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For arthritis/cold weather, I use cheap, thin, one-size-fits-all

Posted By: San Francisco - sm on 2007-09-06
In Reply to: For those who wear gloves - Could I get a hand count please?

grocery-store gloves, and just cut the fingertips out. Warm & comfy. And cheap.

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And with this awful bitter cold weather
going ballistic on the drivers when they do return!
Even here in NY it's beautiful today, no cold weather this week.

Yep, we live in cold climate too. Getting outdoors is a MUST in good weather.
It depends on font size, line length, margin size, etc.
There are too many variables. 
My hands get cold, and typing with cold muscles is like (sm)
running or other exercise when not warmed up. I wear thin, warm gloves with the fingertips cut out to keep my hands & knuckles warm. For muscle pains in the shoulders, neck, biceps, etc, try Flexall cream - I find it to be VERY effective. Also try slight changes in chair height, keyboard height and angle, and monitor height. I found if I enlarge the print on my screen, it keeps me from hunching forward to try to read it. (CTL + scroll up or down on mouse wheel to make print bigger or smaller. It will not affect the size of the finished product.) Frequent "mini-breaks" to do other chores: filing etc. if in an office, quick household task if working at home, also helps relieve repetitive stress. A few months ago I thought my typing days were numbered due to various pains & arthritis; now I can work pain-free for up to 11 hours in a day. Good luck! :)
Are you thin??

Don't know about you but I'm pretty thin and can't even sit anywhere for any period of time unless it is well padded as I have no padding of my own.

I LOVE the older chairs, BEFORE OSHA; the kinds with just the four prongs from the base.  They just seem to fit better.  Of course most of them don't have much if any padding at all; I just get a pillow that feels good "underneath" and then replace the pillow as needed instead of the chair!!  Try one.  Mine is from the 1940's, solid oak with leather and wicker seat and solid brass hardware to raise and lower the chair as needed; swivels great.  What more could a person want???

Yes - another thin one here - & it's miserable ! .
I have the usual, mid-priced, office chair from Office Depot with the thickest padding I could find within my price range. Felt okay for about a month then, like you, I had to sit on a pillow! My tailbone just felt like I was sitting on bare metal otherwise. Pillows are cheaper than chairs - so that, too, is what I do! I also added a lumbar support attached with Velcro, but normally when transcribing sit more foreword in my chair in order to reach my footpedal & don't get it's benefit (only when not working). I'm not only thin-I'm short in comparison to today's standards - I'm 5'1". What about you?
there ya go, that fits. NM
If you are so extremely thin and beautiful,
then why are you on this site. Are you a transcriptionist. If you are as beautiful and thin as you say you are, I doubt very seriously that you'd be typing for a living.
Thankfully I'm not thin-skinned.
I quote: <>

My understanding was that she didn't want to search blindly for schools, and I think it's convenient how there are links right here to some of the best schools, because their websites give you an EXCELLENT idea of their courses. When anybody asks me about schools, that's all I give them, the web addresses, because I think they are self-explanatory. I have no idea if the OP ever noticed those links were there, and I doubt you knew (if he/she did), either!
That fits perfectly

you go girl!!

Thanks much,


Virgo...and fits me to a "T".
My cat is 13 pounds and she just fits in the....

Sounds like a 27 pound cat might be too big for the litter boxes with the covered housing/top.  My cat just fits into this regular sized one.  Suggest you either get a bigger litter box system or have one built.  A 27 pound cat is a HUGE (loveable) cat who needs above-normal sized cat box.

Just my 3 cents  as a CAT LOVER!!!  *S*


If the shoe fits...
wear it. I think she's absolutely right. Doctors and hospitals figure if they're going to pay for crap, they might as well pay for cheap crap and send it overseas. It's amazing how lazy and sloppy some American MTs are. I have even seen some "team leaders" and "MT supervisors" type crap like 38 cms, and I've seen companies refer to HIPPA instead of HIPAA.

I personally know an MT who thinks she is one of the best MTs there is, and she has no clue when to use "their," "there," or "they're." She mixes up tetanus and tinnitus. It's disgraceful.
So the aka name fits perfectly!
Just peel and slice the potatoes thin and
then deep fry them. Really simple. Season after with salt or Lawry's season salt. Yum!
I agree and should go to med school to thin the herd...
Thankfully, most of the residents I have transcribed for do an excellent job. Maybe the time will come for the lazy ones to retire!
Right on! Now change your sign on from "never going to be thin" to
something more positive, like "on my way to better health" or something
Not arthritis. ..sm
arthritis is not in all joints, bilateral hands, but more isolated to a few joints. Also rheumatoid arthritis has swollen knuckles.
hip arthritis
Anyone tried anything OTC for arthritis pain?  Been to doc but that didn't help either.  Appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.
Could be arthritis, but you may want to see
as you may already know a rotator cuff tear can become irreparable.  With that being said, you may want to act now instead of later. 
Hi, I have RA.It's in my hands, elbows, shoulders and back. Those are the worst spots. Believe it or not, Aspercream used like hand lotion, i.e. a lot, works the best for me. When it is cold outside, sometimes I have to hold my hands under warm water. And sometimes I do that to get them loose in the morning. My rheumatologist has told me that my job is saving my hands and wrists. Typing is one of the best things to do for any type of arthritis. Hope this helps.
Sorry I put my first post under RA. I neglected to mention that I put lotion on the affected part first as it sometimes causes a little skin peel, but nothing serious.
I can't find the first one, maybe I just can't see it, but I will repeat in case it will help you. I use DMSO purchased at health food store. I add 5 aspirin to 2 ounces of DMSO and let it dissolve. Use a couple of drops on the affected part four or five times a day. I put lotion on first to decrease any peeling. I REALLY helps me. Vets use it and used to sell it, but law changed and they can't sell it anymore. I put mine in a sample size spray bottle purchased at Wal-Mart and it works fine for me. I sure hope this helps you and anyone else who has arthritis. Forgive the repeat but do not know what happened to the first one.
I too have extreme pain and stiffness in my hands and fingers.  I have been using a topical, Active Composition, an Aveda product.  It is the best I have found.  I use it at night and if necessary during the day.  The relief is awesome.  It comes in a small bottle and a little goes a long way, costs about $20.00 and well worth it.
it fits the bill for me! i'm frugal too :)
TransHealth fits this category. nm
Ok, there are only a few boards now, so if what you are posting fits into
one of the boards to the left, post it there, otherwise your post will be deleted. We're not going to lock posts anymore, we're just going to delete them. This should be no major undertaking. Have a word question, post it on the Word board...have a question about a Company, post it on the Company board, etc.
couldn't stand STAR as a thin woman...don't
I use golfers gloves..thin and keep my hands warm.
I know someone with rheumatoid arthritis
And she is completely miserable from it, is always in pain and doesn't even leave the house anymore because it is so bad.  How do you manage yours?  Diet, meds, exercise?
hand arthritis and QA
I have been transcribing for about 25 years and now have arthritis in the joints in my fingers.  Has anyone who had this problem switched to QA and found benefit?  Also, I am naive about QA and I do not know how QA'ers are paid.  Is it by the line or by the hour?  What is the range of pay per line and/or hour.  I would like to be somewhat informed should I decide to apply for a QA position and know what is reasonable to expect with my experience.   Any help would be appreciated. 
Arthritis Pain
Does anyone have any suggestions for treating arthritis pain? I am having a lot of pain in my hands, especially my right hand. It is getting very difficult for me to write. I have tried Motrin and Excedrin but these aren't very helpful. I have also tried some pain cream like Ben-Gay. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks! It is nice to finally find something that fits! :) nm
Virgo, fits me like a glove. I used to work in - sm
used to work in court reporting & the overwhelming majority there were Virgo and Scorpio. I'll bet MT is the same way.

My sister and her husband, who are both graphic designers, are Libra, as is their little girl. When sister started a new job they asked her what sign she was, she said Libra, and so was almost EVERY person in the office!
Sagittarius (everything fits except the outdoorsy part)

Is it possible that the stove was new and the thin layer of protective plastic was left on it?
I take 2 Aleve for Arthritis Pain...sm
Its the same as 1 Naprosyn...works great for me....
I disagree. To each his own. I have rheumatoid arthritis and....sm
the keyboard in my lap idea has been a life saver for me. I might also add that I am have been using this method for about 7 years and am very productive.
That shoe fits a lot of 'em. MQ, MDI/Transcend, the old Edix.
I live in the Ohio Valley, it's like this all the time here. A few days ago, no coats, this morning 1 inch of snow. I gave up ever switching out winter/summer clothing a long time ago.
what state are you in? I am in Texas and it was 81 here yesterday and this morning at 10 it was 28. No wonder we are all sick! But I love this cold!
I hate it too! By the way, are you in texas?

Really nice here, a little on the warm side for me - 85 degrees in Dallas! 

I use regular thin winter gloves and cut the fingertips off. Works great! nm
Have you been worked up for fibro and/or is the arthritis in your spine, too? Sorry...:( nm
I have arthritis in my wrists and thumbs, and find - sm
it works just as well to make my own. I buy cheap, thin, snug-fitting gloves, then cut out the fingers so that about 2/3 of each finger sticks out. That way all knuckle joints, base of thumbs, and wrists are warm, and when they're warm, they rarely hurt & I can type faster.
Texas weather
We haven't hit 100 yet, but i'm sure it is in the near future. Thank God I'm not in arizona!
Same here. The weather outside is gorgeous, though.

I have almost everything caught up around the house now.  Gee, should I go clean something else or read a book outside?

tired of this weather
i never thought i would say it, but it is just too hot for me.  It has been high 90s here all summer and humid.  It usually isnt this hot here.  I want fall to come with some high 50 to low 60 degree weather.  CANT WAIT.  I need cozy days and comfort foods!
During warm weather I do (sm)
but when it's cold my fingers shrink and my rings start spinning around! That's when they come off.