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chug a glass of water

Posted By: water on 2005-09-16
In Reply to: What happened to my post? :( - sm


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another thought - if you can't see under the water, possibly broken glass, or other sharp objects
which could cut you, and cause infection or tetanus. 
Water here, too. I fill water bottles halfway and freeze them
so I have ice water for the entire day.  It's easier than trying to cram ice cubes down the little mouths of the bottles.  I confess to having coffee, Earl Grey tea and a cola today because I'm too tired from the idiots who were rodding their cars around in front of the house from midnight until 3:00 a.m. last night.  Oh, well.  At least I'm off today.
Glass of wine
I did not mean to start a war.  I know the difference between a glass of wine and a "problem with drinking" as my father was an alcoholic as well as ex-husband.  And just to let you know the open bottle that I opened Sunday evening for my glass is still in the wine case/holder with one glass missing.  I will probably have to throw it out as I usually have one glass and forget that it is there to finish it.  Would not make a good alcoholic as I forget to continue to drink -- just my one beer or one glass of wine every couple of weeks.  Also, I usually wait until I am very near completion of my work before I "pop" the cork.  But again, did not mean to start a war. 
Glass of wine
Patti, unfortunately on this board lately, anything can start a war.

Like you, I sometimes start sipping a glass the last 30-60 mins. of my shift - about once a month. Ignore the hostile postings - some of these people read 2 words, take it out of context, and post in response to things that weren't even said.

Personally, I'm glad you posted because I felt a little guilty about sipping an ounce or 2 while working - I grew up in an alcohol-free home, but I certainly saw what alcoholism did to some of my friends' families.
Glass top stove
Have used these since the 70s. Be careful what type of pots you use on these. Never use any pots except the ones that are all metal underneath. The finish can come off the pretty red and blue pots and burn onto the stove. Check the bottom of your pots before you use them. If they have food embedded into the bottom, sometimes this will burn right onto the stove. Use the cleaner for a glass top stove. You can let is soak on the spots with a damp cloth on top of it and then go back and rub some of the soil off, but you have to keep repeating this until gone. The razor is okay under certain circumstances. Someone one stuck a contact paper onto one of mine inadvertently, not realizing the burner was on. Luckily for me I had the razor handy and got at it right away, while the burner was HOT. There's a lot of little tricks to keeping these nice. However, I did have one, a GE smooth-top free-standing range where the finish did actually chip off, which turned out to be a warranty problem. If the stove is new, maybe there's a warranty on it? Good luck. Try to relax and don't drive yourself wacko over it.
A glass of wine with typing

A while back there were several messages when someone made a halfway joke about drinking and I never answered but I do have to admit that when I sometimes have to work on Sunday nights or some late evenings I do sip on a glass of wine while typing, not an entire bottle but a glass of wine.  Just thought I would not comment on it as several people were shocked that anyone would even consider it.  Not all the time but occasionally and in moderation. 

That is my Sunday comment.

Glass etching, maybe? see link



glass cleaning wipes
They are in a plastic tube kinda like the wet wipes but are made for monitors and TVs.  Wal-Mart has them.
Glass half empty....

I can agree on a few points here.  If you expect to be stroked, you won't find that in healthcare at all.  I have worked in a hospital setting, have my own accounts, and also currently IC for a company online at this point.  I just love what I do, and I'm pretty good at it.  A lot of what you write is true in that this profession has evolved, but think about it this way.  If we didn't evolve, then how long would a patient wait for you to get that report off of the old typewriter?  How many people would go months and months before finding that lung mass or brain tumor?

Just like the typewriter has evolved, the technology in which we diagnose and treat patients has evolved with leaps and bounds.  I still feel I'm doing a service to the patient.  I like my job because I know it helps people.  I'm sort of behind the scenes at this point and not visible to the patient any longer unless there's one in the waiting room when I pick up my tapes (doctor won't go digital), so I see the difference I can make.

Do I need to be stroked and told I'm doing a great job?  No.  I know I do a good job, but being told that every day or two is not why I'm in it.  Money is just the means of a transfer.  No one told me I'd get rich being a transcriptionist, but no one told me how much I would learn about the human body and functionality of it either and that I could most likely take that experience into another field.   

Wow, when I type a report on a patient that has a serious illness, I think my lucky stars.  I think at this point, reading your post, I may go back to school.  My transcription skills could really help me become a coder (are they stroked/given raises every year?) or maybe I'll become a nurse (are they stroked/given raises every year?), or maybe I'll become a physician myself and pay my transcription enormous amounts of money and remember to call and thank them to express a job well done when really I should be calling my patient with the brain tumor or lung mass or any other disease.  I wonder if the maintenance guy sweeping the hall deserves a raise or the nice lady cleaning the windows, then again maybe the physician himself wouldn't mind being reimbursed for the services he renders to someone without health insurance? 

Buck up camper....  It's going to a long trip! 


I do the same thing now and then, have a glass near the end of my work, usually takes me an
I find it relaxes me a little and I type a little faster, but I certainly don't do it on a daily basis, maybe Friday or Saturday night when I am winding down. As for the open bottle, get a vacuum system for it--rubber "cork", then pump the air out of the bottle, it will keep for a LONG time, no more tossing of flat wine. Works great!
screen kind? Glass or trinitron?

Windex or rubbing alcohol on glass :)

Let me guess - you see glass as half empty too, right?
I tend to see the good in people and think positive.  There are exceptions to everything.  I don't focus on those - I move on.  Your posts remind me of someone who goes to a a restaurant and says to the waitress 'Every time I eat in here the food is bad!' - so - she says 'Why do you keep coming back?'   
Glass if half empty for a reason
Someone is drinking out of it!

You make it sound like we are all a bunch of whining babies looking for a pat on the back. That isn't really the case. The truth is, we just want what is fair. There was a time when you worked as an MT and made good pay. You got benefits, maybe even a paid vacation. You were respected by the doctors you worked for because you were generally in office with them and they saw how hard you worked and what you put back into the office.

As work has been outsourced to services, these jobs were lost. The MT who used to work in house, have her nice benefit package, get paid an hourly rate, and had the opportunity to develop a relationship with the doctor she worked for, is now an IC working at home. She has lost her benefits. The doctors she transcribes for in her pool of work don't even know her name. She is "the typist." She is paid by the line with no guarantee. She bounces from company to company only to find that most are the same. They make promises that don't pan out. She runs out of work at one company, which means no pay. She works on a ridiculous and inefficient platform for another (less pay). She ends up bitter, and who can blame her?

I think many of us feel the same way. I have worked in this business for six years, and the pay that I was offered then is the same as now (8 CPL). Why has this not gone up? God knows the cost of healthcare, groceries, and gas has gone up. We shouldn't expect COLA?

I don't want a pat on the back. I don't even care if I ever hear a thank you. I want fair pay and respect. I want to be treated like a person, not like a machine hooked to a keyboard.
While I agree with your glass half full

there are few points that are not necessarily correct..at least with my company MedQ.

While I can still "type in my pajamas" I have no automy over my schedule, need to clock in, in my own living room, to maintain an impossible TAT.  I agree schedules are very important...but rigid scheduling held to the minute is not even possible in an office envirment, let alone your own home.  A 10 hour window has and always will be a more productive way to produce your work.

I do not agree we have it good.  I feel it is an abomination that our profession and hard earned skill (a skill that takes a minimum of 3 years to perfect in order to work at home...alone) is paid such a paltry amount.  I have never complained over the years of not receiving one raise...I was more than happy making my 45-50 K a year...but systematically reduced to 20-25 K a year..and working harder for it..is unacceptable.

What really frustrates me is the axiom.."well you don't like it..go somewhere else."  I wonder how nurses, x-ray techs, pharmacy techs..and other group of medical professionals that also require 2-3 years training before performing their jobs would take being systematically deducted 40-60% of their pay..and told to..You don't like? Go somewhere else!  Of course that would not happen to them...they have a union to protect their interests.

So while I agree constant bellyaching gets you nowhere and the inevitable deterioration of this profession is a fact, I am not grateful for this job...nor do I think I "have it good."  Other than the extremely poor economy which does in fact make me grateful to have any job....it is patently unfair and criminal what has been done to MTs.  And until I see contracts between MTSO and hospitals that delineate how ASR work is paid at 40% less than MT work..I will never believe hospitals pay a lower rate for ASR.  They have no idea what work goes through ASR and what does not. 

I'd like to have a tall glass of eggnog spiked with a shot of rum.
i've got a clear glass L-shaped desk,
and plain buttercup yellow walls (here when I moved in).  I'm going to go into business with a family friend painting (faux finishes, murals, etc) so I'm thinking of painting my office with a stone look wall (on the wall with the window) and a mural of some sort (probably italin)on the wall that I face.  I will eventually knock that wall down anyway so that it's open to below/looks over the family room so if the mural isn't that great it really won't matter-and if it turns out great- the wall will probably stay
How about grilled fish like salmon? Add a glass of wine and you're all set!
My office has a sliding glass door that I keep open, but it helps me
Office lunches come to mind, the whole crew would have a glass of wine
We managed to get through the Friday afternoon following the glass of wine. It's holiday time, birthday time, retirement time. Rare - RARE - occasions. I remember the doctors have a very very slight slur LOL. I probably lost a keystroke or two on my speed. The nurses were happier that usual. The secretaries laughed for a change. It's all good.
Holy Cow, a gallon of Jack Daniels? I had a whole juice glass once sm
and was sick for a week, can't imagine a gallon.
Merlot, white zin, chardonnay, sometimes daily 1 wine glass with din-din. Maybe 2 if I am thirsty
No alcoholic tendencies.
I use round glass lids from old Corningware and other glassware for all my pots. Find 'em at yard
A water gun would and should get a kid SM

disciplined, IMO. It's a toy and should stay home and not come to school.

At my grandson's daycare they get kicked out for making guns out of Legos! No guns in school anywhere, any time, any shape, form or fashion.

Lord, we made bazookas out of big sticks, rifles out of smaller ones, and handguns out of little bent ones. Then we proceeded to kill each other all over the place - the difference is that we didn't do it when we grew up.

Coffee and a big cup of ice water so far...nm
Yes, and that same jug of water costs how much after it's
been paid for with tax dollars, hauled in on trucks, and handed out by National Guardsmen and FEMA workers who are being paid and are away from their own families? That little jug of water costs more to the taxpayers than Perrier.
yes, and running water too.
The largest end goes in the water. nm
water mark
try rubbing cigar ash into the watermark
Don't put in dishwasher, water gets too hot, but you

can wash in the tub or shower.   I've washed mine 3 times in the shower.  I don't use anything, just hot water and run over it a few times, let it sit for a bit and then run water again to get anything really sticky off.  I then shake it upside down really good and then place it upside down on a towel near a vent to dry.  It takes me 3 days to get it dried out good.  I've used it in 2 days and kept getting errors, so let it dry a third day and no problems. 

You can take a warm damp cloth and wipe over the keyboard. I would suggest unplugging it from the computer so you don't reprogram something.  I also take an index card and run it down between the keys.  You'd be surprised how much dust/animal hair you get out.  I also turn my keyboard over and thumb it a couple of times on my tray and that gets out a lot of crumbs.


lots of water before eating
I haven't tried this myself, but I recently read an article about two very overweight men who lost tons of weight (not quickly, but gradually).  Both exercised every day, starting off with very little and gradually working it up, and one of them said he also drank something like a liter of water before each meal, which filled up his stomach so he got full fast and it really helped him cut back on how much he was eating.  I thought it sounded logical.
I really wish I could make myself drink more water..
but as a hazard of being a southern girl, I drink tea all day like it's going out of style
Freezing water in bottles
It's great that you drink ice water, but I read that freezing water in plastic bottles leaches chemicals from the plastic into your water (potential cancer cause). Better to use those new ice cube trays that make finger-shaped ice cubes!
doesn't have both oars in the water
He doesn't have both oars in the water. nm
Your argument does not hold water.
A hurricane in those areas of Texas may indeed have never been so far inland, but that's the nature of natural disasters. For 4 years now Homeland Security has been trying to drill it into the minds of the American people that you need to be prepared for ANYTHING. Maybe next time it will be a terrorist hit. Maybe an earthquake along New Madrid. Don't you believe your survival should be dependent on yourself? Or do you expect the govt to swoop in and take care of it for you? The sheeple need to wake up. Get prepared and stay prepared!
I drink only unsweetened tea or water...
Have you ever made those water candles?
When I was a young teenager, we would make the water candles in a bucket of water. Got burned more than I care to think about. Made some pretty awesome-looking candles though!
Holy cow, wonder what is in that poor cat's water??
How is THAT warm water? hmmm? LOL..nm
sorry but reaons don't hold water...

"Leasing also allows you to get more car for the money "  nooooo...leasing allows you to drive more car than you can actually afford. It's a version of living beyond your means.

"Lease payments are much lower than buying"  talk about needing instant gratification!  Leasing per mile is always more expensive than ownership. You forget, at the end of the lease, you give the car back. At the end of the same $$ spent in car payments, you could sell the car and get MONEY back.

"You will always have a car payment (which we would anyway)." And you will always live paycheck to paycheck, but then maybe you would anyway!

"Always be within warranty and only pay for gas and basic maintenance." There's other ways to do this. You can buy a car and trade it in every five years and only pay for gas, maintenance and be within warranty.

"Then again, you will always have a new car" - yea, that someone else owns, not you.

Not flaming, but the rationale behind some of these comments just burns me up. Buying a new car from a dealer is the worse way to do it - except leasing a new car from a dealer. For Pete's sake, think about it! Obviously they are making a ton of money off of you-- otherwise they wouldn't do it!!!

Save your money, watch for a cream puff in the classifieds, buy something with 30,000 miles or less, with cash. Then you can laugh all the way to your garage.

Just to mention why I think I'm in a position to give this advice? We own our home free and clear (7 years old, worth $500,000), own 2 cars and a truck that's paid for. Our latest vehicle is a 2002 Toyota Tacoma pick up. $33,000, paid $14,500 cash for it.  Have over 200,000 in our IRA's. And guess what. I'm an MT and he's a machinist. No corporate paychecks here. There's a way to manage your money, or your money will manage you.

What kind of water damage is what I would like to know sm..
Was it leaking from basement walls into basement or did someone leave water running and cause a flood, or was it sewer backup, or what is a natural flood?  Any kind of water damage really stinks!!  We had the unfortunate situation happen to us years ago when their was flooding all around us, but we did fine, that is, until the sewer system backed up into our basement about 4 feet high!  This was so gross, I don't think I'll ever get over it, however, we had it professionally cleaned and disinfected and threw EVERYTHING out, so hopefully that solved any health issues, so we are told.  Anyway, we invested $600 into a backup valve so that it will never happen again.  I have wanted to move ever since just because it was so gross and I can't get the image out of my head, but 4 years later, we are still here, kids and all.  So, the moral of the story I am trying to get at is this....they were supposed to be upfront and honest about the water damage problem and they were not, which leads me to believe that they have something to hide.  Therefore, you should potentially be able to get any money back because of this if you can prove that it was withheld information on the contract.  If you just love the house that much, go ahead with the inspection and find out what kind of water damage it was.  If it checks out with inspector, I would strongly suggest you have it professionally cleaned/disinfected to be safe, and expect it to maybe happen again and consider that thoroughly.  Personally, if we ever go to sell this house, I will be up front about it because even though we seemed to have fixed the problem, it is very possible it can happen again.  Hope this all makes sense.  Good luck.
oh, that just made my eyes water!!! (sm)
I can't imagine with all of the toys that are available that someone would need to turn to fruits and veggies for thrills. OMG, you know, potatoes are the worst smelling ick when they start rotting. I wonder if the poor doc who removed it puked. and it was sprouting??? blech!
Spilled water on my Dictaphone...sm
C-phone. Not a large amount, but now none of the buttons work. Dial tone sounded shrill when I picked up the handset, but that has stopped now and the sound is normal. Anyone out there expeienced this? The one time I put a glass of water near it, and I bumped it with my elbow.
ditto. too much water boils the meat.
read recipes for crock pots.
I take mine apart before it gets the soap and water bath. nm
also the toxicity of the water they are sloshign in is scary too
LOLOL. Women obviously store more WATER than men.
Apple & cinnamon oatmeal and water 8-) nm
Your logic loses water in several ways. SM
Wal-Mart, years ago, was famous for only selling American-made products.  THAT promoted capitalism on many levels, and RIGHT HERE IN THE US, not China, which is where they buy most of their goods.  So who is getting rich here?  It certainly isn't companies in the US who provide goods to Wal-Mart because very few of their goods come from the U.S.  Also, they pay their employees very low and treat them badly.  They have at least one class action discrimination suit against them. And let's not forget the numerous suits for hiring illegal aliens to clean their stores and LOCKING THEM IN!!!  Also, did you even read the article Rad Guy posted?   If you did, and you still defend them, even as a devil's advocate, that says a lot about you.   By the way, I don't shop there and haven't for a long time.