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magicJack - something that may help you decide - sm

Posted By: Kim on 2008-02-24
In Reply to:

I just purchased magicJack.  I like it so far.  One thing that I didn't know that I wish I had is that there is no local number available in my area code.  I had to choose one from a neighboring state.  Therefore, any incoming calls will be long distance for those calling me if they do not have an unlimited long distance plan.  The link below will let you find out what area codes are availble.  Many are pending and are supposed to be available very soon.  Other than this, I really like it.


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Got it on Monday, hooked it up, works great!  I will be sending back Vonage now. My state was in there but the number it gave me did not work well so I chose a state not as heavily populated and it is clear as a bell.  Definitely works well for me. 

For anybody who has MagicJack, do you know if it is possible to use this in conjunction with another service such as Vonage?  There is no local area code available with MagicJack in my state, so for anybody calling me even in the same town, it would long distance for them.  I am just wondering if it is possible to have Vonage for incoming calls and then MagicJack for outgoing calls.  Thank you!





I don't know if mine was defective or not, but when I plugged it in and tried to use my phone, all I got was horrible static.  Two friends of mine in NY have no problem with it.  One also has Vonage.  I got Vonage when it was new, and that, too, was disastraous.

Now there's another thing called Peanutjack.com.  If anyone has feedback, I'd love to know.  We need all tne help we can get!


I've also heard that a lot of people with MagicJack had trouble with it and it just stop working.
magicjack put my family in danger read story about how they did it

google magicjack put my family in danger
I got a magicjack and they put my family in danger read story on google

google magicjack put my family in danger
MagicJack Question


I just got MagicJack and have a DAC transcribe station.  Everytime you depress the foot pedal when listening to a dictation a "1" will appearing in the MagicJack window as if it is trying to input another number to dial.  The dictation eventually cuts out after enough numbers appear to dial a phone number.  Has anyone had this problem or might known the solution? My foot pedal is plugged into the transcribe station.  Can I use a USB foot pedal and link to the dictation through the MagicJack window on your computer screen? 

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  

For those interested in MagicJack
In TX we have Windstream, which is okay (ATT for cell; again, not a problem at all here).

Anyone tried MagicJack? I did the Vonage thing a couple years ago and it wasn't a good exp. (it may well be now; not sure). Tried the MagicJack, but haven't been able to make it work. If anyone else has info on how they do with either of these, I'd love to know.

Any Magicjack users have any luck...sm
getting their foot pedal to work again?  Mine's still not working, and I was really  hoping it was a short-lived bleep in the system. 
I use MagicJack & it works great. nm
ps on MagicJack Late reply!
Sorry I didn't get back to you, frankie_rush.  Too many emails!  Actually, it works well most of the time.  But I think it depends on a few things:  where you live, your phone co. (I have Windstream, which has been very good in all aspects).  To me, it was worth spending the $15 (or something like that).  I had Vonage a few years ago, and it was the pits!  At that time it was an on-going expense, the customer service was horrible (as I recall in India!), and I got stuck for a 2-year contract for crap!  I'm in Texas.  A friend of mine in NY has excellent service, so I still still say that the $15 to OWN it is worth the shot. 


They sell them at kiosks at the mall here.


Incidentally, I don't have Lanier, but when I worked in the hospital we had their system, and also had excellent service.  I also liked Medi-Tech, for what it's worth.


Did you make a decision?


Good luck

Magicjack works like Vonage and cable (sm)
the only cost is $39.99 (device, first time only) for the entire year, no monthly fee.  Second year is $19.99 for the entire year.  Voice mail, call forwarding, etc.  It's a real steal.  So far, my sound clarity is very good.  I'm on my 30-day guaranteed trial now, so I'm still in the testing phase, but I do not use a C-phone. 
magicjack with Lanier or telephone line - sm
The magicjack did not work with my Lanier, and my friend has dial-up and it would not work for her WITHOUT transcribing equipment, just regular calls. I sent mine back the same day.
How do you decide which is better?

National SE/employee  versus  small MTSO IC

I have my opinions based on my experiences, but I'd like to hear your opinions.  I wish I could have a hybrid of the two.  Steady workload, but a flexible schedule as long as xx number of lines was done per day.  Mostly the same dictators over and over, but still available to help out if another account needs it.  Is there such a creature out there?  Or am I dreaming the impossible dream?  I'd make a list of all my wishes, but I fear I'd be laughed off the boards.  LOL 

Still trying 2 decide...
where to spend my cent. So many choices!
But when did he decide to be gay?

DECIDE to be gay???


Can anyone help me decide which job to keep?

I worked as a hospital employee, then IC for quite a few years. Everytime I asked about employee openings, there were none. I would always be out of work for 2-3 months in the beginning of the year.  I finally quit and got a job with a national. The hospital couldn't keep up on the work and asked me to come back and work weekends and days I did not have anything else to do (that's a joke!).

Now I understand they are going to hire another FT MT. I want to apply mainly because of the health benefits, as I am paying $600 a month now.

 I love working for the national but now my problem...I still feel loyalty to the hospital. I don't know what they are paying yet or what the hours would be and don't even know if she would hire me full time.

I know I should take into consideration the benefits, etc. and compare it with the national, but the work at the national company is so much nicer with regards to the doctors and program they use. The hospital has a lot more ESLs to contend with. The only problem with the national is that I have a hard time getting my production and a lot of days, I get really stressed out.

What is the going rate of a in house MT in PA?  I have 10 years acute care experience. What could I expect to be offered?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, this is what I'm trying to decide

She would not hire me before because I worked 7 days a week plus holidays. This will probably be the sticking point even now. Plus there is a new CEO there that tries to tow (sic) the line on hiring.

My husband has a heart problem and we really need the insurance (he's self-employed). He is working but I don't know how long, until he drops dead, he says. I don't want to see that happen. Been with him 40 years, but we can't afford to get his heart fixed right now. (Does that give you an idea of our ages). Aw heck, he probably wouldn't do it even if he could, so who is he fooling? He's a workaholic like me. I made a lot of money through them as IC, but really need to get away from that status. We were paying through the --- to the IRS and we're tired of it. I know if I was hired, she wouldn't need the 6 per diems she has now plus the mandatory OT.

Another thing...the hospital is only 37.5 work week. I would probably say yes to any OT or extra time because that's the way I am, but I'm in a hole now $$ wise.

I really would prefer the hospital but I don't want to be suckered into working for less than I'm worth just because I have no idea what they pay. If I get my speed up with the national, and I'm sure I will soon, I should be able to make more, but I don't know the first thing about nationals either as it was my first job with one. All I know is I'm doing as well as expected.

 I thank you for your input. 



Well...what did you decide?
When you do decide to get out - sm

be it weeks, months or years, drop me a line, that is if you don't already have someone in mind to take over your accounts, unless you are just planning to give them notice and let them fend for themselves.  Obviously if you are doing tapes this would not work unless we are near each other which I doubt (I am near Richmond, VA), but digital would work just fine and that is how I work now.  I am always looking to add on and looking to one day have a few people working for me.  So if you have the inclination e-mail me, and I will email back with my information. 

Thank you! I have been trying to decide
if I wanted to try the Gevalia or not, and when I read this I got on the site and signed up for it. Thanks for helping me make up my mind!
Can't decide
I would choose family, being home with kids over a job. Jobs come and go, but time spent with your children can't ever be re-paid.
Here's how I decide (sm)
1. If account specifies, follow the specs.

2. If no specifics and paid for spaces, by all means, 2 spaces after the period. Helps the line count a little bit at least. (I type all my accounts this way.) It's easier to read, especially in the lab data section.

3. If no specifics and not paid for spaces, they get 1 space after sentences.
Only you can decide!

Both IC and employee have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you need insurance or not? Based on what some people are saying the health insurance offered by a company is not always the best offer out there. Do you prefer flexibility or do you want to work a set schedule?

To receive full benefits you might have to achieve certain line requirements. I just switched from employee to IC. My employer did not offer much regarding benefits and did not always offer enough work so that I could achieve the line requirements. They only offered paid vacation. Now I have the flexibility and am making the same amount per line after tax deductions as previously before tax deductions.

Not every employee position offers full benefits. Also, depending on what type of work you do, the quality of the dictators and your QA team, you could make more money as an IC.

Maybe not the question IC or employee is as important as finding the job that suits you best.

trying to decide
how difficult is this medical transcription to do? I am going to take a medical terminology class at community college and take word 2007 before I start either M-Tec or somewhere maybe in December.
only you can decide what's best!
you are the one that will be typing on it! I don't know what brands you tried or I might give you my opinion, but can only tell you what I like about mine you know? I actually bought this cheap little Belkin kind, split keyboard and when you type the keys they are loud, which is one thing that i like for some reason... Also I have to have the "insert, home, page up/page down, delete and end" button certain ways... two rows three across. You know, certain things for certain people! Good luck!!
It's up to you to decide...
if you think 26k is fair.  I am assuming you mean you make 26k as an MT with 5 years' experience?  I think that sounds about right.  There are some MTs with 5 years' experience who make more than that, some who make less.  I make far more because I have far more years of experience than you.  You have an associate's degree, but it is in a different field, right?  That is not going to make a difference as far as MT pay is concerned.  As I said, I went to school for 4 months to become an MT (an on-site, full-time school), plus I worked in-house for a long time with a mentor before I began working from home.  Like you, I also have education in a different field.  At this point, I can make more money as an MT, which seems fair to me.
I can't decide if I should be job searching or not.
I like many aspects of my job, but I dislike certain aspects about it, too.  The thing is that this has been my best MT job ever.  That's not something you just throw away.  I know there's no perfect job out there, but I wonder if I could make more money with a better platform and an unlimited workload.
I'm an SE. I decide my schedule.
That is my current contract with my employer.

I don't even have to ask to work past my schedule. I don't have ask off. All I have to do is say I'm not working my planned schedule. That's all. However, I don't do business that way.

I keep my schedule and then I am usually asked to work more so I do.

I've worked at this place for years and I have never been limited on how much work I do. That will change shortly but after several conversations with upper management, there will be opportunity for overtime.

If you are an employee, not statuatory or IC, then you are more restricted in what you do. That is very true.

It's just not what I have been working as all this time for this particular employer.
RadGuy??? What did you decide????

Okay, we helped, so now ya gotta spill it.......what did you decide to buy your sisters for Xmas????  :)

Happy Holidays, btw.

the easiest way to decide (sm)
Is to ask yourself how you would feel if the tables were turned... then you will have your answer. And also, the best piece of advice I ever got was "if you have to ask, you already know the answer".
That's how I would decide also. Treat others the way you
would want to be treated.
Please, help a sista decide what
The   company I work for is changing to more  cumbersome and slow platform and pays 7.5 cpl.  I know that is low but the Director of Operations is VERY good to me otherwise and it is on a platform that iis very user friendly and I have almost total control of document handling, which I am whittling down to a fine, fast art.  I just talked to a hospital about IC at 10-11 cpl but would have to "rent" software at $20 per month. (Was told this was for IRS reasons, which I don't know that I believe, but whatever, it is how they do it.)  I am trying to decide which would be the better deal.  10-11 cpl and pay "rent" or 7.5 and no rent.  7.5 cpl job is fairly flexible, accts I have there are easy for me to do, and staff is great.  The new job sounds like an "MT friendly" kinda place with no ESLs.  What to do, what to do???
If you decide you need a change, sm
I agree with fuzz regarding Webmedx.  It's a good company.  They have clinic, as well as acute care work.  You would have to contact them to see if they are hiring for clinic at the present time.  They have good benefits, including a 401(K) plan.  A really decent company. 
Can you not read it and decide it does not
They are communicating with everyone, giving you ideas on what to look out for, etc.

Geesh, people complain because of lack of communication then because they get communication.

Never satisfied, are you?

How silly is it to let something that does not describe what you are doing offend you like that, whether an employee, supervisor, MTSO, etc.

It's just an e-mail, right? If it were personally addressed to you and you alone, that might be different.
My opinion-let her decide sm
I was forced to go to my grandmother's funeral and services when I was 10. I am now 45. The grandkids were placed directly in front of the casket, front and center, with our parents off to the side. I became hysterical and cried and cried til I threw up. I had to be bodily carried out. It was an awful experience. I cried for days and I wasn't even that close to my grandmother. She lived far away and we only saw her twice a year. I never attended another funeral until my mother died when I was 33 and my father died when I was 36. I had enough Valium in me to put a horse out for those two services. I was obligated to attend two more close friends funerals a year after dad died but none since. I have never forced my kids to go to funerals. Believe it or not, I jsut cannot attend another funeral. I will go to wakes, stay 5 minutes and leave. I was that traumatized. I still remember how awful it was for me. I just cannot find it in me to attend them. Please, don't force her to go. She will go when she is ready. My children didn't attend funerals until they were 19.  They did fine.
let her decide. she already has a grip on
the passing away part but that doesn't mean she is ready for the open casket and long viewing hours at the funeral home.  this way she can still picture grandma how she was and not in the casket which can be a little unsettling for adults sometime.  if she wants you guys to take her to the grave site sometime to say her goodbyes then take her.  i remember writing a so called goodbye letter to my grandfather when i was a kid telling him about all of the things i'll always remember and loved about him. that way i was able to get out my feelings and i still have something to look back and read so i'll never lose my (all of it anyway) memory of him.
For children, it's best to let them decide.
It can be healing or traumatic. I do think I'd have her go to the funeral home once, set it up so she only has to be there a short time, help her understand it's time to say goodbye and let go (whether close or not). I've been through a Catholic funeral and don't think I'd force a child to be there. It's good that neither you or DH are forcing one way or the other. Talk with your daughter and help her decide what's really best. Just don't let her hide from the fact that she needs to say goodbye to grandma, close or not.
Help me decide which Ipod

Today's my birthday and my husband is taking me out tonight to pick out an Ipod. I've been wanting one for awhile. You wouldn't think I'd want something to keep me in headphones even more than I already am, but....

Anyway, I can't decide being getting a Nano or Video Ipod. If anyone has either and has an opinion on it, I'd sure appreciate the advice.  I'd either get the 4 gig Nano or the 30 gig Video Ipod. I know it's a big leap in storage size, but I wonder if the flash memory in the 4 gig Nano would be more reliable than the hard drive in the 30 gig?  Any opinions would be appreciated.

$50 for their service, if you decide to use them.
That's up to you and the client to decide.
If you're concerned about whether or not to count the content of the header or footer, that is something that should be decided by your and the client, not the people on this board.
Dont want anyone to decide for me, just need
After two years of trying to decide

which keyboard to try I came across the AlphaGrip, which I have had for about three months now and I love it.  There definitely is a learning curve involved, but that is what I understand about the "tent style" ergonomic keyboards also.  AG refers to their key layout as an "enhanced QWERTY" because for most of the keys the same finger is used for the same letter on the AG as on a regular keyboard.  I am not as fast as I would like yet, but I had quite a number of extreme situations going on over the same time period and have not been able to spend the time needed.  I consistently type about 40 wpm accurately on the AG, and have hit up to 61 wpm.  There are many tasks I prefer using the AG for due to the ease of mousing with having it "right at the tip of my thumbs".  That totally rocks!

They make no claims about ergonomic benefits, but I can tell you that when I am able to use the AG more and the keyboard less I am in less pain, and when I use only the AG I have no arm/wrist pain.  Because I am able to sit in a recliner and type now, my back pain is greatly reduced (I need a new mattress).

Check it out! 

I would think you would decide that in your contract with
your individual clients. They probably have some say in how you count their lines, either they agree with the way you do it or make a counter offer.
Try being IC, try being employee. Then decide
Even so, not MT place to decide what is in Dr
If something is so off base best to flag it. Let the Dr decide what he meant and how he is treating a pt.
Decide what works for you and then
It's not up to you to decide what goes in report.
Not really sure why you are even questioning this or what rule(s) you are referring to.

It's not the doctors who decide..sm
MT pay.  I don't think they have any idea of what we are paid, not do I think they care.  It's the greedy MTSOs who think we are worth pennies, not the docs.