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Wanted to add on that phone part..

Posted By: sm on 2005-07-24
In Reply to: some suggestions after some complaining! - JZ

I give the school my cell phone number and keep it at my desk.  I make it very clear this is the line they are to use.  That way I KNOW if there is a problem at school or with the kids.  That goes for anyone who would be calling and it would be important/urgent.

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I agree 100%, just wanted to stress the "be cautious" part! Blessings!

And please keep us posted.  Will be worried about you, but also eager to hear the good news!

My phone doesn't go out, just the DSL part.
New. Wanted to put in a better card to support a game my 17yo DD wanted to play.
The easy part is making the decision to leave, the hard part is
actually doing it.  Been in your shoes and it took me a year and a half to leave after I had made the decision to do so.  It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my girls.  I had family and friends and a counselor telling me what needed to be done and I knew what needed to be done but until I had the courage on my own to do it I stayed.  One day, we had an argument and he spit in my face and that was the last straw for me.  Even though it is something that I will NEVER forget, that day is also a day I will never forget because it is the day that I took my kids and left.  I am a single mom of 2 and have been single and supporting us for 5 years now.  I have been healing ever since and still am to this day.  You can do this.  I know that if I hadn't have left and I would have stayed one of us would be dead by now or both. 
wanted to try it but wanted to make sure
C-phone used to call in to dictating systems to receive work. A special phone. nm
I had a lot of trouble with static in my C-phone. I replaced the phone cord and that made a big

difference.  Also, have you tried a different headset?  Also someone told me one time that there is a microphone under your volume control on the right corner of the C-phone.  It's a tiny hole.  If you break off a Q-tip and stick that into the hole that will squelch a lot of background noise and that worked as well.  As far as getting your C-phone service, I heard that Dictaphone is "sunsetting" C-phones at the end of this year.  Meaning, they aren't going to service them anymore as they are considered an obsolete technology.  So, I would contact Dictaphone and see what your options are.

I know very little about Lanier equipment.  I've not used it as extensively as Dictaphone.  Is there a local appliance repair place in your area?  You might ask one of those places to take a look at your equipment and see what they think.  Kinda scary, cause they could do more harm than good, but maybe worth a shot.

Not much help, I know.  But I thought I would share what tiny bit of obscure knowledge I do have. 

I've changed them between an old phone and new phone, but the same company, i.e. Nextel.
I use my c-phone whenever we travel. You can hook it directly into your room phone. Be sure and as
I think you can dial into most systems that require C-phone without having a C-phone nm
I am wondering if there is a way to use your C-phone with Vonage phone service?
May have to change phone companies, have switched to job using a C-phone. sm
Currently have Embarq (formerly Sprint), and my usage will be going up about 12,000 minutes a month.  What phone companies offer really unlimited for a flat rate?  TIA.
C-phone and ATT. There is no problem with the C-phone, but ATT wouldn't let me use unlimited.
I have cable phone access and my C-phone works - sm
I am not sure about you problem, because it sounds just like I have mine hooked up.  The only thing I can think of is that mine has 2 line hookups in the back of the phone.  If you have this too, I would just try the other one, which you probably have already done.  Sorry that was not much help.  I wish you luck
I have a very loud hum when using my C-phone, but no hum when I'm using the regular phone. SM

Anyone else experience this problem with their C-phone?  Is there a problem with my C-phone?  At first I thought it was my telelphone line and called the phone company.  They sent a technician out to replace the lines and check the house, but the hum is still there on the C-phone.

It's driving me batty!

C-phone info regarding phone lines etc.
I am completely clueless on the subject of a C-phone.  Can someone help me understand exactly how this works?  Do you have to specifically have a separate "dial up internet" service to use the C-phone? I currently have cable internet and am wondering if there is anything else I need to get.  I guess I should contact my phone company.  At any rate, any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
If you use a C-phone for work and have a digital phone

through cable, have you tried to take an incoming call?

We only have one phone line.  I rarely get/make calls and when I do we have cell phones.  I just started working with a C-phone and got digital phone.  I can go a month and my phone not ring, so far have gotten 3 calls today, but I'm afraid that if I try to answer the phone that I will lose my report. 

I guess I could pull up a report and have my husband call on his C-phone and test it that way and then if I lose it no biggie. 



Anyone use/try C-phone with Medicom's phone service?
Wondering if it works?
What's up with the CMT part A and part B exams?
I thought it was all one test.  How can a half a test last 6-1/2 hours?  If anyone knows, please share your info!  Thanks! 
Does anyone know if you are a part time employee for 1 company and part time IC for another can you
still claim deductions for IC on your income tax even though you are one of each.
Depends on how part time the part time jobs are.
You can do it. You just have to work out a schedule you can live with.
C-phone and phone line
I have cable for my Internet so I have my C-phone on my regular home phone line and forward my home phone number to my cell phone.
A c-phone is just a phone, with headphones sm

and a foot pedal.  You call into a number (hopefully 800 number), put in your codes, and a voice file comes on.  You use the headphones and the foot pedal, and transcribe on your computer into a word processing program, then send the finished file back per their directions.

The c-phone is not connected to the internet in any way.  There is no downloading involved.  It is just a phone by means of which you get your voice files.  It needs a phone line and you stay on the line the entire time.

c-phone from cell phone
I believe if you check with your cell phone carrier they have an adapter that you can use to plug into your cell phone from the c-phone. Not sure about this but I think I had a friend tell me she had to do this but it was a year or so ago. Hope this helps.
It connects via phone like, just like a C-phone.
I have an old actual C-phone phone if that is what you mean, (sm)
not the newer kind that connects to a computer.  I don't know if yours is programmed the same, but mine shows 8 to decrease and 9 to increase.  Hope this helps.
C-phone and phone plans....
I have a company that I have recently hired on with that uses c-phones.  At home I have an unlimited long distance plan, but I'm wondering if while traveling there is a plan that you can get in order to use a c-phone in a motel, relative's homes, etc.  I like to be able to still work while traveling and I feel this is going to limit me.  Any suggestions or ideas?
Digital phone/C-phone
Does anyone use a C-phone with digital phone service?  Does this work out okay?
Just wanted to let you know (SM)

That my cat is doing much better than a few days ago.  He's eating food, and I saw him drinking today.  I've been giving him subcu fluid for the last couple days.  We are moving to Nebraska on the 6th, so I hope the trip isn't too stressful for him.

Well, I'm having fun playing with this ...I was in mtstars withdrawal there for awhile.  Hope you all are having a great day!

Bye for now



Come to work for Soft Script.  If you are a "newbie" transcriptionist, do not mind us stealing your lines, enjoy rude, threatening, and hateful e mails, and among numerous other things - you like to work for less than minimum wage, then we have the perfect position for you. 

Yes folks, this is what you will get when you go to work for Soft Script, it is a lot of fun, everyone should try it. 


That was exactly the one I wanted to take.
However, there aren't any Irish dance instructors in my area.  I searched ebay for the instructional videos last night.
I have always wanted to eat my
I can't believe you wanted to
Lame 'O' Rama!
I just wanted to be sure you all saw my...
"Thank you" down below. The response to this post was crazy and I appreciate the solid support you have given. Please pray for me to have the courage to face this leap of faith. He says he wants to make things better and that he loves me. I have not told him that I love him since he hit me in the eye two weeks ago and he has noticed. I think he realizes that I am tired of all the nonsense and that this could go either way right now depending on his behavior. I am strong, but I just have to believe in myself. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again. J.
Just wanted to say thanks

to all of you who responded to my post a few weeks ago about insomnia.  I decided to try the Melatonin, and it works wonders!!! I sleep like a baby every night and I don't suffer any side effects.  I also like knowing that it's all natural

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!

i wanted to say too
when my mom was contemplating having the surgery, the surgeon provided her with names and numbers with patients who already had the surgery so that she could talk to them and see what their experience was.
I wanted to be....
An archaeologist/paleontologist (sic), a zoologist, or a veterinarian. Then I found out how long it took to go to school. That ended that!

I wound up going for computer programming. Hated that. Loved typing and computers but hated the programming end of it, so went into accounting. Me....who flunked math in school, but it challenged me and I was good but not enough typing for me. Then did typing for a book company...got bored. Now I'm an MT. What a life!

Please don't ask my age. LOL
Just wanted to add . . .
It is a blessing to have this site to go to where there are others who truly understand the pain/abuse we take/put up with. Only another MT could possibly understand what it is like at times.
I also wanted to add this ...
Many may actually know the terminology but make mistakes in their transcription or typos. Still, it is incorrect and it cannot be accepted.

Hearing correctly is one thing; transcribing it correctly to the document is another.

I think many errors happen on the transcription phase, not the hearing/understanding phase.

Thanks so much! That was exactly what I wanted to know....nm
I really wanted to ask
my former PS to send me a picture but I was too shy and knew I should not anyway.  His voice sounded sexy and just by the way he talked about things in general I had a feeling he was. 
yea... i NEVER did whatever I wanted
and as an IC i had every right to, but I stuck to my 24 hour TAT for seven years unless I was sick... i NEVER did vacations, I Never took time off... EVER. Now i'm kicking myself for it since after 7 years they have betrayed me.
Wanted to add
I wanted to add that I do work someplace else also because I don't believe in this industry you can put all your eggs in one basket but I do think Transcend is a nice place to work overall.
Just wanted to say
THANK YOU for the replies. I did receive an e-mail response also, and appreciate that too :).

I am feeling a bit better about this, but still worried too . . . just part of my personality, I guess.

I would still like to hear from others who have experience with this, and thanks again!
Just wanted to say

 that I welcome corrections from QA's who make corrections that are legitimate, a mis-spelling, wrong term, wrong word, that sort of thing.  I actually look forward to feedback when I get a particularly tough dictator and had to send it in with blanks so I can see if the QA was able to make sense of it so I will have a better chance of getting it next time. I appreciate your help in making me a better MT.  The QA's that I have a problem with are the one's that send my stuff back with "corrections" that are not really corrections, things that would not impact the document in the least.  It is silly, anal, and just makes everyone's job harder.  I just wanted to put that out there because it sounds like from the posts that there are a few good QA's out there that just want to do their job and help us get better as opposed to nit-picking every little, tiny, miniscule thing they can find.  I also especially appreciate the QA's that just give the feedback or explain why the feedback-not the ones with attitude and arrogance and nasty remarks.  Those are the people that need to change jobs, because they are not helping anyone.

What I wanted to do but never did (and probably shouldn't)
I always wanted to tape record about 20 minutes of the yapping and then play it back right outside when the neighbor had a window open, preferably in the middle of the night!
Big rig info wanted

Kids are gone.  I'm single.  I'm sick of being in the house 24/7.

I'm thinking about truck driving school.  I love driving. I can drive forever.

I'm going to do my own research regarding schools, salary etc., but would appreciate any "insider" or first-hand knowledge.

I know I need a change.

I have always wanted to be able to use "sic" ...
in reports where we know darn well it's wrong but that's what they dictate.  Sic means "just as" and is used where the writer/typist knows something is incorrect or unusual but that was the way it was presented (in our case, the dictator).  That way the reader of the reports would know it wasn't our error but the dictator's.  However, I have never seen where this is allowed in MT.
you could fix it if you wanted to or is it verbatim? nm
I wanted to offer ...sm
our RV that is in our yard. DH reminded me that the kids still sleep there because of our house fire (dishwasher door caught fire). Our house is still in disrepair.

I'll have to find another way to help.
I don't think I asked about MQ. I just wanted to know the
Shorthand and Shortcut, so I can buy the best one.