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please sign this petition...

Posted By: petition on 2005-08-25
In Reply to:

I received this from my sister, please pass it on. It is very important. It may not be LEGAL, but it is important... just click on the link, then click on the sign petition...let's make our voices heard on this issue...please also pass it on...

Mastectomy Bill in Congress:
It takes 2 seconds to do this and is very important...please take
the time and do it really quick!

Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill - Important legislation for all

Please send this to everyone in your address book. If there was ever
a time when our voices and choices should be heard, this is one of those
times. If you are receiving this it's because I think you will take the
30 seconds to go and vote on this issue and send it on to others you know
who will do the same.

There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which
will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital
stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the
"drive-through mastectomy" where women are forced to go home hours after
surgery against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia
and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached.

Lifetime Television has put this bill on their web page with a
petition drive to show your support. Last year over half the House
signed on.

PLEASE!! Sign the petition by clicking on the web site below. You
need not give more than your name and zip code number.

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Also sign this petition and have your
family & friends sign it as well. It offers you the option of sending it to your representatives and senators too:

Petition to keep Kaysar, please sign. sm


Immigration - Please sign the petition!

Two Border State Governors Declare Illegal Immigration State of Emergency



Well then sign the petition and help make a difference!
We should start a petition, sign it, and send it to AAMT, and all other associations
who are making plans for our future...
Can you use a plus sign for hyper and minus sign for hypo?
Thank you for starting this! I have been thinking of doing the same, but did not know how to go about it. You are terrific! I signed it and sent the link to everyone I could think of. This is awesome. Let us keep our fingers crossed (not while typing) that it works!
RE: Petition

I signed the petition because I know firsthand how outsourcing has affected my job.  I have lost over 5 accounts and losing my last one due to India.  I have just been offered a position to go back in my field of billing that I did 12 years prior to the four I have done in transcription.  I am not at all eager to go back into the office, but I have no choice.  This field was wonderful four years ago with so much work that my head spin, but now there is nothing all because of Nationals and outsourcing because they- DR- saw a cheap way out thinking that this was better.  In fact, from what I hear, it is worse with all the editing.  Such a shame this field has gone to the DOGS!!





Maybe we can get a petition going here too? nm

The petition may be more about...

her medical info being leaked to gossip papers.  A question was raised about this on the Gab Board under 'Question about med records, privacy and the law"  and explains the issue in a little more detail. 

Regarding Petition Post

I wrote to an official in office, a few days ago, about out-sourcing.  Trust me there are many concerned people who do not know about personal information going off United States soil.  Anyway, here is the response I received back just today.  MTs, we have to stick together and stay strong on this one!  There may be hope yet.

Greetings,  Thanks for taking the time to contact me regarding your concerns about out-sourcing medical records beyond our country's borders.  I appreciate you bringing this important issue to my attention.  I will forward your very valid concerns for consideration. We have a responsibility to protect personal information and medical records.  So many loopholes!!!!!  Thank you again and have a Happy and Holy Easter Season.  Mauree G.

She also sent me a second E-mail asking that we keep this topic alive in our field.  We can do this.  Yes we can!  Write to your state representatives.  Trust me they don't know what is going on, but they do listen.  I pointed out that if we work from home in the U.S. that we also save our earth.  We are not using gas to travel to other jobs, ect.  There are many, many valid issues here.  Just take a few minutes and type out a quick note to your representatives. 

Petition Post
I agree with all you have said and I do value your opinion. I just thought I would give it a shot. Maybe if enough of us stand up and shout someone with the right amount of $$$$ will hear us. I have also spoken with an attorney who knows others with $$$$ who promised to spread the word. I just cannot sit by and do nothing. I need to know that I gave it my best shot. Wish some big media company would pick up our story and carry on with this fight. I was wondering if there are any New York MTs here? The wife of an official running seems to have great concerns in regards to healthcare issues. I think this would make a great topic for debate in the upcoming elections.
One suggestion for those signing the petition - (sm)
I just went to it to see how many signatures there are. There are a LOT. The only problem I see is all the "Annonymous" signatures. That makes the petition less powerful, and if I were the one receiving it, I would have to wonder just how many times a single person could sign it as "Annonymous". So show some chutzpah, people! A lightning bolt is not going to come out of the sky and strike you down simply for signing your name to a petition. This is America, remember? Please use your NAMES, not a cop-out.
Petition to keep records in USA - Pass it on!

Sign petition and letters to Representatives and President.


Petition to Congress about outsourcing...sm
medical records.  http://www.rallycongress.com/support-fo ... formation/
Petition to keep medical records from going overseas!
If you have concerns about losing your job to offshore transcription companies, please sign this petition, http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/medrecords.  Ask your friends and family to sign it if they have concerns about their private information being sent overseas.  If they don't want their medical records sent offshore for transcription, ask them to sign it too.  Its going to all of the big-wigs in DC, and the sooner the better.  If we all stand up together, we can fight offshoring in our industry (some?), save our jobs, and protect our private information!  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/medrecords
That is true, when you sign up you sign up from the
day your former insurance terminated. Then it is on a month to month basis.
With a $ sign, yes it is...without, it...
is only 7-1/4 100ths.  Decimals.  Get it?????  The whole number without the decimal isn't dollars and cents.  It's just a number.
She has no sign that says that but obviously you do.
She has worked in nothing but the best behavior. She kept her chin up and kept morale up while she was working way too many hours with way too little time off.

I dont know where you come off saying that other than thinking that you must have that sign on YOUR back. Don't transfer your stuff to someone else. Have a nice night.
Well it's just the way I am. I sign my name to almost SM

everything I post. I'll admit I've gone anonymous a few times, but it is rare. I'm just not going to do it. I stand behind anything I say - if it's wrong, then I made a mistake, I wasn't trying to hornswoggle anybody.

It is easy to see the culprit behind these MTs who can't make any money. You hear people talking about "platforms" and searching for demographics, etc. That's the problem.

I work for somebody for whom I am a source of income, not a cost center. The faster I am, the more we both make.

I do use my Expanders - a lot - and I've used the same shortcuts for years. But the main thing is that I work in Word without worrying about how some unit secretary is going to pull up the report I just typed. The company I work for isn't there to make sure the consultant on 4E can see the work quickly without shuffling papers. They're there to produce a fast and accurate medical record - period.

That other stuff is for the hospital to worry with, and the hospital I work for has some kind of system where my Word documents go in their system in batches. I wouldn't pretend to know what that is, LOL, but I'm not crippling along on a program that was designed for everybody but ME, and that's what happens at these big companies. They have to have a selling point, and that seems to be it.

"Here, let us do your transcription. Here's how it works. The MT types your report, it goes into the chart electronically. And the stuff is all there for the data miners, too, so everybody can like us!" This was true for Dictaphone, Lanier, everybody. They all had to have an angle for everybody in the hospital and the MT was left sucking hind teat, as we say out in the country.

Been there and done that and would only go back if I had absolutely no other choice. As much as I love this profession, I couldn't figure out why people gripe about not making money so much - and then I went to work for a national and found out real quick.  

My sign is Leo...nm

Before you sign

I don't know what they are charging you but I talked to several before I went with Trinity Debt Management whose name was given to me by my church and they were the cheapest.  But I still ended up filing a Chapter 13 because of a divorce that cost me so much I could not pay the bills.  But I did start with them and they were very nice.  It cost $50 to start the program but their monthly maintenace fees were way cheaper than the other major ones I talked with.  Some wanted as much as $100 to $150 per month to manage my account that was a payment to a bill.  But I chose the Chapter 13 repayment program and pay $300 a month for three years to the courts and they pay it out and the balances are then wiped clear.  I only had to pay partial attorney fees, mainly filing fees, the rest was put into the monthly fee.  I still feel bad but at least am paying something.  But there is nothing you can do when you go from two paychecks to one and doesn't feel the bills are his responsibility.  Good luck.  Just thought I would mention them.


she did sign for 3 yrs but if we all....nm

No, and don't ever sign...
Any type of contract or agreement that has that clause in it! Be aware!
They probably won't sign

They will probably hee and haw and not sign a contract or they put in whereas for "cause they can terminate the service immediately" or with 15 to 30 days notice they can terminate the service without cause.  So with or without a contract they will terminate her services when they find someone else if that is what they are doing.   Who knows I could be wrong and will probably get my goose cooked for working now for 15 years without contracts and have to eat my words.   Time will tell. 


I would sign....but
I won't spend $2 to do it!! Rip....
Where do I sign up?
 I would sure like to meet you in person...I've been an MT for 42 years (started at age 17 when transcription was still lumped in under "Medical Secretary."  I have worked in all venues of transcription...clinic, MTSO and legal...but never found the time to actually get all the credentialing an MT needs in the current environment.  After "proving" myself, I was promoted to supervisory level and my greatest pleasure was "helping" other MTs as I had been helped in my early years.  If you ever implement your "program", let me know because I'll sign up anytime/anywhere!!   
You don't want to sign it off any other way or ...
...you will not get credit for your lines. Use the unknown patient MRN, type it and sign if off. Follow your company/client's specifications on how to accomplish that.
I do want to sign it off
because it is a personal letter and he does not want it on the hospital system.  I would be typing it in Word and be paid separately. He has quite a few of these he wants done.  The point is he doesn't want the lines in the system.    Thank you.
Then don't sign it
Don't agree to it and don't sign it and if you do, then don't whine about it.
That would be the first sign of
epicondylitis (better known as tennis elbow). This is
very common in repetitive movement in the hand/wrist, which of course all MT's apply themselves to day after day. I experienced that for the first time in my MT life 1-1/2 years ago, very painful. After viewing articles via Internet, this totally alleviated the problem as follows. One hour before starting work, take 600 mg ibuprofen, buy a tennis elbow brace or 2, I just had it in the left hand, you wear it approximately 1/2 inch "below" the epicondyle everyday constantly that you work...within at least 4 weeks, you will find that you no longer have the pain, thus can now stop the ibuprofen, but continually wear the tennis elbow brace while working to avoid recurrence of the problem.
s/l MOSES sign.
EXTREMITIES: The patient does have +2 pitting edema bilaterally without any erythema, warmth, or tenderness to palpation along the calves.  He has negative _____ and Homan sign
brudzinski sign???- sm

Have you ever seen this dictated as part of HEENT exam on history and physical exam.

I would not sign it, seems like they have something to hide
to sign it. Obviously they are trying to protect themselves from a MQ type of situation. Makes you wonder though?
No, I didn't sign up,
Did not sign for Ipay
I did not want to join Ipay..however, I should still get a check if Im owed one, right?
Not many. We're too far away. I tried to sign up to take in
a child who hadn't found his or her parents, but most of them have extended families and I'd have to be registered as a foster parent.
What a deal! Where do I sign up????

There's a sign o' the times, eh?
do NOT sign any such agreement
I had a chance to sign up.
My ex-employer was into it.  There were some local people who did well with it and were in that upper group.  Also, I had the opportunity to check out some of the tapes without buying.  I still never found the money to get started.  Now I am glad I didn't. 
Have to sign contract and
have to give a month notice if I do not like it, or feel it will not make enough money. It is user friendly and can use expanders.
Sign on Bonuses
When are sign on bonuses, relocation assistance, usually paid out?


I may peep out the window to see who is out there, but they cannot see me and I will not answer it.  Later on you can always tell them you were in the shower, bathroom, phone conference, etc. and did not hear the door or could not leave your meeting.    

Ask yourself -- would people let you walk into their office building and interrupt them on their job if they were at their desk on the phone with the boss or a client?  NOT.

It's the Homans sign
Sign of the times
Both Mary Kay and Avon have great eye products. Try ebay for a great price on them. You might even find a sample--I know there were samples of Mary Kay's Eye Creme at one time.
or she could just sign CallMeKikki
I would never sign one if asked.
First of all, did she sign a contract?
If you did not have her sign a contract, then you can just let her go with no notice.  If you did have her sign a contract, then just give her a reminder of what is expected of her as stated in the contract.  This is why contracts are so important.  It gives you something to stand behind your expectations are not being met.  As a professional, you can't just keep someone on because you like them.  You need to have someone you can count on even you don't particularly like them....  JMO.
Think this is a sign of the times
and you will find in all walks of life - this is just not MT related. It is a different generation - you just have to fix what you can, accept what you cannot and move on. I'd rather not have my burgers made by guys with long hair, tattoos and rings in any and all orifaces but what choice do I have? I'd rather call customer service and get an American rather than an Indian..... accept it for what it is is how I handle it.
When do I need to sign up for COBRA? sm

I turned in my notice on 6/28 and quit two weeks later.  I have received my last paycheck, reimbursement for PTO, a letter saying someone will be calling for an exit survey, and even my shipping labels to return my computer, etc. but have yet to receive any information about COBRA and I want to sign up!  It is now almost the end of the month and I'm worried that I have to get my money in by the first of the month.  Does anyone know?  I don't want to get stuck with a pre-existing condition problem.