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Posted By: pumpernickel on 2008-08-14
In Reply to: I use MagicJack & it works great. nm - Jadie

I've also heard that a lot of people with MagicJack had trouble with it and it just stop working.

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Got it on Monday, hooked it up, works great!  I will be sending back Vonage now. My state was in there but the number it gave me did not work well so I chose a state not as heavily populated and it is clear as a bell.  Definitely works well for me. 

For anybody who has MagicJack, do you know if it is possible to use this in conjunction with another service such as Vonage?  There is no local area code available with MagicJack in my state, so for anybody calling me even in the same town, it would long distance for them.  I am just wondering if it is possible to have Vonage for incoming calls and then MagicJack for outgoing calls.  Thank you!





I don't know if mine was defective or not, but when I plugged it in and tried to use my phone, all I got was horrible static.  Two friends of mine in NY have no problem with it.  One also has Vonage.  I got Vonage when it was new, and that, too, was disastraous.

Now there's another thing called Peanutjack.com.  If anyone has feedback, I'd love to know.  We need all tne help we can get!


magicjack put my family in danger read story about how they did it

google magicjack put my family in danger
I got a magicjack and they put my family in danger read story on google

google magicjack put my family in danger
magicJack - something that may help you decide - sm

I just purchased magicJack.  I like it so far.  One thing that I didn't know that I wish I had is that there is no local number available in my area code.  I had to choose one from a neighboring state.  Therefore, any incoming calls will be long distance for those calling me if they do not have an unlimited long distance plan.  The link below will let you find out what area codes are availble.  Many are pending and are supposed to be available very soon.  Other than this, I really like it.


MagicJack Question


I just got MagicJack and have a DAC transcribe station.  Everytime you depress the foot pedal when listening to a dictation a "1" will appearing in the MagicJack window as if it is trying to input another number to dial.  The dictation eventually cuts out after enough numbers appear to dial a phone number.  Has anyone had this problem or might known the solution? My foot pedal is plugged into the transcribe station.  Can I use a USB foot pedal and link to the dictation through the MagicJack window on your computer screen? 

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  

For those interested in MagicJack
In TX we have Windstream, which is okay (ATT for cell; again, not a problem at all here).

Anyone tried MagicJack? I did the Vonage thing a couple years ago and it wasn't a good exp. (it may well be now; not sure). Tried the MagicJack, but haven't been able to make it work. If anyone else has info on how they do with either of these, I'd love to know.

Any Magicjack users have any luck...sm
getting their foot pedal to work again?  Mine's still not working, and I was really  hoping it was a short-lived bleep in the system. 
I use MagicJack & it works great. nm
ps on MagicJack Late reply!
Sorry I didn't get back to you, frankie_rush.  Too many emails!  Actually, it works well most of the time.  But I think it depends on a few things:  where you live, your phone co. (I have Windstream, which has been very good in all aspects).  To me, it was worth spending the $15 (or something like that).  I had Vonage a few years ago, and it was the pits!  At that time it was an on-going expense, the customer service was horrible (as I recall in India!), and I got stuck for a 2-year contract for crap!  I'm in Texas.  A friend of mine in NY has excellent service, so I still still say that the $15 to OWN it is worth the shot. 


They sell them at kiosks at the mall here.


Incidentally, I don't have Lanier, but when I worked in the hospital we had their system, and also had excellent service.  I also liked Medi-Tech, for what it's worth.


Did you make a decision?


Good luck

Magicjack works like Vonage and cable (sm)
the only cost is $39.99 (device, first time only) for the entire year, no monthly fee.  Second year is $19.99 for the entire year.  Voice mail, call forwarding, etc.  It's a real steal.  So far, my sound clarity is very good.  I'm on my 30-day guaranteed trial now, so I'm still in the testing phase, but I do not use a C-phone. 
magicjack with Lanier or telephone line - sm
The magicjack did not work with my Lanier, and my friend has dial-up and it would not work for her WITHOUT transcribing equipment, just regular calls. I sent mine back the same day.