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Possibly Wild Blue?....sm

Posted By: WaMT on 2009-04-26
In Reply to: Satellite recommendations - Oregon - TechSupport

I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.

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I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.
Wild Blue satellite internet

Anybody currently using Wild Blue satellite internet?  Any responses good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

I also use WIld Blue and have no problems. Both my jobs are FTP, though.
Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

Your best bet is your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield company, depending on where you live

Here in Idaho, we have both companies but a lot of other states have BC/BS combined. Our family has a policy through Regence Blue Shield that is $196 for my husband and three kids. It has a $25 office copay and it is a limited policy, which is 12 office visits a year and lab up to $300. It works great for us because we never got to the doctor, yet we have it if we need it.

I have an individual policy for major medical, $35 office copay, with our local Blue Cross and it is $59 a month for me and it has prescription coverage too. Not a bad deal. I think they are your best bet for decent coverage at a good price.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Mutual of Omaha - Which company pays off claims the best w/o hassle?
Light blue background, with bold blue text.
wild life
Lets just leave the wild life alone, ya know?  *Man* has screwed enough up on this beautiful earth..Leave the wild life alone.
This is a wild guess
Do you think he means the children's cartoon character "Pokemon"? Maybe the patient thinks they're real, or maybe it's how he describes his family.
Wild stab
Assuming this is another MD who is reading a radiology report, I would expect he would say something along the lines of:

"Reviewing the CT scan, the current report demonstrates no free air or fluid, but the comment is really unchanged from previous CT scan."

That is just one possibility. Maybe if you are able to listen again, something will jump out at you.
remember when they used to have a wild card?
If you could bring somebody back with a wild card, who would it be?  I'd bring back Chris. 
Wild guess, but might get you closer

1.  of any murmurs.

2.  funduscopic exam

3.  Eyegrounds??

Pretty wild, I have not had really anything happen since my mom died 09/26/04 except how Jen became
diagnosed with her Wilms tumor.  The day prior to it she'd had her normal checkup and the doctor totally missed the tumor (hard to since it was huge, 15 x 11 x 5 cm...was not protruding though unless she was flat on her back and naked and then only a tiny bit), but felt if you palpated the abdomen. (Dr. cut my daughter's ear while trying to clean wax but failed to mention it to her what he was trying to do, messed up the rest of the exam since she was crying and freaked out from it)  The very next day after her check up though, she fell off the kiddie see-saw (18" fall).....my husband likes to think my mom pushed her off, which subsquently caused a blood vessel on the tumor to burst, which made her pee blood, which got me to get her to the doctor's, who proto found her tumor.  Had she not been diagnosed then, in the next week or so the tumor would have probably burst or spread or somehow not have been encapsulated anymore and things would have been a lot worse. So my mom helped her get treatment a lot earlier than she otherwise would have probably.  I thinks it's nice to think about it this way.
Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
Here is a great site and you can wild search
too if you can understand a portion of the name.


My computer has gremlins! My mouse has gone wild. sm
Last night when I put my mouse over the "Start" button to shut down, it suddenly went crazy.  It began moving all over the desktop, things started popping up, it was like a wild animal!  I thought it was just a dirty mouse and cleaned it.  When I booted up this morning, the same thing happened.  Then it settled down, and it's working fine.  Now I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the computer.  I'm the same person who had the "wavy" screen yesterday.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I'm getting paranoid, thinking maybe I have picked up some strange bug on the net.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks so much for all the help.
not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Isn't that wild?!! At least a few people will be needed as MTs/editors in the years to come. nm
Yes, call your local vet, any vet, and ask for the wild rabbit rescuer in your area.
There is always someone nearly everywhere. If you can't find one, please write me and I'll search for someone for you if you're short on time.  They are so worth saving.  Mom might still be around. Let's hope so! 
I would let DD go with Habitat for Humanity or a church mission, but not that wild party stuff.
Saute the innards with other veggies, wild rice, sun dried toms. then
Wild guess-borrow a wireless?? Go to an open wirless and work from the car if you have to?
Where there's a will there's a way - keep asking and keep talking, someone will help you. Ask the company you work for to help you out here, perhaps they have a plan for you if they value your association.
Ours is in the regular food store with the brown, wild, and short grain rices, etc. nm
I'd ask the local authorities to tell the MTSO to stop sending THEM on a wild goose chase! NM
See the blue bar
at the top of this message to find the button "Chat Now"

Blue ?

 HELP.  Has anybody heard of, or used a transcription platform called "Blue".....  (something...don't know what...).   I heard  somewhere(?) about this  "Blue..." system and apparently it's supposed to be super ?!!   Anybody have a clue?  .   TY in advance. 

Yes, I have the blue W and
I have typed a few reports using these steps and it does report, and no one is complaining about format so I guess it works.  Thanks a bunch for your help.
I'd give anything for blue!

My carpeting is pink, not rose, but pink.  Apparently the previous owners to the person we bought our house from also had a pink stove and pink refrigerator with horrid looking kitchen wallpaper with big pink roses on it.

If that's not bad enough my bathroom is purple.  Lilacs on the wallpaper, purple tub, flush and sink. My daughter used to call it the "Barney bathroom."

Great neighborhood though.

blue smiley
what do the sad looking blue smiley faces mean beside some of the threads? 
The blue lines don't mean anything on the (sm)
digital tests.  Please visit the site peeonastick.com for more info.  That chick knows her pregnancy tests. 
Did you try right clicking on the blue bar?
There should be a place to check for an address bar.
I'm planning on getting blue flu that week. nm
The audience would be the blue states,

aka, the ones who voted for Kerry.  I guarantee this movie will flop in the red states.  It's just one more attempt to push the gay agenda down our throats, making it more mainstream and palatable.  Won't happen in my state, Texas.  There is no such thing as a gay cowboy, that's an oxymoron. 

blue screen of death

I'm not sure if he went back to myspace a second time, I'll have to ask him.  Thanks for all the help.  I got it at Best Buy so I think I'll take it back there and see what they have to say also. I just don't want him away at college and have the darn thing crashing all the time.  It's not like you can just keep buying new ones at that price!

It still happens, mostly in blue collar jobs,
jobs,too, but not as much.  The employer tells them they are IC, but there are still many people out there who don't understand what that exactly means.  All they see is the extra money on their paycheck and they figure they'll worry about the taxes later, or don't fully understand the implications of being IC and don't know what a 1099 is.  Rack it up to immaturity or being naive, but it still happens.  The IRS has cracked down in recent years and has it's criteria for IC status, which doesn't apply to everyone (look at real estate agents, who can only work for one broker, but yet be an IC). It is beneficial to the employer because it saves the employer money on the SS 'match', plus savings on work comp insurance, unemployment taxes, liability insurance.  To me, being an IC means I don't have an employer - I have a customer and I must do the work they hired me to do or I will lose that customer to someone else.
And how do you know they weren't cussing up a blue
I donít think he would just out of the blue suggest the medicine
Probably you made mention of having had the cervical cancer and that is where the dialogue started, right? As far as the x-ray, think that is being overplayed with that and fertility. Loads of children, females included, have x-rays when younger and do not lose their ability to have children. You sound like you are stressed out, mentioning this and that, xrays, miscarriages, sterility, etc., etc.
Possibly because gas could go up even further SM
Katrina affected many refineries. Gas prices are rising VERY quickly now, so people could be filling before it goes up even more.
This could quite possibly have been - sm

I've just had the worst and the most unproductive working day of my life.  After several days of not a heck of a lot of work, I sat down today hoping to make up some lines.  So my internet wigs out on me.  Cable guy comes, fixes problem, I'm back in business.  About 3 ridiculous family emergencies later (loads of sarcasm here), my phone goes on the charger and I ignore the constant ringing for 2 hours.  Since I work at home, everyone thinks I've got loads of time to chat. 

My SIL was kind enough to take my boys to the pool today.  I was so happy to know that I would have 4 hours of peace and quiet to be able to transcribe.  But since my internet was not working from right after they left until the moment they returned, that didn't happen.  My son comes home from the pool with bleeding and raw feet (Athlete's foot) that I have had no success at treating with the Tinactin the doctor told me to use.  So, I A&D his feet, put some socks on, back to work.  Then my youngest dumps a box of Cheezit crackers on the floor and decides he will walk on them until they are very finely crushed.  After an hour in the kitchen, I'm back to work.  Not for long though.  Older son decides he wants a bowl of coco krispies.  They also end up on the floor, scattered from one end to the other.  Then big brother decides to use his younger brother as his sketch board.  So I spend about 20 minutes trying to get pen off my little one's face. 

Please somebody, tell me I am not the only one with these problems.  I'm beginning to think the only time I will be able to work and actually accomplish something this summer will be if I work when my little monsters are sleeping, which means no sleep for me. 


Have you actually done an "Edit" when your cursor is in the patient name field on doc info screen? I'm not logged in right now, but I think you actually need to edit the patient info ... Of course, on some accounts we are not allowed to do this nor do we have privilege.
you cannot possibly
be the same person.
Ok, did as much as I could possibly do
this morning and my count was 690. That was with excellent dictators and hardly having to stop. Being told 1000 lph, in my opinion, is totally unrealistic.
What could they possibly do that would
cost that much money? Most places of that nature don't charge a fee, but rather are made up of volunteers & activists who work together to try to bring about change.
I like blue, too. I'd do the walls a light beige or tan.

Our house here was icky when we first moved in.  Each room was a different color of pastel.  The mottled blue/gray/white/brown carpet was nasty because they had cats and dogs that evidently must have been locked in the bedrooms while the adults went to work.  The living room and hallway were blue-gray, the kitchen was yellow, laundry room peach, bathroom pink, and the bedrooms were lavendar, purple, and fuchsia.  Of course, the walls matched the carpet that matched the curtains.  Blechy.  We painted everything just a plain off white before we moved in.

My parents never deviated from plain white walls when I was growing up.  I'm just now learning to go wild with decorating.  In fact, we just got the funds to do our addition today, so we're adding another bedroom, an office for me, and a second bathroom, and enlarging the kitchen and utility rooms.  Fun, fun, fun, more household disruption for the next several months.  I just can't wait for the end result.

The Forum Subject is missing in the blue box...
don't know what happened with my format. All forum subject is missing. Now, I can't switch from one subject to another without going back to home page
I've noticed that myself - if he said the oceans were blue, you'd all believe him
Blue Cross only pays $25 towards exam. sm
They have coverage for glasses up to $100 (what progressive trifocals cost under $100?)  Of course, my doc does not have the frames that come under the $100 program.  Natch
In my pink rollers and sky blue jammies