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Posted By: l on 2005-10-19
In Reply to: If all you have to do is type.... - WA

I only have 1 doctor and 2 nurse practitioners who speak english - so I don't have to learn any foreign accents.

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Call your doctor - this is not a doctor forum! nm
You know the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't think he's a doctor. nm
Maybe the doctor
usually sees people with superpowers.
What about the ED ones that say to see your doctor if you have, sm
an erection for over 4 hours. Now I quickly switch the channel if my child or my parents are in the room when those commercials come on.
It isn't the doctor. They have to pay big $$ for
malpractice insurance, which is the main reason the visits are so high.   They also have huge college loans to pay off.  
Please, please go to the doctor
I actually had a doctor who
farted and then let out a huge sigh... Talk about gross.
Definitely tell your doctor...
Not to scare you, but just to be on the safe side. I am praying for you too!
This doctor
likes to go DUBADUBADUBADUBADUBADUBADO while he is thinking of what to say next.  It was funny at first, but 5 minutes in it is becoming very annoying!
Did you ever think to ask your doctor or


I think you need to get a doctor.
Thanks....I know I need a doctor, which I am
in the process of doing. I've just moved.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas what this might be caused from and if there are things I should look for today. Can I wait and see if anything changes? Etc....
doctor know why
I also had a doctor who did not know
his numbers. I always straightened them out for him, always until the day he said I WANT THESE REPORTS EXACTLY AS I DO THEM. Ok, thenů he had 1, 4, 2, 10, 3, 9, 6 and the like. Talk about a snot. He asked for it and that is what he got.
Hee hee- we had a doctor
whose middle initial was P and somebody didn't catch that their Expander had kicked in so his name on the signature line came out John Potassium Smith. Even funnier, he sent it back signed John Potassium Smith. Thank goodness he had a sense of humor!
If you don't need to go to the doctor

for the pre-existing conditions I would just get the meds, though is you are going to get Cobra that should cover you until you get insurance.  Cobra is expensive though so you need to look at the financial burden it may place on the family.

Can you work second job part-time until you are eligible for benefits and then go full-time and drop the other job.  Seventy more days is a long time to work 2 FT jobs, plus with the chaos of the holidays on top of that is just too much.

Have you looked into getting a private policy?  I think they have to take you even with a pre-existing condition as long as you have been continuously insured.  That way you wouldn't be tied to a job for insurance reasons. 

A really thorough doctor

One of the doctors that I work for gives a lot of details about his patient but this one really seemed a bit much. 

The patient is seeing him due to snoring. 

The patient states that she snores very loudly.  Her husband complains of her snoring.  She also has a dog that sleeps in her bedroom and the dog snores as well. 

Very important info LOL!

If it's only for one doctor, then you might look..sm
Look for the Philips 9850. They sell it on Novuscript.com and transcriptiongear.com for under $1000. It only has capability for one phone line, so only one doc can call into it at a time. Personally, I can tell you that the digital handheld recorders will allow you to achieve the same results with much less hassle, as you have to set up user accounts, etc., on the call-in unit. Any technical glitches with the call-in unit, you'll be handling so you will need to be well versed in the unit and its parameters or sit on hold with Philips for tech support. However, it's an option for you if you only have one doc and you're more comfortable with call-in dictation. Digital handheld recorders are cheaper, too, so you might really want to look into those, as mentioned by other posters but I've been using the Philips 9850 for a few years now and it works fine as long as you only have one doctor dictating to it at a time.
Please see a doctor.
I have had all these symptoms and more. Medication for this has really helped me. Please see a doctor to get evaluated.
I had a doctor tell me the
He was totally amazed.  I don't see the difference in my speed of typing than a physician that sees 25-30 patients in one day...    It all amazes how healthcare has evolved.  In a hospital, it was definitely quality and serve the physician.  With these online MTSOs, it's cents per line and produce, produce, produce, barely learning the account.  Oh, and make it quick!   
well, certainly I am no doctor, but
it sounds like infection is back. Did he do any studies on fluid he found before? Maybe you should call him. Hope this gets better, I am sure this is miserable.
I have one doctor
who goes the other way. It seems like he uses every big, odd, unheard of word he can think of to sound intelligent. I'm not sure if he is doing it on purpose, but it's just as sickening as those who use made up and incorrect words.
I have a doctor...
That has a dog, sounds like a HUGE dog and the thing barks like the ENTIRE time she is dictating!  I have to try and distinguish what she is saying through dog barks!  Also, another dictator, she will dictate for a good 2 to 3 minutes and then get hung up, looking through medical records, and sit there saying "ummmm, ummmm, ummmm" for a good minute and then she says...."I'm sorry, let's start this over, please delete everything I have said thus far"  UGGHHH that is VERY irritating that I have typed a good page or so and have to delete it all!
new doctor
Yes, I used to do that too. They never tell you anything, even when one leaves! It is ever the same, the Transcriptionist is out of sight, out of mind.
ask doctor
Ask the doctor that from where u need to d/l the dictation. If he is having a FTP site or is he going to send it thru e-mail.
But what if the doctor says...sm
"The patient was taken to the endoscopy suite and prepped and draped for an esophagogastroduodenoscopy..."

Lord have mercy, I could never have worked without my word expander, being such a butterfingers.
I had a doctor do that once (sm)
It was a resident from back in the day. He thought he was being funny by belching while dictating. One time it was a huge long belch. Back then we worked in an office, the secretarial pool, so to speak. There were about 7 of us in the office. We were assigned doctors and they came to our desk to pick up their draft copies for changes.

When he came in to pick up his reports, I had his tape in my player and on speaker and asked him if he could help decipher what was on the tape. He stood there while I played it. Along came his belch after a few sentences. His face turned red and he apologized and I didn't hear it after that again.

A few other doctors thought it was funny until the woman who did their dictation turned them in for being lewd. One was talking about what he was doing, going into detail (using the bathroom) along with sound effects.

No, we shouldn't have to deal with this.
The doctor I used to see 2-3 years ago used something like this - sm

I couldn't stand it - I felt like he was being distracted with typing stuff into his computer and wasn't actually listening to what I was saying.  I looked over his shoulder and could see like a checklist of symptoms and he was going down the list asking me what symptoms I had and checking the appropriate box with his mouse, but it seemed like he was more concerned with filling out the form correctly than listening to my problem.  And typing in my vital signs took him FOREVER!  The last time I saw him I don't think he actually looked at my face once - just kept pecking away at that stupid computer. I would rather they give the patient their full attention and leave the transcription to the experts (us).  Hopefully others feel this way too!



My doctor did tell me that yesterday....sm

thanks for reconfirming, I wasn't sure if I believed it. He even told me not to let the girls wash their hair everyday, which I knew wasn't good for other reasons but they do anyway.

It's still one of those things that makes you want crawl in a hole and hide. I hope the looks blow over soon.

No I'm not qualified to be a doctor. I only said that it was possible
to do this job without formal training and that I was a nurse before I was an MT  and that did help me get my first job as a transcriptionist. I am not knocking an education, I was just stating a fact.
Talk to a doctor
Find out what is the downside for YOU, then make your decision from there.  Sounds simple, but I'd hate to have to make that decision.  Godspeed.
Doctor's records
When a physician retires or otherwise closes his practice, he must offer his patients the opportunity to pick up a copy of their records, which he may or may not charge for photocopying.  The original records must be kept by the physician for a period of 7 years after the practice closes.
What kind of doctor.
I used to type ENT docs who treated this condition. I would definitely not go to an oral surgeon. They deal with surgery. You want your condition treated not surgically fixed.
Yes, I do correct the doctor. NM
Almighty doctor
Actually...more likely the almighty insurance companies or to take it even further, our almighty govt. is to blame.

MTSO's in order to compete with offshore and with doctors cutting back and insurance companies cutting back, have had to lower what they charge doctors (or lose business to offshore), therefore they have to pay MTs less. It's a vicious cycle. It's happening in the tech industry, as well.

If we don't like it, we should think about how we VOTE, because that's the only power we have left at this point.
Just fired a doctor
I just fired one of my doctors and I feel so much better!  I'm an IC and this office has been a royal pain!  Very late payments, constantly losing reports and blaming me for not transcribing them, never letting me know when they'd be off (wasting my gas and time), getting behind on dictating and then wanting 5+ days of dictation back in twelve hours, etc.  The final straw was when they started making me go in the waiting room and stand at the sign-in window behind all their patients to drop off work.  Of course, if they were on the phone, I'd have to wait even longer when I reached the window... at times up to twenty minutes before the receptionist would open the window and take the work.  I decided my other offices appreciate me too much to allow that one office to treat me like a second class citizen.  To top it off -- what did the wife say when I fired him?  "You can't do that -- you need the money."  Too bad for her, because their money isn't worth my self-respect!
Fired a doctor
I am proud of you.
to just fired a doctor, way to go!

Reading your post sort or reminded me of those new DHL commercials on customer service (or the lack of).

When I worked in office, our old fashioned German boss would never have allowed anyone to wait..if he was running 30 minutes late, we moved every body back 45...those were the good ol days.

Marry a doctor...

Doctor's office also in CT
I am also in CT in the Hartford area and I have not seen an MT job for ages. I used to work in a hospital for years in Hartford and saw a job on Career Builders.com. It has been there forever so not sure if it was ever filled.
Spanish b@tt doctor
Lovely job working for a Spanish gastroenterologist who's wife was the office manager and enjoyed called office help stupid in Spanish and I was responsible for making sure gloves and lube were stocked---no kidding, this was apparently in the fine print somewhere when I signed on (probably in Spanish).
ama doctor finder
I have been using the AMA doctor finder to find correct spelling of doctor's names etc.  for some reason non AMA member list would not come up as it always has before.  Does anyone know of any good alternative sites for finding doctors?
lol...maybe the doctor meant..
to say annular calcification at the same time he felt he needed to take a !@#$ lol
This is actually between the doctor and patient.
Your job is to transcribe what the doctor wants. He's the one who needs to be compliant by having the paperwork in order to send these copies on. It's not your problem.
Maybe some...but my family doctor SM

loves his Transcriptionist and told me he doesn't know what he'd do without her.  He says he misses her terribly when she's on vacation and doesn't want her to ever retire. :)  He always speaks so fondly of her.  Maybe I should make an appointment in April and casually mention MT week...maybe he'll send her a card and a gift. :)

I'd love to transcribe for a doc like him someday.


Well, that's the setup at my doctor's ofc.
he places the chair where he can see you while he types. It is as if you are dictating and he is transcribing and he types fast! His nurses come in first, and they also type your complaints, vital signs, etc.

I have typed ER in the past, so maybe I will go back to that since it will be the last to go EMR. I just hope I can retrain for something else soon.:)

doctor names
Does anyone know a website where I can type in the name of a doctor with a "sounds like" feature to try and find the correct spelling of a doctor's name? AMA wants the doctor's last name ('required' it says). IF I KNEW THAT I WOULDN'T NEED THE DARN WEBSITE NOW WOULD I??!!! But it allows you to do a "sounds like" for the first name, which is not particularly helpful AT ALL. If anyone knows of any websites that allow this would you please enlighten me? I thank you so much!!
doctor names
Thanks to you all very much for your help. I've made note of all these sites.
doctor names
Try this link - http://www.dr-411.com/doctorsearch.asp
Hope this helps you.....
doctor names


AMA's website - from here, click on patients, and follow the instructions. It has sound-alike feature
I think you need to call your doctor. We are not MD's here. nm