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I agree, fishy. If you're an IC you'll have to take out approx.

Posted By: NYer on 2005-10-19
In Reply to: If they told you that you are being "paid" - sm

30% on top of the 25% they're going to keep, but will you have to claim earnings of it all, even their 25%. Hmmmm, I think I'd be asking a LOT of questions because why aren't they just saying you'll make 9.75 cents instead of 13 cents that you'll really NOT be making.

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You'll notice this person didn't sign their name --fishy??? nm
Way fishy! You're being used and abused. This is NOT
As stated below, I agree. Overall weekly average is approx. 600 lph sm
Now, granted there are days I can do over 1200 lines an hour, but overall within the week you have those dictations that take a little more time.

I have made more money on this platform than any other. Absolutely love it!

I agree. Kinda fishy isn't it?
You're right. She'll tell you that you
Tell me what you're taking and I'll tell
you're right. She'll find her way over. NM
Ssshhh! Maybe if we're all quiet she'll go away!
that is only .06 a line approx. - nm
I'll let you off the hook since you're also a Mustang lover.
I just like the '67s and '68s better because they're a little bigger and more rounded in the body style than the earlier years.  I dreamt of owning a Mustang for 20 years before I got one.
You're asking for part of their market! It'll be a competition
You go ahead though. Keep us all informed.

I would include the why you're leaving part. They'll probably ask
approx. 10,000 lines (not 1000 as indicated below) - sm
10 minutes generally equals 100 lines, so 100 minutes would be approx. 1000 lines, hence 1,000 minutes would be approx. 10,000 lines.
Well - I did approx 60 yesterday on a new account
and the doctor was horrible and the sound quality horrible and it took me close to 6 hours just for that.... :((
I'll agree with that one

If over, say, 10 years you worked for three services ... how many times can you write, "transcribed pathology reports." ("we get the picture already").

Get (and hold onto) their attention right from the start. You can always list the companies and dates of employment later on.

Also, make sure you don't use white paper. That blands in too much with other people. You don't want to be "one of the crowd." You want to stand out. Make the paper soft gray if you're printing in black or soft beige if you're printing in brown.

I live approx. 25 min. from a state capital (rather not say), but seems everywhere you go - sm
around my area whether it be a Subway chain restaurant, small corner convenient store, etc., these are all being run by foreigners (mainly Indian). I really do not want to come across discriminatory, but I know man U.S. born citizens who cannot get the financial backing to start a business. Why shouldn't we come first?
Low wages? I make approx $60K a year at
In theory approx. 750 lines, but depending - sm
on the speed of the dictator it could be more or less obviously. I have a dictator who will do a 13 minute report, I am lucky if it is 80 lines (same with her 18 min. reports), totally stinks.
Something is really fishy about that. During my three tenures with MQ (yep, bump my head), I received a SE W2 and taxes were taken out. Challenge it. This might be part of something more serious. They might be behind on their quarterly deposits and IRS is going after us.....May be inform tax advocacy group. (I do taxes and I had to do that for a physician).
Not fishy at all sm
The company I work for released me from Full QA on day one. They, of course, then had me send any blanks to QA. Two months later, I was one of the first released to full production, meaning two or fewer blanks could go to the client.
Agree....sad. We'll soon be outnumbered. nm
I would agree with HP being good. I'll only
is better in this profession because most won't accept Vista anyhow.  The OP might want to try a secondhand computer store and then just purchase the Office Suite you'd like.  I did this and have good luck so far knock on wood with Office 2003.
You're already doing great! You'll be there in no time. I wasn't as fast as you when I star
They're supposed to be good luck. He'll find his way out when he's hungry. nm
Sounded fishy to me

They are both identical, polite and too exact and to me sounded like it was someone attempting to appear to be American.  Maybe I am a skeptic but that is my gut feeling.



Sounds fishy...
What I would do was say that you received a call from your insurance questioning the visits.  That way its not you questioning, but the insurance.  Sounds like she may have found a loophole.  I think you would know if he needed chiropractic care at age 9.  hmmmmm
Fishy story
First of all, I would believe the woman was calling not for your husband's friend, but for your husband. This isn't my first rodeo.

Second, even if it was your husband's friend the female was looking for, you still have a problem. Your husband is running around with men who cheat on their wives. Birds of a feather flock together.

So in essence, you should not be mad at some unknown female. You should be worrying about alcohol and infidelity issues in your own home - which is a more real problem than some unknown female. If you allow your husband to drink and go to bars where other femals are, you are asking for trouble in your home and apparently you have it. Best of luck.
sounds fishy to me

Your first paragraph makes me think you are being scammed.  If you can't install an Expander program how will you ever learn to use one of the better ones to your best ability (to work somewhere better down the road).  I have literally thousands of expansions in my program and it goes from company to company as I change jobs and my production only increases as it grows.  If the computer crashes, it's on CD backup and I can put it on any other computer.  Don't know about these features in WORD, as I have always been more pleased with an independent expander program.  More versatile.  If this is THEIR computer and you enter your expansions on it, you might lose all your hard work if you stay for a while and then quit.  Think about this.  *Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.* 

This company may provide templates and you change a few things here and there, but this disabling thing really bothers me, especially if you are new to transcription.  They've got you backed into a corner as far as developing your skills is concerned.  It's in your best interest to know and use ALL the programs and featues that help us make money.  I don't think they are being fair to you.  I've worked for 2 places with accounts that relied heavily on templates and both paid me for everything whether I typed it or not.  Maybe they are only paying you for what you put in and not what automatically populates.  If so, another reason to quit, even if you can whip these things out quickly.  It sounds to me like you are being taken advantage of.  You have to make sure the document makes sense in the end and not just what you inserted or changed, right?  You deserve to be paid for the whole thing from my understanding of what you wrote and use whatever tools you prefer to use to reach that objective as long as it doesn't interfere with their software.  If it does, go somewhere else where you can develop your skills and become more marketable and be paid accordingly. 

Can you even install a medical spellchecker on the computer???  This just sounds nuts to me.  What about reference CDs for specialities, etc.????  I prefer my own computer so I can put whatever I want on it.  Worth the expense in my estimation and I don't have to wonder about what other stuff the company has put on it that I don't know about to watch my work habits, etc. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide to do!   Just don't let them walk all over you if you are new--not if you can help it.  I know getting experience is important but so is making a decent living and bettering your skills for a better future.   

Give it up and enjoy your vacation! They'll live w/o you for a few days.You're allowed! :) nm
Agree, especially if you'll need them as a future reference. nm
I'll agree. Have had the bait n switch happen to me several times. nm
i smell fishy? who puts sincerely in their post on here?? NOT ME! nm
I agree with MOMT, but be careful not to print company names or you'll


I agree......some think they're not obligated
I agree; it was a decent mini-course. Maybe they're trying to right some old wrongs.
I agree except you're the pot calling the kettle black.....
"I wonder what you're work looks like"............It is your work, not you're as that is short for you are. If you use the contraction, that means you are saying "I wonder what you are work looks like.
I agree! They're looking for you to upload to a network drive,
which is totally not your responsibility to provide for them. If they don't want to install a network and dedicated drive, they can turn on their file sharing but allow ONE computer to be the master computer. All other computers would have access to the shared folder on the "main" computer. However, they would HAVE to be sure they uploaded the files again to the main drive after making changes.

As for the search feature, they've already got that built into Windows. Start Menu, Search for Documents, Advanced Search options, "A word or phrase contained in the document," type the patient's name into the box, and specify which drive to search on. Hit OK and voila!
DixieDew, I don't always agree with your political views, but you're right on the money in thi

You bet I agree! Red splotches and swollen lips? It's sad we're more concerned... (sm)

About your husband than you are! If you want someone to agree with you no matter what you say, ask your momma! If you want opinions and ask for 'em, don't whine when you get 'em!

 MT in Novi

I totally agree and keep in mind the quality of the dictation where you're at currently. SM

You're already used to the dictators where you're at now.  I can almost guarantee that the quality of the dictation will decrease and the number of ESL will increase whatever national you choose to go to compared to where you're at now.  Even if you do luck out and a get a good account at a national, there is still the transitional phase where you getting to know the dictators, account specifics, etc. and your production will decrease considerably than what you are used to.

I'd stay where you're at, choose a national that you like, one that gets more positive feedback than negative, and try it on for size.

Good Luck!

I agree with this; hence, my query about how folks who say that they're working for SERVICES ...
are making this kind of money. 
Totally agree. They're no longer paying for this so-called skill
and that's part of the reason the quality is down.
Agree! What about your hubs, kids, sex life, groceries? Something's gotta give if you're doing
It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
You'll get used to it. It is keeping the right leg propped up at the same time that'll be the
When I broke my ankle, I was just grateful it wasn't the hands. Without our hands we'd be totally screwed.

I broke my right ankle slipping on ice and was lucky to have gloves on because the palm of the glove was totally torn up and my hand was okay.

Good luck and be sure to do your exercises when it is time.
It'll happen. You'll find your fit.
You might have to kiss a few frogs first, though.
Oh she'll spice it up alright, she'll be
placing hidden cameras in the other ladies' dressing rooms! LOL!
continue your goal; he'll/they'll get used to it/over it
I'll vent and I'll sign my name sm
I have two IC contracts right now. I recently went back to a job I had quit earlier in the year to work for the other company I am still working for.

The newer job has 80% ESLs. I transcribe OP notes primarily and I can fill in other work types as the opportunity arises. I am frustrated with this particular situation. After 6 months, I am making less money and working longer hours. I am past the learning curve and I should be doing better, at least in the number of hours I am spending doing the job. We have run out of work for 24 hrs at a time at least 5 or 6 times since December 1, and in November it was more than that. I have a friend who worked for this company as well and she was having similar difficulties. The only thing that we can figure is that they are shorting us line count some way, because after 6 months at it, it should be easier/faster/more money, but it is less and less every single pay period. It is not a nice thing to accuse a company of doing, but it SEEMS that way to us. I am fed up with being expected to type every single OP note that comes in 24/7 and meeting the 6 hr TAT for them on weekends, evenings, holidays, wee hours of the morning...

I took back a job I held for 2-1/2 yrs. The team leader has changed and this gal thinks that I should be on call 24/7 for whenever she has work. I might have some at 7 a.m., or perhaps not until 6 p.m. or later. I can't plan my personal life and between these two IC situations, I find that I am not eating on a daily basis, not showering on a daily basis and not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I have lost weight and I don't feel very well. I woke up today with a rip roaring head cold (my first in nearly 8 yrs) and it has already moved to bronchitis and I am expecting pneumonia by the weekend because I develop it very easily. I already have deep pain in my back.

Yes, I should call in sick tomorrow, but I really can't take the fallout. The job I took back I am covering for another gal who wanted vacation over the holidays and if I have to call in sick, the team leader will call me and pitch a fit about how this is my responsibility. It IS my responsibility, I did say I would do it, and I will do it, despite being quite ill. In the past, when I worked for this company, they would not allow me to call in sick for a "cold" without a doctor's note. I worked through many illnesses with them and only called in sick when I developed West Nile Fever and while I was sick for over a month, I only called for my last 12 reports one day when I could no longer see the computer screen because my head hurt.

The problem is that yes, many MTs lack work ethic. They don't take their responsibility seriously. This is not a work as you please career, not even for an IC. I can see the MTSO's point of view, I truly can. Like finding experienced, reliable and capable MTs, for the MTs who are these things, finding a company will treat you like a human being is equally difficult. I sit here, feeling lousy and like I am an utter slave labor with no consideration whatsoever. I know that my work needs to be done, but when I am this sick it is better that someone else do it for the sake of the work, for accuracy and for speed of getting it out. I know that I am needed, but to be the MT these companies need me to be, I also need to look after my own health.

I will also mention that when I have asked for vacation, I have been approved for the time, but the MTSO queues up my work and calls me then I am not on the system getting it done. I have told them I had been approved for time off, but the MTSO didn't schedule anyone to cover for me and I am told to get on work, vacation or no, if I want to keep my job.

Thus, I work 24/7/365 and have for years. I work sick, I work when I am in pain (I have an AI disorder), I work exhausted from staying up all night covering for others who are allowed to call in sick and have vacations when I can't have either. I work having no health insurance and not being able to afford the $125 a month to buy some with a high copay so I can see a doctor. I work without breaks for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I sometimes come close to having an accident because if I leave my desk to go to the little girls' room I get nasty calls about where I am at and what I am doing.

Many MTs are mistreated, and I am one of them.