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depending when you filed,

Posted By: type-it on 2008-01-30
In Reply to: Anyone efile with H&R? How long before you got your refund? - Moneyhungry

I used to Efile with them every year, and it was always the 2nd Friday from when I filed that I got my refund, but if it was towards the end of the week, thurs/fri, it may be the 3rd, which would be about 2 full weeks.    Good luck!

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I have never filed BK, but I would
do everything possible to avoid it.  You didn't get in debt overnight and you aren't going to get out overnight.  I believe it is morally/ethically wrong to file  BK because you managed your finances poorly.   I've made some bad financial choices in my lifetime, but it was my fault and my responsibility to pay them.   
I have filed not too long ago due to
unfortunate circumstances. Employer never did a credit check and due to needing some time to get things together let them know thatI was filing etc. They were very kind and it has never affected their attitudes towards me etc. Still have a great relationshipt with them. If you need to go ahead and file. I dont think it will affect your employment opportunities at all. Good Luck !
She hasn't filed for a divorce yet -

Because the state she lives in does not recognize legal separation, she had an agreement drawn up by her corporate atty.  This agreement handed the house (quick claim deed) and business over to her, while her "future ex" draws his pension and moved to warmer weather (California).  This all happened when things were friendly. Now she wants a divorce so she can get on with her life (with her new beau she is buying the house with).  BAD idea since she has not filed for a divorce.  Anyway, thanks everyone.  I think I'll be visiting her in jail.    

And if there were charges filed and case goes
to court then it would be beneficial to have "rape" documented.  I still can't believe that anyone thought it was necessary to change the wording. 
I filed in February and had mine within
Bankruptcy is not that bad- filed earlier this year and
bought a truck 2 months ago and I am currently working with Lending Tree to buy a house and hope to close in the next month.  So there is life after bankruptcy.
Glad you filed a complaint and that you're okay.
student loans can be filed on after 10 years
of no payment. I did it. Unfortunately.
Filed complaint with Better Business Bureau against MTSO
for nonpayment after 90 days. Requested payment multiple times to no avail. Nothing but empty promises. Has anyone ever been successful getting paid after going through the BBB?
I did. I never have regretted it. We filed 7, I beileve. All unsecured debt was wiped out. Kept my
I filed for an extension and paid nothing until August 15th. No penalty for that, just interest. nm
I do too, sometimes $50-60, depending on the day! nm
Depending on where you are sm

Experienced radiology MTs can be hard to find. I work for a local MTSO as a rad MT and my workload recently doubled so we have been looking for someone part-time to help with the extra work. It has been very difficult, and we are searching nationally, not just locally.

So I would say if you have someone lined up to do the work, go for it. Otherwise test the waters and see how many resumes or applications you get and how much experience those who are applying actually have before making a decision like this.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I have been paid both by the report and by the line. I much prefer getting paid by the line.

Does the same to me depending...
on what kind of sound file I'm opening. Other times it doesn't do it, but sometimes it does because it's going through some conversion process. I think it might have something to do with a codec but would like to know how to avoid it as well.
I do anywhere from 20 to 30, depending on
the dictator and type of report.
Depending on the company....sm

you would probably finding yourself typing as much or more than in a MT role.  With the companies I've supervised with, there were not only the generalized e-mails to the MTs but also those answering questions from clients as well as employees.  I currently receive 150-200 e-mails a day alone to respond to, plus do a lot of other typing with the various aspects of the job.

I suggest you talk with the HR department at the company you work with to see if there is a position you can apply for that would be less typing. 

Actually, you can get one for about $500+ depending on the purse.
Depending on where you live in the US, sm
I think its a good deal.  The great thing about working for a hospital is that once you add all their benefits (health, dental, vision, 401 K, etc.) you are much making much more per hour.  My wage is very similar to yours, but if I add all my benefits with it, I making more like 25.00 an hour.  They cover my spouse and children for insurance as well.
Yup - 3 to 4K, depending on the day and the dictator. NM.....

Yes it is possible, depending on how good....
incentives are. It was very possible with MQ pre 1/1/2006. Now it's hard to make $20 an hour, let alone $100,000/year.
I average anywhere from 350-400 lph depending on the day! nm
DOE = depending on experience
Depending on your company...sm

they will go by different names, or titles.  But its usually your supervisor assigning the work. Most are called Lead MTs and often are the direct supervisor for each shift -- thus assigning the work.  The QA has no part in assigning work... they are there for that specific function only, for the most part.  HINT: WHOEVER HAS RESPONSIBILITY OF ENSURING TAT -- that's you gal (maybe guy) -- that assigns the specific jobs.  The Lead MTs also have their own lines to make... and will usually keep the best for themselves.  If you work on more than 1 shift, you'll notice this. 

Don't believe for a moment, though, that jobs are assigned at random, first come, first served... just look at the time/date of the transcription.  I, myself, have been known to e-mail a Lead and ask why I was getting the sh---y work and cc'd the supervisor.  Often works bec. they're not supposed to be cherry picking for themselves.

The MR reports were being filed. Referring physicians/medical care providers reports were not.
This is a hospital radiology department with in-house MTs and a clerk who is in charge of the report distribution.
I avg. anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on the dictator-nm
i dunno, maybe 20? it varies depending
on hot topics, mental duldrums, needing breaks from bad dictators, etc. Its usually very momentary.
it does matter depending on what part of LA
Shreveport pays much less than New Orleans. There are some backwoods towns they still use tapes in the hospitals, so I do not need to tell you how much they pay - I'm sure you can guess. Outside of New Orleans can pay better than certain hospitals in New Orleans. Oschner is not, in my opinion, very good pay - $12/hour to start
Try FT for a service as an employee. Depending on your
area of expertise, many are flexible as to hours and offer insurance. Not cheap, but with kids you need it no matter what.
No to tax relief agencies. Depending sm
on your situation, you can do this yourself through an offer in compromise. Most are a scam or a ruse to flush out people who do not pay taxes. I answered an ad on TV for NADN for help with taxes, and ended up with someone from the Treasury Department at my front door. That was just the beginning of my nightmare.
Probably 8 to 10 an hour, of depending on what part of the

Depending on you in terms of experience - sm
and knowledge, 5 minutes can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I can do anywhere from 12-20 minutes of dictation in an hour, but it depends on the Dr. dictating, ESL, difficulty of specialty, how much I have to look up (addresses generally), etc. When I first started it I would take me an hour to do 10 minutes of dictation. Hope this helps.
Depending on the quality of the dictation...

you could figure on 2-3 mins transcription/1 min dictation. I would say $50/hour is low.

$1.10 - $2.20/report depending on modality (sm)

?'s to ask:

- # of CTs/MRIs of account you'll be working on.  Lots of CTs/MRIs = lots of lines, usually not worth $1.25/report.  If there is a good mix of x-rays, normals and CTs/MRIs, then you're good; it balances out

- Pay for links, e.g., right ankle and foot = two reports


FT range out here is 32-40 hrs. depending on company. nm
Depending on size, $100 per article is
Another Hoosier... I've seen depending on ofc 11-14. nm
Depending on how many lines/reports a company
requires a QA person to do, it can be as much as $3.00 or more per report just for the QA portion. That is money I feel should be paid to me if I do high quality work rather than paying me the same or less than other MTs who are careless, sloppy, lazy, or incompetent and send everything to QA to be done.

Sometimes there are things you can't figure out, but at least take the time to try. You might even learn something. This is especially true for new MTs.

60 reports in a QA cue just because someone is too lazy to call the office to get a normal for a doctor who says to "use my normal" is not acceptable and the MT who sent that report should NOT be paid for the report that I had to find and put in for him/her.

Keep this activity up and no one will ever get a raise.
You need a different form for HIPAA depending on if an employee

STATE LAW may take precedence.  Some state laws are stricter than the federal law.  I'd consult an attorney to have one drawn up.

Will be variable depending on the normals and shortcuts you have and how
In theory approx. 750 lines, but depending - sm
on the speed of the dictator it could be more or less obviously. I have a dictator who will do a 13 minute report, I am lucky if it is 80 lines (same with her 18 min. reports), totally stinks.
Depending on what is wanted by the office, I have an Excel spreadsheet-sm
that has the date of service, pts name, line count. At end of pay period, I total lines.

Then in a Word document that looks like this, I fill in info and send in for payment---


I then print and keep both sets.
for the Lafayette area, you should be able to start around $12-13/hour depending
on the amount of expeience you have. But generally, Lafayette starts around $13/hour. Again, not a bad rate of pay to start for that area!!!
Strong java or melatonin depending on the position of the sun
Depending on who you work for.... you can make good money

I usually average between $15-25 an hour doing VR. That is enough for me. I think it helps if you have companies that pay for footers, headers, spaces etc.. Good luck.

1000 to 1700, depending on work type
on the slow days, its usually because I cannot get myself motivated!  I think it really depends on the work type as well and the doc.  If you are straining to listen hard to every word and have no idea what he is talking about, then you aren't going to make a good line count and if you have those kinds of reports throughout the entire shift, well, there you go. 
Depending on the hospital and specific position...CindiRI...sm
it can be actually great working in-hospital...I have done an equal amount of both, and I would be still be working in house if it were not that one of my children has been diagnosed with a disability and I need to stay close to home....here in New England, the experienced pay is in $19.64 and up per hour; if the position is NOT per diem, meaning you have a regular shift and are considered a regular employee, you just come in for your own hours (at the time I left I was working evenings and my husband was staying with 3 children), my hours were Tues, Wed., Thurs., & Sat., 4pm to 11pm, except for Sat, 6am to 2pm. Medical, dental, vision, life, long-term disability, 401k, 403 annuity, 2 weeks PTO first year and then it accrued, CMT and continuing ed reimbursement and scholarships, health club, and it was great to get to know all your doctors after a time, get really fast and productive on them, even the ESLs....it all was great EXCEPT for office politics, always plenty of that, but there were some great girls (and guys!) who became friends. It is all individual to the MT and to the specific hospital! Best of luck, e-mail me anytime if you just want to talk or question, okay?? :->
i think anywhere from 14 to 20 an hour depending on hours worked, kind of work, etc.
Was with Hospice. He might live a few days w/o making urine depending on what
Depending on sound quality, lookups, fill-ins, ESLs, that's
nothing is free! There are 3 versions of varying cost, depending on your level of need.
Gross line was 7, not 8. Depending on font size and margins
7 cpl is about 8.5 cpl.