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The turth as you know it is irrelevant. The OP obviously has SM

Posted By: you are rude on 2008-08-15
In Reply to: Why so bitter?? Does the truth hurt? nm - phillychick

some financial issues, and it was rude of you to not only a) not offer any advice (or keep your thoughts to yourself) and b) ramble on about how good you have it.

You had nothing relevant to say to help her. Save your self-promotion for another post, please. Someday the shoe might be on the other foot for you. Remember how you might feel when it happens.

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how is Advance irrelevant?
Advance is irrelevant. Who cares what they say?
Her life in Mexico is irrelevant. She is still an
Personal preference is mostly irrelevant, IMO. SM
I single or double as requested or to conform to a standard mode, even if I do prefer double for readability. The VR accounts I work on are set to single space. FWIW, typing single spaces is faster.
irrelevant what MTSO charges the customer...
as long as you feel the price they pay you is sufficient for you. nuff said.
The actual amount paid is irrelevant

more, but the value of it is more to them than it is to us.  For example, if you make $50 for a week's worth of work, do you think that's a lot in America?  Probably not.  But ask someone in a third world country if $50 is a lot of money to them and ask what it will buy them.

By offshoring work, the MTSO's are saving big bucks by paying foreign MTs far less than they pay us.  Therefore, there are many American MTs willing to accept a lower payrate for their work.  Thus, lowering the American standard of pay for this industry.  Got it?

It is irrelevant what percentage the service takes of 'your' earnings...sm

what matters is: is it worth it to you to work for that rate? On some accounts, my IC's might make only 50% of what I charge the client, on others they might be paid 80%. For one physician, I might charge 12 cents a line - if another calls, says they are in a jam and desperate to get their backlog done, I might bid it at 14.  But if you are satisifed with say 8.5 cents a line, it doesn't matter if your MTSO charges them 9.5 or 19.5.

As far as line rates to physicians, again, it depends on what the market will bear. You could call local physician offices and tell them you are an independent MT service and you are getting price ranges for the locality, and ask the OM what they are paying. That would give you an idea of what is competitive. In West  Virginia, they might be charging 18 cents per line, in Chicagoland they might be charging 11.


The line rate

Of Course Endiqua read your post. It is irrelevant to her what you wrote and she is fully prepared
Hush and take notes. Endiqua is the authority on all things and doesn't need to read your post or even understand it. She's got an opinion and by gawd you will listen. QA is annointed boss of you.

dude, your educational level means nothing when you post irrelevant drivel and you don't follow
a logical train of thought. "ROCK ON"???? OMG!

BTW, YOU CALLED THE NAMES DEAR POSTER. READ YOUR OWN POST AND THEN READ MINE. See that's what I'm talking about. The masses aren't all that bright and knowing that does not "empower" me. And with you bragging about a "degree" and "education" is even more depressing. imagine an educated person bragging about it after screwing up on two posts and not understanding the concept of the original post STILL! Scary stuff.