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Been around the block lots of time but tell me

Posted By: Been around the block on 2007-12-31
In Reply to: NOW THAT IS HORSE CRAP - Kathy

what is padding? I have worked in this field for over 30 years now. I have very good speed and regular typing I could do at least 2000 per day. Now with VR and straight combined I do about 3200 per day. My audio will not go that fast in order for me or anyone to do 1000 per hour. The most I have done in an hour (without having to slow the machine down, listening only) was about 600. It cannot be done with my audio system, totally impossible as fast as you can set it.

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It CAN take a long time, especially with lots of MQ
I would not; most of the time those type files, although not usually hard medical terms, take lots l
to type and are very difficult as it is hard to hear with background noise, different speakers, usually no macros, etc. I think they are worth more pay, not less. I also get paid by the word at 0.008 and had figured mine to be about 0.09/line as well in the past. stick with where you are.
Just slang for girls, from a long time ago. Lots of them.. Dish, Broad, Chick...
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
H&R Block
H&R Block always. The one time I didn't use them, I got audited and ended up having to dish out almost $3k in taxes & penalties.
best to have a brief consult with a CPA and I don't mean H&R Block

there are always a little bit of difference from state to state and where you live regarding a business license etc. Try to find a CPA that specializes in small businesses, especially if you can find someone who perhaps has other MT's for clients?  The gist of an IC is you do not have an employer, so you do not have someone to withhold taxes for you.  The thing that always throws IC's is the tax withholding stuff. They have a great fear about it. This is where the CPA will help you out a great deal so you can base decisions on facts, not fear.

You will have another form or to to fill out at tax time (Schedule C, etc.) and next year you will have to do quarterly payments, but it's not that hard.

Who Must Pay Estimated Tax

If you had a tax liability for 2005, you may have to pay estimated tax for 2006. 

the IRS has a nice site for small businesses, use the link below. any specific questions, feel free to email me.




Get an accountant...even H&R block will do.
I made the mistake of doing the taxes myself one year (TurboTax)and ended up getting audited for that year 2 years later. Luckily it only cost me $1200 but I'm sure it could have been much worse. I just go to H&R Block. At least if I get audited again, they'll handle all the work AND pay my fine if it's something they messed up on.
Here red this....H&R block was the one who told me about it first.
Top 10 Oddball Tax Deductions
TurboTax has outlined some outlandish tax deductions to help you increase your tax refund. We've uncovered what we think are the weirdest deductions allowed, from pet food to free beer to (we're not kidding) a girlfriend.

Can I deduct?
Admit it. As you've worked on your return, trying to come up with extra deductions to pump up your refund, you've taken a few flights of fancy. "Can I claim a deduction for all those blood donations at the Red Cross?" Nope.

"How about a charitable contribution for all the time I donate to the church?" Nope, again. "The wedding gift for the boss's daughter as an employee business expense?" Come on! On the other hand, over the years your fellow taxpayers have beaten the IRS in court on payments for many crazy things that most of us wouldn't even dream of claiming. We've uncovered what we think are the weirdest deductions allowed, ranging from pet food to free beer.

1. Pet food
A couple who owned a junkyard was allowed to write off the cost of cat food they set out to attract wild cats. The feral felines did more than just eat; they also took care of snakes and rats on the property, making the place safer for customers. When the case reached the Tax Court, IRS lawyers conceded that the cost was deductible.

2. Moving the family pet
If you are changing jobs and meet a couple of tests, you can deduct your moving expenses including the cost of moving your dog, cat or other pet from your old residence to your new home. Your pet be it a Pekingese or a python is treated the same as your other personal effects.

3. A trip to Bermuda
This island is more than just a scenic place to visit: It's a great place to schedule a tax write-off. Business conventions held in Bermuda are deductible without having to show that there was a special reason for the meeting to be held there. That's a sweet perk.

Other countries in the Caribbean region qualify, too, including Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago. Meetings held in Canada, Mexico and all U.S. possessions also receive this favorable tax treatment. Attend a convention in Paris, Rome or Beijing, though, and there's no deduction unless you can show it made as much sense to travel abroad as to head to Pittsburgh.

4. Body oil
A pro bodybuilder used body oil to make his muscles glisten in the lights during his competitions. The Tax Court ruled that he could deduct the cost of the oil as a business expense. Lest it be seen as a softie, though, the Court nixed deductions for buffalo meat and special vitamin supplements to enhance strength and muscle development.

5. A private airplane
Rather than drive five to seven hours to check on their rental condo or be tied to the only daily commercial flight available, a couple bought their own plane. The Tax Court allowed them to deduct their condo-related trips on the aircraft, including the cost of fuel and depreciation for the portion of time used for business-related purposes, even though these costs increased their overall rental loss.

6. Babysitting fees
Fees paid to a sitter to enable a mother to get out of the house and do volunteer work for a charity are deductible as charitable contributions, even though the money didn't go directly to the charity, according to the Tax Court. The Court expressly rejected a contrary IRS revenue ruling.

7. Breast augmentation
In an effort to get more tips, a stripper with the stage name "Chesty Love" decided to get breast implants to make her a size 56FF. A female Tax Court judge allowed Chesty to write off the cost of her operation, equating her new assets to a stage prop. Alas, the operation proved to be a problem for Chesty. She later tripped and ruptured one of her implants.

8. Landscaping
Sole proprietors who regularly meet clients in a home office can deduct part of the costs of landscaping the property. The deductible portion is based on the percentage of the home that is used for business, according to the Tax Court. The Court also allowed a deduction for part of the costs of lawn care and driveway repairs.

9. Free beer
In a novel promotion, a gas station owner gave his customers free beer in lieu of trading stamps. Proving that sometimes beer and gasoline do mix, the Tax Court allowed the write-off as a business expense.

10. Swimming pool
A taxpayer with emphysema put in a pool after his doctor told him to develop an exercise regimen. He swam in it twice a day and improved his breathing capacity. Turns out he swam in the pool more than his family did.

The Tax Court allowed him to deduct the cost of the pool (to the extent the cost exceeded its added value to the property) as a medical expense because its primary purpose was for medical care. Also, the cost of heating the pool, pool chemicals and a proportionate part of insuring the pool area were treated as medical expenses.

Bonus Oddball Deduction
A girlfriend. The owner of several rental properties hired his live-in girlfriend to manage them. Her duties included finding furniture, overseeing repairs and running his home. The Tax Court let him deduct $2,500 of the $9,000 he paid her. The disallowed portion was for nondeductible personal services.

Updated for tax year 2008

Now H&R block did specify in their tax rules that....sm
The animal had to be a dog and be over 50 pounds in order for it to count. I am taking advantage of everything that is legal as they have screwed us over long enough.
LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
Actually, you can put a block on your credit report that
NO credit card companies solicit you at all. Look up the three credit reporting agencies online and see what their websites say. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. I don't get any at all except from American Express to my old business name.

As for the automated phone systems, I just push zero a bunch of times until I get a human. Impatient, I am!
yeah, me too, get about 20 a day anymore - block them - sm
that is what I do....granted a new crop comes in the next day, but I just keep blocking away. What is weird is I used to get a couple a day, now about a week or so ago it just went crazy and jumped to as you say 15-20 a day. I really don't want to change my email address either, so I guess I will just keep doing as I am doing, or else turn my Spamkiller back on.
You can block that number from reaching you.
They will block the number but not tell you who it is.

Call them right after a phone call comes in that is a hang up. Apparently, this happens a lot since SBC has an 800 number for this request.
Our block has parties a lot that go well into the night. sm
They have even had a couple of bands come and play. This was a problem last year for me because I needed my sleep and worked weekends. This year, it will be nice since I now work nights. For a short street, it is really lively.
I've used H&R Block TaxCut
on-line mainly because over the years I've needed "people"  to help with questions on tax issues that were a little complicated, especially last year with a move, partial-residence state taxes, sale of home, etc.  I've not had any complaints with it.  I paid for the highest service last year so I had unlimited access for questions, and the guy was really great, reviewed and signed the tax returns and actually called me with some questions.  I've considered going to TurboTax though in the future because so many seem to like it, just haven't made the switch since I've got everything stored with TaxCut so far.
Yes, they can selectively block sites...
I worked for a company who did that.  They had a list of approved sites that we could access, such as onelook, rxlist, physician search sites, E-mail, etc.  They would also allow the MTs to put in requests for sites we thought should be added to the "allowed list." 
Be careful doing that unless you somehow block out the pt name - could be illegal. nm
A friend of mine also had a bad experience with H&R Block
How terrible. They can now block off the tear duct to
help keep moisture in the eyes.  I had the temporary one put in and it really did help.   I had one eye done and am not happy but I do not have the problems you do.  It is so hard to know if you will be in that small percentage with bad results.  I hope something is found to help relieve or correct some of the problems you are having...good luck and best wishes.
Preferences? Setting up NP with Doc signature block

Need to set up nurse practitioner dictator with Doc signature block, think I know how it should be set up but it's been awhile.  Any current examples or preferences of how anyone likes to do this?    Thanks. 

Great idea. Thanks. I've had a mental block on
Can an employer use software to search what is on your computer and how can you block this? (sm)
When an employer downloads their program onto your computer can they put software on it so that they can get into your computer and see what is on it, such as folders, files, etc?  If so, is there any way to block it?   This just popped into my mind the other day and I was wondering about it. 
Unlisted number, caller ID, and block unknown callers.
I think it's *67 to block unknown callers and *69 to find out last unblocked caller.  There is another key combination to press when you want the phone company and/or police department to trace nuisance calls.  You can fight this.  Public edcuators have it rough.  First, no respect in the classroom, then these punk kids think they can mess with you at home.  Fight back.  Escalate it to police chief, mayor, and supervisor of the phone company if you're getting nowhere with the lowly peons.
Block her E-mail, return mail unopened

On AOL I can determine who I want to receive mail from and block those I do not  -- and if they are blocked  they get their E-mail back as being "undeliverable".  If she sends things out -- send back --unaccepted.  But to be simple just E-mail her back or call the recuriter if you don't want to deal with her directly and state -- leave me alone.  If she is in another state you should not be scared of her but you may simply have to put it out there in no uncertain terms.

Not anymore. For some time now, I've been working 32 hours and am considered full time to receive
Working full time at home with small children is hard but part time works great
is almost impossible. You will either have to work when your spouse is home or for only a few hours during the day and then more when they are asleep. I work part time at home and my kids (2&5 now) have done very, very well. They are great kids, very well behaved, don't get into much. I stop working to check on them/give them some attention every hour or so while I work (5 hours each afternoon or so) and they get all my attention in the morning and at night. It has worked out beautifully for us.
Yeah, our choc. lab does that from time to time - makes it interesting!- nm
Cannot legally require you to commit time to them as an employee and then not pay you for that time.
full-time in office/ part-time at home
I currently work full-time in a physician's office and have started part-time online. My hope is to eventually go full-time online; however that will be done the road for a single mom with a son in college. My suggestion would be try to type part-time for a MTSO and see how that goes i.e work and money with a decision down the road for ultimately being home all the time. A guaranteed paycheck is always a necessity for me. Hope this helps.
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
Lots of us did.
Been here 8 and got $130. One lady got 2 cents and another 1 cent. It's CRAZY!
I have lots of them...

Hello!  Email me if you still need sites for OP notes - I have quite a few good ones I can send you...



I'm on my 4th since July.

Tried Transolutions, what a joke. Told I would be on the windows system, ended up on the old DOS system with 40 pounds of manuals to look through. Had 3 accounts assigned at once and one of the team leaders was absolutely nasty.

Tried Precyse, had absolutely NO work whatsoever for 10 days and was supposed to be full time.

Tried Interpro, what a joke!!! They act like you are taking up precious time if you even ask a single question (like how to set up the stupid program they send you).

Tried a foreign company, the work I saw that they were sending to the hospitals was so bad I didn't want my name associated with any of it!

Been with eTransPlus now since August 8, so far so good. Wanted to go with Transcription Solutions but they don't do training on any shift but days and I'm a night person.

Still looking for a part-time job, but with 20+ years I'm NOT working for 6-7 cpl without spaces!

I saw in a newspaper last night that nursing assistants are making 15 an hour now and LPNs are making 25. I would make more doing something like that, but I can't. When I see phlegm, I turn a lovely green color..lol
I think there are lots of us
I don't worry about it. I'm content being mateless. Whether we realize it or not, we're probably extending our lives this way---much less stress. No relationship drama.
I just got one for $499 with XP and lots of...sm
other great things.  I was going to buy this $319 Dell one, but if you spend $499 they waive the $100 shipping and handling fees.  It's all there at their website....delldotcom.....and you customize whatever you want.  I had forgotten that I needed a floppy drive and went right back to the website when I ordered that 'puter and added it on.  I need a floppy drive to put private MDs work on diskettes so they can upload them to their systems. 
Thanks--Lots to think about
I will think it over and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!
Lots and lots sm

On one of my personal computers where I had (as usual) TONS of AutoCorrects and AutoTexts stored every once in a while Word would freeze up or close down (I forget now which) and everything would be lost.  So, I made sure to back up the normal.dot and the .acl (I haven't had to do this for a few years so I'm not sure I have that 100% correct) often so I could reinstall them.   I also saved the documents I was working on every few minutes and made that easier by changing the F12 button to a "Save" button.  One day I had a brilliant idea and went in to AutoCorrect Options and unchecked everything I could that was not important to me and it stopped happening!  I only mention this in case someone else out there has this problem.   

But I have TONS and TONS of entries and I have never had one just disappear without some other reason for it other than I had too many in there. 

Not only that, but lots of MTs get a little
if they have too many mistakes or blanks. So the insinuation that we would be so lazy as to just send in ALL blanks is pretty silly. If our payscale is tied to our quality, the last thing we want is to leave lots of blanks.
Lots of
unhappy people here. Glad I'm not one of them. ;-)
I work a full time and a part time, but not sure about 2 full-time...
My hubbie is disabled and I am the only one in my family working also, so I fully understand. You will not have a day off at all working 2 full-time as that is going to be the only way you will get in all your hours. I work one job in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the other from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and do have off one day a week, but if I had to get in the extra 15 hours to make the other job full-time I am not sure how I would do that other than lose my only day off. Also, make sure you have your account specifics in front of you at all times because you will get yourself confused as to who is what and having notes will help in that area. Good luck to you, as it is possible, but forget about your house being clean, having any social life, etc. Feel free to email me personally if you just need someone to talk to, as I have been where you are and still am.
Lots longer
I don't know - I've been an MT over 25 years, am a super fast typist, use expanders, and have a great platform and accounts, and it takes me a good 5-6 hours, with a 15 minute stretch break here and there, to make 1000 lines.  Bad dictators - a good 8 hour shift to make 1000.
THANK YOU ALL, lots of inspiration! NM
There are lots of differences

Acute care is so much broader as far as need for knowledge of terminology in many different specialities.  Clinic transcription can be of any specialty, but usually if you have a clinic account it will be limited to one or two specialties. 

There are many different work types in acute care.  Clinic work consists of mostly a history, physical exam, and plan.   Acute care includes things such as operative notes, consultations, etc.  which are "a whole different ballgame" as far as terminology.          


there are lots of good MTs like you.sm
but they are NOT the ones that are always applying to companies...they are not the ones that leave a client in the lurch or fit the description.

I have had a lot of really good ladies working for me for a LONG LONG time now and would do anything to keep them because a good Transcriptionist is so hard to find.

But there are those that give MTs a bad reputation just like in all professions.

Good MTs do not sit on these boards blasting people asking legit questions. Good MTs are the ones always answering the word boards, equipment boards, etc with kind and thoughtful answers. There are many of those...just wish I could find one or two more
Actually there are lots of happy MQ MT's...
but it all depends on which "office" they work for - Columbus=Happy/Amherst=Unhappy.


No consistency!

LOL! Lots of OPs? Or are you an MQer too? ;)
..."was reamed," lol. 
Me too, lots of bankies.
Also hubby, dogs and cats.
i do rad work & i need lots more of it!

Yes, tea has lots of antioxidants -

But there are lots of fields where you can come right out

what you get a degree in.  Something like sociology, anthropology, etc. - no, probably not many jobs.  Psychology you really need a graduate degree.  Social work you can find jobs with a bachelor's but not that well paying, so would need a graduate degree.

But look at a lot of the medical professions - heck, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, medical technology (except they call it something else now), radiology, pharmacy, etc. etc. - all are BOOMING.  Just gotta be smart about what you get your degree in.