i am 5'2" and the REAL MEN I am attracted to are tall and strong and could do things i cannot do.  it does not mean i NEED someone to take care of me either.  it is just nice to have a natural manly MAN around the house who could when push comes to shove take care of things. 


i don't want to hear women's libbers direct me in why i should not need to feel protected as i could do things for myself.  of course i can, or if i can't i hire a MAN to do it for me.  and the men I hire to do work like painting and electrical work are not effeminate girlie men with hair product and designer jeans. 


get off the political soapbox.  

I had such an experience
It was years ago but I woke up laying on my stomach with head turned to the side and arm up by my head, couldn't move then saw a transparent arm coming back down into my arm and when it was completely fused with my arm I could suddenly move. It was very weird, scared the crap out of me, but in later years read about what actually happened and like you said, my spirit body wasn't quite back into me yet when I woke up - astral travel, yes. We all do that when we sleep.
My experience...
I personally found many of the Texas hospitals had a lot of ESLs. My two primary accounts were in Missouri and Washington State and there were very few ESLs. The platform I was on was not difficult (TWS I believe it was called).
I had a very hard time trying to understand the guy trying to train me. He would tell me he would call at a certain time and he wouldn't. It would be the next day or 2 hours later than what he said. Told me you have to work until the jobs are cleaned out of system. I don't think so!!!!!
Do you think they really care???
They don't give a rip about their employees-- it's all about the TAT and looking good, and making the big bucks from the clients. When they are out of TAT, they in not within their contract and they lose money. That's why they want to hire so many people. If there is no work, it's OUR problem, not theirs.
I don't think they care too much about...
subscriptions. I just started getting mine free one day and they have just kept coming.I think it is basically an advertising tabloid for coders and HIM people with a slight amount for MT. Lord knows the articles are not worth reading.
My experience (sm)

The most I have made working for another service was 11 cents per gross line.  That was 3 years ago and that company sold, I couldn't work for them anymore anyway.

Now I am ALWAYS offered 8 cents per line when looking for part-time.  I think this is low, considering they charge 14 or so and want to see perfect documents and never proofread.  Truly, I think that is a total ripoff.  No benefits either.


Never in my experience. - nm