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irrelevant what MTSO charges the customer...

Posted By: Old MT on 2006-05-06
In Reply to: Question about what is PAID for a line and what is BILLED for a line - Kathy

as long as you feel the price they pay you is sufficient for you. nuff said.

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MTSO charges
I do not believe that no one on this board knows how much is charged - I believe no one wants to say - I think that MTs, either employees or ICs would leave under great numbers if all was known about any MTSO.  I knew of one company that charged the client $25 per hour during the week and $27.50 on the weekends - that was to work in-house - some of the MTs were making $17.50 straight - weekday or weekend while others were making $11.00 - so you see - it varies and the MTSO's main concern is how much they are making - not so much what the MT is making - which is why we no longer make the money we used to - plus the outsourcing - but I know that it takes a lot more time to make any money than it used to.
honey, it works like this: The MTSO(service) charges the doctor X amount per line or report, and
takes part, gives you the rest. Therefore - the MSTO(or service) decides your pay.

If you are paid 8 cpl, surely you do not believe the service charges the doctor 8 cpl - do you?

how is Advance irrelevant?
The turth as you know it is irrelevant. The OP obviously has SM
some financial issues, and it was rude of you to not only a) not offer any advice (or keep your thoughts to yourself) and b) ramble on about how good you have it.

You had nothing relevant to say to help her. Save your self-promotion for another post, please. Someday the shoe might be on the other foot for you. Remember how you might feel when it happens.
Advance is irrelevant. Who cares what they say?
Her life in Mexico is irrelevant. She is still an
Personal preference is mostly irrelevant, IMO. SM
I single or double as requested or to conform to a standard mode, even if I do prefer double for readability. The VR accounts I work on are set to single space. FWIW, typing single spaces is faster.
The actual amount paid is irrelevant

more, but the value of it is more to them than it is to us.  For example, if you make $50 for a week's worth of work, do you think that's a lot in America?  Probably not.  But ask someone in a third world country if $50 is a lot of money to them and ask what it will buy them.

By offshoring work, the MTSO's are saving big bucks by paying foreign MTs far less than they pay us.  Therefore, there are many American MTs willing to accept a lower payrate for their work.  Thus, lowering the American standard of pay for this industry.  Got it?

It is irrelevant what percentage the service takes of 'your' earnings...sm

what matters is: is it worth it to you to work for that rate? On some accounts, my IC's might make only 50% of what I charge the client, on others they might be paid 80%. For one physician, I might charge 12 cents a line - if another calls, says they are in a jam and desperate to get their backlog done, I might bid it at 14.  But if you are satisifed with say 8.5 cents a line, it doesn't matter if your MTSO charges them 9.5 or 19.5.

As far as line rates to physicians, again, it depends on what the market will bear. You could call local physician offices and tell them you are an independent MT service and you are getting price ranges for the locality, and ask the OM what they are paying. That would give you an idea of what is competitive. In West  Virginia, they might be charging 18 cents per line, in Chicagoland they might be charging 11.


The line rate

Of Course Endiqua read your post. It is irrelevant to her what you wrote and she is fully prepared
Hush and take notes. Endiqua is the authority on all things and doesn't need to read your post or even understand it. She's got an opinion and by gawd you will listen. QA is annointed boss of you.

dude, your educational level means nothing when you post irrelevant drivel and you don't follow
a logical train of thought. "ROCK ON"???? OMG!

BTW, YOU CALLED THE NAMES DEAR POSTER. READ YOUR OWN POST AND THEN READ MINE. See that's what I'm talking about. The masses aren't all that bright and knowing that does not "empower" me. And with you bragging about a "degree" and "education" is even more depressing. imagine an educated person bragging about it after screwing up on two posts and not understanding the concept of the original post STILL! Scary stuff.
Vonage customer
No problems here. I wanted to go through Time Warner, as we already have cable and internet through them, and they display the number on your TV (very cool), but Vonage was still cheaper.
customer service

We tried for five solid weeks to get signed up with Vonage.  Wasted well over six full hours over the telephone (we just have a plain old residential house, some question of a second line coming out of the house, but no other complications) with 99% ESL's who could not communicate properly with us.  The savings were the carrot in front of our face, which is why we were so patient with having them try to get us set up, but because of one fiasco after another with JUST TRYING TO GET US SET UP, we decided it was not worth it.  We will wait until it has been perfected.  Also the 9-1-1 was a very important factor, as was Privacy Manager for us.    Weigh your options.  Best of luck to you.

For customer service.....
Someone filled me in that if (when) you get somebody from overseas, all you have to do is ask them to transfer the call to somebody in the states.  That way you don't have to try to decipher what they are trying to say, and you get someone from the U.S.  I tried this, and it worked well with no problems. 
Those Customer Service Centers
You have to do what I do. Sometimes if I call and I can't understand a word the service rep is saying to me (after telling me his name is Paul), I ask them to send me back to an office in the United States. They generally don't know what to say at that point because they have no scripted answer to that type of question. It gets your point across without having to resort to nastiness (not implying that you were in any way), which I used to resort to and you have stumped them to the point where they generally will return you to the main office which is in the U.S.

Take care and good luck with the doctor.
Up-date from CC offshore customer rep.

Okay, I found a phone number on my statement for thier "Premier" card so I called that number.  I asked where the rep was located and she told me Buffulo, NY and her name was Vivian.  I got the answer to my question and then told her I had initially called and got hold of a center in the Phillipines but I refused to talk to them.  I asked how I could go about lodging a complaint about the company offshoring.  She said she could forward the complaint for me but it probably wouldn't do any good.  I told her it would do some good if more people did as I was doing and also lodged complaints about offshoring.  I explained that in my profession offshoring a a huge problem and that it was only a matter of time before SHE lost her job to offshoring also.  I told her to include in my complaint that her bosses worked for  me and if I, and others like me, refused to use their services, her boss and the company's management would be looking for new jobs.  Vivian told me they have call centers all over the world and I just lucked out using the :"Premier"  phone number because I do not have a "Premier" card.  She said in the future if I want to get a rep in the US, I will probably have to hang-up and call back, several times maybe, until I got hold of a US rep.  (Yeah, right, I am calling the Premier number first thing).  But, at least I know what it might take to get a US rep.

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about all the US citizens trying to make a living, only to see their jobs go offshore? And I agree that it is "managament" that is responsible for this, but until we stand up for ourselve, no one else will.  Management works for us!!  Just like the managment of the MTSOs and even the Nationals have no job without us.  It it too easy to say, "Well, just this one time, I will use the foreign call center,  One time won't make a difference."  But it is that one time, added to your one time and added to her one time, added to my one time and on and on, that WILL make a difference.  It is too easy to sit back and wait for someone else to solve the problem.  That attitude will get us nowhere but out of work or working for slave wages

I realise even the offshore people are just looking to make a living but what about

Love it, I am a loyal customer
I have had it for over four years with no trouble. They have a 24 hour call-in center. You can also adjust your bandwidth settings on your Vonage account page, which was probably what was giving you internet problems. I have never experienced this. It was probably your equipment or your settings that you should have adjusted.

The only downside is when your cable or DSL is out, so is your phone. This only happens every now and then. Like once every few months. I kept a land line phone for backup in the past for an extra $20 a month, but I no longer needed it so I disconnected it.

You get all features, voicemail, 3-way calling, call-waiting with caller ID. I can't even think of them there are so many. In my opinion, Vonage is the way to go. I guess everyone has their own opinion of the company though.
That's fine, will give them another of their customer
service numbers when they figure this out. At least it has been a quiet day today!

They start calling at 7 a.m. and don't stop calling until sometimes after 11 p.m.

The bill is not late. As a matter of fact, I checked our account status and the payment was there as of noon today. It's actually due on October 23.

It is simply harrassment. They want us to pay check by phone and we refuse. No way in H@!! am I going to give them our banking information.
BOS is just a style guide... do what the customer wants! sm
If my client does not have a preference I go by BOS.  If they do state a preference I do what they want.  If I feel the *BOS* way is better for proper interpretation of the report, I will advise that, but otherwise what they say is golden. 
I May Get a Radiology Customer and Need Advice


Can anyone advise me on radiology transcription. I've never done it. (I have a small MT service and would try to find someone to do this work)... I'm looking for advice on:

-- Pricing, I understand you usually charge by the page and not the line.

-- Is it advisable to pursue this, since I have never done it. I hear Radiology is "a different animal" - Good/Bad idea as owner of a small service to pursue this? 

Thank you,


they will not provide you with customer support.
I had problems tyring to defend that I should have customer support if I did such a thing. They will help you load XP but they will not give you any customer support afterwards, I never loaded with XP but after telling them the sales person gave me the wrong info (I wanted to make sure I could still use this computer if a company was still with windows XP and the sales person said no problem)  This was last summer.  After fighting tooth and nail they credited my account.  Tell them you want it for a business so that way you get someone who knows what they are talking about, hopefully. 
Have to talk to Customer Service. There are only one or two
models available with XP. I got one about a year ago. Saw a post recently that someone had just got one with XP through them, an Inspiron I think, and that they had a few left at that time.
I am a Comcast customer (HSI/cable TV) and wonder if I

should go with Comcast for long distance calling.   Or, is there a better plan?  Vonage perhaps?  I have AT&T right now, maybe they have a package that includes free long distance calling. 

Signed, Just got a new Job

Dedication to customer service? Are they SERIOUS?
Here is customer service email

Shame on them for not letting you know would cost $10!!!!!

click the link and send Paypal an email with your question

Maybe call customer support? HA! sm
But if your warranty has run out, they'll charge $20 or more, and as often as not they probably don't know what they're talking about. At least that's been my experience.

Have you installed ANY new software into your laptap lately, such as a new virus protector. They can do really treacherous things to your computer software. If you have, maybe try uninstallling it and see if that helps.

Once I put in a new antivirus and it locked up by browser--years ago, but that's what came to mind.

I would really like to see the opinion of some of those who are so upset to see what they would do if they were running a MTSO and what they would charge to the client, pay the transcriptionist, pay for overhead, pay for QA and see what kind of a profit they would make.  I have only a small company and still have to take 30% plus type myself to make it worth while to cover the "non billable" hours that  I put it.  So if you are upset at getting only 9 cents per line what would you do if you ran the company?




Tapes just switching to digital, depending on their volume 11.5 to 12.5 gross line.  I pick up and deliver, cut chart notes apart.  But great accounts and would not charge more as don't want to lose them.  Gross 55K per year with 6 docs.   Put in about 24 - 26 hours per week with delivery, printing, etc.  Pay on time, Christmas bonus, and have been with me for 5 to 15 years.




At least this company is being up front and telling you what they are charging the company and you do not have to wonder what they make off the account.  If you are making .975 per line that is pretty good pay for a sub/IC especially if you have the same account/docs, etc and can get down your shortcuts.   I am upfront with most of my subs/IC and tell them what portion I take for myself if they ask.  Don't hide anything.  You do not get rich off of having subs working for you when you pay a fair wage and that is why I expect good quality work.  



I have done seminars, interviews, and court proceedings as they use a tape recorder or a CD recorder now.  I charge a little more than my regular accounts as it is a one time shot but still charge 11 to 13 cents per gross line depending on the difficulty of the tapes/digital file.s




Even though they pay most of your expenses, our cost of living has gone up.  It was hard for me to raise mine but I did and they did not say anything.  I try to figure out what I am making an hour and see how that goes.  But I hate raising 0.05 per line and so I usually do 1 cent every 2-3 years.   I have more expenses  that you but still like I said the cost of living still goes up and I am sure that they have raised their rates in the past two years.   But again, it all boils down to what you are making per hour and if that is okay with you then keep it and raise it if you are happy.   I still charge pretty low according the standards on this board but I make good money per hour and just cannot justify raising it to the 15 to 16 cpl if I am comfortable with what I am making per hour.   I am the one that I have to live with.


PA charges ..
I cannot tell you who might have the information, but I do know that the State of PA charges a tax for MT services.  You might want to call their Dept. of Revenue and inquire .. it would not be pleasant to get hit with it down the road and you know that you are then guilty without recourse save for paying!

Lots of time with a speciality you will be able to set up a lot of templates, normals or wharevery you call them as they do the same thing or say the same thing over and over.  So with that in mind, I try to figure out what I need to make hourly and figure that out into a cpl.  It will be slower at first but as you get going you will make more since you will be used to the docs, etc.  I keep my charges lower than a lot but I make enough per hour to cover all my cost.  Out here in Oregon there are people charging .15 to .18 cpl but I am still at .115 to .12 cpl and I make good money and have good accounts.  But I am also gross line.  That is how I started out 18 years ago and have kept it that way and since two of my accounts have been with me for those 18 years they know no difference.    Again, look at the big picture and see what you need to make.  With all of the Expanders that we have now and the normals, etc.  especially for clinic notes and repetitive docs, you can make good money at 11 to 12 cpl.  Slower at first but it will get better.    Good luck.



Again more info is needed when asking this question. Need to know gross or character per line, margins, font used,tTAT, etc.  Are you contracting with a MTSO company or the insurance company?  Sometimes they let you know what they  will be paying you.   What type of reports?  Tapes or voice files?  Do you print or send back E-mail or what?    Are they interviews or finished reports?  You need to get samples of the work, ask a few more questions unless you know the above answers already.  But BALLPARK figure would be 0.12 to 0.14 per line but again depends on gross versus cpl and what type of reports.  I never quote a price without seeing what I will be typing.  Do a search as this subject has come up many, many times.    Patti


charges, TAT

Charge for pick up and delivery is in my cpl charge.  I do 24 hour TAT.  I have a locked briefcase I put the tapes in, in the trunk of the car if I stop anywhere.   Not many allow 48 TAT at least to my knowledge.  You pick up Friday's tape on Monday and return on Tues. 


I do daily pick up and delivery, print, cut apart chart notes on sticky paper, envelopes, and charge .125 cpl.  But this is Oregon and might be a little lower.  But I look more at what I am making per hour and I can average 400 to 500 lines per hour depending on how many consults, OPs, that I have.  If I suddenly went to .16 cpl I think that they would be looking for someone else.  Perhaps not.  But I make good money and cannot justify raising it right now.  But go for it all they can say is "no, we will look elsewhere".  But again figure out what you make per hour and see how that goes.   Never did like charging by the page.  Good luck, let us know what they say.
Can you get copies of the templates or a report to see how many lines there are or an approximate time to do a report.  Also will you have to retype the templates or will he give them to you?   Also you don't know how many he will make minor changes so that could be time consuming.  But I would probably do per page or report making sure that you equal out to $20 to $25 per hour.   When doing hourly they are always questioning if that time was spent and with page or report, there is no question.   But again without actually doing one, you are shooting in the dark for a price and be sure that he knows that the price could change if you find it is more work that it sounds.  Like I said, many templates are changed and sometimes that takes time and can screw up an entire report.    Good luck.  
Be careful, when you go over bytes that they allow you, they usually charge a per byte used to connect to the internet......and it can get VERY expensive if you use the net a lot.
Just talked to offshore customer service
I just got off the phone to my CC company. The sales rep that answered had no accent but on a hunch I asked where she was located and after much hesitation, she replied she was in the Phillipines.  I told her I wanted to speak to a rep. in the US.  She put me on hold and a few seconds later returned, asking me why.  I told her I was totally against offshoring.  Once again I was put on hold and after a long wait, her supervisor got on the line.  This was a male with no accent so to be sure I asked him where he was located and again, the answer was the Phillipines.  I told him I wanted to speak to a US rep.  He asked why and I told him I was against offshoring.  He said it was not possible to tranfer me to a US rep.  I explained that I had made this same requist before and had been transferred but he said it was not possible this time.  I told him I will email the company and try to get a US phone number that way.  I will let you all know what happens.  I am so angry I could spit.
working as a customer service rep from home....sm

taking phone calls like orders for things, etc.,  showed very pregnant woman with little kids with phone headset working on computer . Raved about flexibility, own hours, fit her schedule, blah, blah....   Had to be able to work alone, etc., all the work ethics we have to have, and good typist.  Full time, they said pays VERY well, with emphasis on the "very."  I think this woman was making 12-15 an hour, can't remember exactly.  Said there were about 10,000 women doing it and it is the up and coming thing.  Check out the GMA website... I think it was "Women at Work"...... something like that. 

purchasing computers with customer service in US?
okay.here it goes.  I thought it might be worth asking if anyone know of any companies that sell computers where you don't have to go through customer service outside of the US?   TIA. 
Call Nicole at customer service...
This is THE best company I have ever dealt with. I downloaded the trial and in a day or two received a very nice personable email from Nicole wanting to know how I liked the Gearplayer. Then my trial ran out before I really got to try it because we had to go out of town so they let me try it an additional 5 days. On my fifth day I had just started working and was so behind because I took my mom for a test. It was last Thursday actually. I placed my order over the phone and was going to have to wait until Monday for the software to come in. Nicole gave me a third extension so I would not lose money and the software arrived the very next day!

I do want to add that when trying the 3rd trial I had the same problem you are having and I called their tech depatment. Mike had me back on within minutes without putting me on hold even one time!

The customer care is unmatched and the product itself has the best sound quality and the settings are so easy to use. I can't recommend them enough. Good luck!
Their customer service is pretty good when you have
Line charges
I had this done to me as well. From experience 1) be aware she will dump you. 2) Look for another account. 3) Be the dumper instead of the dumpee. Just go along to get along and get rid of them.
How are other MTs doing phone charges?..sm

With AT&T/SBC telling some of us it will now be 3 or 5 cents per minute because we are a business, how are MTs being able to afford paying anywhere from 400 to 600 per month in phone charges?

How are others doing this?  I know i would literally have to take on more work just to pay that bill.

Any feedback on what others do....


Phone charges
I don't know what anyone else is doing, but I'm contacting Lisa Madigan, Dick Durbin, and Barack Obama. I was told by SBC's business office that I am not a business.
phone charges

But you are using it to generate  an income and they will consider that a business.  Sorry that is the way that they think -- you are not conducting personal matters but matters to generate  an income.  Do you deduct your phone charges on your income tax form?   This is not the way I think but they way that they think.  I do not use my phone anymore than a residential but because I am an independent contractor, I must register as a business and my Comcast cable Internet Provider, my phone line is double that of a residential person -- have been paying double for almost 20 years.   They will get every and any penny that they can. 


They were federal charges
go to a halfway house first, but I thought surely that the prison could tell me something, if that was the case?!  They just said he was out of custody and that's all they could tell me.  Thanks for the encouragement...it's appreciated!
AT&T/C-phone charges
My advice, get rid of AT&T, they suddenly, after taking over SBC, wanted to charge me 10 cents per telephone use while using my C-phone, said it was not considered a telephone call, but that data was being sent over line, so, another one bites the dust with them..am now with "WOW" for a 1/3 the cost and is great service.
Can I write off all my DSL charges
on taxes.  I assumed I could, but now somebody is telling me not if I use it for personal stuff that I would have to figure out how much I used it for personal, and how much I used it for work.  Of course I wouldn't have DSL if work did not require it, so why should I not be able to write off the whole cost. 
And do you know charges different according to where you live?
My rates for landline very high as compared to a person I know in smaller town, same thing, theirs was less than 20 and mine more than 40. Asked person at AT&T about this and waa told yes, it does make a difference in the charges.