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It's not in order of just generic???

Posted By: Need to relook... on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: Quick Look Drug Book - NCMT

The drug information is under the generic of the medication. It's in order of brand as well but under brand it says see (generic name) on page --- for the information on it. I love this book and use it constantly.

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generic also --sm
The only thing this one particular person who keeps jumping on people the minute they post anything at all seems to understand is that she has been in this business for *all of her adult life*, which she seems to feel gives her the right and necessity to berate others for anything she feels she wants to. It is a through and through superiority complex and I guess it makes her feel good to put other people down simply for asking a question. Once she attacks someone with her spiteful comments, suddenly all her little cronie followers think that gives them the right to berate and belittle someone too. What she does not understand is that seniority does not mean superiority and as far as I am concerned, 30+ years or not, she has an awful lot to learn about how to treat others. and she probably is not that good a Transcriptionist either because she is always on this board looking to start a fight or to make someone else feel bad. I know it is hard, but try to ignore her posts. it is her problem, not yours.
New generic drugs.
New generic name for viagra......................micoxafloppin.  Next.. please add.
generic drugs
I type drugs that are capped or have capital letters anywhere in them into autocorrect. Then I just type the drug just like it is generic, then autocorrect "corrects" it.
I seriously doubt the generic
be any sort of proficient with transcription.  Heck, the medical VR programs can't even get it right and they are SUPPOSED to bed trained to the dictators voice.  Good luck if you're looking for a quick way - I don't think you've found it with Word speech recognition.
Generic vs Brand drugs
I have these in my Shorthand program and they are typed correctly - upper or lower case. No matter how I type them they wind up correct. If the word is at the beginning of a sentence, Shorthand capitalizes it there, which would be correct.
i buy almost all generic, make a list when i
go shopping and don't buy things that aren't on it (unless it's a necessity like t.p. or toothpaste.) plan ahead on meals and buy in bulk and freeze. it's just me and my 3 yo so we can get 2 almost 3 meals from one, that is if you can handle that much left overs. keep curtains closed in the rooms that get direct sun to keep them cooler-opposite in the winter. i don't buy extra 'goodies' like candy/chips/snacks. i'm really regretting that one today-i need a chocolat fix right now :)
only buy things on sale, if you must buy 'new' clothes wait until the end of the season and by then it's usually 60-70% off. buy gifts all year round when things go on sale, the person you're getting it for will never know plus if something comes up and you need something last minute, you've got it! the other things that i would consider a luxury i wait and use them as gift ideas for my family to get for myself and my son.
KCl is the generic, Kay Ciel name brand
Offsite MTs have no way of knowing if physcian is using name brand or not unless he specifies. In most cases a service will defer to the generic to be as accurate as possible.
Need suggestions, generic vs proprietary drugs

It seems there are so many anymore that i have trouble remembering not to capitalize -- how do the rest of you remember? 

I am using docuscribe and the quick correct feature does not seem to work for converting back to lower case.  Any suggestions?

Is there any easy way to remember which drugs are generic and do not get capitalized. We get that
deducted in our monthly randoms from Amherst if we forget a capital letter.
"wav" pedal is a generic term. Some software is

proprietary and requires a specific "wav" pedal.  Download ExpressScribe for free (google for URL).  You can open one of your completed files using ExpressScribe and if it plays okay then your pedal will work, unless of course you get a job that may use a proprietary software and then it may or may not work. 

I bought mine at Staples, generic brand for 9.99.
generic reply--guess I struck some nerves

I don't know how long you MTs have been in the business who have replied negatively to my posts, but I started at a hospital for an hourly wage, which seems to have fallen by the wayside. At any rate, did they switch me out to different hospitals while I was workking there? NO, they did not. And, if they had, it wouldn't have mattered because I was paid hourly and it DIDN'T COST ME MONEY to do so.

We are paid BY PRODUCTION, and anything they do that affects MY PRODUCTION affects MY INCOME. Don't you get that? It doesn't hurt them to do this, it affects OUR paychecks.

I'm beginning to understand that it is possibly some of your attitudes--and probably lack of other choices, I know--that has caused this downfall in the MT field.


why let him call you lazy more than once? also, sit him down and make him transcribe a generic note.
Easy reference list for brand/generic meds
Here is the link:

You can also click on the link below if you don't want to cut and paste
Is there an easy way to enter generic drugs and brands into your spellchecker ? ( a fast way)

You can cross-reference generic and brand names and get dosage info at...SM
RXList.  I guess buying a drug book every other year wouldn't be a bad idea.  When I was a newbie, I used to think I had to buy a new drug book every year until I discovered the wealth of info on the internet and I just write new terms in my books.  I know some people like to keep their books pristine, but I make notes in mine all of the time.
save a generic dictation, sit the person at your desk and tell them to type what they hear
not in age-order...but
sun-in for the hair was as brave as we got -- and trying to convince dad i didn't do anything to my hair...

rolling up our skirts at the waist when we got to school so they'd be above our knees..

when velvet oxfords were the coolest

when rollerskates had keys (i still have my key)

getting vaccines at school via sugar cubes

or howabout when seatbelts first came out in cars...

going to visit great-grandma and she would sit and read the Bible, while i read "highlights" magazine and how she'd try to give me 'a penny' for my thoughts...
Must See TV (in no particular order)
1. Law and Order (especially SVU)
2. Judge Judy
3. Dr. Phil
4. Dateline.
You can just order them that way.
I ordered mine from Gateway w/ XP and really like it.
Where to order from:
This is the best place I have found, from Executive Communications. You can email Tom at:


or go to their website, just Google Executive Communications. It is located in Ventura, California.
You can order them here
the natural order in the would does not
Well, I guess we better never, ever order from them again
No wonder they can never hear your order. nm
....Would you like India with your order sir?
I can understand how incredible it seems that fast food chains are outsourcing BPO services, BUT IT IS TRUE.
Will never order a Dell again

I ordered an XPS400, over $1,000, with extras.  I was assured this had a 15-pin game port for transcription, did not need to have it added on.  Get it in the mail today and no game port.  There is a 15-pin port, but the monitor is on it.  They said it included a DVI adaptor for the monitor, said it was included, but it is not.  So I tried Delll Chat and was not able to get through, was told I was not a customer. 

whoops - in order to see them all....sm
in my prior post, in order to see them ALL, you have to scroll all the way down in my prior post.............sorry *L*
Congratulations are again in order...

He just came to get the rest of his belongings!  Two police officers were with him.  It's snowing here, but I put everything and I mean EVERYTHING of his outside.  He took his dog and off he went.  I watched all of it from my livingroom window. 

On a personal note, today is his 28th birthday!  I say Happy Freakin' Birthday and GOOOOOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Here is a list of emoticons to demonstrate how I'm feeling...  It's the beginning of the end of my marriage and I love it.  Whooooooppppeeeeee!!!!!  Congratulate me!!!!!

My first order of business would be...

to desposit an unexpected load in my shorts at winning!  Holy crap that is awesome for you!   I can squeeze the living daylights out of a dollar, and with that kind of cash I'd most definitely put myself down for a sabattacle from the danged keyboard!  I'd invest it, just because I've always wanted to do that but never had nuthin' to work with.  Lame, I know, but I don't call myself "hayseed" for nuthin'! 

Congratulations again!!  Wow!!   

Order new computer without it ....
Was told by computer person not to get it. By the end of the year there would be another update to correct everything that was wrong with Vista.  Same thing happened with Millenium.  I will be waiting for the next update. 
need to order a dell with XP.
or should I be able to just order it on-line?  Any preferences?  Thank you.  Merry Christmas.




Welcome to the New World Order!
Our losing our jobs to overseas companies is part of "globalization," which is a major facet of creating their New World Order.
Why would you need to get out of anything in order to look up info?????
All you need to do is minimize screens to bottom . . . HUH??
Thanks so much. I will Google PC Concepts and see what I come up with. Where did you order your
keyboard - on line?  Thanks!!!
All the Law and Order reruns ROCK
I've been disappointed with A&E lately aside from Law and Order.  The rest of that low-life crappola is neither artistic or entertaining. 
anyone ever order from comfort keyboard or
I'm waiting for my keyboard now for two weeks, when I was told it would take two days.  I just spent 300 hundred bucks on this thing, i've called several times, there is a tracking number and everything, but no one seems to know where my package is??  Just wondering if anyone has ordered successfully from these people and if I should just be patient.  This is why I do not order on line very much!
Gag order on employees-Is This Legal?

From the company board...  Is this legal? To have a gag order on employees?

Here is the link:  http://forum.mtstars.com/company/v/1/4575.html

Call a recruiter. No new employee can tell you this and let me tell you why...

There is a very specific, fairly new paragraph in the information that new hires are sent: If you talk about your salary, you can be terminated.

Salary is dependent on your test scores, your interview, the account you'll be on, and your experience. It differs for everyone, and it is competitve with other MTSOs. Your best bet is to call, or email, a recruiter. Their information can be found on
MT Jobs, MT Stars, and MT Desk in their weekly ads.

Best of luck in your job search!


Remember that in order to qualify with the IRS...sm

for a home office deduction you have to meet the following criteria.   Don't overdecorate or they may get you...


Do You Have a Deductible Home Office?


Tax 2005-54, March 17, 2005

Whether you are self-employed or an employee, if you use a portion of your home exclusively and regularly for business purposes, you may be able to take a home office deduction.

You can deduct certain expenses if your home office is the principal place where your trade or business is conducted or where you meet and deal with clients or patients in the course of your business. If you use a separate structure not attached to your home for an exclusive and regular part of your business, you can deduct expenses related to it.

Your home office will qualify as your principal place of business if you use it exclusively and regularly for the administrative or management activities associated with your trade or business. There must be no other fixed place where you conduct substantial administrative or management activities. If you use both your home and other locations regularly in your business, you must determine which location is your principle place of business, based on the relative importance of the activities performed at each location. If the relative importance factor doesn't determine your principle place of business, you can also consider the time spent at each location.

If you are an employee, you have additional requirements to meet. You cannot take the home office deduction unless the business use of your home is for the convenience of your employer. Also, you cannot take deductions for space you are renting to your employer.

Generally, the amount you can deduct depends on the percentage of your home used for business. Your deduction will be limited if your gross income from your business is less than your total business expenses.

Expenses that you can deduct for business use of the home may include the business portion of real estate taxes, mortgage interest, rent, utilities, insurance, depreciation, painting and repairs. However, you may not deduct expenses for lawn care or those related to rooms not used for business.

There are special rules for qualified daycare providers and for persons storing business inventory or product samples.

For more information, see IRS Publication 587, Business Use of Your Home.

If you are self-employed, use Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home, to figure your home office deduction and report those deductions on line 30 of Schedule C, Form 1040. Employees can use the worksheet in Pub. 587 to figure their allowable expenses and claim them as a miscellaneous itemized deduction on Schedule A, Form 1040.

To be on the safe side, you may also want to review IRS Publication 4035, Home-Based Business Tax Avoidance Schemes, which describes schemes that claim to offer tax relief but which actually result in illegal tax avoidance.

IRS publications and forms are available on this Web site or by calling the IRS at 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).


  • Publication 587, Business Use of Your Home (PDF 214K)

  • Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home (PDF 64K)

  • Form 8829 Instructions (PDF 29K)

  • Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business (PDF 111K)

  • Schedules A&B, Itemized Deductions and Interest & Dividend Income (PDF 116K)

  • Publication 4035, Home-Based Business Tax Avoidance Schemes (PDF 1704K)

Subscribe to Tax Ti

sounds like saturated order? sm
...drainage from her abdominal incision saturated?? order received....
Tried to order a keyboard from Dell.

Had ordered several from them before on line because I like their keyboards.

Went to their site, tried to pull up my order history, but it didn't work, so I called.  I wound up with someone SOMEWHERE in the world (not the USA), explained that I needed to order the same keyboard I ordered before.  (They had added new ones, so I wasn't sure which one I had ordered, and I couldn't pull up my past order history.)

Anyway, she kept asking me if I was using my business or personal credit card.  I explained my situation to her, that it was just a keyboard, and I wanted to put it on my credit card, but she still kept asking if it was business or personal, so much, in fact, that I became very leery of dealing with her, wound up telling her so and HUNG UP.

Turns out I had to buy a new computer in the last couple of weeks.  My choice WOULD have been Dell, but after my previous experience, I bought an Acer instead and LOVE it.  It's a LOT cheaper and works just fine.

I sometimes feel like the "queen" of on-line ordering, and I've never, ever had an experience with ordering on line that gave me such a negative "gut feeling" as I had with Dell.

All I can say is be very, very careful.

Thanks - can you tell me which one you use and the best place (i.e., price!) to order it from?
Thanks for your help.
How do you order movies from Direct TV?
I'm a fairly new subscriber to Direct TV and up until now when we wanted to watch a movie, we would just go to the video store and rent one.  I know Direct TV lets you order those movies from them and they put it on your bill and you get to watch the movie when you want to.  Do any of you do this and do you find it more convenient/more expensive?  Also, do you have to have a phone line to do this?  Exactly how does it work?  Thank you for the info and feeling a little dumb having to ask!
Help with Linking Order IDs in EXText
This is a new system for me and getting very little feedback from the tech people with the account.  Need help on how to link order IDs in Word Client (EXText).  Thanks for any info you can offer!
Link order IDs?? - what are you talking about??
By reputation, in order: 1. Andrews 2. M-TEC

Those are the big 3, and I've read enough posts on enough boards over the years to say that I think there really is a very strong general consensus on the order I've put them in.  Andrews and M-Tec are actually probably fairly close together in terms of reputation, with Career Step following close behind those 2.

Sounds like it would be more a matter of balancing the costs, time, etc., versus what is offered by each, but if possible, I would think going with Andrews would not only result in better career opportunities, but also just a lot less frustration in the future with difficult dictators, etc., because of the better overall training and foundation they give. 

Ctrl K in order to add items to your sm
expansion (in the "text to type" box), such as bold, underline, enter. Don't forget to use the ctrl K and whatever "function" key you used to turn on the function, to turn it off again. For example, Ctrl K, then Ctrl B turns on the bold function, but it will need to be turned off by the same method after you type "HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:" in the text to type box when initially creating your expansion.

You don't say what the order of plugging/unplugging was.
I know that in the past this has created a problem for me. I have had to reset my modem a few times but, more often, the problem was with the router. Simply unplugging my router (while the cable was connected to it) to reset it has solved that problem.
You have to in order to get back into the software, but it's not
Do you have to work for a company in order to use VR?

Can an IC MT also do VR, or is the cost for VR too expensive for IC's to buy and use themselves?  I am curious, as I see many MT's posting about VR, and I wonder if they are transcribing for a company or as an IC.  

Also, if you are an IC and do use VR, what is the best program and how much does it cost.

Thanks for any and all advice~