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meds site

Posted By: JanSetzmt on 2007-09-06
In Reply to: Medication website - Denise

Try www.rxlist.com

Thats what I use alot.

Hope it helps! :)

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good site for meds

shows dosages, click on drug and generics appear, along with brand names and what med is used for. Will not do "fuzzy" search but first few letters will work. Only real drawback is site is occasionally down for updates. Check it out.
Good HIV meds site inside....sm

For ID:
This site lists the medication for which it is used as treatment.

Might just do a good Google search for specific needs.
web site with capped/lower case meds??


Any advice on good oncology site (words/meds/etc)
Does anyone know of a good website to reference oncology, chemo/radiation drugs and all related material.
Why don't you up the meds?!!!
Your quotes sure are priceless and quite original. You say the same thing, over and over and over again. So go take a shower and maybe the water will help you grow a thought.
Your meds may be the cause.
It could actually be the antidepressant causing the headaches, particularly if you aren't sleeping. Lack of sleep worsens my Wellbutrin headaches. When I was on Paxil, I woke up with severe headaches daily. It's either that or have debilitating depression. Something that antidepressants cause and some folks don't know about is a sort of movement disorder. One of the major complaints is jaw clenching during sleep, which could be one reason you wake up with the pain. I've cracked four molars doing this. I now wear a night guard, but I still have some pain. Do you have frown lines between your brows, neck pain, ear trouble, or jaw pain? Also caused by antidepressants are tics, overall body tension, etc.
meds for
I have been on Wellbutrin for about 4 years secondary to mild depression.  The Wellbutrin really seems to have helped that.  Then I started seeing a neurologist about a year ago for migraines, and he now has switched me to a different anti-depressant as he believes the Wellbutrin could be contributing to my chronic headaches, not migraines so much being chronic; those seem to have backed off, don't have them nearly as frequent, but I wake up almost every single morning with a dull, but painful, headache.  He's had me on Zanaflex for quite a while, and that works okay to help relax me enough to get to sleep but I still wake up with headaches.  I told him this at my last couple of visits and that is when he said he wants me to stop the Wellbutrin as he is wondering if that is causing the headaches.  He gave me a medication, and I don't remember the brand name (and believe it or not, the brand name isn't on the med bottle where it usually says "so and so generic for ____".  Anyway, this is called CDPX/Amitrip 5/12.5 mg.  He wants me to taper off the Wellbutrin altogether by taking one in the morning (I take Wellbutrin SR 400 mg daily) and then one of the new pills at night before bed.  Well, I started that about a week ago and this new stuff he has me on makes me so tipsy that I have to go to bed right away.  It seems to help me sleep better as the Zanaflex wears off VERY early and then I still toss and turn all night (I've told my neurologist this on several visits but he just keeps telling me to "take more mg then.")  I have 4-mg tablets and was taking up to 5 per night, but as I said, even that wasn't keeping me asleep for very long.  It knocked me out, but then after 2 or so hours I wake up and then hard to get back to sleep.  Anyway, back to the CDPX/amtitrip......I feel hung over in the mornings, and am very groggy, with just taking it right before bedtime.  It takes me 2 cups of coffee to finally stop feeling hung over and I have never experienced that with Zanaflex.  I know when I tell the doctor this he will tell me to take it earlier in the evening (we already had that conversation early on with the Zanaflex issue).  But I cannot take it earlier because of mom responsibilities and having to work late hours.  The new med (CDPX/ami) makes me start feeling loopy almost immediately, so I am forced to take it just before I literally am ready to fall into bed.  I can't find this medication online; all I can find is CDP/amitriptyline (without the X).  Anybody know what the "X" stands for?  And has anyone else used this med so they can give me some advice?  I hate being on so many meds, and am trying to wean myself off of whatever I see isn't working.  Thus far, nothing has really helped with the migraines except for Fioricet.  He wanted me to take the muscle relaxer at nighttime, thinking that if I was able to relax and get some good sleep I'd not wake up with a headache, but that just does not/has not worked for me.  He gives me Fioricet, Lorcet Plus, and Phenergan (for the nausea I get with migraines, but that knocks me out, which, if I have a migraine, is great, but my husband has to be home to take care of the kids because I'm in a coma for a full 12 hours or so and the Phenergan makes me feel hung over as well.)  He gives me 30 Fioricet a month, and it seems that if I can take one routinely each morning (I have tried this for a few days at a time) that seems to ease up the "normal" headache I have, rather than try not to take anything, but then I may need one later in the day and since I only have 30 it's hard to make them last if I take one daily, which I don't because of only having 30, but would like to because that routine seems to work. But I'm afraid to ask him to up the # of tablets per month because I type for a pain management doctor who tends to dictate a lot about drug-seeking patients and I don't want my doctor to think this of me!!!  I know it sounds crazy, but it's got me so paranoid I'm afraid to ask!  I hope this information is understandable....I know I've jumped back and forth...if anyone has any ideas or advice I'm all ears.  Thanks!!
meds for
Thanks to you all.  You know, I never thought about it being a sleep problem.  I have never slept well through the night.  I can remember a very few times when I actually slept through the night and woke up refreshed.  I have always, always had a terrible time sleeping.  I wake up every hour every night, except when I take the Zanaflex and/or the new anti-depressant, and then I wake up after 2 or 3 hours, but then every hour after that.  Needless to say, I am so not rested in the mornings.  Getting a sleep apnea study is an excellent suggestion.  I will mention that to my doctor and see if he can refer me to someone.  Thank you all again so much.
You can get meds for that. I know. I am an MT.
especially meds
I am in the same boat.  I am interested especially in how to use short cuts regarding meds and their dosages.  Thanks.
ER psych meds
standard formula given in emergency: Haldol 5 mg, Ativan 2 mg, Benadryl 50 mg
combination of 3 meds usually (sm)
Most hospitals have their own chemo cocktails for mouth sores but most consist of Mylanta/ Maalox, Benadryl and lidocaine or xylocaine anything to numb the soreness of the ulcers.
Okay, bye! Don't forget to take your meds on the way out!
The level of anger and frustration is actually quite sad.
I don't remember how many meds there were, but...
the poor lady was admitted with lightheadedness, dizziness, etc.  By the time the doc was done listing the huge list of medications, even I could figure out what her problem was!!!  It was no wonder she couldn't stand up straight!
I only add the dosages for very few meds. sm
Toradol 60 mg IM = T60

I found that for most meds that have multiple possible dosages, it just isn't speed-friendly to have multiple macros for 1 drug...like I use "ty" for Tylenol, but having a different one for each possible dose would be like ty325, ty650, ty975, etc., but somehow I'm faster NOT doing this. I only use the toradol one above because I always, always, always here it that way for one of my hospitals.
Other meds..allo is allopurinol, sim is simvastatin, vanc is vancomycin, etc. I tend to use begining syllables for my drug macros.
pain meds
(Immunomodulator, topical

Limbrel (osteoarthritis)
Pain Meds
I meant to say
Vergen (immunomodulator, topical)

Limbrel (osteoarthritis)
how about 54 discharge meds??
That's got to be a record, at least from my end -- i was thankful when he dictated that reader was referred to chart for most of them -- wow.  how can a body handle all that really??
you'd think pronounciation of meds
 correctly would be important to the dictating physicians...just had another gem - skilatopram - meaning citalopram....how about a little phonics maybe in med school...
psych meds
you might try the APA site for maybe general info or drugs.com and look under psych conditions, depression, bipolar, schizo-affective, etc.
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
She's actually taking meds around the clock for it
Vicodin, Percocet, aspirin, ibuprofen, and drinking.  She has a rheumatologist, but its so hard to get in to see him.  One of her problems is she is really obese, and his first advice to her is lose the weight, taking some strain off her joints.  I feel so bad for her, she shouldn't have to live in pain.  She doesn't have a quality of life.  Maybe it hits people harder than others.  But I would be like you, take a more natural approach so you don't get caught up in depending on pain meds.
Has anyone ordered pet meds from Entirely Pets?

My dog has Cushings and is on $200.00/mo worth of meds and we are going broke between them and the $1000.00/year testing needed,  not to mention shots, etc.  We are paying about $80.00/month for one medicine.  I found it at Entirely Pets for $32.00/mo - a big savings.  The package they show is the exact same as what we get from the vet, the dosage and the # of pills is also the same.   I read the description and it doesn't say anything about it being a generic or anything else that would raise a red flag.  I checked this med at 1800PetMeds and it is $60.00/month there. 

I'm going to ask my vet tomorrow what she thinks.  I don't think she'll have a problem with me getting meds from another source but I'd like to hear feedback from an outside party too. 

Agree that over the counter meds for
tapeworm are ineffective.  It's not worth the gamble.  While you try the OTC out, the tapeworm is depleting nutrition from your pet and making it weaker. It's worth a trip to the vet!!  Good luck!
Good for you! I hate meds....
If your headaches become so bad that they interfere with your life and you really want to crawl up and die, check into occipital stimulation. It gets the pain that no medications can even reach. It is a miracle. Two companies make them, ANS and Medtronic. I am really glad you are feeling better!
Has anyone ever ordered pet meds from 1-800-petmeds.com?? sm
I have to buy heartworm/flea meds and love the Sentinol product. It is much cheaper to buy it from petmeds, but I have never shopped there or know of any one that has. Also, do you need a "Rx" from your vet to buy the med? Thanks!
Any suggestions for meds that dry mucus? nm
Are you taking any meds that cause sleepiness?
If you are, maybe there is something else you could use that is not as sedating.
About paying out-of-pocket for meds
I don't know what state you are in, but Wal-Mart Pharmacy has a great plan in which you only pay $4.00 for generic medications. I think that Target has a plan comparable to this as well.

Also, there are Patient Assistance plans that are available through some of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, which covers the majority cost of the medication if you are within a certain income bracket. For example, my daughter takes a medication, which is about $150.00 for a 30-day supply (there is no generic for this medication yet). I cannot afford it; so we applied for the Patient Assistance plan (which I had to research on the Internet to find out what/how to do this because NOBODY offers info on this sort of thing for some reason). Anyway, being that the MT industry pretty much pays their MTs at poverty level these days, we qualified for the patient assistance program. Now, I only have to pay a $5.00 copay for her medication.

I know how expensive medications can be. I hope that this message offers you some sort of relief in knowing that there is some help out there -- you just have to look for it. Hopefully, you can get some assistance some how.

I wish you much luck!
Most vet. meds/procedures/techniques are
and a lot of other things like meds and amounts, anybody know of this?
Question on meds for Wegener's

The patient has a history of Wegeners treated with a s/l psych-sito-toxic agent?

Question on pain meds

I have never heard of any of these and can't seem to find the correct spelling.  NP states they are being prescribed for pain.  Has anyone heard of any of these?  Voltaren(?), ferrogen(?), Lembrol?



so why would you take these meds if it makes you antagonistic? everyone will hate you.
won't you become anxious and depressed if everyone hates you?
...should be new meds, colleagues not in the database, etc. Damn! nm
That is because No whining/Barney is taking her meds.
That is because No whining/Barney is taking her meds.

we are required to list meds and allergies if more than one. nm
Never needed an IEP. 504 plan was enough. BTW, the criteria for using meds is

when your child needs them. In the summer, she doesn't need them. However, she is obviously not able to function in school on her own now, so she needs them. Having an aide to keep poking her and refocusing her is not going to get the information through the distraction so she can learn. And the concentration demand is only going to go up. 

So what is it that you expect the school to do for her? Are you going to ask that they provide an aide just for her?

And good Lord, do you know that ADHD meds are the safest meds out there for kids. People think they are some kind of wicked additives, when all they are made of is stimulants. Like you and your coffee every morning. You see far scarier side effects with amoxicillin than you do with Ritalin. Yet the almighty media has parents scared silly of DRUGGING YOUR KID.



Meds are not given based on transcribed reports
Meds in hospitals are not given based on what is in transcribed reports. There are so many errors with transcribed material that everyone expects there to be errors in meds, either because it was dictated incorrectly or transcribed incorrectly.

Physicians write orders for drugs, treatments, tests, and procedures. They're in a different part of the record entirely. They're either handwritten or they are in electronic form.

That's not saying there are no medication administration errors, but just saying the likelihood of an error stemming from a transcribed report are almost nil.

I did a job where the old man wanted to change one of his heart meds because he thought it was


or meds, aspirin eighty-one milligrams would look very silly! - nm
I have noticed sometimes I will try to get into a web site and that site will freeze up and I dont

know if I have too many screens opened up and minimized or what. I tried to open a website sent by email and froze up the email screen. Not sure what I am doing.

I find infectious disease to be IMPOSSIBLE, with all the bacterias AND the meds.
Certain antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds also attribute to being antagonistic.
Not legally. In my state they can't give any meds, can hand the pill

bottle to the patient, but can't actually give them meds. 

Maybe you are thinking of CRNA? 

Need bridge policy ASAP. Where can I get it? Have SEVERAL pre-existing conditions and meds
Just one medication at full cost is half of the COBRA payment plus I have steroid and Botox injections scheduled. Need insurance. Can anybody tell me where I can obtain "bridge insurance" without going broke?
Easy reference list for brand/generic meds
Here is the link:

You can also click on the link below if you don't want to cut and paste
Unit secretary will help somewhat with terms, meds, and learning the flow of the shift, but it won&#
I subscribe to another web site and within the boards on this site they have

Would anybody be interested if adminstrators would allow us to have this type of board or even put it on the main board.  Like on this other board they tell you to go to a certain web site for a coupon for 20% off Barnes and Noble or when Target has reduced prices on seasonal things.  Anybody got ideas or bargains they would like to share to save money?   We could call it the MT Stars penny-pinchers board.

Have actually taken my dog's meds - woof, woof.