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urgent calls

Posted By: JZ on 2005-07-26
In Reply to: Wanted to add on that phone part.. - sm

That would work, with the cell phone.  I have my house phone line and the extra phone line for work only.  The company I work for has toll-free access, so I don't need toll call or long distance service, and it runs less than $20 a month.

I also like having caller ID so I can also see who it is, and the answering machine so I can hear why they are calling.  If it's urgent or important, I take the call.  Otherwise, I don't answer it.  You wouldn't believe how much productivity it eats to answer the phone every time it rings.

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He calls me daily whining that he doesn't have any money. Then calls me names when I
a check.  He hasn't looked for a job, hasn't even read the want ads, I'm sure.  He told me he realizes he can't live without me.  My paycheck is what he can't live without!  I feel so humiliated and angry sometimes that I put up with him for as long as I did!
check to see if whoever bought and shipped it purchased anything on their American Express card. I think they insure your purchases if it lost or stolen. Just an idea.
Sorry, I forgot you have my $20.00. Tell me where to send it. Sometimes you have to "pay it forward".
Is it urgent?

I e-mail my supervisor 3-4 times a month on average.  On average, she replies about 50% of the time.  Of that, 50% of the time she has not understood the question and answered a different question entirely.  As that communication doesn't suit me, I try to hold strictly to either IM or phone.  

The phone, of course, she has the option not to answer (and exercises that option).  On IM, she asks if it is urgent and then to e-mail her. 

If a company requires you to be on IM for business purposes, and you can find your supervisor between Out To Lunch, In a Call, Be Right Back, or Busy, does it have to be URGENT?  I am not sure of IM etiquette, and as far as I am concerned nothing about my job is URGENT, but I only IM when I think it is IMPORTANT.  I don't ever IM and ask how the weather is or who she thinks will win the next Survivor.

It is getting to be a make or break deal for me.  Should I be able to ask her if it is URGENT when she IM's me asking if I'm there.  Or what I am working on?  Or if I will do a stat report for some unheard of location that she is going to send me anyway?

Are you seriously supposed to ask the question you IM'd about while you are trying to give it an URGENT rating?  I think it is rude and demeaning but maybe other people see it differently.  I would love your thoughts!

Equipment help -URGENT

Is anyone using the Voice Solutions DA-128?  If so, could you look at the power source and tell me the input and output voltage specs?  I recently moved and lost my transformer!  I need to find a replacement in order to work! 

Its only urgent when its their problem

I used to have a supe that blew me off on everything; but was quick to call me when she had a hassle (usually on my day off on my cell phone - so that I'd drop having a life and rush home to type a stat).  I kept a list of ignored questions ready and each time SHE called ME I laid them on her and she got trapped into dealing with at least one or two if she wanted my help on HER "urgent" problem.

Sorry about the IM thing, that must truly suck.

URGENT: Do I need a printer for DQS training? nm

Please pray for our little dog, Fluffy,  who is in the hospital right now and on oxygen.  We just came from there and he is having a lot of difficulty breathing.  He has swelling on his spinal cord and they are unable to do additional testing to find out why because of this complication.  Please everyone say a prayer for him that his breathing stabilizes and they can find out what the problem is. 

Thank you and God Bless

URGENT: I called Frontline myself and they said NO, sm

they do not recommend using the dog formula on cats.  You have to use the cat formula.  In other words, they take no responsibility for off-label use as they call it.  Not using the product as directed.  Sorry to be a budinsky, but this is scary stuff.

Urgent question regarding BOS guidelines!! PLEASE sm

I'm testing for several jobs right now that will offer the full-time status I desperately need to support my family.

The last job I had didn't follow BOS guidelines and I as advised by a few MTs to follow these guidelines when formating the body of the test reports.  I do not own this book nor do I know anyone that has it.   Are there any online resources that I can refer to for some of the more common guidelines?

I need all the help I can get and want to thank those willing to take a moment to help a fellow MT out!! 

God Bless!

I have an urgent question regarding Olympus DS2 recorder...SM please

I have a new account and the office manager called me because the doc is off who usually uploads their DSS files to my site.  I'm not familiar with this process and am wondering if anyone can help.  The office manager got directions from the doctor before he left, but I believe she is missing one step.  These are the directions she has.

Plug in the recorder with the USB attachment, make sure the recorder is on, go to the Olympus program, highlight and drag over the DSS file to my site.  Well, the problem is that she can find the voice file.  It seems like the file is not uploading from the recorder to their computer.

Is this something that is done automatically or do you have to manually upload the voice file, name it, and save it to their computer?  It doesn't seem right to me that you would just plug the recorder in and it automatically uploads, names the file, and saves it.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

URGENT REQUEST: An MT that we sent a box of gifts to did not receive the package.

It was delivered to their porch according to UPS but she did not get it.  It contained gifts for her children.  Because we did not put insurance on the package, UPS will do nothing to assist.  The box alone to ship had cost $45.00 and insurance would have cost another $25.00.  It is a sad story, but what it boils down to is that the kids won't have a Christmas.  All monies in the Santa's House for Christmas Angels fund have been dispersed through the Christmas Angel program.

So, I am here to ask for help.  I would like to raise $150 to $200 today if at all possible and for anyone who donates $10.00 or more to this special cause, I will give a software package that contains a word Expander and spellchecker that is worth over $100.00 for your trouble.  Donations can be made to sales@mtstars.com via Paypal.

Again, thank you for your consideration.


In the time it takes her to ask you if it's urgent, she could have just answered your question! n
Yes, I use a prepaid Tracfone from Nokia- works well for me since I only use it for urgent stuff -nm
I have gotten a few calls - sm
I actually have not minded that I have not taken a job with the ones that I have called, but one person did ask me for my opinion on what I liked about the companies I have worked for and what I didn't like and what exactly would be the ideal home position. I liked that she took the time to listen and took notes. Although we both felt I would not be a fit for their company (hours and work schedule weren't good for me) I actually enjoyed sharing and hearing her feedback.
The Q calls it ASR too.
I believe they know the pay is so low they wouldn't get any calls.
ROBBED at least once. Some calls

Especially the "TD" where his knees, shoulder, elbow, hand and ball hit outside the line and then he scooted it in w/ a wide-eyed guilty look.   And, Hawks would have done better if Stevens could catch.

Sweet reverse play by Steelers though and long run by Parker.

And very cute commercial w/ the Budweiser colt.

calls from India

Have received three phone calls from India...I can tell by the accent (I transcribe a lot of Indian doctors). The first two calls were just stuttering around, wanting my name, etc. The last one was Sunday night at 9:00 p.m., woke me up. I was furious and asked him if he knew what time it was. He said he had no idea, but started with that "your name please", etc. I yelled "don't ever call this number again", and I hung up. I have passed this around at work, and some people are getting calls from India...I think they get us off the computer some way. Anybody else having this happen?

calls from India
I wonder if they are trying to recruit? They make me so mad...the last time he said "your name please" I told him it was none of his freaking business!
harrasing phone calls

my local phone company as most do, has a harrasement dept.  you set it up that each and every time you get a call, you hit a certain numbe of keys and it "logs" the calls.  After 5 such calls, you then report it to the police dept, they get the records and can go after the creeps!  You never know the number, but the police will let you know who the offenders are.  My sis had to use it because of an ex boyfriend of my nieces...his mother lost ALL phone service for a year!

wish you had it, it worked great to stop the 2am calls.

get rid of any man who calls your children names!

Let alone call you names in front of them.  He sounds like a true control freak and slob to boot.  Your 16yo needs to NOT be exposed to this kind of behavior from a man...she'll end up getting into relationships thinking this is "the way I grew up" mode.

Keep your faith and get out and into living your own life for you and your own children.

Her hinchman calls and tries to convince you that she really does not mean it.
Or she will call repeatedly and half way apologize. She is really a sorry creature in every way. Can't call her a human because she definitely is not that at all. I really can't say that I ever saw her after lunch when she was truly sober. Beer for breakfast is the norm.
Not an MT's job to make those kind of calls...
in the first place. You're contributing behind closed doors. I would find another job.
random calls/drop ins
People just do not understand. I have just had to be rude without apology. I have had so many people call and even though I don't answer still drop by. I have to say that if I am too busy to answer phone then I am also too busy to go to the door. I have had them stand on the door step ringing the bell and calling my phone. More than once I have answered the phone to someone saying they were at my door. I say, "Oh, is that you ringing my bell? Sorry but I am working". They do not like it but neither do appreciate the disrespect. My friends have just learned to laugh it off. I stick to my guns, even with my family No work, no pay, is what I say.
Simon calls that the X factor....
I only know one company who calls it ASR, and that is Webmedx
I made calls when i moved here from OH
I was told I did not. I asked a few sources because I am NOT running a company and do not need a DBA. I guess that may change if someone files a complaint, but I am not going to do it if I don't have to.
Court battle over Internet Calls


For those MTs like myself who access their work over the Internet, would this consist of violating the HIPAA laws?

I remember 5 cent pay phone calls. nm
what a joke...someone calls you on your irresponsible comment, and all you can do is
comment on their grammer. At least come up with an argument in favor of your original post........or can you?
They do make house calls to fix tractors -sm
at least Sears does. I'd look into it if I were you. I think the price would be worth it in the long run. We are in the boonies, and had trouble with our tractor (bought at Sears) and they came here and fixed it. We could have loaded it up on our trailer and taken it into town, but they came to us. As for attaching the trailer to the truck, do it when it is empty first of all, much, much easier, this way you can shift the trailer about by hand if necessary, hard to do but very possible, impossible to do if loaded though. I haul our trailer (small one 8 x 10) on occasion, and a 17 foot boat now and then, and have attached both loaded and unloaded. Still no good at backing up, but I am learning. ----I am planning a trip to the Nick Hotel too, Summer 2007 or 2008, saving up for it first, then will figure out when we are going!
I just forward my calls to my cell and answer that way...
if important. Or I can just get the call on the computer through my email.
calls to mind the anal wink... LOL.
Did you read post? She has contract that calls
I think the only reason she wants calls is so nothing she says can be documented in writing.
no msg
LOL! My sister calls that visual tuneout
Thank you for NOT noticing! I probably should've kept my mouth shut :/
Yup, and hate regular phone calls like that, too. Grrr....nm
Hmm, I've gotten several calls from "out of area" on my caller ID....SM
over the last couple weeks. I don't answer them, and the caller never leaves a message. The calls can come during the day or early evening.

I wonder if it could be MQ....
Certainly, I applied to that ad, and received 2 phone calls back.
I had no knowledge of them either. So, I asked if they are US based and what their plan entails. He told me they have a base in the Philippines and plan to send all of the transcription overseas. If I had a problem with that to tell him now. Of course, as candid as I am, I told I absolutely have a HUGE problem with that. I also told him that I am not the candidate for him!

What led me to believe it was an overseas operation was that I put that phone number in reverse look up and an Indian name came up, not the "American Name" that was listed. So, that was a huge red flag. I outright asked him what is his "real name".
When your family calls you wanting medical advice.

It is helpdesk work, not telemarketing. Only incoming calls.
I wish they'd hurry up and talk $$ so I can compare versus MT.
I'd setup IM or similar instead of making phone calls. It
seems like the company is very disorganized.  I personally would not make any phone calls that I am not reimbursed for. 
It's no more 6/6/6 than june 6 1996 was. Nobody otherwise calls the year only by the last digit.
my company pays downtime for conf calls...

If you have a cell phone, why not use that for your LD calls and CX the LD on the land line?
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
ask if there is a charge for local calls. I have had this happen a couple of times. I take an egg
No, they're talking about Internet phone calls, not FTP transfers.
The physicians aren't actually calling you over the Internet to dictate. You're downloading sound files and uploading documents.
I definitely feel like we are dealing with the same person! I think I need to make some phone calls
and put a stop to her!  I cannot stand the idea that she is out there still scamming people like she scammed me!
Happens all the time. Make phone calls for more definite action. nm