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jury duty

Posted By: Orangeblossom on 2006-06-30
In Reply to:

Has anyone gotten out of jury duty from being an MT? I get paid by line...no health insurance....no work no pay......Any advise for when I have to go present myself. 



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Maybe jury duty?
besides jury duty
He could have very old tickets that were never paid.
Jury Duty
I work in house but still do not get full benefits.  It is too late to fill out paperwork. They didn't seem to care. Now I have to present myself in front of them that day....
Jury duty

I have been excused 4 times in the past  year just by writing a letter, have a small MTSO.  But last time they said that was the last time I would be excused.  so who knows what happens if I get called again. I don't get called for 45 years and then 4 times in one year.  Weird.   They will let you off, have your service or docs write letters also if you need to.  



Jury Duty
I'm from PA and I went the day I was supposed to show up for the preliminary questioning. After all questions were answered, the very last one was "If you are selected for jury duty, would this be a hardship on you?" Of course, I answered yes and the reason for it. I was excused. 
jury duty

For those who have had jury duty, when you get interviewed and questioned, how does that go? Are you alone with this person? Does everyone hear your answers?




jury duty
I was selected for jury duty three times in one year, and chosen for one trial. During the interview process, you are in the room with all the jury selectees and your answers are not private. Everyone hears. It is just a simple pretty much do you agree or disagree type of thing. If I remember right, we filled out questionaires previous to being selected for the possible jurers. That is how they decide who to pick from. but the interview part is not one on one, but with everyone. No biggee...at least I didn't think so. I was chosen for a jury trial and it lasted about a week, but it was not a sensational trial and no sequester was needed, but it did take time away from work and that was costly. What I received for mileage did not begin to cover what I lost for appearing and it took almost a month to get the money. Just my experience. I don't know if every state/county/city is different.
Jury Duty.
Here in Florida, they had the judge, DA and defense attorney with the defendant in the court room along with all the prospective jurors. They explained what the case was about, how long the trial was supposed to last and if anyone would have a hard ship being on the jury for that long. They then asked everyone questions about drinking and driving since it was a DUI case. You had to raise your hand when they asked the group question since it was a yes or no type question. Sometimes they would pick on you to elaborate on what happened in your case. They also asked individual questions and everyone gets to hear your answers. I want to be on a jury but due to my brothers being well known to the DA, judges and police officers because of their troublemaking I never get picked.
jury duty
Have any of you been called to jury duty?
jury duty



In the past I had been excused because I care for my disabled husband, but because I don't have to hand feed him and take him to he bathroom and dress him, then I cannot be excused.

Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
Jury Duty Mandatory
Here in NYS jury duty is mandatory. You can get out of it once or twice, I believe, but then you have to go, they won't excuse you any more. Hopefully, your State is more lenient.
I've had jury duty twice....sm
the first time was a civil case and the second time it was a drug bust case. The first time the potential jurors were just asked generalized questions like "do you know anyone here in the courtroom" or "have you been involved in a similar case before?" The drug bust case they asked more specific questions. Both times they asked the questions where everyone could hear responses. I've been told this is pretty much the normal unless you're being interviewed for a high profile case.

Good luck and remember that in most places only about 10% of the people called for potential jury duty actually ever serve on a jury.
Jury duty in California
Everybody heard the answers to the questions; what did I do for a living, have I ever been a juror, had I ever been in a car accident, things that might pertain to that certain case.  It was a car accident in a parking lot.  I actually got chosen for the panel and was fighting staying awake through the whole thing it was soooooo boring.  After sitting in that hard chair for nearly 8 hours on the first day, I got up and could hardly walk.  I had developed a DVT sitting in that same spot all day and could no longer be a juror (oh darn).  Because of this, I cannot be called for jury duty anymore. 
I was called to jury duty once, but
I sat there all day long with the judge being one of the attorneys I used to work with/for a few years earlier. I knew I couldn't be picked because of that, but they made me sit there anyway. I did get paid for sitting there all day, so it wasn't that bad. I really wish I could serve. Maybe there'll be a next time.
That is what I thought! Maybe just something stupid like jury duty?!?! nm
Where I live jury duty notices do not come
certified mail.  Maybe he has a ticket he hasn't paid.  Has he had a small claims against anyone - could be payment owed him.  
My jury duty papers didn't come in certified. sm
They were just left in the mailbox.
*slowly* - hey, I'm off-duty! ;-)
Terry has lied to 4 jury members

Terry told his team (Sally, Austin, ...?) when they merged that he would give them the immunity idol if they were voted off, but when the time came he did not give them the idol so that they could keep the numbers on their side.  Well, last night he did it again.  He told Danielle that he would give her the idol so that she would not be voted off and did it, nope, he didn't give it to her.  So, thats 4 people on the jury that Terry has lied to and I would bet that there are several other on that jury who do not like him either.  So anyone in the final 2 with Terry (if he makes that far) should win the big $$$$$.   

I felt bad for Shane getting the axe because I think that him and his son could have really used that money.


Your DUTY to say industy is headed offshore.
I care and I do educate myself, but the jury is still out on global warming.
Grand jury, 1-2 days a week for 13 months . . .
Yup, 1-2 days ever week for a year, in another city, and they held us over another month.

It was a wonderfully educational experience, though. You'd be amazed at what you can learn from it! Check fraud, postal theft, computer crimes, money laundering, wire fraud, drug smuggling, kidnapping, piracy. Seriously.

You'd be amazed who turns up in the cases, too. It completely changed the way I think about people and businesses.

Where I am, using Winscribe, the supervisor on duty routine gives updates (sm)
with who is working on a particular account, how many jobs there are, if any have been kicked back (she/he can tell as they are out of sequence, obviously taken into someones local queue and then returned to the pool. The name of those working at any given time is announced, this lets us know if someone comes on board during unscheduled hours without clocking in.

It is great for me as I follow the rules. We are not to take jobs into the local queue (cherrypicking) and we are not to work outside of scheduled hours unless it is granted and there is ample work for the person coming on board so they do not take away from the regularly scheduled MTs. I love my job!
that's my routine to a T, 'cept I walk the dog instead of doing catbox duty. :) nm
that's "lost" my work, we also have a heavy duty generator though odds are
substantial period of time that we are also without a phone.....so it would be a bit hard to work. Granted I could drive to the office if necessary (1 hour away).