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how much do editors make on average

Posted By: esp MQ...PLEASE ANSWER on 2005-09-12
In Reply to:

Per hour?  I'm struggling so bad with hand and arm pain, I will have to quit typing, I have no choice.  I have no other skills, I am in school right now and the pain is incredible.  Please tell me how much you get paid per hour, if it is worth my while to switch or just take on a second job having nothing to do with MT and type less.  If it is under 15 an hour, I cannot afford it, thanks in advance. 

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how much do editors make on average
Per hour?  I'm struggling so bad with hand and arm pain, I will have to quit typing, I have no choice.  I have no other skills, I am in school right now and the pain is incredible.  Please tell me how much you get paid per hour, if it is worth my while to switch or just take on a second job having nothing to do with MT and type less.  If it is under 15 an hour, I cannot afford it, thanks in advance. 
I have seen editors/QA people act put-upon because we make mistakes.
That's their JOB to correct mistakes.  And while we are working on production and a QA/Editor has time to listen to something over and over, they act like we should have gotten this and why was it sent to QA blah, blah.  Editors forget the sole purpose of their job is to fix the report and move on.  Some of them have to lord it over you with comments that are totally unnecessary.  Just give me the answer and I certainly don't need a speech or reprimand with the answer.  You do your job and I'll do mine.  I don't lecture you, don't lecture me.
I also average about you make! LOL
It actually gets me out of the house and not stuck in front of the computer all day, too!  Being in front this screen for too many hours causes havock on the mindset, ya know!  I like to print and deliver and see people!  I also like making the $35-50.00, which makes it all worth my while.... 
I agree with the average as 0.08 to 0.85, however if you type 200/lph you will make much more than y
I'd figure out an average I make per hour, and charge that. -nm
What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
same way in nursing - men in nursing make more on average than women in nursing and quickly
move into management. Just what we needed.
To all the QA/editors out there
I was wondering what are some of the funny mistakes you've come across and could you give examples?  Also wondering if you think the majority of mistakes made by MTs is due to laziness or just lack of knowledge.  Thanks.
You need to put your period inside the quotation marks, not outside.  You did that not once, but twice.  As an editor, you need to set an example.  Alas, you simply gave the poor complaining chap more ammo. 
Your email and that of the other editor below - 3 kids under age 5, wondering why she can't get anything done - indicate what some of the MTs here suspect - that some editors are just nasty tempered space cadets.

How do you know you are being stabbed in the back? Do you feel the knife through cyber space?

I hope you feel better after you vented.
Amen to that! I agree absolutely and totally 100% with you.
Wake up honey, without THEM you wouldn't have a job. If it were not for transcriptionists all of you would be history. You get a paycheck because of THEM.
MTs and editors
MTs are independent contractors and the editing position is salary.  Anyone interested is welcome to send resume to jeannemichael@cox.net.
well put! - they want EDITORS

By the time you "set type"

Follow all the little idiosyncricies demanded by all the white coats

Know the doctors names "slurred" by the other white coats

Corrected the work type

and oh yes.......the latest problem

The information is NOT on the screen because it has come to us too fast (remember that TAT!)

so we have to stop and enter that.

I feel like a dam^ed type setter - not a transcriptionist.

This is NOWHERE NEAR copy-ready work.

Last doctor I typed today I had to "re do" all his sentences, edit,

correct verb tenses, pronouns.

I'm not paid enough to be their mother, English teacher, and nose wiper.

Editors/QA should always be...
hourly or salaried. If you pay an Editor by production standards, they will just fly through the work trying to make an income, thus, missing a lot of errors. I was at a company that went from salaried editors to production, simply because one or two bad apples sat at home filing their nails on the clock, thereby ruining it for everyone else who was working honestly and consistently.
pay for editors
Oh my gosh, you make $20 an hour? Can you tell me where you work? I make a little over $14 and haven't had a raise in eons...I need the money too...
Pay for QA editors
QA - could you give a heads up where to find these jobs that pay more? I'm a QA person and do good work. I have asked for a raise but was ignored (believe it or not). I'm getting very frustrated and resentful toward this company.
QA editors, this is how I would
like to be corrected (general format):  (a)  Here is your error.  (b)  Here is how I want it done (c)  If this is a change, this is a notice of the change (d)  If I have had to correct you on this before, consider this a warning.  (e)  This correction deserves some explanation, so here it is. (f)  Research this first, but if you really do not understand it, contact me.    There are no unnecessary remarks either way.  There are no attempts to toss mean shots, because they serve no purpose.  A professional QA Editor can teach a new MT a great deal, and get that newbie to work WITH her, by setting a good example in terms of professional behavior.
The 2 bad editors???
What ended up happening with these two editors? Why did you have to let them go? How exactly are they "scamming" you? How much money was the check? Are you sure they received the check? Did you stop payment on it? That would be the intelligent thing to do. There really is no information here to warrant a warning to others. This kind of sounds more like trying to give someone a hard time because of them leaving. I don't think you can give information out like you are claiming, can you? Was your company treating them fairly? In my past dealings....there is always to sides of the story and the one who is usually spouting off if the one that is in the wrong.
MT editors - could you please tell me sm
what your job entails of on a daily basIt?  I have been transcribing for a long time now and I am thinking of looking into editing.  What do I need to know or do to obtain a position in the editing field?  TIA
I wonder if this was with editors or not
Good news for us, I guess but if they invest in this program they will want us to take less for editing and if it takes as long to edit as it does to type it, I don't see how we can take less. That is the next big fight we will have.
Sorry, but that's how my editors want me doing it.
I consider us MTs and editors

Help editors....
I'm in the midst of an editing test.  How do you make the correction above the word that needs correcting in MS Word 2000?
Any MT Editors here?

I havenít seen many posts (here or other MT boards) regarding this position, but the ones I have seen were not very favorable.  Is there anyone who does this and is happy with it?  I have taken a PT position with a company to do some editing.  It is a VR account.  I am told that the physicians are already VR configured, and that any jobs coming to me with lots of edits should be returned to them, as the configuring may need some tweaking.  I will be listening to the actual voice file while reading the report.  Is there such thing as a happy MT editor?  CathyB

A couple of questions for those transcriptionists who are editing as independent contractors, or those on a per-line basis.

How many lines per hour do you average in a day?
Are you paid for entire batches or only files that you have to read through and fill in blanks?
Have you worked with editing voice recognition files?

We are trying to come up with some averages for a new project we are working on.

We know VR is not accurate, we know that most docs do not train the system to use it properly, but it is a growing factor in our industry that we need to address rather than losing our clients.

If you're interested in learning more about editing VR files or have information related to same, please let me know.
About those editors....
Editors are for when you're first learning how to do this. Editors are also for when you specifically leave a blank in a report because you outright admit that you can't get a word or phrase.

Editors stop editing your work fairly early on in your career. Hopefully you don't have editors listening to all your work within 3-4 months after you first become a transcriptionist. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months, but really, there comes a point where you have to learn WHEN to ask for help, so that they can start teaching the next person down the line.

So, you need to learn to work as a transcripitionist, yet knowing that what YOU type will end up in a patient's chart, most likely without anybody else reading it except the doctor who signs the report (and we HOPE that HE/SHE actually reads it!!!!)

So yes, you need to be as close to 100% accurate as close to 100% of the time as is humanly possible.

No, NONE of us are 100% accurate 100% of the time.

We just do our very best.

And then we let it go. We know that after we have done our very best, that the ultimate responsibility rests on the doctor who signs the report. It is up to the doctor to read his/her report before signing to make sure it says what he/she meant it to say. (Don't slam me for this opinion - it is a matter of where the ultimate responsibility rests; I still try to do my 100% very best!)

As for doing our very best, that includes learning every shortcut we can learn in order to work smarter not harder.

Please see the tips I listed in a different post about how to make your autotext or glossary work for you. Common errors can be fixed automatically. Weird definitions can be remembered automatically.

One alternative to strictly typing is to maximize your glossary (some people call it autotext or expanders, it's basically all the same thing, just different names for different computer programs). Another alternative is to focus on VR (voice recognition, also known as medical editing). Maybe you're more likely to catch errors if you're correcting the computer's work instead of your own. (In my case, I find it easier to correct my own errors, but each person is different in this regard).

You can do this! Your kids can know that you're not just the chauffeur to their soccer games and the one who sleep-walks into their room at night to tuck them in! Really!
just editors...


just some editors

Yes, I see why she hates editors
If this comment is representative of your editing. There are ways to point out errors without making someone feel like an idiot.  These postings don't exactly need to be "edited," ya thank?
Do editors have to be certified? - nm
QA and editors are 2 different things

 "All Dictaphone transcription service partners are required to pass its rigorous certification program to ensure even higher levels of service and proficiency in speech recognition editing..."

(here is link to complete article)


 Why doesn't MQ ever tell there is "certification" for editors? 


WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE --- "certification program" 

I haven't heard anything about certifying editors, have you?

And if that's so we better get a HE^^ OF A LOT MORE MONEY!!!! doing it.



Aug. 30, 2005

CHRISTUS Health, a faith-based, not-for profit health care system comprising more than 40 hospitals, inpatient and long-term care facilities, clinics and other health care services serving more than 70 communities, has selected MedQuist as its premier vendor for documentation and speech recognition needs.

CHRISTUS Health was having challenges streamlining productivity and transcription costs. According to Robert Jacobs, CHRISTUS market information officer, a selection committee made up of HIM directors, radiology directors and physicians, evaluated vendors and selected MedQuist for its capabilities to provide front-end speech recognition and back-end speech recognition transcription services.

Normally editors are hired from within the
company, though I occasionally do see postings looking for editors/QA.  Almost all the posts I have seen are wanting people with at least 2 years recent QA experience or 10+ years MT experience.  Editing tends to pay less than MT.   Some companies pay per line and ideally you should be able to edit more lines a day than transcribing, so you might even out.  Some companies pay hourly, but the hourly rate is usually considerably less than what you would make as an MT.  There are various kinds of editing - VR, editing offshore work where you have to edit 100% of the work and correct probably 50% of it, editing where you just fill in blanks, and then fill in blanks and 100% edit files on a regular basis to monitor quality.   
Question for VR editors

Doc says arthritis in fingers needs a rest from pounding the keys so much.  For those of you that do VR, do you find you have to type as much as when you transcribe all the time.  Too old to change careers and prefer to stay at home, so looking for a different out in the MT vocation. 

Thanks in advance

Editors: question for you
My boss keeps hiring people with no experience.  I think this is beyond the Editor definition.  They basically need to be taught way too much.  I'm giving far too much instruction.  Should I ask for more pay for when I edit these certain trainees?  If so, how much.  Why can't she hire anyone decent?  Are there really no good people out there?
question for VR editors
What is the motivation for you to try to end our jobs for MT?  If you train the computer to recognize inaudible voices, you are eliminating your own job as well as the jobs and careers of countless others. If you refused to work for low pay to edit dictators we would have a future still. No computer does this alone without human help.  Please tell me why you all cooperate? You know that once it is trained, you move on to the next.
Powerscribe editors, can you help? (sm)
I've been offered a job editing via Powerscribe reports. Whatever you can tell me about this platform, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Also, is a per report rate normal for this type of editing? If so, what is a good or standard rate?

Thanks again!
Question for Editors
For those of you who edit VR, how did you learn to do this? I am strictly a Transcriptionist and am wondering how you break into editing.

My editors ARE TESTED
The editors for my company are tested and they are trained at 100% before they are turned "LOOSE".  They also have 3% of their work audited. 
Any Powerscribe editors out there...
...is it possible to make decent money on a per report or per line basis editing PS?  I've used it before (in-house MT) but was paid hourly.  I checked the Archives and it seemed the going rate for PS editing was 0.70 - 0.90/report.  Hmmm...is it worth it?
Incentives for Editors



What are the kind of incentives provided for non-exempt employees paid by the hour - is it by number of reports or length (minutes) of reports edited?






The MT's are now the editors. Everyone changing to SR. SM
They are calling MTs "editors" for doing SR. They are also hiring like crazy, since they predict many new "editors" will quit because of cut in pay.
Guessing editors
This drives me crazy.  We got an e-mail awhile back that said if the doctor does not dictate the account number or DOS then to send the job to editing.  Well this one editor, who I've already called out for being incredibly rude and unprofessional, continues to type, DOS must be filled in if it's not filled in then use date of dictation.  Like heck I will!  If the demographics show only date of admission and it's say 04/05 and today is 04/23 BUT in the report it says the patient was sent home on postop day 4 or it says they have a followup appt on 04/12 then they obviously weren't discharged TODAY!!  I've got a couple editors that guess on a horrible dictator based on his samples and that drives me nuts too.  Whatever happened to professional pride?
Voice rec editors don't have to have the
level of experience & knowledge required to be a QA. Correcting voice rec & grading/auditing an MT aren't even comparable.
doctors as editors
What a marvelous idea. I have worked for many doctors as a physician assistant before there was a school for one. It is nice to see one who doesn't have "little man syndrome" as so many do. But, I have to say, I worked for some of the best. The pay is not much as mentioned in the other answer, but with your determination, I am sure you will find something. Have you thought about working for an insurance company reviewing claims? I am sure that would pay much more.

I wish you the best of luck. It is refreshing to know someone who really wants to do whatever it takes!
Have any of you editors ever scored anyone at a negative 27% before?
I went over this several times and I keep getting the same score.  I have never had this happen before and am wondering if anyone else has.  This is beyond me and I have no clue what to do.  Under comments on my score sheet, I just put "I don't even know what to say."  Any feedback is appreciated. 
Amen MQMT! I think we have the same editors.
When hiring editors (or MTs), I do not consider CMT status...sm
I do not give CMTs preference simply because of their certification. I require the same testing process for each applicant. Many applicants who are not certified score well above applicants who are. I am not certified by choice and have never held a position where certification would have affected my paycheck. I'm neither for or against it; I'm completely neutral. If a Transcriptionist wishes to obtain certification for his/her personal satisfaction, then I'm all for it, but professionally speaking, from my perspective, it is irrelevant.
QA editors adapt more quickly, but anyone can....
do VR if they are a decent MT. You're basically listening to the voice, making changes. If you know your stuff, you're fine, i.e. knowing the difference between "your" and "you're."
If a company uses VR editors,does that mean they offshore?