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Depending on sound quality, lookups, fill-ins, ESLs, that's

Posted By: a full day, so 7-8 hrs. +/-?? nm Good Luck! on 2007-09-27
In Reply to: Hours per 1200 lines - ML


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  • Hours per 1200 lines - ML
    • Depending on sound quality, lookups, fill-ins, ESLs, that's - a full day, so 7-8 hrs. +/-?? nm Good Luck!

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Depending on the quality of the dictation...

you could figure on 2-3 mins transcription/1 min dictation. I would say $50/hour is low.

Thank you, QA person. IMO, ESLs aren't the enemy, it's POOR VOICE QUALITY!!! No excuse for

that in this day and age.  These accounts really must clean up their acts and disallow docs using cell phones, speaker phones, lounging and eating while dictating, ad nauseum.  I can't count how many times my ears hurt for hours after transcribing squealing reports.  And then the poor QA person gets an earful, too!  If I were an MTSO, I'd not accept an account with poor voice.  It's a "garbage in, garbage out" situation.  I've transcribed much clearer dictation on tapes! 

Thank you for your kind comments.  It is really appreciated.  You're admired also!!

Can you tell us who this is with the bad sound quality? nm
sound quality

I'm totally with you!  I used a Lanier station for the first 15 years of my career and the sound quality was superb compared to the internet dictation.  One thing you might try, if you have not already, is to make sure your speakers have a tone dial.  Lots of these companies provide speakers that only have a volume dial or they want you to plug right in to the PC but there is no tone setting on the voice program.  Turning the tone to high helps un-muffle the sound.  Good luck!


Sound quality may/may not be the
the wav player but your sound card.  You can get a new sound card or you can get a USB thing and bypass the sound card.  I'm not sure exactly what the thing is called but the one I have is by Turtle Beach and is called Audio Advantage.  I got it at Best Buy for about $30.   You can Google and read about them.  There are 3 different ones to choose from.   I didn't think it made a huge difference, but I went on a working vacation once and didn't bring it and realized how much difference it did make.  You can adjust all kinds of things on it, which will be a trial and error thing for you.   If you have Win98 or less you can't access all the features though. 
sound quality

I have had a couple of at-home jobs in which the dictation was received by phone line.  Is it true that the sound quality is better this way?  I am currently looking for a new job and wondering if dictation via internet will be a rude surprise in comparison.  Appreciate any comments.

Sound quality.....MT : QA
This is an excerpt from a post from an MT some while ago and I AGREE 100% WITH IT:

'Is it me, have I totally lost it, or is the sound quality on the QASAR playback FAR better than the quality on the original job?

Last night I had job after job dictated by a gal who mumbles, speed talks, fades in and out, rattles papers, and it sounds as if she is talking through a shoe. I listened repeatedly. I had my husband listen. I even stuck the headset on the cat to no avail; none of us could understand her as she rattled off study meds.

This morning I check QASAR and while QA couldn't get everything she said either, the sound was crisp, clear, and sharp as a bell. I find this very frustating. If the sound on my end had been this good while I was transcribing I could have gotten the majority of these blanks and saved QA some work.'

Don't think most of us are blessed with the clear sound, repetition, and few ESLs that you must
I think the sound quality is not that great.
Laptop sound quality
I am looking at purchasing a Dell Vostro laptop but I have heard the sound quality with headphones is poor. Does anyone have any experience with the Vostro? Thanks. sz
Laptop sound quality
I am looking at purchasing a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop but I have seen reviews regarding poor sound quality when using headphones.  Headphones are a must for me.  Does anyone have any experience with the Vostro?  Thanks! sz
I don't find less quality getting my sound - sm
through my home PC. In fact, it's digital, and my phone is analog, so I think it's better. It can be altered further with different headphones, too. Of course, I still do sometimes get some pretty bad dictation quality sometimes, but it apparently comes from the equipment at the dictating hospital.
I have no problems with sound quality...

so I think it just depends on your equipment/platform/specific hospital, etc.

Integrated Sound quality

Hi.  I'm looking into buying a new computer from Dell, which has the integrated 7.1 audio.  Does anybody use this?  Is the sound quality good enough or should I think about adding a Sound Blaster card?


winscribe and sound quality question (sm)
I presently work for a company that used to have the hospitals call into their own in-house Dictaphone system.  Recently, we have switched to using Winscribe and I notice that the sound quality has deteriorated.  Why would this be?  I'm not familiar with Winscribe or how it works so I'm not sure if the work is being re-recorded from the original Dictaphone system or what.  Any thoughts?
Don't know if you can, but the sound quality is sure to be atrocious. Gets worse with every
Think this has been discussed before, but the sound quality will probably suffer if you do it. nm
Sound quality is 10x better than Express Scribe...sm
The settings are not as complicated either.

There are no preloaded files. You download your own files. I transcribed actual voice files using the trial version.
I usually tell them about the poor sound quality and if it is not rectified I quit! nm
Absolute worst quality sound files in my
20 year career, the worst ESL dictators (and I currently do about 95% ESL), horrible management, system not user friendly, technical support a joke, .....   I wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy.    Don't know anything about the other company, though several recent posts about them don't have anything good to say. 
Excellent sound quality and just leave me alone to work! nm
Poor sound quality, looking up proper names, sm
switching from one account to another, not enough work, repetitive stress injuries, accounts continually changing they way they want things done, uninvited guests, slow ISPs, inability to get broadband, accounts having server problems,lack of proper reference materials at hand (meaning MT word books and dictionaries), relying on Google 100%, visiting this and other boards, chocolate cravings, food cravings, extreme boredom, extreme fatigue, delirium.

All I ask is for clearly speaking dictators and good sound quality and I would be a
I have no problem with the sound quality using Express Scribe.
There is a new version of ES available for download and you can improve files with their special audio processes. Bytescribe wave player is expensive (compared to free with Express Scribe) and ES is more versatile, IMO, having used both. ES will play a wide variety of file types, including .dss.
Winscribe is fine where I work. But if a mic is malfunctioning, sound quality is suboptimal.
Hahah!a! Funny typo: not quality 'scAre', quality 'scOre'. LMAO!...nm
I think that depends on the quality. Do you honestly think there is good quality just throwing every
MT on any account like they are. I also think QA has been told to not waste a lot of time on blanks so I think the hospitals are getting a lot more blanks. I certainly have more when I get in a hospital I dont know and they talk 100 miles an hour.
I thought quality was a given. Speed and quality are not mutually exclusive. sm

I maintain 99% accuracy above on my reports.  However, the original question was regarding personal preference, and I have stated mine, and I respect your opinion as well.  :-)    I do think if I was working in an office or hospital setting, the setup you mentioned might be more profitable in the long run.  There are too many interruptions and such when you have other people running in and out, phones ringing, etc. 

I doubt that anyone but me really cares about the lines per hour it takes for me to do a report.  They just want an accurate report in a timely manner.  I take pride in my work, and would never just slop something out for the sake of the almighty buck.   And, as an added incentive, I work for 2 companies, and one of them has my name on each report.  I don't have a problem with it, but I did think it was a bit unusual at first.

Oh well ... I must confess that what I'd TRULY like is to be paid lots of money to just sit and play Battle Phlinx on Pogo all day long, but as of yet, no such luck.  

maybe just let them fill it in?
It's a long blank for just time ???
I think she has probably just had her fill
More than hate sounds like she has had 1 too many ESLs to listen to. Know 1 plenty, every report time after time is a little much. I csn understand the feeling, some.
Can someone fill me in?
Where is the new site/what transpired?
I do too, sometimes $50-60, depending on the day! nm
Depending on where you are sm

Experienced radiology MTs can be hard to find. I work for a local MTSO as a rad MT and my workload recently doubled so we have been looking for someone part-time to help with the extra work. It has been very difficult, and we are searching nationally, not just locally.

So I would say if you have someone lined up to do the work, go for it. Otherwise test the waters and see how many resumes or applications you get and how much experience those who are applying actually have before making a decision like this.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I have been paid both by the report and by the line. I much prefer getting paid by the line.

Does the same to me depending...
on what kind of sound file I'm opening. Other times it doesn't do it, but sometimes it does because it's going through some conversion process. I think it might have something to do with a codec but would like to know how to avoid it as well.
I do anywhere from 20 to 30, depending on
the dictator and type of report.
If you're trying to fill several
positions, why don't you list the name of your company? If you had a company you wouldn't be on this board trying to get someone to type 3 reports. Why don't you let one of your current transcriptionists type them. YA BIG FAT LIAR!
Fill us in, we are in the dark...sm

What are you talking about, I am lost and am a Country fan.



Fill in work
I occasionally do fill-in opticianry work for local eye doctors.
Depending on the company....sm

you would probably finding yourself typing as much or more than in a MT role.  With the companies I've supervised with, there were not only the generalized e-mails to the MTs but also those answering questions from clients as well as employees.  I currently receive 150-200 e-mails a day alone to respond to, plus do a lot of other typing with the various aspects of the job.

I suggest you talk with the HR department at the company you work with to see if there is a position you can apply for that would be less typing. 

Actually, you can get one for about $500+ depending on the purse.
Depending on where you live in the US, sm
I think its a good deal.  The great thing about working for a hospital is that once you add all their benefits (health, dental, vision, 401 K, etc.) you are much making much more per hour.  My wage is very similar to yours, but if I add all my benefits with it, I making more like 25.00 an hour.  They cover my spouse and children for insurance as well.
Yup - 3 to 4K, depending on the day and the dictator. NM.....

Yes it is possible, depending on how good....
incentives are. It was very possible with MQ pre 1/1/2006. Now it's hard to make $20 an hour, let alone $100,000/year.
I average anywhere from 350-400 lph depending on the day! nm
DOE = depending on experience
depending when you filed,
I used to Efile with them every year, and it was always the 2nd Friday from when I filed that I got my refund, but if it was towards the end of the week, thurs/fri, it may be the 3rd, which would be about 2 full weeks.    Good luck!
Depending on your company...sm

they will go by different names, or titles.  But its usually your supervisor assigning the work. Most are called Lead MTs and often are the direct supervisor for each shift -- thus assigning the work.  The QA has no part in assigning work... they are there for that specific function only, for the most part.  HINT: WHOEVER HAS RESPONSIBILITY OF ENSURING TAT -- that's you gal (maybe guy) -- that assigns the specific jobs.  The Lead MTs also have their own lines to make... and will usually keep the best for themselves.  If you work on more than 1 shift, you'll notice this. 

Don't believe for a moment, though, that jobs are assigned at random, first come, first served... just look at the time/date of the transcription.  I, myself, have been known to e-mail a Lead and ask why I was getting the sh---y work and cc'd the supervisor.  Often works bec. they're not supposed to be cherry picking for themselves.

We do have our QA fill in names & addresses
All of our clients provide us names and addresses of referring physicians. Our QA maintains the lists, and we only ask that our MTs spell them phonetically. QA then corrects any mistakes.

As far as patient names, some doctors spell them for us and some do not. For those that don't, they get their reports back with their patient names spelled phonetically, and it's up to them to correct any mistakes.
Fill in the blank: You know you're getting old when....sm

1.  For me, when a person I used to babysit from infancy until school age has completed his internal medicine residency and is in a private medical practice.

2.  When I get up in the morning my knees and back crack so much that you can hear them at times in the next room (daughter asks "what's that cracking noise" will confirm this!)


But where in the world do you find someone to fill in? nm