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Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes?

Posted By: Lynn on 2006-09-12
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info on reference sites for OP notes
Does anyone have any helpful web sites that list surgical instruments. This is very frustrating for me when trying to search for OP instruments.  Any info would be helpful
Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm
Need reference sites for oncology

Need recommendations for reference sites on the web for oncology terms and drug reference. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Reference books/sites for breast cancer (sm)
I just started with a breast cancer surgeon.  I am wondering if anyone can recommend some good reference material for this.  Thanks.
Thanks to all who shared their reference sites with me; I received some great new ones! nm
some good sites

Here are some I use for oncology

chemo acronyms - this same website has chemo drugs


cancer terms


types of lymphoma


FDA approved onco drugs with good links on page


cancer staging (TNM)


Does anyone have a GOOD reference

Site for findings doctors in any state?  I use the Dr - 411 and it's okay, but I would really love some input on any others that are really good.


anybody have any good PT sites/books??
I do a lot of PT reports and some of the exercises dictated are not very clear and spelling is unknown, and having a tough time finding reference material on the web.  I have the Dorland's Orthopedics book and that helps sometimes, but wondered if there were other things out there that other people use?? 
Does anyone have any good urology sites?

Thank too. - Always good to have multiple sites
Need a good podiatry reference

and I do not see one on the stedmans.com unless podiatry is rolled in with another specialty and I'm just missing it. Any recommendations?

Thanks bunches and happy MT week!

Here is a good doctor reference.


Scroll down to bottom and you can search by state. 

a good reference site
docboard.org is a great site as well.  Search by name, state, gives address, speciality, etc.
anybody have good web sites for radiation/oncology
including protocols, drug studies, etc.  Thanks a bunch!!
Need names of good, secure, FTP sites - sm

that are easy to use and access.  Have a doctor's office that will be sending me digital voice files in the next couple of weeks and need to switch them over easily to a new "system".  I prefer FTP though since I only have dial-up and I am used to using it with another job. Any preferences out there? Thanks.

Any good sites for plastic surgery? sm
Been doing reports for breast augmentation, mastopexy, blepharoplasty, Z-plasty, etc. Any web sites that may have terminology or sample reports other than MT Desk. Their site is good, but need more sample reports or terminology.
Does anyone have any good doctor locator sites (sm)
I have AMA DoctorFinder and used to have DR411 but now they want $1699 to have a complete list.  I need more sites to look up physicians  If you have any and wouldn't mind sharing them, I for one would greatly appreciate it.  TIA  
Need good reference/webiste suggestions

I am brand new to this speciality and I am actually really liking it... but I am having trouble finding certain equipment... I was wondering if any of you have any favorite books or websites that have hard to find surgical tools/equipment?

I saw that Stedman's has one out--is that any good?


Thanks for any info!!

Looking for a good lab test reference site...

.. can anyone suggest some?  I'm looking for something that lists all lab tests and their normal ranges... also a description of what each test is done for would be nice, but not necessary. 


Tessier is not a very good reference book. I have one but
haven't used it in years.  I would suggest getting a Stedman's.  I believe they just had a new one come out either this year or last year.   There is new equipment all the time, so an updated book would save you lots of time from searching on-line. 
Need good internet reference for doctors
The several places I have stored for some reason gone out of the business. Need to look up these names when not spelled which is almost never. Thanks.
Good reference site for drugs and various others -
Reference for Op reports, anyone know of any good online ones??
Having a tough time with Ops - does anyone know of some good reference sites to refer to?
Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
I am looking for some good basic orthopedic sites -- Any ideas?
Just started podiatry, need good reference book.
Need good organisms and infectious disease books/sites (sm)
I have Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Diseases, but it's out of date (2002) and an updated company has not been published. Does anyone recommend any books and/or web sites that can give me quick info including on meds for specific IDs? e.g., Stedman's lists HIV/AIDS medications alphabetically in the appendix.

Can anyone recommend any good acute care reference books
I am thinking of changing from clinic to acute care transcription.  Can anyone recommend any good reference books that I should have?  TIA
Free Ortho sites & ABCZ sites

Every orthopedic test imaginable.



This site has a free ABCZ Expander system.



This site has free software.....There is Stedmans Ortho Word Book program on there amount other great software. 



Good luck

And you'll almost never get just Op notes. Probably get mixed acute care - op notes, discharge su
Good drug book vs. internet drug sites
I need to buy a new drug book.  At a prior job, about a year ago, one of the supervisors told me she used the internet exclusively.  What's the consensus and if you prefer the internet, which site or sites do you like.  Thanks in advance.
It has nothing to do with sites..
Check with your ISP, modem or phone line.
FTP Sites
I use FTPToday.
Try these sites


PT sites




Try some of these sites

FTP sites.....
I use FTP Voyager...60 dollars for 2 years....sooo easy to use, encrypted, best I have used so far. Go on their site and see. Rhinosoft.com is the site.
FTP sites...
Does anyone know of any FTP sites that do not have a user fee? I am currently using a software that charges me 0.025 cpl and I find it's a ripoff. I really don't make any money off this software, AND I paid an arm and a leg for this software. Can anyone tell me where I can find an FTP site that does not charge a user fee? TIA.
OB/GYN sites

Can someone tell me of some good OB/GYN sites out there?  For that matter, any good specialty sites.  I'm fairly new to transcription and still gathering good reference sites.

Thanks in advance!


There is chemocare.com and cancer-info.com.
OB/GYN web sites
Does anybody have any good web sites for OB/GYN and peds?  I haven't done all that much of either one and I'm having a slow go with the acronyms.  Any help would really be appreciated!
FTP sites
Can anyone recommend a good FTP site that would be used on my own computer on the desktop.  Thank you.
what other sites do you use?
Many thanks 2 U both 4 the 3 gr8 sites (sm)

I'm good to go!!


It's right on their Web sites...

Visit this site, read paragraph 2 and notice the word global.  It doesn't appear they are trying to hide anything.


Some different sites here too . .

These help me:

For City/States/Counties:  *HomeTownLocator* --  http://www.hometownlocator.com/

For Orthopedics:  Really great site.  Can use search box or click on any part of the skeleton.  *Wheeless On Line* --  http://www.wheelessonline.com/

For Medical Abbreviations:  Also has a medical dictionary, drug search and medical instrument search, but I just use it for the Abbreviations.  *MediLexicon*   http://www.medilexicon.com/

For Chemotherapy Drugs - *ChemoCare*  http://www.chemocare.com/bio/

For Medical Dictionary - *Dorlands Medical Dictionary* - http://www.mercksource.com/pp/us/cns/cns_hl_dorlands_split.jsp?pg=/ppdocs/us/common/dorlands/dorland/misc/A_TOC.htm

For Clinical Trials - http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/

Those are some of what I use all the time. 


thanks a lot for these sites
I appreciate you taking the time to give them to me!
In reference to rad pay below...

I do both basic 4 and radiology for a small hospital and get paid by the minute of dictation for all. Radiology is a third to half of the dictation I do a day.  I am thinking about going to just radiology.  Many of you have stated a per page or per report rate, but what is the average per line rate for radiology.  Is it different from the basic four dictation rate? 

There are only two radiologists at this hospital, both fairly easy to do except one is slow and one is fast, so fast, if I got paid per report, I would make four times what I make now per minute of dictation.  The slow one is going to retire soon and I will be stuck with the fast one and a new doctor which I probably will not have a problem with unless he is fast too and I would be making less money. 

Thanks for the reference SM
Interesting site! Unfortunately, it states that "today the period always goes within the quotes" so I can't use it as a reference, only as a "the way it used to be."
thanks for the reference nm
THIS is the best reference (sm)
Forget all those books -- they're out of date a year before they're published.

This site automatically indexes biomedical acronyms from Medline.

Try it and tell me whether you aren't ready to throw away all your outdated, useless references!