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local hospital accounts

Posted By: sunshine on 2007-06-28
In Reply to:

do any of you IC people have any tips on what is the best approach on how to find out info on who does transcription for local hospitals?  Thanks! 

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Local Hospital Accounts

I actually work for a Hospital Transcription Dept. My advice is to ask for the supervisor of transcription or Director as they usually have one or the other.

I actually had a person(who I know was from an outsourcing company from overseas) called and aske me if we were doing any outsourcing. We told her we were not interested, but I actually do send some out to an outsourcing company already. Just wasn't going to do that.

Alot of hospitals around where I live usually are small and have in house transcriptionists. The only reason we have our outsourcing is for people on vacation and when some emergency comes up and we fall short.


Maybe get local accounts
I was lucky enough several years ago to hook up with a urology office that was expanding its practice. I did this at home for a long time. The pay was excellent and, of couse, only 5 doctors, so I got very used to doing them which increases your speed. Also, there was not all this looking up doctors from huge databases which really slows one down. Maybe you can check around your local city and find something like that. It doesn't hurt to try.  Good luck to you both!
I do not see how you can get around this with local accounts.
You are always going to run across patients that you know.  That is why confidentiality is so important.  Yes, I know things about people that sometimes I wish I did not know.  However, the people who work in my physician' s office know things about me that I wish they did not know.  My physician is a client of the service I work for, so I do not see any way around it.  In my opinion, typing reports is no different that actually working in the office with the patients.  You just have to keep your mouth shut. 
Local accounts

Contact local doctors so that they know you are available either by flyer, brochure or cold calls.   You cannot find a local account unless you contact potential clients.



How does one get local accounts?
I would like to know how one gets local accounts or how does one make $4500 per month?
How does one get local accounts?
I would like to know how one gets local accounts or how does one make $4500 per month?
getting your own local accounts
I picked up one 9 years ago that way, but we called about 100 doctors and faxed my resume, but that was in 1998 and yes, I am still with them.  They have expanded and opened another office, but I do also.  Then another way is to post your resume on MTStars, that was very effective for me by picking up a major account and I am still doing their work and they have 3 offices.
I have two local accounts and I
tell them to mail the tapes to my house.... I used to pick up but no more... they were never ready..
I still use WP51 and PRD+ for my local accounts ..
I actually found a laser printer 2 years ago with a driver that will still work with WP! (a Brother)

I honestly don't know that I will EVER get the speed in any windows-based application that I get with WP and PRD!

You should see the computer techs laugh when I mention I still use DOS and WP51 ..

Where do I post if I am not a new MT but can't get a job and need info on getting local accounts?
I have applied to so many companies that I have lost track of who I have applied to! I have been out of MT for only a year but it seems like I am starting all over again with understanding even the American dictators.  So I am thinking of going back to doing local doctors using tapes.  I totally lucked out on the first account(s) I had and I don't know how to get local accounts. Any suggestions?
wp51 - dos .. local accounts .. love it!
I still use wp51 for dos with PRD Plus ... for me .. it is just plain faster ... LOL
you are not alone ...

local hospital
I work for a local hospital that have all transcriptionists at home except for radiology. I have been working from home with them for about 8 years now. We are hourly employees and clock in and out on computer. We also have an incentive program (which used to be good, but they changed transcription platforms and it's not that good anymore), but it's better than having to drive into the hospital every day. I love it!
local hospital
I worked for local hospital for 11 years, then they decided to go to ASR and the Q took over their account! Seems like most hospitals are finding it more cost-effective to send it to large company with ASR!
I had a local hospital do the same s/m

even after explaining to them what E&O really meant.  Their previous transcription company had E&O, but that was because they had to have it for their copying services as well and the transcription just fell under it.  I found that Farmers carries it, but it was around $1,500 for a year.  They did have payment plans though too. 

Best of luck!

So did I!!! I left a local hospital
because I thought I could make more money working for the nationals.  Ugh, I threw away a good thing.  I tried to go back, but they said I'd have to start all over at the bottom working night shift again.  Not gonna happen.  Well, chin up, things will get better.
I work for a local hospital,
not a company. I know to stay away from Transcend.
local hospital work
i moved from a large city to a small town and i'm thinking about doing what you did. try to go to work for the local hospital. would have to probably work a set schedule, but the town is small so it's not like i'd be driving a long distance and i could go home for lunch. i don't have benefits right now and that's scary, so i'm leaning that way.
at my local hospital, they always call the

I think that is pretty standard. Calling by the first name only would be rather confusing. Especially if it is a busy hospital with a waiting room that is always full, like our local hospital.

I have a "questionable behavior" story for you! I went to the walk-in clinic held at our local hospital b/c I was having pain in my pinky finger. The waiting room was packed, as always. I go in, see the doc, and he tells me to go back to the waiting room until they call my name again. After a few mins in the waiting room, he calls my name & I get up thinking he was going to bring me into a room to privately give me my diagnosis. NOPE! The dope says it to me, loudly - not at all in a whispering tone, in the middle of the waiting room for everyone to hear!! He said "I think it is some kind of fungal infection" His actions were not only humiliating, but wrong! It was not an infection, rather a blood clot that developed on my nerve that needed to be removed surgically! Now, that, I think qualifies for a HIPAA violation!!  (Yes I did file a complaint with the Patient Care Rep)

I also work for a local hospital which is
growing in volume of work minute by minute. We have 52 remote transcriptions and still we need to send out work to two venders.
I worked at a local hospital

It had its good points and bad points.  The good being it paid better and had better benefits than most outsourcing companies. We had a 4 tier incentive program.  The lowest pay being 0.087 and the highest being 0.10 cpl. You had a choice of working in-house or at home and we were all paid the same either way.   Also, if there was little work or no work you had the choice of using PTO or working in medical records at an hourly rate which gave us a little break from MT and a feel for something else.   


The bad, if you were at home they would pull you in at any time just because.  Also, at home we had a lot of problems with their computer locking up, getting kicked off the VPN, slow moving from one screen to the next etc.  The tech support always blamed it on our ISP.  Also, they always made sure you never moved up to the next pay tier.  Only their favorite ones could do that.  They made excuses of why you cannot move up even though the numbers were there.  The one they used on me was that I took off a day during the last 6 weeks.    They told another girl she walked around in the halls and talked too much to bump to the next level.   However, if you did not get your line count they were all over moving you down.

Look at your local hospital's websites
jobs open.  The reason you don't see them advertised is a lot of hospitals outsource all their dictation.  But some still have in-house (or at home) MTs.
When I worked at a local hospital
this happened.  I just transcribed it like any other report.  I would not even mention it to the family member.  When you work for a small local hospital it is bound to happen. 
Wanna tell that to the local hospital MTs whose....sm
...staff was just decreased because EHR came to town? They were told only a few would be staying now because even in the hospital most reports could be handled by EHR. I think you need to reserve your opinion till we really find out what O has in mind for this field.
I worked at home for the local hospital here.
It was fine. They paid hourly and provided equipment. We had plenty of work and had to stick to a set schedule. They do use a service or two for overflow, but it is strictly overflow. The hospital still has employees working at home. They don't ALL outsource. (And ironically, some hospitals are taking back their transcription and hiring in-house and at-home MTs!)
Wow! VERY well written and said! My husband works for a local hospital and
there is one patient who is an illegal that has been in the hospital there for 2 weeks and has racked up a bill that is now over $200,000.  One of the other nurses on staff there called the police department and explained the situation and they are in the process of deporting the patient back to Mexico and admitted to a Mexican hospital.  We can't cover the cost of every single person in the world.  The US is just so big and sorry, but my family, all American citizens comes first.  Does that make me a cold hearted person?  I don't think so.
I worked for a local hospital that used the same formula for our incentive pay.
I tested at a local hospital on the East Coast...
The pay was $14.82 per hour to start. They were paying medical unit secretaries $14.60. Also the job was per diem, needless to say I didn't take it.
The easy answer is to go to a local hospital and get experience.
The other answer is to ask anyone and everyone out there to give you a test, prove yourself, put your best foot forward.

Be very careful tough, because in your post you even used a wrong word "there" for "their" and I just wanted to bring this to your attention not to give you a kick but to caution you that you really need to "know your stuff" to get into this business. What you put out there tells about you, so make sure it's your best.
Just got an offer from a local hospital and wanted to run it passed you all before I say yes...

Employee status w/benefits

$13.50/hr with 0.05 cpl incentive fo anything above 1200 lpd and $2.00 shift differential (for 2nd shift which I will be working)

1000 lpd minimum productivity requirement

Work in the office first month for training and then home with hospital provided computer.

Dictaphone EXText Word Client transcription platform

Is this a decent offer?  I've worked at the same place in the office forever and haven't actually been out there  looking in several years.  I tried working for a national part time at one time because I wanted to be working from home, but couldn't see how someone could make a living on 0.08 cpl without working yourself into an early grave, so I gave up the part time job and kept the full time in office job.  Now I have a new boss who doesn't know her butt from a hole in the ground and I started looking around and came across this current job and before I jump ship, I want to make sure I'm getting a good deal.

The $13.50 seemed kind of low to me given my years of experience (13 years), but because I was at my other job for so long I maxed out pay wise.

How do I find out if a local hospital's transcription is done in-house or not?
Can someone please give me some advice?  I am trying to find out if one of our local hospitals has in-house transcription or what company they use for their transcription.  I called the MR Dept. and the lady acted like she did not want to tell me anything.  She said some was done in-house but most of it was done electronically and would not elaborate as to what company they used.  How can I go about finding out who does their transcription for them.  I never see any actual job opening in the MR Dept. or for transcription for them, so I am assuming they outsource most to a transcription company.
Try calling your hospital or local medical providers.
I've been uninsured and in pain for about two years now requiring surgery. I've tried finding a job with insurance. I've tried working extra to save up the money to pay for the surgery. I just found out that the local hospital has a program in place for people who can't afford surgery or medical bills. Their income limit isn't really low either. If I had known this, I would have had the surgery two years ago instead of living with a ticking time bomb inside me and daily pain.
Try working inhouse at a local clinic or hospital.
That's what many MTs end up having to do to get their foot in the door & gain experience. IMO, that's the best way to start anyway since you have experienced people nearby to ask for help because those first few months can be very difficult. Good luck!

P.S. Agree with the other posters below that you need to specify you have your certificate in MT, not referring to yourself as a Certified MT which is a completely different thing and can only be obtained after a few years of experience & testing with AHDI. However, that brings up another topic... many MTs choose not to become certified now that AHDI has sold us out & encourages offshoring of our work. I've been doing this nearly 20 years and only once have ever been asked if I had my CMT, so it's pretty much irrelevant anyway. As long as you have experience & test well, that's what they care about.
I get 14 cpl with my hospital accounts and

I pay my subcontractor 11 cents a line.  So no, I don't make a huge profit from the work she does, and maybe I don't make any at all with all things considered, but then I've always figured that my income comes from what I transcribe myself.  I know you can't run a big business like that, but as a small business with just a contractor or two, it works for me.

I also work for a small national to fill in when my own accounts are slow and I get 10.5 cpl there.

V.A. hospital accounts
DO require a background check. At least the ones I have worked on.
Mammograms are going to PenRad in the local hospital's Radiology dept.
Local hospital and state sponsored class. (see message)

This was way back in 1980-81 (age 19) in a pretty small town.  Our local hospital in cooperation with state funding had 3 different programs:  Medical Secretary (note--not transcriptionist) which was an 8-month program, as well as Respiratory Therapist and LPN, which were both 2 years if I recall correctly. 

The cost was about $300 (my parents paid) and included ALL materials (books, paper and pencils) for classes 8 hours per day, M-F, from Sept thru May.  The classes consisted of anatomy/physiology, medical terminology, typing and transcribing, English, accounting, and general office practices, all, in 1 room with about 10-12 students in the entire program. 

The last month was spent doing 1 week of practicum for 4 weeks.  We could pick just about any situation we wanted and as long as there was approval by those "offices," it was all right.  I did 1 week in that hospital's pathology dept (transcribing, charting, answering phones--almost got to see an autopsy but was a burn victim, so couldn't); 1 week in another town's hospital MR dept (spending a day or so in each subsection--MT, coding, filing, etc); 1 week our local area's cancer treatment center (again, in each MR subsection), and the final week at our area's tumor registry.  I felt sorry for the 2 girls in the latter; they had ARTs (don't even know if that still exists as a 2-year associate's degree for "accredited records technician"), and all they did was file cards all day long. 

After that, we graduated with a "Certified Medical Secretary" certificate and pin.  I've been an MT ever since, working inhouse (both hospitals and service office for 10 years) and now at home for the past 17 years. 


Keep applying at jobs is my opinion. Find out where your local hospital transcription is done
I'm a hospital employee, working local at home, so I get a raise every year.
Any chance of taking a tiny ad out on local hospital websites, if not too expensive? Perhaps Drs wo
If you want to work at a local hospital or doctor's office, go to community college. Otherwise
if you want to work from home, for a national company, you need to take the course from either Andrews School or M-TEC. It does you no good to save money by taking the Penn Foster course, because most companies will NOT hire grads from that school, it is a poor course and does NOT prepare you sufficiently for MT work.
My company forced us to do all accounts for one hospital. SM
They are a group of five hospitals. Those of us who said we did not want to do all five, suddenly had our primary out of work, because the other MT's were doing OUR account. That is how things are now. It seems to be the name of the game.
Question about working on Hospital accounts
I have over 5 years of experience unfortunately it is all clinic experience. Are there any companies that will hire a Transcriptionist with this much experience but not in the Acute Care field? I really would like to start doing those types of transcription. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I work for eTransPlus, hospital accounts, and QA is great - nm
58, AHP/self-taught, trained at hospital 5 years, now with 2 of my own accounts for 10 years, employ
Also worn out 2 keyboards in 4 years. I will never retire. DH will come home some day from work and I'll be slumped over my keyboard. I put in 14 hours a day 7 days a week.
Depends on what kind of hospital? Large urban hospital or small community hospital? SM

Also, is it a large teaching hospital? If so you have to consider there will be A LOT of different residents dictating, usually a lot of ESLs at teaching hospitals, and the residents rotate out and new ones rotate in every summer. So you can't expect to get the same dictators and build up your macros because the dictators change all the time.

I would say 9 cpl would be a pretty good offer for a small to medium community hospital where you will be doing the same dictators on a daily basis.  But for bigger, urban or teaching hospitals I would want at least 12 to 15 cpl. 

Buy local. The local stores pay taxes to support your city and state. (SM)
Using online and catalogues does nothing to promote the local economy.  We complain about outsourcing and about the big companies gobbling up all the work so the jobs at local hospitals are gone, yet we do the same thing when we buy on ebay, catalog, and these web sites that may be located any place in the world as their primary business location. 
I went local. Great local tech support, they know what I do and were able to set it up just for me
How about zillions of accounts. MQ has these accounts so overloaded even the new hires dont have any
work. I would love to read some of these reports and then they expect perfect QA and no blanks. Did they lose their minds completely.
The accounts are old and she keeps her accounts TRUSTING she hired the right MTs
who if in doubt will ask questions regarding reports. No one can find all mistakes in all reports and that is human to have a report with perhaps a typo. You think anyone reads through all the reports of a national company before they get to the hospital? Not a chance. Some random QA is supposed to correct all mistakes? Not hardly. Doctors/dictators make mistakes too. We all do. So do QA people. So the thing is this person hires good people who are trustworthy, the hospital likes the way she does their account and life goes on quite nicely w/o hovering editors/QA people. BTW, who QAs the QA people on your accounts. Ever wonder?
Not all accounts are good accounts. One
That should not be the case. Sounds like you need new accountant with strong knowledge of IC deduction.  We save a several thousand on what we pay in taxes based on what I can deduct as at home IC, $2000 off the top for what I pay my child to help with office chores, as an example.  The measly 7.xx% I pay that an employer would pay is well worth my independence in being my own boss.  
Hospital. I wish I'd never left my hospital job.
They'll only take me back if I start off working nights and weekends again at the bottom of the totem pole.