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some suggestions after some complaining!

Posted By: JZ on 2005-07-24
In Reply to: New - Transender

I have been transcribing about 20 years all told, and the distractions I deal with these days are not much different than in years past.  We moved into a new one-story house in November and I have been working upstairs with everyone else.  I start working at 5 AM, but when the sun comes up, my birds start making racket and one of them talks A LOT, which can be absolutely maddening...then the dogs start up, and then the kids - 12 and 11 - with the TV on, or arguing, or horsing around ...ever since school has been out, I feel like all I do is yell 'can you please turn that down?' or 'please be quiet.'   I know I have been driving my family crazy as much as they drive me crazy, but because of the efforts of my husband building an office for me in the basement (and also because he's tired of listening to me complain), thank God, I am moving my office down to the basement TODAY.  My new office is not finished yet (it still needs a drop ceiling and carpet) but I can't take all this noise and distraction upstairs anymore.

I would suggest making your work area as isolated and quiet as possible.  During your work time do not answer the phone at all no matter who it is, and screen all calls with an answering machine.  Get rid of all distractions, whether they be noise or otherwise.  Make the best use of productivity tools (expanders).  Be consistent in your work habits, i.e., work straight through two hours and then take a 15-minute break.  Hope this is helpful.


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My job IS to do exactly what it is you are complaining about. DO YOUR JOB!!
Quit making mistakes that make us have to holler at you. You are about a dumb one aren't you?
What is all the complaining for?!?!?!?!
Not sure what all the complaints are about regarding the refund checks from Medquist - My check was for $1.18, that's right $1.18, but ya know what, I have no complaints about them. I have worked for them just about 7 years and am happy. For all those complainers out there that cannot stand them, then fricken quit and stop your whining. Nothing more frustrating than to hear how much you hate it, blah, blah, blah - QUIT! Go to MTJobs.com and find yourself a new job.

You were the one complaining, not me. I was just
trying to offer some consolation but like I wrote previously, you don't want a change you want to complain.

Good luck.
Maybe the MTs were complaining
experience than you and were resentful.  I dont' mean to sound mean and I am certainly not flaming you, but if I had a supervisor with less experience than myself, they would not be much help.  They sup should have more experience and be able to help the MTs to do a better job.  If those under you know more and have more experience, you are not an asset. 
I was not complaining (sm)
Not in the least. My post was simply about wanting to know how I was averaging compared to other MTs with busy families. When I started MT'ing, I worked for a service away from home, so I just happen to know that there is a big difference between transcribing at home and transcribing away from home. I love my job and what I do, and wouldn't have it any other way.
If you are complaining of low pay, why??
do you stay in this business?? I have just read loads of posts below and I lady talking about just paying the bills and housing and to me that is sad because sounds like basically just surviving. Tell me, if so many are fed up with the low pay (and I would like to make more myself) but what are the reasons you continue to work at MTing? I would probably be truthful in saying most of your fast food places and maybe some of your box stores now pay what a Transcriptionist makes. Why complain if you continue to work for these wages- I really would like to know.
She's been complaining all day.
Some of the posts were moved, others are down below.
It has nothing to do with complaining it has to do with warning people who deal with agencies like this!!! I work for two other companies. I have nothing to complain about. Life is good and God is good.

All I have to say for you is... Ignorance is bliss.
NOT complaining
I am ABSOLUTELY not complaining about my job. I love my job. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, even if it means that I have to do these extra jobs on the side. I was just asking what people thought about me asking for compensation and how to go about it. Believe me...if I don't get compensated for the work that I've done I will smile and say thanks anyway and continue working like I have been. I DO NOT want to lose this job and I DO NOT take it for granted. I know how lucky I am.
There is complaining and then...
there is COMPLAINING. I'm not referring to those who vent about frustrations with this industry. I do it to. I'm talking about the people who are just really bitter, negative, hateful, and plain miserable in EVERY post and want to share that misery every time they get on this board.

There are several and it just makes me feel like these people need to find another career or a hobby...or $ex or something!
not complaining here
What's enough money for one person isn't for another. I need $1800 a month just to cover rent, food for me and a 14-year-old (good appetite),  electric, internet/cable/phone, and another monthly bill I have)  - so naturally I need more than $1800 because there is always something else to pay for - clothes, school expenses, transportation, etc. So, I have 2 jobs. (about 8.5 cpl/4 to 5 something for VR).  I was one of the learn on the job people, and I have always worked at home. . I like being an MT too, which is a good thing since I spend so much time doing it.  My situation right now is that I need to work 60 plus hours a week to make enough.  I hope it won't always be that way but for now I am just glad that I don't usually run out of work, and one of my jobs I do my favorite speciality almost exclusively - doesn't even feel like work to me.  If I don't want to do this job anymore, I will learn something else.. have a bachelor's and can go from there - as I have more than 20 years until retirement.  Overall, MT's been good to me.
Why I'm not complaining s/m
If this job suits you it just tickles me to death  I'm not looking for a job thank you.
they weren't asking for help, just complaining
A lot of folks are complaining about MT pay
and not being able to make enough money. I personally don't think the problem lies so much with how many cpl we get, but the fact that we have to transcribe dictators who obviously have no regard for the person doing the transcription. They seem to think it quite proper to eat, chew gum, have a conversation with someone in the background, lay the mic down and dictate or speaker phone, dictate on a cell phone, in a crowded room, and a host of other things that make transcription very, very difficult. When you throw in a whole slew of ESLs, there goes your money.
These same people complaining
are probably the ones stating "I work from home, so I have flexibility".  If you don't want intruders then don't tell them you work at home.  I have never had a problem with others thinking I sit around and do nothing.  I also have respect from the offices I work for because they say things like "sorry to bother you"!!!  Whoever out there thinks at MT work is easy, they should try it some time.  I really get just the opposite.  Wow, you type really fast, or wow that's great you can work at home!  I haven't had anyone yet try to shove their kids on me even though I have my own.  Yes, I have kids.  So, I tend to think that people having these types of intruder or disturbance problems during their work day are inviting it!!!!   
Not complaining, inquiring. sm
Not complaining, but inquiring. The OM said they are new to dictation, so it may take a while for them to get used to it. No dictation in a month is not good, though, and they will be backlogged.

One time I had a doctor who didn't dictate for a month. She was trying VR, which did not work. Then she did it again for a month, and was trying another service that was cheaper. Want to check to see if they're not fishing around, but never can be sure.

I gave them handheld units with the intent on their dictating, which they dont. Can't stop them from using my equipment with another service, but want some consistency. If I don't type, I don't make money. Thank goodness he's not my only client.

Next time will make them pay for them or find a way to prorate them. In that sense, I feel I've lost money.
Then stop complaining...

If you are happy, then stop complaining.  If you are not happy, then move on.  Why is it so difficult for you to figure out?

She has been encouraging MTs who are complaining..
such as yourself, to look in the mirror and take some accountability for ourselves...nothing negative about that...
You've been complaining about this sm
for months now.  Obviously for whatever reason you are not going to get more work from the people you work for.  The answer is to get another job.
Stop complaining??
Now, now, everyone has a right to their free speech and their opinions, so let's not go telling folks to shut up. I am one of the few MTs who has done this work since before computerization. I supervised in several teaching hospitals as well. I can tell you that we were a special breed. It was difficult to get really good, consciencious transcriptionists. They kept giving up. Most had husbands and regarding themselves lucky to be paid for work (as did and still do many women. No wonder there is no equal pay for equal work). Medical terminology had to be good in the days of old. There weren't a hundred proofers checking notes. Anyhow, there isn't enough space for me to tell all. But, what I do know is that MTs are gradually getting phased out, now ASRs are on the scene. I wonder if anyone has even realized that we are actually phasing ourselves out. And out of pocket too. What you will be paid for ASRs is much less than transcription, yet you are teaching the "listening machines" to do that very thing...takeover. Obviously, the first writer here has never worked in a Medical Records dept. doing work the way it was before the gold-diggers got a sniff there was money to make. No one really cares about confidentiality any more, although there is a lot of hype about it. Enjoy your home job. Unlike those days of old, when having someone "breathing down your neck" meant you had to do the job right all the way, and qualified you to keep your job, I would suggest a Plan B for the future.
The doctors had been complaining about...sm
very poor quality but then someone enlightened them who worked there at Spheris. And they called to see for themselves and they said yes it was going to India.
she wasn't complaining
She wasn't complaining. She said she would appreciate the extra work, but can't she still be frustrated? She was merely stating the fact that they never think of us unless they need something. My office has students that come in from time to time and I never get a heads up. It's hard to make arrangements, especially if you have to get someone to help you. I pick up tapes, as well, until May when my clinic goes to EMR. :(
I donít get it when people are complaining about
not getting a gift or one that they do not think fits. You got more than I got and probably more than some others on here. I was taught be thankful if someone gives you something. Donít be little about any gift, no matter what it is. I have been married 9 years now, never an anniversary gift but you know what- I have a wonderful man in my life who treats me special and I know he loves me. I would maybe just keep and put with some more money and buy something you would like.
Well, I think there are a lot of people that use MQMT but there is a lot of complaining in the

office I work in in the NE so check out those offices and I think you will find a lot of unhappy people.

Just keep quiet. You are griping and complaining. nm
Why not find another job and stop complaining.
Stop complaining and get to work

Maybe if you all spent less time complaining and more time doing quality transcription work we could meet TAT  and make a profit.  If not for you maybe HCR would not be so quick to sell us.

Another thing, for people who have never met Dennis you are being quite judgemental and cruel.  He is actually a nice person, but he has a boss just like all of us and has to answer to his boss.  The issue is not with Dennis.  The issue is with HCR and not wanting to keep a company that is not making money, which is a result from missing TAT and poor quality from transcriptionist. 

You may not like what I have said, but too bad.  The truth sometimes hurts.

I get tired of many people here complaining...
of their jobs.  I like coming here as it seems to be the biggest message forum for MT's, but there are way too many complainers.  I like sitting at home working.  No paying for gas, eating out everyday, work clothes, child care(if you have children).  It brings me down to come here and read this crap
I transcribe for a PA and have not noticed any of which you are complaining..sm
He is a VERY clear dictator, LOVES to talk and increases my line count considerably. The only thing I can complain about with him is that he is very redundant and repeats things in various areas of a report, but he is making me money, so that is okay. Not ALL PAs are bad...any more than all doctors are bad dictationists. I guess I am lucky and I am grateful for what I have. and this is JMO.
it's cut in pay he's complaining about; not that it's "not a real job", there's a
No, complaining doesn't change it
but I can take the occasional complaining... what I do find annoying and WORSE than complaining on this board is FLAMING. Why are some so b*tchy to people they don't even know? I'll never understand it. We're all here to support each other and talk with people in our career, share situations and ask for advice, give advice and encouragement. There's no need at all for insults and cutting remarks.

Can't we all just get along?
I wasn't the one who was complaining about everything from the start...
you were...obviously you have nothing better to do yourself
To clarify, I wasn't complaining.
As I stated in my post, I am actually doing quite well with MT. I actually make more as an MT than I have ever made in any other job I have had. I am currently the main support of my family and we are making it just fine. My family does have a roof over our head and food on the table, and we are all much happier to be back home.

I can, however, see why others would complain. My point was that you shouldn't be so judgmental and say that everyone complaining about money should reevaluate their living situations. Some of us are already living as frugally as we can with very little places to cut back on. I agree with the posters on this board that think MT should pay more. No MT should be making less for their work than the person working a cash register at the local fast food joint or the door greet at Wal-Mart. That is just ridiculous. This is a specialized skill and should be paid as such.
Just as you find their complaining disrespectful...
I found your post disrespectful. You assumed that those complaining of not making money are living high off the hog and are just not managing their money wisely. You have no idea what these other MTs are going through or what their financial situation is. I know people that not only care for their immediate family, but parents as well. I know people that have outrageous medical bills because insurance didn't cover. I know people whose spouses have lost jobs that they have had for decades and one income isn't enough. For these people, even making $20 isn't enough. Yes, they can get other jobs. Yes, they could move into a cheaper area to live. But, you know what, if they are struggling right now and need to come here to vent, so be it. Who are you to judge and tell them what they should do?
Nothing at all, glad you're NOT complaining which what most people come here to do.
im not really complaining...i just got mad when i didnt get my check right before christmas...
and started looking at other co... and then of course i get this offer... that i cant seem to weigh out ...and then my currnet co. made it all better. so i will prob just stay put, and gain some skills adn time to my resume'...you kno?

The MTs actually making $$$ don't have the time to sit on this board complaining. nm

No more complaining about cold hands while working.....sm

Now I have absolutely seen it all.  Found this on accident but just look, if you suffer with cold hands these could be your answer.

Patti, weren't you one of the MTSOs complaining
a couple of weeks back that there's really no big money in this biz anymore and it wasn't worth the time/effort put in when all is said and done? Or maybe you're having a good week this week? : )
Chill in that you're all complaining and whining here, which is getting you NO where fast! Plus i
just soooooo tiresome to hear it 24/7. Again, its been going on forever. Period. And I assume you are referring to MQ, and then go on to imply how the service who treats their MTs right will have the most MTs, or whatever. Well, MQ has about 10K at any given moment!  Unethical to route work as you see fit?  Never!  That's the ropes! Some MTs just take everything soooooo personally.  Its not good for their mental health, literally.  Hey, I get a run of 10 reports from a great dictator whom I haven't heard in, say, 6 months, I just type them and move on! Perhaps I pause a microsecond to think, Hmmmm...he hasn't been around much, but glad he's here now!  To hear these whining complaining MTs, they just sit there and start plotting how this doctor got to their pool, where he's been in the interim, and its ALWAYS Indian MTs as the scapegoat, or the cherry pickers, or the VR got all the "good stuff".  They never just accept that its just THE WAY IT IS.  The roll of the dice - the MTs on line before them or with them - why does it always have to be something other than just fate?  Its so reflective of an unhappy persona, and its so self defeating.  Type it and be happy, or get another job! 
Actually MTs were complaining about the situation this weekend with Amherst so they are starting to
complain at the other site.
This board's image problem is the result of complaining MTs.

--should become the new logo.

No spelling police please...meant complaining. Time for bed ; )
No spelling police please...meant complaining. Time for bed ; )
Bill O'Reilly complaining of wanting medical records on net
Bill O'Reilly just stated on his show that Barack Obama wants all medical records put on net and he says that is outrageous and points to camera and says your medical records will be put on computer and someone will hack in, get in, and spread it around, also said more.  It sounds like he has no idea they also are offshored and very vulnerable that way too..  He was really upset.  Hope some of you can see this on his repeat broadcast on DirecTV or other. 
Valuable post, thanks. MT plus Skills Upgrade minus Complaining = Dollars. NM
Thank you fellow MT. I love that site.....good source of info without the complaining....
Thanks again.
Well, you're all complaining that accounts are current and work is low, so, gee, maybe they're
focusing on WORK, as in CLIENT and transcribing, as maybe half of you should be focusing on!!
thanks to both for suggestions
don't know why i didn't think of this one...it just might work.
Thanks for all the suggestions. sm

I'm not very adventurous so I don't know how I'd like stripes or room themes, but I'm looking for a splash of color here and there.  I did like the idea of the pale blue sponge roller over white walls for the living room and a tan color for the dining room to make it a little more formal.  I think we're going to give that a try.  The sponge roller will give a little hint of color without making me feel anxious with the too busy or loud.

Thanks again, all

Thanks for your suggestions
I appreciate your suggestions. I have no typos in my resume or cover letter, I have contacted the phone company and let them know that I need DSL for a job, and I have received feedback from my online tests. I did have a position offered to me recently but I didn't have DSL and had to turn it down. I'm sure something will come along eventually. It is just discouraging to be so excited about entering a new career only to find so many hurdles. I guess it will only make me stronger. Your encouragement helps.