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disks in C-spine, then huge metal fan fell on back of head!

Posted By: Dianna on 2006-01-27
In Reply to: I know I could "google" it - but what is - rhizotomy?

That is when the real pain began. A rhizotomy is where they cut the nerve roots to relieve the pain (anterior) or muscle spasms (posterior). I just had neurectomies, and my head has been worse for the last two months. The neurosurgeon was unable to get left side because my occipital nerve was entangled in the artery, but he got the right. Now I cannot feel the right side of the back of my scalp; however, I am still having a lot of pain! So much for that.

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It is disks in the spine now
I transcribed for a spinal surgeon who said that the Academy of Orthopaedics has decided that spinal discs should officially be spelt "disks."  Apparently they want to make everything consistent.  So that is how I spell it unless a doc tells me to spell it othe old way.  Which I do although technically it is incorrect.
for the back...and disks for eyes.....nm
Hmm, I learned discs for eyes and disks for back.
Back in the day, disk was for eye, disc was for spine,
now the MTSO I work wants disk for everything.
My husband fell back on ME. SM
He had his own auto repair business and I bought his parts half the time.
One of the BIGGEST bands of the ྖs! Nothing lately, but HUGE back then. nm
don't think the idea isn't tinkling in the back of my head!
I just hurt my back and I want to head it off at the pass. Any suggestions? SM

I was helping my son carry a dresser up a flight of stairs and I was standing on the upper stair lifting my side up from a position above the dresser and I pulled something in my left low back and now I'm feeling it.  I new I did it because I felt the pain immediately upon lifting.  I took a handful of ibuprofen and I now have my heating pad on my back, but I wonder is there other things I can do to keep it from ruining my weekend!  I was planning on going shopping with my neices tomorrow for homecoming dresses and I can't be hobbling around the mall!


Bringing the head lice post back up. This has been going around at my daughter's school.
Saturday, after having been checking her head all week, found lice on her head. Did the treatment on her, on me, DH and other daughter, just in case. Only youngest and myself apparently had them. Got rid of the lice, now need to deal with the eggs. No problem with daughter's head because I am meticulous and have been checking daily and removing anything I find. My problem is my own head. Oldest daughter tried to look through, but she had hard time, though she tried. Husband "I don't see anything", so not much help. I can't look at my own head, so my dilema is how do I get the eggs off my own head and keep them from rehatching? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Never gone throught his before.
INXS is anything BUT metal. nm
Zip disks are noted for going bad, just like the

floppies.  You may have to take this one to a computer expert to get data transferred.   Then I would suggesting buying an external (or internal) CD writer and using that for storage.  Disks are cheaper, hold more, and more reliable than the zip drives.  You can get a cd writer for $50-75 and the external ones just plug into a port on computer and also can be used on multiple computers. 



have tried many, I do best with the metal stethoscope ones
recently purchased a new set for $30 ... these don't make my hears sore.

have tried many different kinds over the years and keep coming back to the stethoscope. As stated, I prefer the metal to the plastic; to me the sound is better.

good luck ..
Ooops, sorry. My last post said "head head." I meant "her head." Sorry.

1967 blue metal flake mustang.... for my 16th BD from my dad... nm
Not conducive! LOL...ugly U-shaped metal desk facing a couch with a TV on a dresser out
c-spine or C-spine?
from the spine......................NM
ཽ Mustang, pine green metal flake, black roof. Got it used from my dad. High school. nm
It has nothing to do with having a spine as you refer to it..
As long as the place I work helps me pay my bills, raise my children, and treats me fairly, it doesn't matter to me.  You are never going to get the entire transcription community to do that.  If we were all alike and had the same opinion life would be very dull and we would all be like drones.  If you CHOOSE not to work for companies that outsource, that is fine with me, as that is YOUR CHOICE.  However, I am happy where I am and it gives me what I need in life.  I hope that you can be a bigger person and respect other peoples choices in life.  They need not all be like yours. 
how do you get an inguinal hernia in your spine?

Does your dad have a spine? He can't spare a hour in the car to take you
I would ask him personally (bypass stepmommy)....and if you really want to see him, then take taxi from the station to their house. Don't let her control when you see your family.
it's definitely cervical spine; otherwise it's fine
If the radiologists are associated with a spine clinic
diskograms, epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, vertebroplasties, etc.
Have you been worked up for fibro and/or is the arthritis in your spine, too? Sorry...:( nm
And I was told it was "disk" for eye, and "disc" for spine.
Fell sorry.....
I kind of fell into it
It's for a local insurance company. I have a friend who works there, and the service that they used was charging a lot. She knew I was looking for a part-time job to supplement my income (at that time I was working out of the home as a legal secretary). We started out working on it together, and then she stopped and I do all the tapes now. It's good money. I've been doing it for about 7 years.
Anyone w/ experience w/ Resurgens or Pinnacle Orthopedics for spine care in the
Has anyone ever used either or know anyone who has?   Would appreciate any comments.  I need to see someone for my scoliosis which I know is progressing, and the pain is giving me fits right now.  Thanks. 
How dumb are you? Evidently you fell from somewhere.
Maybe it was where you post fell .. I thought
that you thought I was telling you that.


I meant no harm or bother to anyone.

My babies are in bed. I'm going there, too. I think I'll just stay quiet for a while.
If a pill causes an abrasion while going down, it can fell like it is still there. nm
I got the same email regarding pay....ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR

You have got to be kidding me!!

I do the same thing! I have fell asleep at ...sm
my keyboard before. It sucks trying to wake yourself up. I haven't found anything really that helps me that much.
Just as above, the physician said the patient fell
and ordered CT scan and the doctor absolutely checking for confusion. The doctor repeated and I listened back to it, intensely. That was said, VR picked it up and how would a newbie know (brain, confusion, could be in some cases, right) it was contusion they were looking for? I did, changed and finally the physician said the correct word, contusion. I also have the VR putting in Dr. Pannicus and the like. Yep, you need to know what things mean, not just typing in words.
okay, thanks, I thought it was always Fri when it fell on a weekend...
she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down

she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down

I fell down my steps in MARCH of 05 and my tailbone still ...
hurts a lot of the time.  Both soft and hard chairs are hard to get out of, depending how long I have been sitting.  My sister said about trying an inflatable pool ring, but there aren't many to be found this time of year!
DH refuses to watch it again- says we fell for all the hype - about (sm)

the show being a "classic" .  People on we barely knew.  We kept waiting for it to get "good".  Then the ending!!!!

Holy cow is right.  Is he dead?? 

Bahaha! Oops. I fell out of my chair.
You're not really a brunette, are you?

Thanks for the giggle.

any neck pain? Sounds like a cervical spine problem. And med advice.. you nee an xray!
You might be old enough for degenerative changes, or disc space narrowing. What you are describing could definitely come from cervical spine nerve root compressions. Does the symptomatology change when you reposition your neck or adjust your posture? See somebody, that's kinda-sorta something you shouldn't be messing with.
it will work - have the flash drive in the PC, install from disks to flash
Mother fell and broke hip Sat, sent home by ER doctor

who said it was only bruised.  Hospital calls Tuesday afternoon and says she actually had a broken hip and needed surgery.  In the 3 days before the nursing home found out it was broken, she fell again.  Has anyone ever heard of the radiology dept taking 3 days to read films?  It was Memorial Day weekend, but even so I don't think it should have taken so long. 

So true, when I worked inhouse, the doc fell asleep
while dictating and actually continued to dictate while asleep "we packed the leg wound with BBQ sauce and grilled it". The service typed it as such and flagged it. Boy, was doc ever embarrassed. His fault for doing 50 charts at a pop.
EditScript/Escription - Fell in love with it the first time I used it
Wear scrubs, they're comfortable and you fell like you getting dressed for work See message.
Go to a local scrub shop, you can get a big bag full for about 100 bucks
Monkey bars aren't the problem. I never once fell off. Neither did my brother. Kids need to climb
YUP, huge fan!!!!
OMG, thanks!! That would be a huge (sm)
mistake personally for me, as I do not know how I would make out with the kids, and then to go through all that, train, and not have it work. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for the input!!
Huge, I think it's small on my end (NM)
:::huge applause for you::: nm
DH is a HUGE fan! I watch only for him.