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anybody have good web sites for radiation/oncology

Posted By: rmt on 2005-12-08
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including protocols, drug studies, etc.  Thanks a bunch!!

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Radiation oncology vs. hematolog/oncology

I have experience with hematology/oncology but not radiation oncology.  What exactly is the difference?  Is it a difficult jump from one to the other?  Broad learning curve?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
Radiation oncology....

I normally type Radiology and love it but was asked to cover a radiation oncology account until my Radiology account is ready.  Heres my dilemma....

I think I really like doing oncology!  Can anyone tell me what the earning potential is for (full-time) oncology work? I normally get paid by report for radiiology (1.25/report + incentive). 

Radiation Oncology

Do any of you oncology transcriptionists know of any good sites for radiation oncology terms?.  I am a seasoned oncology Transcriptionist who has a new oncology account that includes radiation oncology dictation, which I have never done before.   Help, please.


Radiation Oncology
Does anyone do radiation oncology dictation, and if so, what sites do you use for help.  I am a very experienced oncology Transcriptionist having to face doing radiation oncology (which I have never done before) and I am having so much trouble finding the words I need.  Help would certainly be appreciated.  TIA
Radiation Oncology vacation coverage
Does anyone out there with a private radiation oncology account want to exchange vacation coverage? I have three doctors in a small clinic, average 600 lines a day. They are very particular about quality and need 24-48 hour turnaround at the very most. DSS digital voice files, and all three very good dictators--no accents. I really need to be able to take a few weeks a year and some long weekends here and there and would love to find someone in a similar position willing to exchange time with me.
Is Radiation/Oncology a difficult specialty? I am going to be starting..SM
on a new account doing this specialty. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful hints for this specialty. Any know of any references that would be good for me to use? Are there any websites that would be good as reference? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
Need reference sites for oncology

Need recommendations for reference sites on the web for oncology terms and drug reference. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Does anyone know a good web site for oncology?
Any advice on good oncology site (words/meds/etc)
Does anyone know of a good website to reference oncology, chemo/radiation drugs and all related material.
some good sites

Here are some I use for oncology

chemo acronyms - this same website has chemo drugs


cancer terms


types of lymphoma


FDA approved onco drugs with good links on page


cancer staging (TNM)


anybody have any good PT sites/books??
I do a lot of PT reports and some of the exercises dictated are not very clear and spelling is unknown, and having a tough time finding reference material on the web.  I have the Dorland's Orthopedics book and that helps sometimes, but wondered if there were other things out there that other people use?? 
Does anyone have any good urology sites?

Thank too. - Always good to have multiple sites
Need names of good, secure, FTP sites - sm

that are easy to use and access.  Have a doctor's office that will be sending me digital voice files in the next couple of weeks and need to switch them over easily to a new "system".  I prefer FTP though since I only have dial-up and I am used to using it with another job. Any preferences out there? Thanks.

Any good sites for plastic surgery? sm
Been doing reports for breast augmentation, mastopexy, blepharoplasty, Z-plasty, etc. Any web sites that may have terminology or sample reports other than MT Desk. Their site is good, but need more sample reports or terminology.
Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes?

Does anyone have any good doctor locator sites (sm)
I have AMA DoctorFinder and used to have DR411 but now they want $1699 to have a complete list.  I need more sites to look up physicians  If you have any and wouldn't mind sharing them, I for one would greatly appreciate it.  TIA  
I am looking for some good basic orthopedic sites -- Any ideas?
Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm
Need good organisms and infectious disease books/sites (sm)
I have Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Diseases, but it's out of date (2002) and an updated company has not been published. Does anyone recommend any books and/or web sites that can give me quick info including on meds for specific IDs? e.g., Stedman's lists HIV/AIDS medications alphabetically in the appendix.

Free Ortho sites & ABCZ sites

Every orthopedic test imaginable.



This site has a free ABCZ Expander system.



This site has free software.....There is Stedmans Ortho Word Book program on there amount other great software. 



Good luck

is it B-max or D-max can someone help? this is radiation therapy
is it B-max or D-max can someone help?  this is radiation therapy
radiation word help

It sounds like she spells "Oune-dose" (and goes on to say--) measurement was placed at the nipple to document the skin was not excessively hot.

Next term I need help with is dictated: en face 12 MeV electron boost prescribed to _______ for an additional dose of 1000 cGy in 5 fraction.

It sounds like she is saying D-max


Any help?


Thanks!  This is a new account and I have squat experience with radiology!  Any good reference sites?



Good drug book vs. internet drug sites
I need to buy a new drug book.  At a prior job, about a year ago, one of the supervisors told me she used the internet exclusively.  What's the consensus and if you prefer the internet, which site or sites do you like.  Thanks in advance.
Especially because there are always new drugs, especially if you are doing a hospital that uses experimental drugs. Can't ever find them anywhere
I am just starting an OR an oncology account and would appreciate any good sites as well.
I have done some oncology
I really did not mind it that much at all.  Much easier to me than orthopedics and physical therapy notes.  I did have Stedman's Oncology word book, as well as the internet.  I agree with the other poster, the hardest was the chemotherapy protocols, but there many resources to help with this. 
Oncology because there are new

drugs/protocols all the time.  Psychiatry because it can be very depressing after a while.  


Hi, I work at an oncology clinic.  Our transcriptionists are paid hourly and make between 11.50 to 14.75 per hour.  I've always heard radiology is the best pay because of the short length of the reports.  Some oncology notes can run 10 minutes.  It is an enjoyable specialty though.

I am actually intrigued by all of the neat things they have done to help with cancer, and people are not suffering or dieing from cancer like they used to.  The oncology field has grown so much and I think it is interesting to learn the new changes that are coming out.  It does get depressing at times, although it is more so encouraging.  I like to keep up-to-date on the new technology and watching the people get better rather than worse.  It definitely has its ups and downs, but it has also advanced so much.  It beats the same old, same old of everyday repetition with colds and cuts  

Hi for those of you that work in oncology I have a question.  I just started working in oncology.  I have worked in radiology, orthopedics and limited acute care doing discharge notes.  How long do you think it will take for me to become proficient with oncology?  I have been a Transcriptionist for about 10 years and have been exposed to hospital radiology, clinic ortho and limited discharge summaries.
Oncology involves all the organ systems and it is a challenge. I find myself praying for the patients sometimes. It is interesting to me the choices patients make regarding their treatment; some stoic, some adventurous, some depressed, some more concerned about their families than themselves, etc. It definitely makes me appreciate my health and my faith.
If you can do Oncology, you can certainly
Oncology is so experimental and thus we see all these protocols and new drugs popping up all over the place. If you can do that,you can certainly learn a more generalized field such as internal medicine which less specific than oncology. I would say a lot easier also.
Has anyone ever heard of "Schimmel" solution for oral mucositis?

Oncology because of the always changing...sm
meds. And I have to admit, though I have done ortho a lot in the past and know it well, I just don't like it.
oncology links
janet mills
plant city fl

been doing oncology since 1987

Once you know a field, it becomes a piece of cake.  I do not agree that you need ANY books if you are transcribing ONLINE.  There are many govt sites belonging to NIH and end in a dot gov which have all the current chemo drugs to date.  We also have other rx websites to check out like drugs dot com and rx dot com to find drugs and proper spelling and when all else fails there's always Google dot com search engine.

hope that helps and hope I didn't cross any rules here for posting, if so please let me know, moderators *S*

Rheumatology and oncology. nm
And oncology is my favorite! nm
Transcribe oncology now...sm
I transcribed ER notes at several other MT positions, in addition to most other basic 4 reports, and I usually had no trouble getting the required lines with ER work. I enjoyed it from a variety standpoint. You never know what you're going to get, just like Forrest Gump! I, too, am tired of the repetition of oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, etc., and it does seem to sometimes drone on with some physicians. However, it can be a good line count, too. I would think you would be able to adapt quickly to ER work if you are looking for a change. Hope this helps.
Oncology or Dermatology
Which is less complicated Oncology or Dermatology???
You never catch up with oncology....
there is always different meds and procedures more than any other field I've done.  I quit after about a year.  Great experience but ya don't make the money. 

If anyone knows of any hem/onc jobs, please e-mail me...except if they use Emdat/Inscribe, then I am not interested.  Thanks for any help.

Oncology information

Some other ideas to consider:

If you are transcribing for an oncology practice, find out where they are on staff and check the websites for those hospitals.  Many hospitals feature their cancer programs.

Most states have at least one comprehensive cancer center.  There is a list of them in the back of the Stedman's Oncology Words book that includes the web addresses.  They do cutting edge research, and your patients may end up there or may be coming back from their to get their treatment locally.  By all means, buy the Stedman's Oncology Words book if you don't have it already.  New 5th edition just came out.

The National Cancer Institute has a massive list of oncology clinical trials.  I find it a bit clunky to use, but it is a resource.  Your tax dollars at work!

CenterWatch lists clinical trials and new drug approvals.  These parts of the site are free, but other parts aren't (and those are expensive).  This site is well regarded by those who work in clinical trials.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  I love oncology!

oncology is part of the
Internal Medicine here at the hospital I work for. I have onsite employment and home transcription.
Oncology accounts

Anyone know if oncology accounts generally have a higher rate of pay?


Generally the pay is the same for acute work of all specialties.  I'd recommend having a copy of Stedman's Radiology and Oncology.  If you haven't done this specialty before, as someone else mentioned, you'll spend time researching chemotherapy drugs/protocols, etc., so the better your reference resources, the more productive you'll be.

I have Oncology experience.
But not for $.065 cpl as has been offered by other companies. Perhaps a few more details in your job ad? Estimated lines per day, pay rate, TAT, company website, full-time or part-time, employee or IC?
Agree with oncology. Glad I don't do it! nm