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what helped me

Posted By: ex-smoker on 2005-09-16
In Reply to: What happened to my post? :( - sm

I had to stay away from situations or places where I tended to smoke. 

I know you cannot quit work just to quit smoking but maybe rearranging your home office/work area could help. 

I also agree with finding a substitute.  For me, it was the holding of the cigarette, not the oral contact, that was a tough one.  I need to have something to do with my hands - try a stress ball if you find your hands feel empty during your breaks.

I quit in 1997 and still crave a cigarette from time to time but the feeling passes quickly.  The first 4 years were really difficult, though.  Good luck.

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Thank you to everyone below who helped (sm)
me with the PTO question.  I got an answer so am a happy camper again

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You helped me figure it out...I knew I needed to change something with the field codes but could not find it!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Something good will happen to you for helping me!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you to all who helped me!

Yes, it helped!!! Thanks so much. nm
Me too. She always helped me when
I was helping out on OPs! Now I do them quite a bit, but still need some help here and there!
helped me a lot
I thought the book was very helpful. I think it increased my speed at least by half. For me, it was a worthwhile investment.
I did try all that and it helped some sm
and it definitely made my computer speed up but the dragging is still there.
It's about time someone helped US out
You believe the people being helped are the same ones...

shooting, raping, etc.???  Perhaps some are, but the majority are ordinary working people, and probably some who aren't working.  So what?  They are human beings and deserve to be treated decently.  Who are you to judge that they aren't worthy of help???

As others have mentioned, I hope when you need help you are able to get it.  What a despicable attitude.  I feel sorry for you. 

Thanks for your tips, they helped! NM
Yes, thanks a lot - helped greatly!! NM
I wanted to thank everyone who helped below
about DHs red blotches.  He is feeling fine this morning.  I did tell him the signs of anaphylaxis and to go to the ER if he has any of those symptoms.  We may never know what caused those blotches.  Thanks again!!!  You all rock!
Thanks. A different speaker helped--
Thanks so much. But, it is the sound quality from my company, it is just bad. They have the good system and then a bad system, is how I interpret it. When it is coming from the bad part, it is bad. That's what I think. Don't know, though. Changing speakers helped, and I did not think of that, so thanks so much.
Yes - it helped w/abbreviations, etc.
I think it helps to broaden your knowledge of certain standards if you're job hunting, even if you've never used them.  For example, you won't be surprised when you get a different job or client and someone chews you out about starting a sentence as "27-year-old patient comes in today" (versus "This 27-year-old..." or "Twenty-seven-year-old...").  JMHO and IME
I finally helped someone. Yea!! (nm)

natural products helped me - sm
I feel for you. Different story, (though same in that tubes tied, PMS-crazy 10 out of 30 day each month, teens) but maybe this might help you. I could not opt for hormone tx (diabetic)after hysterectomy (for other changes in cycle; light, then very heavy, then not there) and opted for surgery when fibroids were found.)Immediate surgical menopause resulted in symptoms even though before this my FSH and estradiol levels came back I was not peri.

Researched websites and found natural progesterone cream (bought at local health store)helped me a lot, but wound up on Lexapro (calming) too. Taken together, this was the optimum fix for me.
A mouth guard helped me
Good luck.
Split shift helped me a LOT! Was
getting very painful to type eight hours straight.  It has helped to the point where I barely realize any pain anymore.  Also, I can seem to go "great guns" the first hour or two of my shift, and then slow down some after that. This way, with split shift, I have two sets of "two hours" of gungho, at least as gungho as I can get...LOL. 
I wanted to thank the person that helped me. sm
That Turtle Beach Audio Advantage is really the ticket. I can't believe I was living with such bad sound quality for so long. THANKS SO MUCH! This is really helping immensely.
I'm happy my post helped you....sm

and I NEVER lie!!  It's the truth!!  My only thing today is I don't want to go back out there and re-solicit (I still work for the BIG national part time for now but the day I leave there, I'm hitting the streets again...*LOL*)

Best of luck!!!  You'll do fine!!!  Meeting them all in person to me, where they can see your face, what you emanate in public, one's honesty and directness...I believe the doctors ALL like this!!  And if the office is busy and they cannot see you or interview you, you come back another time - made an appointment.  *S*


Thank you everyone for the input. It helped with my decision.
I have been feeling quite used for years by her, but have been putting up with it because she IS family. My mom did tell me years ago that she hates cooking holiday meals, so she has basically invited herself every year since 1999. We do always have a good time, but I do nearly all the cooking and cleaning up. Sometimes she and her husband show up in time to eat, gather the leftovers, and leave. I go all out for holiday dinners too. I have decided NO more. We cannot be used unless we allow ourselves to be a doormat. Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear, especially those of you who have also dealt with this.
yes, and I found it really helped for awhile sm
then I hit some life situations where I just could not cope. My doctor put me on Lexapro, and it was a life saver. If your depression is mild, 5HTP is a really good start. St. John's Wort barely took the edge off for me, but the 5HTP was quite good.

Thank you so much, I lost a days work not knowing how to do it as the account requires indented numbers. 

Your very welcome Hayseed! glad it helped someone, LOL! sm
is your volume low now too?
I just did a system restore and that seems to have helped. nm
I want to thank everyone that helped with the C-phone question, got another one for ya now.

Okay.. another strange question.  I'm used to just specifying my typing speed on a wpm basis, how do I convert my wpm over to lph?

Thanks again, everyone's been so helpful.

I'm against outsourcing, too. It's helped to ruin a lot of
Mouth guard helped me too. $500 and insurance did not pay, but
Has talking to the supervisors not helped up there. What are they thinking.
AAMT has never helped the MT, ever. It took me a few years to figure...sm.
it out, but I did. Of course, that was after spending a lot of money on certification, membership, and meetings. I received nothing back for my involvement with AAMT. It is a total waste of money and time for the MT.
No big deal. I've done this a few times, can't be helped
"The big kids" don't like MPI, but I do. It helped me immeasurably when SM

I was first working. I have since bought them as gifts to starting-up MTs. I like the book. I have not seen Stedman's, but I don't generally trust Stedman's at all for anything. I use the books, I have a bunch of them, but I don't like them much. They're just all we have and it's better than nothing.

I think it speaks volumes that they have a "correction card" included with each book.

Yes, helped for about 1 year, then same symptoms returned.
Just had hysterectomy last year. Never felt better. No pain, no cramps, no heavy bleeding and I can leave the house and not have to worry about blood running down my legs any more. The ablation worked in decreasing the heavy menstrual flow for about a year. Then it returned with the pain, etc. I have had endometriosis and ovarian cysts since I was 13, with many laparoscopic cystectomies, etc. I am now 38. I finally know what a normal pain-free life is like.

If you do decide to go with the ablation, get the NovaSure - it takes less than 5 minutes to perform and better results than ThermaChoice.

Good luck.
I found one with a high back on it really helped.
It was otherwise adjustable for height and rocks back or can be locked into place depending on how my back and neck feel. 
I think starting in acute care helped.
When I was offered jobs, companies were excited that I prefered OP notes to clinics, so maybe that's a factor. 
Thanks! Coffee helped! The cloud is lifting...
I'm sorry I got confused about AAMT versus BOS, etc. I have heard that some companies don't touch it, but I guess I just have the luck of running into the ones who use it exclusively. I only ran into it when job hunting, but since use it all the time. If a company does use it exclusively, it is nice having everything in one easy reference. I hate all the exceptions and different rules...Sorry if I misinterpreted. Have a good one!
Setting goals helped me tremendously
I have had burnout in the past and when I did usually tried to take a day or two off. Do not have it now but I just got tired of making a low salary like I was doing so decided I would increase my speed as far as blocking out everything else during the day in order for me to achieve my goal. This last paycheck really paid off. It was $400 more dollars than the time before and I am staying at the increased line count. I like the money and that is more than enough to put some speed in my production. I do not like those lousy paychecks at all.
Thank you for your answer! That helped me a lot. I have been an MT for 4 years and feel i should ma
Privilege and weak parental guidance helped too.

She had one messed up childhood. 

Strangely, your post helped boost my ego when it was wavering....
I was so sure I was doing a good job, but had a hard day today. The docs are spelling out simple things, and I am afraid my company is screwing up big time. Then I start second guessing myself and wondering if I am the one screwing up, (although I had a nice QA score and some nice comments from QA.)

But, judging from your post, no, I am not screwing up. Everyone makes mistakes, but I am not making constant HUGE mistakes like you note in your post. And I have a good attitude with QA, and they have always been nice to me. So I must be doing okay. I am sorry, though, that QA is finding the quality of MTs in the U.S.A. so low!!!! This is very discouraging. But I have noticed that most high school graduates do not know how to spell nowdays. It does not seem to be a priority like when I was in school. Do you think that is most of the problem? Are simple words and basic grammar the problem, or maybe a matter of not wanting to look up the medical words?
This info would probably have helped reach your goal this morning! LOL Thanks! nm
You need to join a divorce support group. Look around. Helped
The only thing that helped me is HRT (Climara 1/2 strength patches)
The sleep deprivation along with the fuzzy brain feeling was having a detrimental effect on my performance at work. I justified it by the fact I had never taken BCPs during my life. Know I can only take it for 10 yrs but in 10 yrs, maybe I will be able to nap during day time and not have to perform at 98% accuracy lol.
I know a lot of people it helped (I worked in a doctor's office) SM
BUT you have to really want to quit before you start it. It doesn't make you want to quit - it just helps you w/ the depression and the withdrawal symptoms that come along w/ quitting. Good luck.
It definately helped me. From the first dose I took I had no urge at all to smoke.
Unfortunately though I had a bad reaction to the medication and had to stop it after only a few days. I should say though that the reaction I had to the Wellbutrin had absolutely nothing to do with a side effect, but rather it exacerbated a prior medical problem I had. It's definately worth a try IMO.
My son was diagnosed as an infant. Prevacid helped tremendously! Hope she gets better. nm

I have one dictator who i helped set up her template as she was having difficulty dictating the fiel
now, she acknowledges me with every dictation and thanks me for my time and says cute funny things that do brighten my day. Some don't realize we are people working just like they are. I brought that to light and have had extremely good response. I changed my email recently and sent the office an email that as always to let me know if they needed anything. next dictation she says by the way i could use a sundae with whipped cream and cherries on top. i couldn't resist sending her an email with a picture of a sundae as she described. might would have had one delivered if local, but it is not.
my boyfriend's union has helped him to be laid off 6 months this year already...
Sure Union's PROTECT the workers... okay that's fine. but they also do plenty of other stuff that is not cool with me. I like the idea of them getting paid a good amount for what they do, but then there are times when if something happens on a job, for example, two workers get in a fight, they may get fired from that particular job, but re-hired with another one that hires union workers. It makes no sense. Obviously I see the point of unions so workers are not taken advantage of... but like someone else posted, someone would sneak away to sleep during her job with the union. I mean, have you seen DOT workers? Cal Trans ? i dont think I EVER see them working and I'm gonna guess they are a union (although I can't be sure).

For sure transcription needs something, but I don't think a union is it. Although I don't think we will ever have anything to protect or help us... too little "higher up" people know the problem.
I agree, sounds like a server problem with your employer. I helped with the switch over when SM

we installed EXText where I worked and I learned that there are a certain number of channels or ports per server, meaning on one server an allotted number of dictators and transcribers can connect to the server at one time.  The more channels in use, the harder the server works, and that will slow connection speed.

I also learned that if all channels are in use, any other would be users trying to connect are sort of placed in a holding pattern waiting for an open channel and that can cause hiccups in the server as well, i.e. disconnections, lock ups.

We were told by the IT department that although we may have 20+ channels available for use, we shouldn't schedule 20 MTs to be on at the same time just because we can.  We have to consider the dictators who need access, etc. 

So basically your employer may have too many trying to connect at the same time and the server just can't handle it.  You might ask the other MTs if they are experiencing similar difficulties and if they are, then its a better bet that it is a serve problem.

Amen! Amen! Amen. You have helped me this day, by taking out time to write such a post!
May God bless you tremendously.