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it fits the bill for me! i'm frugal too :)

Posted By: nm on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: I use TracFone....sm - El Cheapo


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living small and frugal
1. Living paycheck to paycheck: No, never again, will strive the rest of my life to live below my means and put something from every paycheck away for a rainy day. Helps I'm divorced, no kids, no medical problems. My only debt is my mortgage. Have been able to avoid using a credit card, no cable TV for years and don't miss it. Thank God for Aldi, dollar stores and great thrift stores for clothes, furniture and household goods, the fact I can work from home, am within walking/bus distance from nearly all I need and truly don't even need a car right now (am saving to pay cash for the next one). I stockpile canned goods, keep the freezer full and love my own cooking, ha-ha. (My "entertainment" is a good library book or a bootleg/free movie on my PC, a candy bar and pot of my own coffee).
2. Yes, think I could get myself reemployed pretty quickly, if not in 1 payperiod, hopefully within 2. I'm within walking distance of a Manpower and keep an updated resume.
3. Yes, have a 401K, a small annuity (don't want to touch those) and savings to pay my household bills if need be.
I think it's unprofessional not to pay..I simply state, if you don't bill, I bill directly...

This has only happened once, and I had my check cut same day.  This is business and I will not beg someone to give me my money.  I simply stated it as a fact. 

I'll trade you your $88 bill for my $350 bill.
I would love to have such a small bill like that.
there ya go, that fits. NM
That fits perfectly

you go girl!!

Thanks much,


Virgo...and fits me to a "T".
My cat is 13 pounds and she just fits in the....

Sounds like a 27 pound cat might be too big for the litter boxes with the covered housing/top.  My cat just fits into this regular sized one.  Suggest you either get a bigger litter box system or have one built.  A 27 pound cat is a HUGE (loveable) cat who needs above-normal sized cat box.

Just my 3 cents  as a CAT LOVER!!!  *S*


If the shoe fits...
wear it. I think she's absolutely right. Doctors and hospitals figure if they're going to pay for crap, they might as well pay for cheap crap and send it overseas. It's amazing how lazy and sloppy some American MTs are. I have even seen some "team leaders" and "MT supervisors" type crap like 38 cms, and I've seen companies refer to HIPPA instead of HIPAA.

I personally know an MT who thinks she is one of the best MTs there is, and she has no clue when to use "their," "there," or "they're." She mixes up tetanus and tinnitus. It's disgraceful.
So the aka name fits perfectly!
TransHealth fits this category. nm
Ok, there are only a few boards now, so if what you are posting fits into
one of the boards to the left, post it there, otherwise your post will be deleted. We're not going to lock posts anymore, we're just going to delete them. This should be no major undertaking. Have a word question, post it on the Word board...have a question about a Company, post it on the Company board, etc.
Thanks! It is nice to finally find something that fits! :) nm
Virgo, fits me like a glove. I used to work in - sm
used to work in court reporting & the overwhelming majority there were Virgo and Scorpio. I'll bet MT is the same way.

My sister and her husband, who are both graphic designers, are Libra, as is their little girl. When sister started a new job they asked her what sign she was, she said Libra, and so was almost EVERY person in the office!
Sagittarius (everything fits except the outdoorsy part)

That shoe fits a lot of 'em. MQ, MDI/Transcend, the old Edix.
you proofread all business letters you receive in the mail and have fits over the errors! LOL (nm)

For arthritis/cold weather, I use cheap, thin, one-size-fits-all
grocery-store gloves, and just cut the fingertips out. Warm & comfy. And cheap.
Ole Bill for me too...

Believe it or not, my bill was $35.
But then my apartment complex pays for AC and heat - yea!
Bill in NY
The rates in NY have gone up too, but we just paid $175 so I feel very lucky after reading some of the amounts.
$440 last bill

I bill

once a month and pay my MT's once a month. Payable upon receipt. I've only had a few times where the check didn't come but that was a small account at the hospital and the bill was going to the wrong department, etc. As a business owner you should be prepared to have SOME cash flow, just for occurrences such as these. I have had accounts miss a payment but when I send the next month's bill, they paid right away. Then again, there were some months when I forgot to send THEIR bill, so fair enough. I have never really been stiffed.

p.s. a contract is only as good as the two people signing it...

Yep, except the game with Bill
was minus the odor and the little white crabs marching around the stogie.
Mine went from $19 to $138 from one bill to the next.
We expect it to go even higher despite using wood heat in the shop now.
Heating bill
I just got socked with an over $500 bill for a fill of propane
That is what I am doing now---I bill at .10 a line BUT -sm
it is a 50 character line. I have no idea if the docs know it or now though as I took it over from another MT. So I do my billing with the just the line counts showing, no character totals, and take it from there, comes out to about a .13 line if by 65 characters. I plan on doing the same when soliciting new accounts as no one wants to go over .10 around here. Yes the line blurs a little here but you gotta do what you gotta do--- if the docs weren't such cheapskates maybe the line would not have to be tweaked or crossed.
You know, it may be because of Bill Cosby!
Doesn't that take you back?
bill clinton nm
electric bill
Yes, our electric bills have been outrageous. Last month was $199.00, and my new bill came in and is $256.00 also! I too live in California, and we get shafted with the utilities in this state. During winter months my gas bill was as high as $175.00 which is almost five times what it used to be 7 years ago, and my paychecks keep going down in the transcription field!.
how can you *bill for your time* when all that --sm
the MTSO sees is your line count? am I missing something here??? Please explain. thanks
Pt should worry more about the bill
If there is one bill you NEVER ignore

mortgage.  Always, always keep in touch with them even if you don't have the payment.  Your not alone in your dilemma.  The mortage companies have been very flexible and willing to work with payment issues in the past year.  Not sure if the options are still available since they've started foreclosure proceedings, but there are payment plans and now the popular "modification" loans.  Pick up the phone and call them - do it ASAP.  Explain your situation, decreased income, ARM adjustment and see if there is an option to keep you in the home at a payment that is comfortable.  I know many of the lenders are waiting for the exact guidelines on March 4th under the new stimulus plan to come out.  Hopefully this will be the saving grace some are hoping for. 

I wish you luck though, I know you're in a touch situation.  I was there too so can truly sympathize.  My loan is currently pending modification, but I first started with a payment plan.  My fingers and toes are crossed. 

Great source of "unbiased" news there...lol.
Would rather have Bill and his sexual escapades...
than W with his useless and tragic war anytime...
Does anyone know when the Safe ID bill comes up for vote?
(regarding our medical records being sent out of the country).  I have already emailed my senators and am encouraging everyone to do the same.
Mine was a bill collector
You just get yelled at all day and threatened. What a miserable job, listening to people cry about their problems, etc. I felt bad for them.
I worked beside a bill collector once (sm)
and she was NOT very nice. I really think she enjoyed badgering people on the phone. People cussed her, hung up on her. I used to work insurance billing in the same office and once in a while had to call patient's concerning their accounts. I worked with them on payment arrangements, I mean something is better than nothing. I brought in more than she did.
Anyone getting socked by heating bill yet?
My latest was $88 - hmm...I've almost never had my heat going since I use space heaters. Hmm...odd.
Seriously, I think it's Bill Cosby playing...
mind games with us because I do the same thing with Jello! I never make it, but I can say I have at least 3 or more boxes of the pudding and the Jello at all times. My children often see it and beg me to make it. What's the deal? Really, I think it's a leftover 'Bill Cosby' thing for me. I don't know what makes me buy it, I don't even like it. It's an illness. I'm sure of it.
The doc charged $500 I don't see that as a rip off - the hospital bill though - sm
for $5K is a bit outragous and has nothing to do with the doctor actually. I hope she has insurance.
Bet Hillary's is higher than Bill's!?!?!?!
a little factual HX on Bill and Hill...sm

when in Arkansas, Bill was governor earning $32,000 yearly

when in Arkansas, Hill was an attorney earning $267,000 yearly.

So calling her DUMB only makes you look MORE DUMB. 

Check your Verizon bill... sm

When I first signed up for DSL, they added all kinds of charges and extras - one was for a backup dial-up account in case DSL went down for some reason!!  Yeah right!   I was able to get at least that one removed, if not more, and now my monthly fee is around $35 or so.

We live in a rural area and waited forever for DSL, but I know my mom is also very happy with her cable, which, as someone else mentioned, might be a good option.  I know it's really fast. 

I believe the total bill was close to $400.00 sm
but keep in mind that this was about 8 years ago. Also, your pooch may have needed much more care than mine did--and also it could be more depending on what area of the country you are as well. I'm in a small rural community with only 3-4 vets in the area.
Not laughing at your bill.. that bites..but
in California gas & electric has sucked big time for decades! I average around $2000 a year...throw in some rolling blackouts too.
Not OP, but Bill Clinton is STILL sexy,
and unlike Bush, very intelligent!!
A $300+ bill is typical for us in Arizona. sm

We use the payment plan so our bill is the same every month. They average all 12 months and come up with a month payment.  Our winter bills usually would be as low as $70 if we weren't on the payment plan.

Can't live here without AC - no way, no how.

DId it cost a lot to run it/electricity bill go way up? nm
Yes it can vary, that is up to the MTSO how they want to pay/bill - sm
I used to work for one that billed out as a line being 60 characters; she also had another account that was 50 characters (which gives the Dr. the impression they are paying less as the rate is .10; which is actually .13/65 char). This was a smaller MTSO though, all the larger companies I have worked for have all been 65 char/line.
E&O insurance is not necessary. I bill on 1st and 15th.
Shades of Bill & Monica
I'm not mud-slinging. I'm simply telling you why I don't support AHDI and that there are other ways to do everything you do through AHDI, including education, and also keep a clear conscience. I can't control how you interpret something, & I can't do anything about someone who thinks doing a little bit of something is the same as not doing it at all. Everyone has her own line in the sand.