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What do I do about continually late

Posted By: paychecks? on 2008-01-09
In Reply to:

I started with a company a few months ago and with the exception of one paycheck coming on the actual due date every check has been late.  One was two weeks late with all other ones being a little over a week late.

I like the accounts but this is putting me in a bad financial situation when it comes to paying my bills.  Is it worth staying with a company because of good accounts and good pay if this is happening?

I have emailed several times about this but it keeps on happening.  I have recently let them know that I would have to find employment elsewhere if this issue was not resolved. 

I do not want to start over again though.  Any comments/ways to resolve this would be great.  TIA.


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i would definitely ask. If they are continually
praising your work then you deserve it after 2-1/2 years.
you continually say completely normal....sm

normal does not exist today on any level, cultural, socioeconomical, et al.....

You must be one of those who has preconceived ideas on sanity.......LOLOL

Oh yeah, D.C. is real normal these years.....Washington DC that is...ROFL

as long as the govt continually refuses to

Our kids will be at risk.  I am one who pushed for public schools, thinking if a kid can get through public schools they end up being able to deal with all types/cultures of people.  The govt puts *security guards* in most public schools and the incidents have escalated in the past 20 years!!!  Until the govt cares about our kids, IN ALL AREAS, we are not safe.  I just read today that the US is not checking prisoner mail all across this country regarding terrorists....it's like it's a HALF-ARSED job is being done....they are only going to START checking all the cargo on airplanes, did you know that?  Yep, the cargo underneath where we all sit on a plane is JUST NOW going to commence getting screened/checked.

It's, unfortunately, been evident to me for way too long a time in this country that they don't TRULY CARE about our children, and our children ARE THE FUTURE.  Really galls me and my child is now 25.  *tsk tsk on all of them.......

Unproductive work types continually, for me, DS with ESLs and residents. nm
Too late now, but what you should have done...
You probably should have deprived yourself of sleep last night and slept today, or better yet a couple nights in a row, just cleaning house or something to keep you "awake" so you can get a jump start on training your sleep cycle.

It is SO hard to do this job sleep deprived because it is so sedentary. I can easily stay up 24 to 35 hours as long as I'm doing something physician and nonbrain-taxing.

If you find yourself nodding off, take a 45-minute nap. I'm sure your employer will understand this is something hard to go into "cold turkey."

Good luck!
Late fee

I do the opposite, I offer a small discount when they pay within five days and in the past five years I have had my checks well within that time frame (usually 2 days) and never have had to ask for my check.  



Late fee
I really don't think a late fee is going to make them pay you any earlier.  You really need to sit down with the office manager or whomever  processes your invoice and talk with them.  They probably won't pay the late fee and still take 3 weeks to pay you.  If you stay with the account and this has been a chronic problem you gotta budget to have money to tide you over for the 20 to 30 days or how ever long it takes them to process your check.   Talk to them see what they say and then decide if it is worth the frustration to continue with it.   If this has been going on for quite a while doesn't sound like it is going to change so you either have to live with it or find another account.    In 22 years of doing my own accounts I have never had anyone pay me any later than 10 days after recepit of invoice and that was just a couple of time.  I guess I am lucky but it is the truth. 
late pay
Well, I feel the same way, I don't want to mention the name of the company at this point. I do know however the company actually goes to pick up the checks from the hospitals and has to get them in the bank before she pays her ICs! I have been in this business over 20 years and it's the first time I have encountered something like this.
Late $
We sound like we are in a similar boat. Very nice people, very appreciative of good work, and it does get paid, just late, which most of us cannot handle because our bills need to be paid on time. How do you manage with your bills?
late pay
It isn't easy! When she does pay I try to get enough ahead to pay bills when she is late which is basically every pay period. And luckily, my husband has a good job, but it is one which slows down in the cold months. I Christmas shopped about 6 months ago! Plus, our work has not been slow and I have been able to make an extra $200 or so each week. How do you manage?
Late pay??
Ok, I've never had a problem getting paid before, so I'm not sure what to do. I worked for this small MT company and they still owe me a month's worth of pay. I've tried emailing the person, but she just keeps blowing me off. What should I do next?? (Of course, I quit.) Thanks.
You will get a 30-day late on your...

credit report.  You may also get an "Intention to Foreclose" letter, which will scare the heck out of you.  Those letters standardly go out the day after the 30 days passes.

I agree that your best bet would be to ask for one deferred payment.  Some lenders will do that, but some are very hard-nosed and NEVER do it. 

Will you be able to make your March payment before the end of March?  If so, you should try to schedule both February's and March's payment to come out of your account on specific days . . . say, on March 2 (as you mentioned) and even March 31.  That will keep you from getting another 30-day late.

Once you start to lag behind, it is soooo hard to catch up again.  I'm hoping they let you defer a payment. 

153 in my late 20s...however I do believe it is going down.
as I once was, that's for sure.
don't know if too late, but....sm
doesn't your insurance cover such things...mine would have replaced the whole thing.
Definitely late 40s for me
Here I sit, having worked six days in a row with one day off and starting new week facing more OT due to computer down with one MT and death in family with another.

Did it in my 20s and 30s with no problem.

Now, however, I have eye strain and sore hips from sitting so long and really am rum-drummy if that is a good description. Fear making an error.

And, I do not make much more money as I have to proof everything and think before I type which slows me down in long run.

Yes, give me 40 hour week over the age of 40. Long complicated reports is where my expertise is these days.

Late Pay

I recently had to leave a wonderful lady and I mean absolutely wonderful due to late payments.  She had paid late several times over the last year.  I had even changed my bill dates so that I could accomodate the usually no more than 5 days late that she consistently was with pay.  Last month she was 6 days late, which would have been okay with me, except that I had an automatic payment come out the day before the pay was due to be DD (which I signed up for due to promise that pay would be on time this way).  Fortunately I was paranoid and called my bank and was made aware of the problem, but I had to borrow from my niece, my 21-year-old niece!!  HOW HUMILIATING!!!  I told my very extremely wonderful MTSO that I could not work for her if she was late again.  I also had it set up that all I needed was my August pay checks on time (meaning within the 5 day "grace period" I gave her) and the September 1st paycheck, then I was set to just put her checks into savings. 

Well, that never happened.  It did not occur to me that she would dare be late, but come August 21 I went to deposit a refund check from a Church camp as it was canceled due to fires, and the bank tells me that after depositing $220 that I was still short in my account!  To make things worse, it was not my money that paid for the camp.  I was depositing the refund check and then writing a check to my mom's Church as she had used her tithe money to pay for my girls to go to camp!  I still was trying to be calm at this point and asked the MTSO what was going on, well supposedly she had sent me a check on the 7th of August.  Funny thing is I did not even bill her until the 9th.  First it was a certified check, then it was a money order, then it was sent on a different date.......... I could go on and on, but needless to say I had to quit.  I cannot afford to work for free.  I cannot afford to be late on my bills. 

I stayed with this MTSO for so long despite late payments because I thought I new I would always get paid.  We had a GREAT working relationship, except the pay, and I really wanted the long time IC, great reference that this provided me...... you know a real "feather in my cap" for my resume.  I plan on going after my own accounts next year after saving a couple of months worth of bills.  BUT, in the end I had to threaten legal action to even get what I was owed, and I was sick for several days because of how ......... well sick this made me to have to "burn" that bridge, and how sick it made me because I ended up having to get very, very ugly (which made me even more sick) in order to get more than "I will check into that and get back to you" on when I was going to get paid. 

This is a touch situation that you are in and only you can make the final decision.  I personally LOVE being an MT.  I just have learned to not "put all my eggs into one basket."  I work for a couple of companies, one a national and one an MTSO.  I can get extra lines at both if desired.  It can take a long time to find the right fit, so hang in there if you like being an MT.  Of course, teaching is a very honorable and rewarding career choice too. 

Please excuse any typos, tired, but felt it very important to respond to this one to let OP know she is not alone and there is hope.

This is probably too late but....
Oncology was my specialty for years, and I felt like you...so difficult. Then one day the codgy old oncologist that was a detailed and strict dictator started dictating a report about his patient and started to cry....me too.

No one is spared this...IMO

Its too late know, but I would not have even said
anything to the first company.  If they are sending you such little work you should have been able to juggle both companies for a short while.  I don't think they terminated you because of a different job though. 
Trying to help but maybe too late

This is the procedure I found for when you want to transfer glossary from one computer to another, I'm assuming you do not have access to the other computer:

You need only send your .glo files to the new computer through an email attachment, through floppy, jump drive or other media, and save to C:InstTextGlossary folder. Then open IT and finally, open the glossaries.

Sure it is SS that is late and not your bank? They have to
build deposit files and it may be the banking system having problems.

Just trying to help.
Oops, too late

I'm sure I will regret my decision, but I have decided to ride the storm out

I am in Slidell which is on the north shore, but I know we are going to see extensive wind damage and who knows what else!

Yep! Especially late afternoon.. nm
late fees
My business attorney told me I could really charge whatever I wanted - BUT - it had to be put as a disclaimer on the bottom of every billing you send them-- that is their "notice" -- you can't just charge them without warning them.  I charge 5% of total billing.  Mine reads something like "late fee of 5% will be charged if invoice is not paid within 10 calendar days."   Be careful on the verbage of calendar days versus business days.   And don't be afraid to charge it or defend it -- every other vendor they have is charging it!!

I want to talk about why so many MTSOs pay late.  We have all read the posts about complaints of independent contractors receiving late payments.  We have all read that some people feel these companies that pay late do not know how to manage the company.   I would imagine that many of these late-paying companies have not received their payments from their accounts, and they themselves are waiting for their money, so that they have enough money in the bank to pay the contractors.  I suspect that many of these companies do not pay late intentionally and maliciously.  I think they have a problem with cash flow mainly because their accounts may be slow to pay.  Many of these MTSOs probably do not have bank privileges to allow them to write checks to the ICs (while awaiting their payments).  So what do we ICs do when this happens?  Just be patient and understand this is the nature of the beast?   We are at the mercy of the accounts and their payments to the MTSOs.  What can the MTSOs do to improve their situation with cash flow?  Some people post notes suggesting to quit, run the other way, and find a better-paying company.  This is not always that easy to do.  This seems an unfortunately typical problem.  Doesn't the problem lie mainly with the hospitals and clinics themselves, who fail to pay on time to their MTSOs that serve them 24/7/375?  Suggestions?  Ideas? 

Late payers
I have posted facts to back up my statements, as listed under posts from MoodyJen. I however, am a bit concerned about mentioning the name of the MTSO, repercussions, etc. What is your thought on that.
late payer
I am also hesitant to name the company.  I have worked for a small company a couple of years and pay is ALWAYS late.  I consistently do over 2000 lines a day for this company and I have about had it.   She is a very nice person and is obviously going through some hard times, but how long do you hang on ??
late reports
All of those reports should be dispersed, filed, etc. within a day's time. To consider that as low priority is ridiculous. I guess I'm surprised some of that hasn't been outsourced. They could hire a temporary service employee/clerical worker to clean that up immediately! No excuse for the negligence on the part of the worker with reports 30 days old.
Yes. Use MT while you learn something else. It's never too late. nm
Is it too late to uninstall it from my PC?

late dictation
Sounds like joint commission is coming to call!
I'm in my late 40's, and healthy. Tried it
on doc's recommendations. Took my first pill and thought my heart had stopped. Really had a bad feeling on it, like I would have a heart attack. Nearly went to the ER, but it wore off after exactly 8 hours. My teen daughter was prescribed it for a while, and after a few days developed a deep red rash all over - so we did not have good experiences with it.  I'd be very careful.
The late, the great..............
Rodney Dangerfield.  Now THAT was a man!
that's okay, you are just excited and it is late--sm
and you have probably been typing all day, so the ol' fingers probably aren't working right. I wish you all the best! You are doing what I have only dreamed of my whole life! Love to write and *settled* for typing transcription. Good Luck to you!
I'm jumping in a day late.
I just wanted to second that dogs don't do well with berber. My dog loosened one loop while chewing/playing with something (I can't remember whether it was a treat or toy). When he realized what he'd done, he then proceeded to pull it until I had a huge run in the carpet dead center in the room. We've never had behavior problems with him since we got him, but he didn't know any better and kept right on going. I vowed never to get berber again after that.
Well...get a late model

I would go to the different stores and website to find one that is new but last years model if you don't want Vista.  They are starting to be preinstalled. 

Personally, I love my Gateway and they have all american customer service and tech support.   It is nice to call and talk to someone that can understand me the first time! They have been very prompt and understand that my system is important for work.  I have only had one minor issue which was probably me and not the computer. 

The transcription was not late...
Ummm the account was up-to-date and when I got back a few hours later I did more files.  I just didnt get the full lines in that night.  There was nothing late though.  But that still has nothing to do with compassion.  I do understand, also having my own account, that it needs to stay in turnaround and it was that night.
Late to the party, but B is right.
I have Office 2003, Teachers & Students Edition, and it does indeed allow installation on 3 computers in a household.

When you activate trial versions, you have no backup in case of computer/hard drive failure.

Also, you MAY be able to get physical media for pre-installed computer software from the manufacturer, but at the very least you'll pay shipping and handling, and probably a nominal fee for the CDs. Most now place the restore software on the computer's hard drive. It's up to the owner to back that up in case of emergency.
Non or late payment
Just giving all MTs out there that a company called med-tech is not paying or paying their employees late.  I have done some research on them and have found severla employees complaining of this.
Non or late payment
Gosh! We work hard enough for peanuts as it is!
Hi! Sorry I'm so late in responding SM

I have tons of entries (like 45,000+), but I never really learned how to do commands on it.  I did learn this from someone though: 

yow = {@KEY BkSp}-year-old woman

...it will go back one space and attach to the number.  So,I type 20 yow and it expands out to 20-year-old woman....I have yoaaf, yoaam, yowf, yog, yob, yogent, yomn, etc.  For instance:

yomn = {@KEY BkSp}-year-old man

the key is to use the {@KEY BkSp} before each expansion.

Hopefully this is what you were needing help with! 

Here is a list (I hope this works!)

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old Hispanic female

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old Hispanic male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old lady

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old little boy

KEYWORD: yolhg
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed gentleman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old left-handed woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old man

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old patient

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old patient

KEYWORD: yorhcf
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed Caucasian female

KEYWORD: yorhdm
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-hand-dominant male

KEYWORD: yorhdmn
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-hand-dominant man

KEYWORD: yorhf
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed female

KEYWORD: yorhg
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed gentleman

KEYWORD: yorhm
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed male

KEYWORD: yorhw
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old right-handed woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old son

KEYWORD: yosib
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old sibling

KEYWORD: yosis
{@KEY BkSp}-year-old sister

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old woman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white female

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white gentleman

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old white male

{@KEY BkSp}-year-old young woman

Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like!

Chickadee :)

My pet peeve as of late

MTs and/or QA who write for assistance, help or support and then point out any item in my reply that they feel is an error.  Looking at their own e-mail requests, I could point out the flaws and errors in their writing as well; however, I choose not to as that is not the point. 

My point:  You mistakes and so do the people who work to support you.  It is petty of you to point out everyone's mistakes when you make them, too.

Paid Late, would yours be in VA?? nm
A little late but here's a thought
Seems like there needs to be some kind of "kindly" confrontation here. I think many times it's tough to face these issues -- with all due respect would some guy let this go!? If you have any kind of relationship with this PT group -- somebody has to sign your check... What about just taking a big fat risk and asking??? They, of course, can reply that they can hire anyone they want, but surely it's worth checking it out. And also to this other MT. Maybe she's unaware of fair play (usually) in this industry. I honestly don't think I could swallow this and be able to work for them like this. I had a sales manager once (used to sell computers) say "not everyone qualifies to be one of your customers." Maybe this group doesn't qualify to be one of your clients! This is a can of worms that should be opened, hang the consequences. 2cents.
Late paychecks
I hope you do not work for D&L Typing - they have a history of paying late and then not at all. Beware, they also work under a new name no one is supposed to know about.

In any event - Send them an invoice with late fees and penalties - you are a independent contractor - if you do not pay your bills you get charged, charge them.
**transcribing - too late in the day (lol)
Message a little late, but
yes, I have worked for Spheris for 8 years now, in several different positions, and find it to be a rewarding, fulfilling career, with wonderful tech support, state-of-the art equipment and platforms, and supportive managers who are always encouraging.  Yes, they outsource to India, but that in no way interferes with the work we have for U.S. MTs.  There is always more than enough work to go around, and many times way too much work to handle, and in all the years I have worked there we have NEVER ran out of work.  My paycheck is always on time and my benefits are great.  In my opinion, this is the best work-from-home transcription company out there.
You are right, but you are a few decades too late --
Even if it did happen decades ago (an MT union), it would have done little good these days. Not to mention that some unions became more corrupt than the companies they were to protect the workers from.

Also--Have you heard about this new fangled thing called "offshoring?"

Ooooh, Let me tell you about it--It's an amazing process:

1. Over-paid, greedy corporate swines take great jobs from perfectly competent American workers.

2. The swines strip the jobs of all decent benefits/wages/perks.

3. The stripped down jobs are then doled out to low-wage, low-skilled "workers" in third-world countries at a small percentage of original base salaries.

4. The CEOs then stuff their already over-stuffed pockets with cash they save by hiring cheap labor and not paying decent wages/benefits.

5. The American workers are then left scurrying, collecting unemployment, looking for another job, considering going back to school or selling roses on the street corners, whatever works for them, to make their ends meet.

What a process!! Amazing!! So American, isn't it??

To try to form a union now would be a pointless, no-win situation (we are all too scattered, there is no-one to back us up (think money), there is too much money behind the American CEOs and Indian CEOs that could crush us).

Nice thought, but a little too little too late.

I would say find another career. It is never too late. I am in school now (entirely different field) with a woman in her mid 60s, and she has already had multiple job offers.

I have been trying to fight all of this offshoring for quite a few years now, but I am exhausted and have thrown in the towel and decided I am a valuable employee and have decided to move on and take my experience and skills with me.

Good luck to you in whatever you do.

I let mine stay up late too

And it does help some, but still, I know what you mean about them being bored while you work.  I actually do have a separate office now, after working for the first 5 years in the living room/dining room.  It really doesn't help though, because now my office is their favorite place to play....Ironically, it's also the smallest room in the house.  Some days I just ban them from my office altogether, so that means they stand at the door and whine at me!! LOL  My point is, they're going to want to be where mommy is, no matter if you have an office and they get the rest of the house.  It's just one of the many joys of motherhood.  I just tell myself that one day I'm going to look around and they'll be gone....and then I'll wonder "What NOW?" 

SoftScript paycheck late again?!!
Any other SS employees get their paycheck?  Mine is late again! And I have direct deposit- so sick of this.  Why do I stay!! aagghh
Anyone here late like me? I have a ? on word board. Thanks! :) NM
? lidopine bis-a-late 10 mg daily
Anyone heard of this.  I posted on word board but got no help.  Need STAT.