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Her life in Mexico is irrelevant. She is still an

Posted By: illegal alien. Alien cause she is NOT from US. on 2008-01-17
In Reply to: really now - CeeCee


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how is Advance irrelevant?
The turth as you know it is irrelevant. The OP obviously has SM
some financial issues, and it was rude of you to not only a) not offer any advice (or keep your thoughts to yourself) and b) ramble on about how good you have it.

You had nothing relevant to say to help her. Save your self-promotion for another post, please. Someday the shoe might be on the other foot for you. Remember how you might feel when it happens.
Advance is irrelevant. Who cares what they say?
Personal preference is mostly irrelevant, IMO. SM
I single or double as requested or to conform to a standard mode, even if I do prefer double for readability. The VR accounts I work on are set to single space. FWIW, typing single spaces is faster.
irrelevant what MTSO charges the customer...
as long as you feel the price they pay you is sufficient for you. nuff said.
The actual amount paid is irrelevant

more, but the value of it is more to them than it is to us.  For example, if you make $50 for a week's worth of work, do you think that's a lot in America?  Probably not.  But ask someone in a third world country if $50 is a lot of money to them and ask what it will buy them.

By offshoring work, the MTSO's are saving big bucks by paying foreign MTs far less than they pay us.  Therefore, there are many American MTs willing to accept a lower payrate for their work.  Thus, lowering the American standard of pay for this industry.  Got it?

What about Mexico?
Mexico is our neighbor next door and how would you feel if they started shipping our transcription to Mexico, just like it goes to India?  Would you then feel the same way about your Canadian neighbors?  It's just something to think about--not trying to start a ruckus here.
I can tell you what it's like in Mexico...
I've been to the clinic w/ my hubby before when he was sick...the facilities are overcrowded, you can't make appointments, and they give antibiotics for EVERYTHING. One doctor told my husband that he had a bacterial infection w/o even taking cultures. This is the place you go when you have insurance, by the way. The private practices are better, but I'm not sure how much better.

I personally will NOT go to the doctor here except in emergency!!!
WVM Mexico for one
treats you like crap if you do not understand them even if you are a tourist. I am talking outside of the "touristy areas", the real Mexico that is two blocks behind the waterfront hotels?? I have been there three times for a month each time and I was not an American tourist. I was there with my Mexican husband living and interacting amongst the REAL PEOPLE who live there, not the ones working in the tourism industry. They are no different than here. The business interactions are worse but instead of me boo hooing, I understood exactly where they were coming from. It is no different when we are in other people's countries especially if you want to become a citizen there. Their rules are so much stricter than ours in most other countries and that is the way it should be.. We are not strict enough at all here. It's is awful some of the people we accept here as Citizens who are unwilling to assimilate. I can't stand reading all of this. It makes me sick how ignorant some of you all sound. I did not expect so many negative reactions to the original poster. It actually scares me here the ignorance. Why don't you get out of this country for awhile and see what the rest of the world is like!!! Same with Canada!! They treat you different there too because they know when you are an American. We stand out like a sore thumb up there!! I did not get offended and I have been up there several times because I used to live in Washington state. However, I bet if you assimilated and adapted to their culture as well that they would welcome you. So this has nothing to do with race or anything else like that!!!
It is irrelevant what percentage the service takes of 'your' earnings...sm

what matters is: is it worth it to you to work for that rate? On some accounts, my IC's might make only 50% of what I charge the client, on others they might be paid 80%. For one physician, I might charge 12 cents a line - if another calls, says they are in a jam and desperate to get their backlog done, I might bid it at 14.  But if you are satisifed with say 8.5 cents a line, it doesn't matter if your MTSO charges them 9.5 or 19.5.

As far as line rates to physicians, again, it depends on what the market will bear. You could call local physician offices and tell them you are an independent MT service and you are getting price ranges for the locality, and ask the OM what they are paying. That would give you an idea of what is competitive. In West  Virginia, they might be charging 18 cents per line, in Chicagoland they might be charging 11.


The line rate

This might work in Mexico

This might work in Mexico, since all (yes, ALL) gas stations are owned by the same company. But in the US...no way. There are too many companies, the hurt wouldn't be big enough even if you could get it going on a national level.



Cozumel, Mexico
Quiet, peaceful, and very relaxing. The ocean is unbelievable and very warm. Very romantic!!!
Of Course Endiqua read your post. It is irrelevant to her what you wrote and she is fully prepared
Hush and take notes. Endiqua is the authority on all things and doesn't need to read your post or even understand it. She's got an opinion and by gawd you will listen. QA is annointed boss of you.

Mexico is a 3rd world country-- that's why all of them are here
she was in Mexico for treatment for cancer, BUT...
From what I heard on GMA a few days ago, the clinic she was in was deplorable. There was even an article about it on the Watchdog website, AND the man running the clinic was NOT a doctor. So, what does that say about the person or persons who took this woman there for treatment?
There is no apparent accountability in Mexico.
Many people go there as a last resort, when all traditional treatment has failed.  I think it was Steve McQueen who went there for "coffee enemas".    I've never heard a success story yet.   I don't think it speaks bad our healthcare system, although Lord knows it needs fixing.   Have you ever watched the news when they are in third world countries and you have 20 patients in the same room, no equipment, usually only the most basic medications,  little if any skilled medical personnel.  When I was in Brazil years ago, they had 2 woman in labor in the SAME bed.

Check this out - it seems that the outsourcing is growing and growing.  Now the DMV in Orange County, California is outsourcing to Mexico.  It seems they are blaming the media for publicizing this, but not admitting to the potential for danger that this poses.  See the link below:


dude, your educational level means nothing when you post irrelevant drivel and you don't follow
a logical train of thought. "ROCK ON"???? OMG!

BTW, YOU CALLED THE NAMES DEAR POSTER. READ YOUR OWN POST AND THEN READ MINE. See that's what I'm talking about. The masses aren't all that bright and knowing that does not "empower" me. And with you bragging about a "degree" and "education" is even more depressing. imagine an educated person bragging about it after screwing up on two posts and not understanding the concept of the original post STILL! Scary stuff.
I don't understand your question at all. She was being treated in Mexico
so what does that have to say about the US? Makes no sense.
New message on New Mexico state board nm
Life is life....the haven't bonded the same as if it were a 2-year-old!
Bush is speaking tonight on Mexico border at 8

I just heard on TV that Bush will be speaking at 8 pm on ABC insteady of Oprah's Legend Ball, and when he's done, last night's Grey's Anatomy will be rerun and then the 2-hour finale from 9-11 pm EST.....

So if ya missed it last night, you'll get about 3 hours tonight of the Season Finale.......

Coretta Scott King died in Mexico, while being treated. ---what does that say about

Thanks for the replies. He is looking forward to the Tacos in Mexico! He is a great kid. Will Pray!
I make sure the job is not my life and that it does not take over my life. sm
I have been at this 25 years, even once had my own accounts and worked 24/7 with cat naps to keep going but no real sleep. I really burned myself out. Now I work a regular 40-hour week, but it is not my life. It is a means of making money so I can go live my life. I work for a company that is not all about production. They want us to take our time and do it right. I am doing that, and it feels so good to be able to work at my craft and be allowed to do a good job while I am at work.

But after I get off, I have my family and I take time to have fun and enjoy life. I think that is the key to not staying burned out. You need down time, time to have fun, exercise, relax, etc.

Exercise is very important, too. It rejuvenates the hormone system so you have more positive hormones flowing through your body and helps get rid of stress.

That's what I do.
I'm the one who needs to get a life?

You people are the ones laughing at people behind their backs.  Typical female, backstabbing, egotistical snobs.  Exactly why most of you can't handle working in an office.  Thanks anyway, but my life doesn't include ridiculing people for me own ego.  You go right ahead.  Feel good about yourself.

Never in my life

I guess I have led a sheltered life.  I never in my entire life heard about so many companies bouncing checks in this business!  I would be out the door so fast, there'd be no dust behind me.  Have I just been lucky?

I have a life.
It's not a money issue. I have hobbies but the winters are long and cold and I'm not a winter outddoors person, only summer and I have no child. Kinda of a workaholic.
Yes, I live a simplier life.
Get a life b.
I didn't realize it was intentionally setting a flame by telling people you like where you work instead of the freaks who come on here constantly complaining about their jobs. Most of you only want to hear negative things and not positives, so when someone posts something positive, you jump all over them. I think you need to grow up b.
Get a life.
Whatever fugly trash. If you want more, keep it coming.
Don't even try to top my life
you old decrepit piece of trailer trash. I will win hands down every time. Now go to bed and dream about the love of your life,your horse, Mr. Ed.
No, I sure don't come first in his life.
he does of me.  Seems like his loyalty lies there.  I don't think he ever learned the "leave and cleave" thing.  And our kids are very important to him.  He makes it abundantly clear that I am not top priority.  Sometimes I daydream that I meet someone who really loves me and run away with him.
in whose life? *lol*......nm
in whose life? *LOL*......nm
nothing in life is ever as it seems...sm

you all might be able to *read* all this supposed goodness but some might see it differently.....as some are better readers of others in life, perhaps more intuitive..

in the life..............................nm
LOL everyone in my life has always said....sm

Everyone in my life has always said I should be a *comedienne*...... they ALL cannot be wrong as they all do not know each other.  I do see myself as *entertaining* others.  *winks*

However, I don't like lazy people.  I'm the first one to help on these boards, unless they really don't help themselves.....just the way I am.....

Be well.......loved your reaction!!  Oh and the one under it, who also LOL. 

It is her life, but you can still try to help her
I agree, abortion is wrong, she would be making a bad decision that she might later regret very deeply. It is her life (but not just her body involved anymore--there's another living being whose body is growing inside hers), but you can still try to help her. She may not want to listen, and if not, then you've done what you can and she has to live with the consequences of her own decisions. There are many good resources available, such as National Right to Life at nrlc.com (http://www.nrlc.org/abortion/index.html) and various Catholic organizations, with a lot of information available about the negative effects of abortion. She won't get that type of info from Planned Profithood--they just want to put as many women through the mill as they can. Learn about it yourself and then share the information with her. You may at least be able to persuade her not to kill the baby but to put it up for adoption instead. She may also be interested in the negative health effects of a promiscuous lifestyle (such as increased risk for cervical cancer in women). Good luck to you.
WHY? Get a life.
Well, it's his life, isn't it? (sm)
Sounds like you're more upset about the lack of respect than your son's happiness.
your life
It sounds to me that you are one of those people who takes care of everyone but themselves and as Dr. Phil says, you must be getting a payback from it.  I don't know how old you are, but you sound young.  One thing I know for sure is that you will never change your brothers so don't even bother trying.  It's not your job.  Let them live their lives and you live yours.  If you are choosing to do what you are doing, i.e.working working working and giving giving giving then so be it.  Not everybody is like that.  You have to ask yourself why your mom keeps allowing you to do as much as you are doing for her without helping herself.  I'm no expert but if you continue on this way, something's gonna snap.
You have probably reached your limit. The most I have worked for is 3 companies at once and I did not have a life to speak of outside of work. I am working for a national now - and you have to break your neck to transcribe a line - they may pay higher than a small local company - but their line lengths or the ESLs prevent you from transcribing per hour your real potential. I wouldn't take on the neurology group unless I was just desperate for the $$. You could take it, though, and subcontract it to your friend - with her as an IC. Check the IRS website to get the specifics on subcontracting or "hiring" an IC and what it means to your bottom line. Hope this helps.
Get a life!
MTs come on here to vent and our fingers get to flying and we don't sit there and edit our posts. We do enough of that when working.
Life after MT at age 58
  For those of you who are happy MT'g, I am glad for you.  This is for those who are not.  Just to let you know, at the age of 58, I am going into a customer service career for an auto company's financial division, and will be making more than thirty thousand a year - so yes, it can be done.   My only qualification was that at one time for about five months I gave real estate a try - not my forte, didn't like the driving, people not showing up, etc.  So yes, you can still do something else, don't give up if you really can't tolerate it any more.  There is hope! 
I also have a life ---
that is why I want to work smarter when I am working and get it done so I can live my life...
You need a life...
Actually, that's my life, not like : ) - nm
Thank you, I will be out getting a life (nm)
to Wow! Get over yourself , a job and a life.sm
This is my post that you criticize; it has 2 'tiny' typos, namely 'd' instead of 's' and 'a' instead of 's':

......'because I find it faster my way, ONLINE.
You are using bookd, the old-fashioned way?

Expensive and much too slow.

I checked the yesterday'a and today's questions in the afternoon and found - as already said - only 1 somehow unjustifiable question.
To check 1 day would have been enough.

I research ONLINE
with fast and accurate results. The internet is literally swamped with resources and references and is the fastest way. You should try it.
Are you still looking into books? Way too slow.

So, do not blow this out of proportion.

If you have the urge to teach and to guide, open your own MT school and give your advice there.'


great too, but only in this life!
oh well. no one said life was fair
you just have to make what you can out of it.  There are many, many other subjects that can be debated as well.  That is what makes life what it is; a great variety of people and view points.  Enjoy the day.