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MQ mandatory code of ethics course?

Posted By: kyradmt on 2005-08-05
In Reply to:

Did anyone else get an email from Howard about all MQ employees taking a mandatory ethics course? Hmm...I thot I already WAS ethical....

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I posted yesterday but it never appeared???

Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your supervisor. I happen to work on an account that's a Catholic Hospital so they refuse abortions.
MT Ethics
The issue is that no one bothered to inform me and YES I am getting less work. This was my account that I acquired and have worked hard on for 1-1/2 years.  I think it's despicable. Yes, my client can contract with whomever they wish, but the decent thing to do is at least notify me they were making some changes. 
That's just it. I am not receiving the same work.    I have actually turn away work to keep room for the work load.  I am disgusted and will NEVER have anyone fill it for me again. Here I am doing the office a favor and then slapped in the face. Where are the morals here?
Work ethics ??

I have been subcontracting through a mom/pop company for about three years.  They have a few different accounts, but I mostly do the same doctor every day, along with a few people in his clinic.  The transcription company owner has had some health problems, so I stepped up and am now doing my share of the transcription, editing, sending the work in, and the billing.  (I am being paid (not much) for my extra work).  Anyway, the one clinic that I have been typing for about three years called me.  They are not happy with the contract holder and said that something needs to change.  She has become very unorganized and rude with this clinic.  I work my butt off to try to keep them happy on my end, but she shows no interest in trying to be nice or anything and she says she doesn't care if they drop her, it would make her life a lot easier.  The final straw before the telephone call was that she returned tapes from other clinics to this clinic and they freaked out about patient privacy (totally understandable). 

Anyway, the clinic called me and asked if I would be interested in working in-house (I'm not) or trying to figure something out as they no longer want to work through this company, but they are very happy with my transcription.  I told them that I was very sorry for the tape confusion and I that I felt that I was being misrepresented by the people who were picking up and dropping off the tapes. 

It is very hard to explain the whole situation, but the lady who I contract through has said, just in passing and I don't know if she was serious, "If they drop my account with them, you can have them."   I just don't know how bad it would be if I stopped subcontracting through her and just went straight to the clinic.

I would love some opinions on this.  Sorry it was so long. I am very stressed out about this.  If she loses the contract and I stay with her, I will lose a lot of lines...thousands.  I just don't know what to do.  Thanks.

guess you have no ethics eh?..sm

no ethics

no morals

think you're going to heaven? 

No contract. And no ethics.
MT Ethics question

Hello-Need some feedback. I am a seasoned IC MT.  The PT office I type for asked that I find a back-up for a vacation I went on in August. I found someone, which took considerable time, to fill in for me. I gave her the opportunity to  make some extra cash and assured her that I would send accounts her way if I could, etc. I just found out, she is also transcribing for this office behind my back. I had no idea.  Isn't this unethical???? Shouldn't she have extended the courtesy of at least informing me?  I would never do that.    Not sure of the circumstances, either. Whether she offered them less rates, or if they initiated contact. Either way, I feel like I have been "had".  Please comment. Anyone?


Well let me assure you the company has no ethics...
either and has been banned from this board because of it.  They don't treat this account the way they should and quite frankly the client deserves better. 
cant you report him to an ethics board?
Question of personal ethics
If you worked for a company who supplied you with normals, templates, macros, whatever you call a canned dictation, and said canned dictations are full of every type of error you can imagine from spelling to incorrect terms and things typed (I can't say transcribed) in a way that is wrong, and you were told to leave it "as is" and sign your name to it...would you?

I am having a hard time signing my name to something I didn't transcribe and looks like that. I have some pride in my work and I have paid my dues for too long to let ANYTHING so HIDEOUS go anywhere with my name on it!!!!!

What would you do?
Yes, but can you transcribe? Do you have good work ethics?

Yes, but can you transcribe an easy 2 minute dictation in under an hour?
Do you have good work ethics?  Which, begs the question, do you know the definition of ethics?
Can you stick to days and hours you agreed to?
Can you not make up excuses for not working?
Can you stay in your chair and not a leave a job hanging for hours on end?
Are you in this century regarding technology? Which, also begs the question, can you download, install, configure, and operate the newer programs that MTSOs are using?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you're in the wrong industry and from what this MTSO has been getting lately, there are a lot of you out there who have absolutely no business trying to work in this industry.


They have only had mandatory OT
once since I've been there, and they said to just let them know if you couldn't do it. I have never been hounded about my line count, and I'm more accurate than fast. I don't think those salary figures are so out of line for the stress and aggravation that must come with that job--there are managers making a lot more in other sectors. After one miserable month at TRS last year, this national has been a much better deal so far.
Mandatory OT
That is why I ended up leaving after 3 years. The OT gets old quick--BUT I think Amphion is probably one of the only MTSOs that pays true over time as in time and a half over 40 hours PLUS your lines, so it's something to think about. I do miss the money. I was on UW and not having to work any of the federal holidays or weekends was fantastic, but honestly, I wouldn't go back because of that darned overtime.
i would not babysit them. if their quality is that bad on resume, it would be on work ethics too.
mandatory evacuations
They did make it mandatory evacuations and they did open up the highway, both sides heading out of town.  We are all just sitting by watching and there is nothing any one can do, just wait for the destruction and heartache.
Mandatory OT?? Is this for FT and PT positions?? nm
You forgot to add that they have mandatory
OT and that they put you on the lowest line account they can. Given the choice between 120 lph and 300, they should put you on the 300, but they will not. Believe me, been here too long and getting ready to go.
Looked mandatory to me...
With PayPal popping up in there....that's not right!
That's optional, NOT mandatory! nm
Mandatory credentialing
Yes ADHI (AAMT) is working towards mandatory credentialing.  Anyone who sees that as a threat or joke,  probably should not be working as a transcriptionist.  Believe me the more education and professional development you gain- you will reap rewards.  They may or may not be monetary or happen overnight.  Sometimes it is more about professional development. 
Most don't pay and a lot of making it mandatory

A lot of companies are asking for this now and will not pay for it and will not let you work unless you have it.  Execuscribe and Transcend are 2 that I know for sure but I've heard that a lot more are doing it or thinking of doing it.

quality as in ethics/morals/education/parenting/will to do one's best and set examples for others
qualities as to working hard to make your life better and not settling for second best so you can drink your six-pack and rent videos while your kids run wild. you know what i'm talking about. quality as to have no grasp of consequences of one's behavior.
well oldtime, I'll bet that you have good work ethics. But, people like you are far and few in
6 to 8 MTs only a couple actually work out.  That is an absolute shame, but it's the truth.  How do I know this?  Because I surveyed several services asking the very same question to each and this is what the averages were.  Of course, someone here will whine about how many services I surveyed, were they friend, etc., but I can say with absolute certainty that I was completely fair in my end figures.
In my state attendance isn't mandatory if they are 16, so
you can drop out of school at 16, though here they do make it so you can't get a driver's license until you're 18 or something like that as a consequence.  I don't know why he'd even bother going to school at all if he wasn't going more than that. 
Jury Duty Mandatory
Here in NYS jury duty is mandatory. You can get out of it once or twice, I believe, but then you have to go, they won't excuse you any more. Hopefully, your State is more lenient.
BIG difference between DONATIONS and mandatory
Time to visit the eye-doctor.
His mandatory EHR will hurt MT's. If you dont
I agree totally, there should be a mandatory
course for 'how to dictate decently', lasting a whole semester! Also 1 semester for techhnical training 'how to keep my dictating equipment running smoothly!'

I am also getting into the habit of 'making up words', when REALLY in doubt I go and check online if this word exists, LOL !
Well That's IT! Lifeguarding will be mandatory prior to being an MT! Hahahahah!
I've been on mandatory overtime for over a week!
Yay! Love overtime.
Ok, the deal with running out of work isn't because of mandatory OT, it's
It's the big thing that a bunch of companies are jumping on.  Shameful.
Does your company pay for mandatory training/conferences?
Not as a new hire, but as a regular employee when they have a mandatory phone conference, or training for new platform, ASR, etc. ??

excuse sees acceptable to me since it's a mandatory call.
Life is too short and this seems small to me. Maybe it wouldn't be if I were in your shoes, but it does to me right now, for sure.

Enjoy life, one day at a time.
A breast exam is mandatory for a driver's license??
I cannot imagine a state where it is mandatory for a young girl getting a driver's license to have a breast exam. That just sounds, as does the pressuring you state by the doctor for the cervical cancer shot, so farfetched to me that it is completely unbelievable. I read very well, thank you and am unbelieving of most of what you have posted. Sounds like not only are you stressed but you have some mania going on there.
A breast exam is mandatory for a driver's license??
I cannot imagine a state where it is mandatory for a young girl getting a driver's license to have a breast exam. That just sounds, as does the pressuring you state by the doctor for the cervical cancer shot, so farfetched to me that it is completely unbelievable. I read very well, thank you and am unbelieving of most of what you have posted. Sounds like not only are you stressed but you have some mania going on there.
Mandatory for address for post office but otherwise is a style point--
Tag code?
Not sure what you mean by tag code.
Tax code
In Ohio, since there is no actual code that reflects transcription, we use 99999. Worked for me with no problems.
Used to code

Coding is a game where the rules constantly change and they won't tell you what they are - but will gladly penalize you and your employer because you "should have known" all the rules they won't tell you.  They actually have codes that are "blacked out" - in other words, they know what the right code is that will cause them to pay for a procedure, but its a secret beknownst only to them.  "They" being the federal government - they say "ignorance of the rules is no excuse" but won't tell the rules.  You fly by the seat of your pants.  You can attend seminars all year long but still not know if you're doing it right.  You live in constant fear of a Medicare audit where they will find the wrong code and accuse you and your employer of fraud, fine/jail the both of you, and pull the doctor's license. In transcription - the blame for errors ultimately goes to the doctor.  In coding - the blame gets spread around.  If that sounds like fun, go ahead.

Where do you put the code?
code key
The code key that goes with the software is probably triggered to tell it that it's already been installed once.  It's an anit-piracy device.  What you may need to do is call the software support line for the software and explain the situation.  They may be able to give you a new code key for the installation.
Code of Conduct
This thing is REALLY for the ones that got all the lawsuits started, now WE have to suffer. At least we get paid for probably the most boring hour on earth!!
Also, see what diagnosis code
they used to bill.  Might have been billed as a screening and that's sometimes a no-no as far as getting things paid.  Obviously, you can't lie, but see if she had any symptoms at all that might justify the test.  
Code Runner

Anyone know what this is? 

JUMP code
I need to insert a "code" so I can jump from one place to another in document. using WORD 2002 XP. I had a macro set up for this and lost it and have tried to make another one, but when I try to do any macro Microsoft Visual Basics pops up. It will not allow me to assign anything to the keyboard...ANYONE? TIA
RU typing in code??? nm
MT or Code question
I am an experienced MT/now quality auditor---I've taken coding courses and am considering going for certification but for now it's on the back burner.  The experience I have as an MT is invaluable as a coder---if you don't know medical terminology, you will learn it in a legitimate coding course but it sure was a benefit to me in the coding course I took to have the MT background.  Coding is harder to get into than transcribing (my experience anyway) because you need to apprentice (in order to get your certification) and then usually start at a entry level even not as a coder at a low rate of pay when you are first working as a coder.  I know the earning potential is enormous as a coder though.  This is not to say all coding jobs start out this way, just what I've found.  I have a couple of friends from my class who are coding, but it is really hard and takes a lot of knowlege but I imagine would be rewarding once you get established.
You would use the code *11 for the headset
I used to code in house
I wasn't cut out to be a coder, but I did fine at the coding itself.  I coded and billed radiology.  I had a problem dealing with the people end of the business - dealing with patients who called screaming that their insurance didn't pay because I didn't do "my job" right; dealing with ordering physicians who gave routinely unpayable reasons for tests and thought "radiologists make enough as it is because they don't have to see the patient's personally".  I couldn't handle being caught in the middle, and the stress wasn't worth it.  I find transcribing much less stressful because I no longer hear screaming patients or have to beg for a payable ordering diagnosis.
ESL is not code for bigotry. It is used in my SM
community of SoFla. There are ESOL classes in school and English classes for ESL adults. These are listed as ESL! There are references to ESL all over and there is nothing bigotted about it. It is not a "code" for bigotry, at least in SoFla. I don't know about the rest of the US.

I have already stated, I don't mind ESL doctors. As someone else pointed out, they know they have an accent and tend to speak very clearly.
rewind code
Pulled out my old papers: Code 1349
Enter the recall code and enter a digit for 0-6 to set.
Lanier LX-230