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that's pretty funny considering we don't even have our own identity code with IRS! nm

Posted By: LMT on 2007-10-03
In Reply to: AOL lists today that MT is one of highest WAH jobs!! - Loco MT


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That's actually pretty funny, not for you though!
What the heck is it? Pretty funny looking.
Do you talk to it? It might answer you with all of those teeth! LOL LOL!!
Those mug shots are pretty funny!

WynonnaCheck out Wynona Judd!


That's pretty funny because i feel sorry for you too. Sorry that you won't be in this career
because you have no clue!! For your information..i don't sit in the house alone..i actually go out and get drunk and have fun A LOT! The drinking part comes from dumb MTs i'm sure! You are very very sad person! Take a course in transcription or at least get yourself a text book. Learn how to do your job before you cut down someone elses!!
That was pretty funny! I get similar comments as well
and sometimes the surgeon is laughing all the way through his dictation. It is hiliarious and lifts me up. I start giggling myself while transcribing it. Of course, not always about "boobs", but funny mishaps.

To the post below, it is not inappropriate. We are all human!
wisa-wersa pretty funny
Yes and Rs and Ls are difficult for Chinese and Koreans.  Koreans have trouble with that because although both sounds exist in their language, it depends on the position in the word and what sound follows it.  L and R are represented by the same letter. So they get all mixed up  ...  they often say lice for rice!
That was pretty funny - but I have to say that was the worst halftime show I have ever seen! nm
identity theft
Hey, I just saw that someone else is posting as "Nymt", whereas my handle is "nymt" all lower case. This may cause some confusion and I have no idea who was first. Any takers? No animosity, I promise.
You will think otherwise if your identity ever gets stolen..sm
good luck to you.
Identity Theft - sm
The process of identity theft is one of gathering bits of information from various sources. Everyone will find Mitnick's book, "The Art of Deception" very entertaining and perhaps even frightening in this respect.

Small bits of information can be used to garner others that are more compromising. That's the bottom line.

But your resume itself can be enough, depending on the question that the fraudster wants to answer. For instance, what if the "phony" job ad was simply placed by an MT company in order to find out which of their employees are out there looking for jobs?

I get calls from "employers" wanting to "check references" on people. I always get their phone number, verify it, and then call them back. However, I'd bet that most do not take these precautions, so if I have your resume I can start to call your previous employers, tell them you've applied for a job and, believe it or not, if I'm skilled at social engineering, get your former supervisor to tell me a LOT of things you'd never suspect.

Bottom line: Guard your privacy like a mother lion guards her cubs.

not *identity* - much more severe problem...nm *S*
If anyone steals my identity, the joke's on them!
Destitution has its benefits!
identity theft HAS happened - sm
I know of two transcriptionists that were arrested for identity theft. It took a long, long, long time to catch them, but they were finally caught. Also, I worked at a hospital that decided to outsource, and we tried telling the director that some of the doctors dictate SS# on the report to ensure that we have the right patient, and that that could pose a problem with outsourcing. But they didn't want to hear it or correct it.

I think it's an expander identity thing, LOL.
It's become your dual personality.
Identity Theft is one reason
The medical records have SS#'s, full names, addresses, depending on header info it can have employer's name or ins. info. It is hard enough to prove/solve/control identity theft in our own country let alone coming out of other countries. That along with the mistakes in the reports that can have a very drastic effect on a patient's care/life. AND if you don't mind the work being done overseas for a fraction of what you are paid so that you no longer have a job...it can't get much more obvious than no paycheck coming in.
do reveal OP's true identity. I received
 an email and would like to know who I may be conversing with.
don't post your name or the company you work for, no one will know your identity. SM
why did you even bother to reply so negatively. If it bothers you to answer this poll, than ignore the post. Negativity is so unattractive.
How would the info from our resumes be used for identity theft?
I guess I don't understand it. My social is not on my resume. Only my name and phone number and previous employers. How would one use this info to gain enough info to use my identity? I am just curious.
all your information needed to steal your identity - sm
name, address, telephone and past employers etc. Now in Pakistan
And you're willing to just accept that? Ever had your identity stolen? I have. It's no treat.
the police have made a report but whoopee, that's not getting my credit back on track.  Talk about stress and grief.  No one ever cares until it happens to them.  What a shame.
I think I'm pretty bright and pretty good, too, but
I am not a CMT. I am a medical transcriptionist who enjoys her job very much (most days). I have chosen not to pursue certification simply because I cannot afford to do so. I believe the certification is a nice thing to have, but I don't believe it is necessary for employment or for excellence in my job. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can't, don't feel too bad. You can still take pride in and do a very good job without it.
Tag code?
Not sure what you mean by tag code.
Tax code
In Ohio, since there is no actual code that reflects transcription, we use 99999. Worked for me with no problems.
Used to code

Coding is a game where the rules constantly change and they won't tell you what they are - but will gladly penalize you and your employer because you "should have known" all the rules they won't tell you.  They actually have codes that are "blacked out" - in other words, they know what the right code is that will cause them to pay for a procedure, but its a secret beknownst only to them.  "They" being the federal government - they say "ignorance of the rules is no excuse" but won't tell the rules.  You fly by the seat of your pants.  You can attend seminars all year long but still not know if you're doing it right.  You live in constant fear of a Medicare audit where they will find the wrong code and accuse you and your employer of fraud, fine/jail the both of you, and pull the doctor's license. In transcription - the blame for errors ultimately goes to the doctor.  In coding - the blame gets spread around.  If that sounds like fun, go ahead.

Where do you put the code?
code key
The code key that goes with the software is probably triggered to tell it that it's already been installed once.  It's an anit-piracy device.  What you may need to do is call the software support line for the software and explain the situation.  They may be able to give you a new code key for the installation.
Code of Conduct
This thing is REALLY for the ones that got all the lawsuits started, now WE have to suffer. At least we get paid for probably the most boring hour on earth!!
Also, see what diagnosis code
they used to bill.  Might have been billed as a screening and that's sometimes a no-no as far as getting things paid.  Obviously, you can't lie, but see if she had any symptoms at all that might justify the test.  
Code Runner

Anyone know what this is? 

JUMP code
I need to insert a "code" so I can jump from one place to another in document. using WORD 2002 XP. I had a macro set up for this and lost it and have tried to make another one, but when I try to do any macro Microsoft Visual Basics pops up. It will not allow me to assign anything to the keyboard...ANYONE? TIA
RU typing in code??? nm
MT or Code question
I am an experienced MT/now quality auditor---I've taken coding courses and am considering going for certification but for now it's on the back burner.  The experience I have as an MT is invaluable as a coder---if you don't know medical terminology, you will learn it in a legitimate coding course but it sure was a benefit to me in the coding course I took to have the MT background.  Coding is harder to get into than transcribing (my experience anyway) because you need to apprentice (in order to get your certification) and then usually start at a entry level even not as a coder at a low rate of pay when you are first working as a coder.  I know the earning potential is enormous as a coder though.  This is not to say all coding jobs start out this way, just what I've found.  I have a couple of friends from my class who are coding, but it is really hard and takes a lot of knowlege but I imagine would be rewarding once you get established.
You would use the code *11 for the headset
I used to code in house
I wasn't cut out to be a coder, but I did fine at the coding itself.  I coded and billed radiology.  I had a problem dealing with the people end of the business - dealing with patients who called screaming that their insurance didn't pay because I didn't do "my job" right; dealing with ordering physicians who gave routinely unpayable reasons for tests and thought "radiologists make enough as it is because they don't have to see the patient's personally".  I couldn't handle being caught in the middle, and the stress wasn't worth it.  I find transcribing much less stressful because I no longer hear screaming patients or have to beg for a payable ordering diagnosis.
ESL is not code for bigotry. It is used in my SM
community of SoFla. There are ESOL classes in school and English classes for ESL adults. These are listed as ESL! There are references to ESL all over and there is nothing bigotted about it. It is not a "code" for bigotry, at least in SoFla. I don't know about the rest of the US.

I have already stated, I don't mind ESL doctors. As someone else pointed out, they know they have an accent and tend to speak very clearly.
rewind code
Pulled out my old papers: Code 1349
Enter the recall code and enter a digit for 0-6 to set.
Lanier LX-230

security code
How do you enter a security code if you don't know it?
security code for what??
security code
Try 7534.
Security code....
Mine is 7000. Don't know if they are all different or not.
Stop code
Thanks for the help
Each system has a different code
Each call-in system has a different code. My VDI is 36 to speed up and 34 to slow down, and 39 is louder. They can go into the system under keypad commands and tell you. Hope that helps.
what code do you put in each field so sm
you have something to jump to? I haven't ever set these up before.
MQ mandatory code of ethics course?
Did anyone else get an email from Howard about all MQ employees taking a mandatory ethics course? Hmm...I thot I already WAS ethical....
Code of Conduct Training Course

Has any other MQ MTs gotten an email to complete this training course?  It says  "MQ has always prided itselt in doing business ethically." Since when??  What a joke!!

Code Pink where I used to work
Code Pink was called whenever a patient went missing. Description of the patient was announced over the PA.

Was kind of interesting seeing everying peeking out of their offices looking for this person!
What do you want them to do, talk in secret code?
If you want to see the jump code, turn on the
Choose "Tools" then "Options" and on the "View tab" under "Formatting marks" check the "all" box. You will then see all codes including hard returns, spaces, etc., but it will show you the jump codes then.
C-phone access code ?? sm - HELP!
I bought a C-phone from E-bay.  When dialing a number, I get a message telling me I must use the "access code."  I am sure this is something that was put in there by the previous owner(s).  Can someone tell me how to "erase" this directive or clear the machine? 
RE: Can someone help me - how do I set up the jump code in Word??
Try #*11. That's the code I've used with every company. sm

That was # * 11, pound, star, 11 just in case you couldn't see it.

Good luck!