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eScription, EMDAT and Chartscripts. nm

Posted By: MslaMT on 2007-12-31
In Reply to: Really does not have to do with the doctors dictating - Wondering?

I love eScription the best.

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Emdat Software Question for Emdat Users


I have a question about the Emdat software.  Regarding the cc: box, sometimes, you have to type in the address, because the address is not in the database.  I have found that when you try to pause the audio with either the foot pedal or the "F" key assigned to pause while typing the address, the audion will not pause; it keeps on playing.  You should be able to pause the audio while trying to type the address into the database.  Anyone else notice this, anyone?  Thank you kindly.

Does Emdat work with F keys or is is something else? Is Emdat
Emdat works with Instant Text Por V - ony version that works with Emdat - nm

Found tPosted by not impressed on October 15, 2003 at 17:33:46:

In Reply to:Emdat posted by Heather H. on October 11, 2003 at 10:31:52:

Looked at it for our company as well.....and after using it as an MT for a week, decided it was not for us.....Too expensive, slow (cut my production by half) and uses HTML base rather than plain text base. Our investigation has confirmed that MedPen is a far superior program and you don't have to pay a huge sum up front, then per line just to use the program. EMDAT also outsources to other companies and outsource overseas as well, so please do your homework before you make a decision.
his in archives:


Posted by happygirl740312 on October 07, 2004 at 09:15:32

In Reply to: Emdat and 4 cents a line - Please help! posted by Mary on October 06, 2004 at 08:12:51:

First of all, let me clarify something for you. Emdat is a transcription platform, and while it is cumbersome to some and not so cumbersome to others, the MTSO who uses Emdat is the one who controls the line rate, etc. 4 cpl is ridiculously low for anything other than QA. Your dictators will vary in quality, obviously, just like anywhere else. If your skills are good and you are insulted by 4 cpl (which you should be), keep looking. Something better will certainly come your way.

I wanted to clear the air about Emdat because my company uses Emdat also; however, our starting line rate is double what you quoted, and I didn't want people to associate Emdat with low line rates.


Is there anyone out there that can say good things about EMDAT?  I would love any kind of input about it?  I am interested in working for a company that uses it.


I did not think IT worked with emdat. Is it hard to install on emdat? Would like to try and use it if it would would work.
Just CURIOUS!!! Do you enjoy being an IDIOT/JERK? If you go around looking for ways to cut or degrade others comments then you must have some problems. GET A LIFE!!

I like Emdat.  I have been using for over 2 years.  When they made the upgrade though, they took out the option to key in word.  I don't like that. But since I have a bad leg on the right side, I can use the hand controls and it works pretty good.  It takes a while to set up your autotext, but again, once it is done, your line count can soar.   




Does anyone know if Voice Recognition software can be used with Emdat Inscribe.  The office is closed and I am way behind in my typing.  I know that it does type on the screen, but I also know that they have had issues with copy and past (although that is not what this would be) before and I did not want to use it if that would cause the same type of problem.

Emdat- what's that?
Emdat-Inscribe is a platfor that you work out of. It has a spell checker, it has the capabilities of putting in all pertinent patient info for you so all you do is type. At least that is how it was when I typed in it...hope that helps, plus much more on that.

I've used Emdat for the last 2+ years.  I hated it at first but it's ok now.  We have to put our demographics in, it all depends how the company is set up.  I don't think line counts are that great compared with Word or other platforms.  It was definitely not developed with Transcriptionist input but has gotten better/more user friendly.  Good Luck!

I have completed their training and just can't seem to get anywhere with AutoText.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have tried putting in AutoText different ways, but that does not make any difference. What I hate is having to put in all of my autocorrects over again from scratch. I guess I will just keep working with it. IT Pro V looks good too. I will probably eventually buy that. Thanks for the replys.
wondering, I wrote out a lengthy e-mail about Emdat but then found out you could not receive it.  I don't have time to write it out again but if you have a specific question, maybe I could help you with that.

Have you completed their on-line training?


I am going to Emdat training this morning and will post again if I learn anything I think would help you.  Emdat is not my favorite and I find it hard to get a good line count with it too.

the low was is with Emdat
(Inscribe) and the other line count is just using MS Word.  I have heard others say Emdat has a low line count too, now that I think about it.
I just think if you are placing an ad for a job from a transcription company and expect perfect work back, then the ad should not have any mistakes. Wonder who is proofing their work!lol.
I had trouble with it.  I don't like typing in boxes, so I would choose the type in Word option; however, it doesn't pull all of what you type in Word and put it in the appropriate place.  The symbols do not translate between what you type in Word and the Emdat format.  An example . . . when I would type the ' and " signs it would not come up on the Emdat screen as such.  It was a complete waste of time.  Perhaps it just doesn't fit well with Word 2003?  I was constantly getting faulted for things I was told I did not type and I know I did.  The spell checker is horrible.  It flags all medical words incorrect or correct.  I will not ever work with it again.
I tried EMDAT too, and I did not like it.
I thought it was too cumbersome and not worth the learning process.

I read a few posts below people who did not like EMDAT platform at all.  Are there any people out there who actually like it.  Do you know if PC ShortHand works with it? Also, can you use Stedman's Medical/Pharm. Spellchecker with it?  Are you able to view previous reports if you cannot understand a medicine or a word that might be muffled?  How about line production?  Good, bad, indifferent?

I got a job offer where they use EMDAT exclusively so before I get myself in above my head, thought I would post here and get some help to make up my mind.



First Emdat is the company name for the platform developer.  Inscribe is actually the transcription portion of it.  InCommand is the MTSO area and InQuiry is the medical facility portion.  I just wanted to clarify that because I'm seeing that some people are not aware of this.

I used Emdat as an MTSO and also as an MT.  It's not the best program and it is not the worse program.  Only you can decide that.

At this time, I do not believe you can use your Stedman's spellchecker and as others have noted, the Inscribe spellcheck is subpar so it will take some time to add things, but once you do, it will work fine.

As for the footpedal, you can do this a couple of ways.  Yes, there is a special footpedal or foot switch rather that needs to be used if you are going to use the Inscribe media player controls.  However, you can use ExpressScribe and use your standard wav pedal. 

Your IT, ShortHand or other Expander program will work just fine. 

As for the demographics, that is the medical provider issue.  Some facilities will allow the MTSO/Emdat to connect to their scheduling or IDX system which will then download the demographics for you automatically.  Some will not and this will mean that you will have to enter those demographics. 

There are only two ways lines get counted in Emdat - a gross line (but with a 65 character base) which means that if you have a client who is  using a small font, you cant do worse than a standad 65 character line, or a straight 65 character line count.  It does count spaces and it does count the information that goes into the initial demographics.  

As with anything, depending on the account, your abilities and the dictators, you can fly through anything in Inscribe fairly quickly or it can seem cumbersome depending on what platforms you've used before.

I have used both EMDAT and Inscribe. I have 2 Expanders and neither ever worked with it. Expanders, generally work with Word/Word Perfect to the best of my knowledge. Perhaps there are different versions of EMDAT?
Here's my take on EMDAT
I've been using it for 2 years. I had a few kinks at the beginning getting my autokeys transferred from DQS and getting the foot pedal set up, but once I followed the instructions e-x-a-c-t-l-y I was good to go. My company only requires minimal header information so I don't find it time consuming or difficult at all. I think the worst part is that the spell check is somewhat lacking, and it took time to add the misspelled words to my autotext so they would expand with the proper spelling.

I have two Emdat foot pedals, one with USB and one with PS/2 connectors and didn't have problem setting either one up. The key is to follow the instructions EXACTLY!

I say go for it.
Does anyone know how if a regular foot pedal can work with EMDAT, the Start Stop pedal and if so, how?????? any info would be greatly appreciated.
You can actually make your pedal work with express scribe, if your company will let you use express scribe with EMDAT. Some companies are saying that it messes up the the work if you use express scribe, but I know for a fact that many companies are still using EMDAT with express scribe and having no problems, so the debate is on. It just depends on which company you work for and which side of the debate they are on.

Thanks.  I will have to ask them if my pedal that I use for express scribe will work or if they will allow me to use it if it does work with EMDAT.  Thanks again.

I came to know about such a software only today
I am using Express Scribe with Emdat/Inscribe version 4.91.308 (latest version). My foot pedal I use is a USB port Infinity foot pedal which is not the Start/Stop foot pedal that most companies require you to use.
However, I would not recommend that you go against your company's wishes if they require the Start/Stop pedal because of the HIPPA issues.

On your player option on the EMDAT log in screen, you select Express Scribe. When the jobs download, they download 1 at a time instead of 3 at a time, like the older versions of EMDAT do. This prevents mixing up the audio files with the correct patient.

I hope this helps.

How do I configure my foot pedal to work with Emdat? I have a USB Infinity pedal and this is suppsoed to work but its not.. Anyone?
I need to program the pedal so that it will work with the Emdat program. How do I do this?
The company I work for said specifically cannot use the express scribe option and copy from word - something about looks okay on the screen, but when goes through system comes out all screwed up - if we copy has to be from notepad. 
Thank you so much!! 
Under tools, click on open character map and yes.

It is in the 6th row and is the 11th character.

Hit select, copy, close the character window and paste into your document.

Hope that helps!

I personally hate EMDAT and will never take another EMDAT job again if I can avoid it.  The spellchecker is horrible.  You can add to it, but that takes time that you don't get paid for.  I have found also that it cheats you out of lines.  I have never worked on the other system you spoke of.   
I also HATE IT!!!
I like working in it. I cannot use a foot pedal, so I use F2 to start and stop with no problems.
Yes, it does show every time you check out and check back in a dictation you downloaded.

I work in Emdat and I'm not sure if you work for the same company I do, but I know I am absolutely not allowed to type it in word...they say it messes up the format in the report....I don't like it at all though...the spellcheck sucks!  I'm not sure if it's just me, but when you correct something, it does not save it...with each new report, it just starts over...plus there is a lot of things in the dictionary, such as meds that should be capitalized that aren't....i don't know, I heard it is supposed to become more word-based soon, but it can't be soon enough for me...I loved the word program that we typed in...I had all kinds of normals and could cut from my own word document that I had saved and paste it in or make macros, but with EMdat, you have to put it in notepad and copy and paste, but it is still a pain to try and do anything in notepad.  I don't know, it really frustrates me!

Hope it gets better for you!


Just curious if there is anyone out there who could give me their opinion on this system?  Just curious how many people think this system is Transcriptionist friendly or not.


I too use IT V pro but it also has a Text feature where you can do something similar in the program. I think it is F10?
Gosh!  I hated that program.  I will never take an EMDAT job ever again.  I felt it cheated me out of lines and the spell-checking was horrible.  Good luck, you are going to need it. 
EMDAT does a Lot

That alone would not make my love EMDAT.  In the beginning I did have to fill out the demographics.  Even then, however, I merely typed in the first number or two on the MR# or the first letter or so on the patient's last name and it gave me suggestions with everything filled in.  We're talking maybe three seconds to fill it in if not already filled in, as it is now.  A common name like Smith, I'd have to type in the first couple of letters or so, of course, on the first name as well. 

I'll agree with you that in the beginning it was a nightmare.  It does so much, though.  Word Perfect is much more difficult to learn than other typing programs are, but once learned, it's then easy and does SO much.  That's how EMDAT is.

A friend of mine makes more per line than I do.  She also has about five years experience on me.  Me 10, her 15.  However, she was thrilled here while back to be making $x per hour and I make more than that minimum!  Not bragging, it's just that EMDAT enables me to do that.  I had worked for eight years for MQ and make almost twice as much per hour with my current company, and I do believe it's 90% because of EMDAT.    It does SO MUCH for you as a platform, but again I'll say it does NOT do it if it's set up wrong.  The biggest nightmare was getting it set up in the first place.  For a year I used Express Scribe in conjunction with it because I thought I had to and I didn't!  ( I still had much more speed even then having to use ES and fill in demographics.)  I pouted at my computer daily that my new company didn't use DQS!     It was only when a new scribe and I were talking pedals and had the same one...I used ES and she didn't.  I went back in and slowed down and paid attention to the set up and other things that I could do in EMDAT and it was incredible.  In the beginning....with that new job, we want to get those lines....but slow down and learn the platform and it'll be well worth the time!   I'm not talking months and months, maybe two or three weeks and you'll be flying!

I know we are all different and you may have tried EMDAT for months, although I doubt it or I think you'd still be there.  I love coffee.  You probably don't!  Or do you?   JK.   If you do....I'm having a wonderful cup right now with sugar and two teaspoons of Cremora...ymmmm!     Hot 

When in Emdat.....sm

Click on the blue "W" icon, type in word and then you can use Smartype.  When you are done typing the report in Word, just hit the X to get out and what you have typed in word pops into Emdat.

A lot of MTs do not know that the blue Word icon means you can type in Word.  Hope that helps. 

EMDAT down?
Is EMDAT presently down?  12:30 CST.  Can't log on and had new deal put on computer yesterday but have typed all day, but can't get on now. ?
It's the platform I use for my job. It makes it so much easier, especially if the accounts have their own templates. I would hate to have to learn another platform, actually.
If you mean Emdat Inscribe, it is a platform that you cannot make lines with. very slow and clunky. Says it is Word based, but not really. Many Word functions disabled within it. As far as S/S software, yes, it is compatible, but there is a setting that needs to be changed and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is. You have to question your account manager and getting the info is like pulling teeth. They want you to try everything else before they finally tell you how to do it. Once it's done though, the S/S software works with it. I just hated the program. They have an "incentive" bonus that you will never never reach on their system. never. lots of lag time, slow response. many things to keep from making lines.
When you go to log in, off to the side there is an option button.  Click on that and then click on the Reg MS Media button.  This will help with the S/S pedal.  I have used it for the past three years with no problem, except hard to get lines.  I also use the Windows Media (Inscribe Full).  Hope this helps.
Emdat platform
What is IT Pro V?
Emdat Platform

Can anyone help me with becoming more efficient with the Emdat platform? I just started on it and it seems like it is very slow going........or could just be me. I tried converting my Word AutoCorrect to AutoText in Inscribe, but none converted. The Emdat help desk said too bad, that happens.

I would appreciate any tips or tricks to using Emdat. Please help. Thanks in advance.

I love Emdat
I've been working with Emdat for about 4 months and I love it. Compared to some platforms this is one of the best. Yes, you only have a box to type in and at first you think...well this sucks...but believe it or not you get used to it and don't even notice it after awhile. Of course its not as good as MS Word, but as far as different platforms go I would say its one of the best (I have used about 8 or 9 other platforms). The best thing is that it is very easy to find patients and docs. Even if you can only make out one or two letters you can find the patient/doc as long as they are in the system. Once you put all your shortcuts in it really is a breeze. When I switched from the old platform to this one my productivity went down a bit during the learning curve, but now I am back to where I used to be.

I'm lost. This is something I don't think I've heard of. Could someone explain how it works and where I would have to get it?