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consulting expert

Posted By: hopeful on 2007-01-12
In Reply to:

does anyone know of where I can find or how I can go about looking for a consulting person to help me out with trying to get local accounts and what I need and should do such as contract, how to go about charging the client, what software is needed and the ins and outs of various ways of getting the work back to the client?  any information would be so greatly appreciated.  I just need pointed in the right direction. 

Or can somone give me advice as to what they did to get up and running?

Have a beautiful day!

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which CEO? the new one, the old one or the consulting one?
The never ending revolving door of CEOs and managers at MQ. Can't hit a moving target is their motto.
You're right about consulting an ENT (or 2). sm

I failed to mention that in my earlier post about my 14-year-old son having his out.  (He too was miserable for about 2 weeks).

He has seen an ENT on a regular basis since he was little (other problems with ears, etc.) and the ENT finally said they should come out.  We got a second ENT opinion as well before the procedure was done.

Let me make myself perfectly clear here.  I AM NOT consulting here, as I stated, if you read anything!  You are absolutely right with the evolve on their own, which is exactly why YOU are where YOU are.  YOU let them evolve on their own.  I am not here for any war, as I also stated above.  Your wish for reaching rock bottom.... well there you have it.  Why you would wish for that is beyond me, but to each their own.  There is another old saying I will quote here   "IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM"!   If I were an MT, I would not be wishing for rock bottom, I would be doing something to lift my industry to where it belongs and the pay and benefits I deserve.
Consulting dr. doesnt say but says he thinks
You're the transcriptionist, not the consulting physician.
I know it is difficult sometimes but he went to school a bit longer than you or I did!
response to your insulting post on consulting

 Wanting to start out with a consultant is called being prepared and nothing to do with my capabiilty of handling a business.  both are very two different entitities. Its like operating any other business to get started.  If it was not true there would not be any consultants out there.  both of you might have started 20 years by the sounds of your posts and it sounds like you might have hit it lucky getting by without contracts.  I would rather be safe than sorry but more power to you.  I guess it makes you feel "superior."

Not an expert, but...


I am also in the process of going digital.  Some things I have learned along the way.....

1. I bought the Olympus DSS 330 for each of my docs.  It's reasonably priced, easy to use, and software works great.  I bought the recorders, because the doctors were completely happy with the tapes, and I am the one who wants to cut down on travel time and gas, so I felt like I should supply the recorders.

2. Audio files are too big (at least for my e-mail) to transport via regular e-mail, and they have to be secure or encrypted, so I bought space (personal/small business account) on CryptoHeaven for 2.49/month.  This is supposed to be HIPAA compliant and secure.  The files get uploaded to this site and can be transferred back and forth between you and the doctors' offices.  Keep in mind, if you or the docs have dial up, this process takes forever, so it is good to know what type of internet connection your docs have.  Cable and DSL are much faster.  If they have dial up, it could take up to 30 minutes for them to upload one day of dictation or even more.  Just a side note... I have found that audio files in DSS format are the smallest and thus the fastest to transfer.

3. I also use WinZip with this as an added protection.  The practice felt comfortable with the protection of WinZip, but WinZip alone does not provide the vehicle to transport the large DSS audio files, and DSS audio files cannot get compressed much more, so that is why I went with CryptoHeaven. 

You can e-mail me if you would like.  Keep in mind, I am no expert, and I am finding out things as I go along.  I will let you know how it goes.


I'm no expert, but...

Do you have a "sample" report of something you've already done in whatever format you're currently working in?  If you do, you could take your report and figure out how much you made doing that report in the format you're currently working in.  Then copy the report and put it in a new document with Times New Roman 11 and one-inch margins.  Then, using 0.9 gross lines, figure out how much you would make with the new format.  Compare it to the old.  Maybe do this with a few different reports to get an idea of a true comparison.

Hope this makes sense. :)

Not an expert here, but
I have had the same trouble, as well as having the longer files only play about a minute or two of an 8+ minute dictation (but does not go back to the beginning). I use the Olympus software, and have the trouble when I am playing .wav files rather than .dss. Two things that I have done are:

1. Download the Express Scribe free transcription module. (The trouble I have had with this is that my footpedal will not work with Express Scribe, but it works with hot keys also, so in a pinch this is what I've done.)

2. Downloaded a free trial of a program called GoldWave (I am sure there are probably others available.) This allows you to convert the file type (I convert to a .wma format -- Windows Media Audio, I think.) My Olympus plays the .wma files in full, but it seems to lose a little clarity on conversion.
Well, I am not an expert (sm)
in this area (not even close), but I would guess that anyone who installs Spyware on your computer can monitor your activity whether you are connected to a VPN or not.  What exactly is spyware, how would it get onto your computer, who put it there, why would they put it there are all questions I cannot answer.  When I was having security issues with my computer, I went to a great site (www.techsupportforum.com).  They have a 'General Computer Security' section that explains what you need to protect yourself in general.  You can also ask questions there and they will help you figure out if anything is already installed on your computer.
I'm no expert, but
are the headphones plugged into the speaker, or where?
Need some expert guessers, please sm.

Even my QA person can't get this one, so I thought maybe someone here might have an idea.  Podiatric.......the doc says, "The patient relates that approximately four months ago, the patient stepped into a hole and twisted his foot.  He heard a pop and has since had intermittent heel pain.  The patient does relate ______  dyskinesia with pain on extended periods of weightbearing." 

Once, it sounded more like prosthetic, only without the "r" sound, and the second time maybe even like postatic, which I know is not a word.  Any help would be much appreciated as he has gotten me on this twice already. 

Were it my personal account, I'd just call him and ask him! 

I'm not an expert in pathology

but it seems the experience that I have had with these, they are fairly short.  I guess they could be lengthy, but I would say on an average $3.00 a page should make you a mighty fine living.  You may want to see some samples before pricing this one out.  The experiences I've had were with a hospital, and these were fairly short reports.  The pathology department employed two full-time hourly MTs for a hospital that probably held about 650 beds.  The OR had about 12 rooms.  The ambulatory surgery department had about 5 rooms.  These are all just my opinions though.  Good luck to you! 

Need fax machine expert!
Can anyone tell me if you have ever had the problem of your fax machine not being able to fax only to one particular number?  I can fax anywhere else, but to this one particular number.  I have tried everything I know, even so far as calling the maker of my fax machine, but no one can tell me why I get a communication error when faxing to this one particular number.  I have changed my splitter on that line, my filter on that line and had the phone company check out my line, all to no avail. It will go through every now and then, but mostly it will not go through.  This has just started happening in the last few months. If anyone has every had this problem and can give me advice, I'd appreciate it immensely!  Thanks in Advance!
I'm no SH expert but you can make
an entry so that it expands A1c. 
I'm not even CLOSE to being an expert but..Have you tried this..

Going into the printer properties and checking your printing preferences. If your not sure how to do this....Go to your Control Panel, open up Printers...find the printer, right click on it, hit properties, and under the General tab, there should be an area at the bottom titled "Printer/printing Preferences (something like that)..hit that and check out all your settings. I'd play around in that areas with your settings to see if somehow something is in there wacko.. Just a thought. I hope it works..


I just downloaded the EditScript (Escription) program onto my computer but I'm not getting any prompts from the Installation Wizard to install it.  This is a brand-new computer and I'm kind of a Vista imbecile since I've never used it. 

Is there some other step I need to take to get the program to actually install onto my computer so I can use it, or have I done something wrong? 

I'm SOOOO confused and can't reach my supe to ask her, so I was hoping someone here would be able to offer some advice.

Thanks ever so much!!! 

Anyone an expert on Bayscribe software??
I just started a new job that uses Bayscribe, but the audio is so muffled I cannot hear the dications clearly.  The owners have no idea what is wrong, and I called Bayscribe, and they say it is on my end...either sound card or headphones.  I also work for another co. that uses Emdat, and I use express scribe, and the dictations are crystal clear.  Does anyone know what is going on? 
I have worked as a QA and as an MT which makes me an expert at SM

absolutely nothing, but I'm going to give my opinion anyway. 

Here's the problem with the whole QA process.  We (MTs) are told when interviewing that this or that service strictly adheres to the great and almighty, BIBLE of medical transcirption, the BS, er I mean BOS.  Then, when hired and given our assigned accounts, we are told the BOS applies, but .....  we do it this way for this client, that for that client, and the other way for another client. 

So, we as MTs are supposed to sift through all the crap and put out a flawless document and on top of all that, we now must also consider the egomaniacal QA person who has their "own style" of QA? 

So, now we must take an awful dictator who can scarcely put together a coherent sentence and make sense of what they are saying, then we have to make sure that whatever sentence we've constructed to articulate the dictator's thoughts strictly adheres to the rules of the BOS but WAIT then we must make sure that we've broken the correct BOS rules to suit the account specifics, and then we must now contend with the QA person who has decided we should dot our I's with little hearts cause that's the way she likes it?

And we do all of this for 8 cpl ?!?!?!?!?!

Somebody stop this crazy merry-go-round, I feel sick! 

Email me. I'm no expert, but I'll tell you what I know. nm
ExText Problems every day. Need some expert advice

HELP! Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do to solve it?

I use ExText and if I do a Cntl-S then Cntl-T, ExText will close both the document I've been viewing AND the job I'm working on, then open a completely new BLANK document, no headers, etc. I still have the voice files, but no document. I lose the job I've been working on as there is no time to save it to disk. It  usually near the end of transcribing a job. It happens every day, usuallly near the end of my shift. My production is suffering because of it, too.

I'm getting so frustrated and don't know what to do anymore. ExText has been reloaded a couple times and that doesn't solve the problem. I've been told it's my Word causing the problem and I have to remove it and reload that program, which I had done months ago, but still have the same problem.

I don't know where else to turn or what to do. Am I destined to NOT work for any company that uses this program? If so, that leaves out a heck of a lot of jobs.

Other than this problem, I really love using ExText. I think it's great...when it works right.


I can image that once we train the VR reports by our expert
editing and corrections, the VR software will start producing more accurate reports. Unfortunately, when that time does arrive, there will not be a need for as many medical editors/transcriptionists as there are now. I suspect at that point we will be competing for MT jobs, and our rates will go even lower than they are now. I hate to paint a somber picture here, but this is what the hospitals have been striving to accomplish since the mid-1980s, when they decided to outsource the transcription to MTSOs to avoid paying hourly rates and benefits.
I just started telling them I was a "medical language expert"
as you truly are one anymore trying to decipher all these docs and for some reason, that title seems to bear more acceptance
YOU may be a typist for a doctor but I'm a MEDICAL LANGUAGE EXPERT!

You can tell I'm not an expert but what is INXS? I mean the songs the bottom three sing are INSX

I have never heard of them and they sound kinda metal to me.  What category does INXS fall into?     I said I know very little about the music that these people are singing for the most part.  Is Nirvana metal? 



who died and left her boss and expert on nut-case MTs or freakish behavior?
sounds like one of the MQ supervisors all filled with herself.
For QA consulting I'm paid per hour; QA instructing (college) paid salary, QA editing paid per li
I am an IC and work for two different MTSOs as well as instruct at a business college.