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I am looking for some good basic orthopedic sites -- Any ideas?

Posted By: memt on 2006-06-21
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A basic recommendation for a basic expander use plan SM
If you use your Expander mainly to store text for specific doctors and their specific reports you will 1) Find it extremely difficult and expensive to change jobs (critically so, to the point of eventually feeling you can't or even leaving the field when your employer lets you go) and 2) as someone said, find yourself spending a whole lot of time editing your expansions to the current report.

I strongly recommend instead contacting Linda for her system, then day by day developing your expander vocabulary of INDIVIDUAL words and phrases, untied to any specific report. I can take my abbreviation for "denies any fevers, chills, or sweats" (dyfcos) to any of dozens of companies and use it for dictations of thousands of doctors. No having to change it, because I also have one for "denies fever, chills, or sweats," one for "denies having fevers, chills, or sweats," and so on and so on. As Linda says, with a system the individual abbreviations don't have to be memorized. As you can see, these terms are merely the first letters of the words in the phrase(with Y standing in for "any" instead of A because that's my abbreviation for the word "any" itself).

BTW, regarding that last, editing gets very fast when all you have to type to drop in the word "the" here and there as you cruise through is a T, "his" a G, a "that" a V, et cetera. No special reason for those letters for those words, I was just looking for a one-letter abbreviation I could cut them down to to speed up.

Hope this makes sense. Linda will understand what I mean about the extreme importance of developing an independent dictionary of expansions that will work with any dictator.
what size package do you have? i have basic and i couldn't make good lines due to speed. nm
some good sites

Here are some I use for oncology

chemo acronyms - this same website has chemo drugs


cancer terms


types of lymphoma


FDA approved onco drugs with good links on page


cancer staging (TNM)


anybody have any good PT sites/books??
I do a lot of PT reports and some of the exercises dictated are not very clear and spelling is unknown, and having a tough time finding reference material on the web.  I have the Dorland's Orthopedics book and that helps sometimes, but wondered if there were other things out there that other people use?? 
Does anyone have any good urology sites?

Thank too. - Always good to have multiple sites
anybody have good web sites for radiation/oncology
including protocols, drug studies, etc.  Thanks a bunch!!
Need names of good, secure, FTP sites - sm

that are easy to use and access.  Have a doctor's office that will be sending me digital voice files in the next couple of weeks and need to switch them over easily to a new "system".  I prefer FTP though since I only have dial-up and I am used to using it with another job. Any preferences out there? Thanks.

Any good sites for plastic surgery? sm
Been doing reports for breast augmentation, mastopexy, blepharoplasty, Z-plasty, etc. Any web sites that may have terminology or sample reports other than MT Desk. Their site is good, but need more sample reports or terminology.
Does anyone know of any good reference sites for PT notes?

Does anyone have any good doctor locator sites (sm)
I have AMA DoctorFinder and used to have DR411 but now they want $1699 to have a complete list.  I need more sites to look up physicians  If you have any and wouldn't mind sharing them, I for one would greatly appreciate it.  TIA  
All of these ideas are good.

We lost a newborn.  I know it is 100 times worse for an older child, but I appreciated all the things people did for me.  Our neighbor came over that morning without being asked, while I was still in the hospital, and mowed our lawn before people started coming by. Other friends brought some meals.  I most appreciated visits from friends.  I was still on maternity leave with no baby to take care of. 

good ideas

I've looked into other things I could do as a sidestep from transcription, like editor, or biller, there are tons of ads for billers and coders.  I'd need more schooling.  As far as support from family, thats great that yours admire you.  Mine is just really judgemental and have always thought I never lived up to my potential.  I've always been content though.  Being an MT allows me my independence which is the most important thing to me.

Thanks all - some good ideas here. (sm)
Lately, my acct has added on a lot of progress notes, and if I don't get some more stuff in my expander, I'll never make any money!  Thanks a lot.
Good ideas. Thanks. nm
Good ideas here

I have a special "C&P" resume. I use Courier font because it will appear the same in email as it does in Word. I keep everything flush left. Where I might ordinarily use a bullet, I use a dash:

Transcribed reports for the following specialties:
- Cardiology
- Gastroenterology
- Oncology


Good ideas if you want to keep them.
I agree, sometimes you have to go along to get along, I made a lot of money with tapes as well. If you lneed the money, THINK hard, you may be sorry if you really depend on that income."Talk over her head" and make her think she's getting a "real deal" if you use the very expenesive labels and eat the cost for now until you can't stand it anymore. Think of your own monetary position and your needs. They love to think they're getting a "bargain" just blow smoke until you don't have to anymore.
good ideas
There are fantastic ideas here http://www.productivitytalk.com/forums/index.php

Good luck!
Good ideas !
Thanks for the info. I like the sound of the insurance company ones. Do they send you work via internet? Do you use a footpedal just like medical transcription? Just wondering.
Need some good oncology sites. Any info appreciated. nm
Anybody know of any good sites for surgical term reference? nm
Thanks everyone...good ideas and I appreciate the input..nm
Good ideas - but most want to be at home! sm
I work more being at home, albeit not in 8 straight hours, but I get more work done at home with more lph working in 2-hour shifts throughout the day. Working in the office would not cut it for me. I have been working at home for 16 years now, no way will I go back to an office. So, if you are looking for the seasoned MTs to work in the office with the newbies - good luck with that!

I think you have great ideas and it will work, you just might have to modify a few things along the way.

Best of luck to you!
Good ideas, maybe I will look into getting an external - sm
backup hard drive as well that would certainly take care of losing any data, and seeing it every day would remind me to backup my important files! I bet there will be a run of people today backing up their work! I do keep written notes on my work, though not the line counts. I only lost about 15 files, about 2000 lines (it's a small account), just hope they have it all handy, they tend to lose/misplace files. Hate to have to retype them so I can bill them (of course I happened to delete all the sound files off the server I use yesterday for last weeks work, so I would have to have them resend all the sound files as well), but I will do what I have to do in order to do so!
Need good organisms and infectious disease books/sites (sm)
I have Stedman's Organisms & Infectious Diseases, but it's out of date (2002) and an updated company has not been published. Does anyone recommend any books and/or web sites that can give me quick info including on meds for specific IDs? e.g., Stedman's lists HIV/AIDS medications alphabetically in the appendix.

what's up for dinner tonight? Any good ideas?
Does anyone out there have any good pet friendly vacation ideas?? sm
Would  love to go away for a small vacation with the kids but they dont want to leave their furry friends behind...and neither do I.  I am looking for someplace that will take two dogs and is also kid friendly. I live in Ohio so I dont want something to far away. Dog friendly and kid friendly....too much to ask for????
Any good ideas for rose bushes? sm

I'm thinking of planting rose bushes along our new fence and just can't decide from all the varieties.  I do want some that bloom all summer long and are winter hardy. Illinois can be brutal sometimes.

Very good ideas! Thanks for taking the time to share.

A good tax guy can help with taxes and give ideas on deductions. His fee is a
Any good ideas to celebrate 50th Birthday
A friend and co-worker turns 50 next Tuesday and we are planning a 1950s celebration here at work.We are gonna dress in poodle skirts and jeans and t-shirts, etc., but I'm looking for something else... maybe a unique poem..or any unique ideas?  Anybody have any tips?  TIA!
I love flowers and he surprised me tonight (since he is working tomorrow) with a beautiful plantar full of different plants and flowers I can keep inside and transplant outside this spring.  Would like to surprise him as well but stumped as to what to get?  What do you get a man who has everything?
Does anyone have any good craft ideas for 5th graders to do during Christmas party? sm
I am usually in charge of my younger kids' classroom parties, but this year I am doing the 5th graders. I need a good craft for them to do during their party. Something easy and fun....but you know...not too baby-ish. Any help is appreciated!!!
Does anyone have any good ideas for back and hip pain from sitting all day? Anything on the market?
Free Ortho sites & ABCZ sites

Every orthopedic test imaginable.



This site has a free ABCZ Expander system.



This site has free software.....There is Stedmans Ortho Word Book program on there amount other great software. 



Good luck

Good drug book vs. internet drug sites
I need to buy a new drug book.  At a prior job, about a year ago, one of the supervisors told me she used the internet exclusively.  What's the consensus and if you prefer the internet, which site or sites do you like.  Thanks in advance.
Orthopedic pointers
I will be starting a new job transcribing orthopedic clinic work. Although I have transcribed orthopedics throughout the years, but I'm a little worried about "new" or "up-to-date" ortho terminology. Could anyone direct me to some good ortho websites to use as references? I'm also thinking about going ahead and loading orthopedic terminology into my Shorthand program. I think I can get this from the productivity boards. Any other pointers to get jump start would be appreciated. Thanks!
re:Orthopedic pointers
I'm from the old school, so my recommendation is to acquire the latest Steadman's Orthopedic and Rehabilitation word book for a reference.
orthopedic exam
is it supine and prone gradients
Does anyone have a sample orthopedic narrative ..sm
letter that I could use as a guide?  It is for a MVA with questions and answers pertaining to the accident.  Thanks so much.
Stedman's Orthopedic Words
Do you have Stedman's Orthopedic & Rehab Words? There 2 sample op notes for ORIF on pgs A126 and A127.
I don't capitalize orthopedic tests themselves, but if there's

I have HPI Orthopedic/Neurology book (sm)
With that and google, I was able to pick up ortho in no time. It may sound daunting, but a lot of what they say is repetitive and 6 months to a year from now, you'll be wondering why you worried :)

Good luck!

Any good ideas where to look. Job Bank and Resume bank not working.
I think they must be waiting for a tech for repairs.
I transcribe for orthopedic surgeon who utilizes EMR
He dictates notes such as if the patient is having out of hte ordinary symptoms to cover himself should the situation lead to a court room setting. But, yes, between EMR and voice recognition, I believe MTs will over time be less than necessary.

The cost is a major factor. Especially with the population aging like we are. Baby boomers will all be on SS at same time and if health care doesn't figure something out, there are predictions being made that are nightmarish, like the collapse of the health care system. This was said by a person (Dr. Andrew Weil) being interviewed by Larry King.

Do you capitalize orthopedic test names?

Is it correct to capitalize every orthopedic test, such as, Anterior Drawers Test, Alar Ligament Test, etc. 

Thank you


Stedman's Orthopedic & Rehab Words, both on CD and book
With the CD, all you do is highlight the word and click on the icon.
Wheeless Orthopedic Textbook - Link Inside

Wheeless Textbook of Orthopedics - online - link below.  I find this to be a priceless site. Good luck


Geez, orthopedic surgery is boring and tedious.
Basic 4

Can anyone tell me what Basic 4 MTs is?


basic 4
Where I have worked, op reports have always been a part of the basic 4...DS/OPS/H&P/CONS. Letters were just a part of the overall package. ER was in a class all its own and not considered as difficult at the basic 4 (on par with clinic work).