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bless your heart for thinking $10-12/hour is good money - nm

Posted By: Deb on 2008-10-24
In Reply to: I don't know what everybody has to complain about. sm - Tracey


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Can you make good money with radiology? I'm thinking of switching
Bless your heart
I hope you quickly work your way into a better pay range.
Bless your heart...

you replied with Peace out, & I replied with guns-a-blazin'...what the heck did I do, forget that great thread from yesterday  

my bad...*sigh*

Bless your heart ...
Are you getting enough sleep? That's pretty important!

Also, how long are you up before you start typing? Do you eat breakfast? You need a good mix of protein and carbs before you start typing. Perhaps a little exercise..??

On your expander, slow is fine on adding to it. Limit yourself to 5-10 shortcut entries a day. Write them down and keep them posted on your screen until you can use them without looking at the list. Then take that list down and work on another 5-10 shortcuts. They won't do you any good if you cannot remember to use them. When naming shortcuts, do whatever comes to mind first, whatever is natural.

Don't spend too much time on ESLs if you truly cannot understand what is being said. I don't like blanks either but there is a difference in beating your head against a wall over unintelligible gibberish versus doing a quick (3 minutes is my limit) research of meds, instruments, terms, diseases, etc. Don't be your own worst enemy here!

Working efficiently is not a matter of how fast you are, it is how streamlined you think.
bless your heart!
Oh bless your heart! ...

I'm so happy for your success.  You're an encouragement to me that one day before I finally get out of this profession that I'll be able to experience wonderful financial rewards again, if only for a brief moment in my case.

I appreciate you sharing your experience with us and keeping it real. 

Bless your heart ...
Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence;  sometimes it's not.  The important thing is that now you'll never regret knowing if you lost that 'perfect opportunity' or not and you were welcomed back with open arms to your true home.  Sincere best wishes to you on your continued success.   
Bless your heart. You won't forget that one again soon, huh. nm
Bless your heart! I wish I knew what to tell you

Flu is hitting hard. I'm surprised you can work this soon. I wish you the best! I didn't have the flu, but caught some kind of "bug" going around and had pneumonia! It was terrible. Took me 3 weeks to get anywhere close to feeling normal. It was very hard to work when I did start back and I was weak for days. Hang in there! I wish you good health soon!

Reagan, bless his heart.
Bless your heart, hon. Been there with 2 babies.
I put gel-filled teething toys in the fridge to make them cold; did the Tylenol thing; did the Orajel thing as well.

Honestly, there's not much else you can do. Sometimes if they were a little fussy, I would recline them in my arm and dip my finger in a very cold glass of iced water to cool it and then gently massage their little gums with my cold finger. They would let me. I think the cold numbed and the massage just soothed.

This is one of those stages that it is hard to get through for both baby and parents! I feel for you. I've been up many nights and suffered long days hurting for my little ones.

If it helps, they won't remember the pain. Only you will! lol

How very sweet, bless your heart!!!!
So few understand or appreciate the things you mentioned. Radiology has its own set of skills which i would find challenging, as long as it has been since i did any. So you are not a 'mere' anything -- you are a MT the same as acute care, only a 1-specialty person. Thanks again for the thoughts!!
Bless your heart! It is tiring to sit all the time. SM
I try to always remember that there are so many people who don't have a job or a decent home. I try to count my blessings but some days, I just lose the motivation. I hope you can find some relief from your health problems. Best of luck to you.
Bless your heart. Back several years ago
I worked FT for a large hospital doing MT and ran an MT business full-time but I had 2 partners in my business. I slept every other night. Hahaha I was younger at that time. Made INCREDIBLE money. Still can't believe today what I made then. It was a killer though. And with running my own business, I was not doing actual transcription the whole time, there was a lot of normal business activity/transactions/planning to do. That is why I think I held up to it as long as I did.

Well, I'm very impressed. Congratulations. I couldn't do that today (two FT transcription positions) if I tried!
Bless your heart. Mine was 50, so I had him longer. SM
Lots of empathy here for you.
Bless your heart. I had to sign my kids
up for an angel tree, too. Always remember, This Too Shall Pass. God Bless and may you have a wonderful 2006!!
Bless your heart little Crispy Critter!

Bless your heart. The trouble is that companies can't "train" you. SM

...or not most companies, anyway. They need their work done and they need it done quickly and correctly, and that's just the bottom line. I worked in-house for years at a hospital and I did train people, but we were doing our own reports and had a large enough staff so that we could take inexperienced people. I do that on my own, too, but can't do it too much. 

You'll get it, if they'd just give you time!   

Bless your heart. I agree with Dano whole-heartedly.
Maria Shriver Kennedy Schwarz (I'm not spelling that out...hahaha) said that her mother taught her: You CAN have it all, just not all at the same time.

Great advice. You usually have to go through stages or phases of your life to fulfill all the wants and dreams...from careers, to parenting and child-rearing, homemaking, etc.

Bless your heart for taking the time to answer.
I was thinking macros were something else. I make heavy use of templates/normals, but I didn't realize those were called macros :0)

Shorthand is so fantastic for that. I love the suggestion window, too. I don't think I could type without it now.

Do you use the TCL script program? I need to study up on that.
Bless your heart and your sons. Some people just don't know when to NOT mess with things
Sorry you have a goof for an ex, and I hope your son's footie will be ok. Chillie
That's dowright shame! Bless you Heart! I hope there is a change soon, this is getting ridiculous
Think you are thinking lines per hour. I
am normally in the 250-300 range per hour.
You are a good daughter, more than she deserves. Bless you.
money per hour

I have worked as an IC for 5 years now.  When I started out I was making .12 per line and now make 0.85.  I've gone from about $18-$20 an hour to about $12-$14.  I am quitting and going inhouse.  They are starting me off at $15.00 and I get a raise after 90 days.  I have decided that the way to go is to get paid by the hour, not by the line at this point.  I loved working at home, but the money is just too hard to earn.  I recently was going to interview at a hospital in house and then home, and they offered $15.00 plus incentive for any lines typed over 125 per hour.  Sounded ideal to me, but it was too far away... 

Anyway, it's ironic because when I left my hospital job in 2001, I was making $15.60 an hour.  Now I'm going back in house for a little less money.  I feel like after 5 years, I should be getting more money per hour not less..  But it will be a relief not to have to worry about money. 



You have a very good heart.
forgiving. I do admire your charitable spirit. May this whole incident turn out to be a major blessing for you :)
If $13.50 an hour sounds like a lot of money to you
Unions do nothing more than overpay uneducated unskilled laborers so they can milk dues out of them, and again I wouldn't be excited about $13.50 an hour, especially if I was a guy. Hardly Fortune 500 pay.
My mistake, I am not thinking tonight, I actually make 11.5 cpl, clinic notes. I earn my money thou
Expensive is right -- around $300 per credit hour! But they do have a good rep. Good luck! nm

Good money? Can we ask how much is considered GOOD in your books????
Good thinking!
Intelligent way to handle it.
It was so good. I was thinking they were going to continue it
again.  I just love George, Patrick Dempsey ain't bad to look at either.  What did Izzy used to be in?.  She looks so familiar but I don't recognize her name. 
good thinking!!! SM inside :)

Good post - good thinking but really, as MTs, we already know we cannot *assume* anything - even on a bulletin board.  There are posters who annoy me too and those posters drive away the informative posters which is terribly unfortunate because many of them (the informative posters) are full of GREAT information that they are willing to share.  I hate them being driven away by a couple of handfuls of perpetrators. 

You cannot assume everyone is that poster - you can think it's them but there's no proof, really, when you think about it.  Only the moderators/administrator know who is who on the boards.  If things get nasty, they remove all the nasty threads.

GMTA - remember this - great minds think alike - we don't need to lower ourselves to the perps (lack of) standards. 

I'm thinking somewhat differently. But good for you for SM
taking action. Since I don't believe fighting the Information Age is a good strategy (sort of like hunters-and-gatherers laughing at people sticking roots in the ground, to my mind) I'm signing up for classes to broaden my skills. I'm also looking into reactiving my appraiser's license (in case of future need. I appraised lots of foreclosures in the Reagan era and would definitely prefer to pass now).

Back to the healthcare industry, I would ask you, how does having IT performed on this continent fit into improving the delivery of good affordable healthcare to all of us? What has to be done so that this does serve that purpose? How do we fit into it? Best wishes for sure.
Very good...very good answer. Right on the money! (nm)
Thanks everyone! Good thing I asked, as I was thinking of 2-3 weeks! Yikes.
Thanks again.  I think I will give them one month and hopefully if they find someone sooner they will let me go on my way. (what a relief that will be too!)  Thanks!
Glad I was able to help....I just keep thinking about my inspiration (friend from gym). Good luck!!
Good thinking Wise MT about the blanket. I use fingerless gloves for the hands. NM. Thank you for

$1.50 an hour sounds good until you calculate FT at
looking for GOOD money

Are there ANY companies out there who will pay you what you are worth?  I've got 5+ years experience and only getting 7 to 8.5 cpl offered.  It's not a question of whether or not my work is good or bad, it is definitely good.  I have read where so many of you are making much more money than that and I would like to know WHERE to find such a job?  I would even be happy getting paid by the hour at this point (if it's enough that is).  I simply want paid what I'm worth for all my hard work! TIA!!!

Good money
You say you have 5+ years experience-- how would you like to be making that after 25+ years???? I would like to know where to find such a job as well.
good money
Well, I worked 60-70 hrs per week last year, with 2 weeks vacay and made 113,000+ - in my eyes radiology IS the best paying.
Another good one on Guru today. Pay is $25 per AUDIO hour.
With a 30-minute unpaid AUDIO test file.  It sounds as if somebody got behind on their work and needs people to do it for free or minimum wage.  Egads!  What cheapos!  I did an AUDIO hour tape this past weekend and made $100 off it.  I could have charged more since it was a weekend stat but I gave the guy a break.
That's definitely good money. I wish I could make that much.
I'm making about $1,400 a MONTH working 25-30 hours per week. ESLs, run out of work often, lousy platform. What's the point any more? I definitely need to pick up some local accounts and never work for another national.
Oh man....that is NOT good...how do you make any money?

Four. And they make very good money.
But I get your point. But you asked!
Depends on what you think good money is too : )
I think good money is 50K a year.
Oh, but I make really good money
so I did not understand where this was coming from. You see, I have no children at home, only 2 of us, no bills, I only work part because that is all I want but still bring home about $1500.00 every 2 weeks, so no need to feel sorry. I said I type fast.
Any money is good today sm
Take what you can to make ends meet and then switch when a better offer comes along, just don't burn bridges. Watch Jim Cramer, he says work at the Dollar Store if you can. I believe this will pass myself, just hang in there!
LOL and you call that good money?