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starting business/ go to convention

Posted By: Maz on 2008-08-15
In Reply to:

Need some advice, please.  I am starting a small company and I want to market myself to be able to take overflow work from larger companies (or hospitals/clinics/medical centers) to give and send out to my group of MTs and QAs.  I do not want the hassle of trying to approach the large hospitals, clinics, medical centers, themselves and I do not have the capital to purchase my own dictation system or program. 

I was thinking of going to the MT conventions and networking there but was not sure who/what companies attend these conventions.  Does anyone have any ideas or can anyone point me in the right direction?  I would appreciate any advice anyone could give to me.  TIA

Maria Maz

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starting new MT business
I have been at this now for 35 years and have become increasingly discouraged over the last 8 years. This is a very changing business. You will work extremely long hours, get few rewards, get accounts, lose accounts, have no stability and ultimately be disappointed. It is not a business for the faint of heart. Unfortunately my income has decreased or stabilized since 1996 and I am now making what I was then. Unfortunately the cost of living has not remained the same. I was rolling along doing quite well and satisfied previous to 8 years ago when suddenly my accounts were lost to outsourcing, mega corporations, etc. This used to be a profession that commanded respect for the years we put in to be the best.

If you are not familiar with computers, you will be lost in this business as most transcription is run digitally and everything done with computers, over the Internet, using various programs, FTP sites, etc.

I would like to offer encouragement, but I have taken to discouraging anyone who thinks this is a good business to pursue and one that has long term security.

Good Luck!
Sorry, I mean I am starting my own business...
I was on the phone while I was typing that message.
Starting a business
I currently work for a small service and feel that taking 25% of my gross pay and charging me for minutes used by doctors (gearplayer) is getting to be too much.  I want to know how many of you have gotten your own accounts and how you went about doing it.  I have 3 years experience with transcription and currently work for 2 offices (ophthalmology and family practice).
Starting a business

I've been in your shoes, though many years ago, and I had 12 years experience before I had the guts to go solo. 

There is so much more that you need to know beyond the specialty you'll be transcribing.  You need to know how to run a small business.  Things like zoning laws - I kid you not; there are still places where it is technically illegal to work in your home.  Do you need a license?  Do you know the tax implications?  Do you know the insurance/liability implications?  Are you adequately capitalized?  You'll need backup equipment, supplies and something to live on until you start getting paid.  Banks don't like to lend to small transcription services because they so often fail.  As another poster said, contracts are difficult, if not impossible to enforce.  Are you aware of regulatory issues like HIPAA (especially for the speciality you have chosen)?  Are you technically savvy?  Not all offices use tapes with pick-up/delivery of work anymore.  Do you know what you need to make to live?  Sure you could undercut the competition, but can you live on what you'd make?  Do you have someone you trust to cover for you if you are sick, the power goes out or you just want a day off?  There's so much more, but I'm sure you are getting the picture.

Look for a business college, junior college/city college or regional state university in your area that offers classes for small business owners.  Is there an office of the Small Business Administration (government agency - your tax dollars at work) or SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) in your area that offers classes?

You are looking to do a tough thing.  I'm not sure I'd want to do it again, but I don't regret the years I did it.  Give it some more thought.  Best of luck to you.

What equipment for starting own business?

MY SHRINK KEEPS ASKING ME IF I HAVE TRIED GETTING MY OWN ACCOUNTS VERSUS WORKING FOR A NATIONAL....(we are working on how to better handle life stressors).  (MQ?)  Anyway, I always tell him, yes, I have thought about it and I do know of two MTSOs as aquaintances.  I told him I am getting closer and closer to sending letters out to these MTSOs letting them know I am working as an MT and ask if they have any overflow work, to keep me in mind.  I told him I thought that would be the first step as I don't have a clue as to what equipment they use and how you go about the whole deal versus what I am doing now (wav files over internet). 

I am sure some of you who are or were MTSOs could clue me in as to how it is done, equipment wise, and what is involved.  I already know about the tax issues as we have had two small businesses previously. Is it still done with tapes that you pick up and what kind of equipment for that, or can it be done over the internet as per the nationals?


In the dark here.

starting a transcription business
I would like to start a medical transcripton business.  Does anyone have any advice?  I would like to get a Radiology accounts with a hospitals. 
Need advice on starting my own business
I have been struggling for the past year to get my paycheck.  I am so fed up with having to constantly hound the "company" that I work for that I might as well get my own accounts if I have to do so much footwork.  I would love any advice on how to start up my own accounts.  I'd love to receive all my files off the internet.  Any advice...... Please.
Starting a business now: Dumb idea?
With so many huge transcription companies to compete with, is it ridiculous to even consider going into business for myself at this point?  Who in the world would go with the small guy rather than the bigwigs?  I really would love to do it but am just wondering if my timing is way too late here.
How about starting a virtual assistant business? (sm)

You could do all kinds of stuff (do a Google search under virtual assistant, there are some webpages that explain stuff).  U-Haul I believe also hires people to do phone customer service from home.  If you look on guru . com they have people who advertise for odd jobs and lots of them are virtual assistant kind of stuff.

Just some ideas.  You could also do daycare, pampered chef, that kind of stuff.  :)

Know what - OSI will house clean QA starting from the top if they want to stay in business
I need some advice on starting my own small side business. sm

First of all, I have worked for several nationals in the past few years, and equipment has always been provided.  I currently have a f/t position with a national that I use my own personal computer for, they just put their software on it.  I had what I needed already, as far as foot pedal, Expander program, etc.

I have just been sort of rolling ideas around in my head about possibly starting up something small perhaps on a p.r.n. basis just to bring in a little extra income.  As I am still just mulling this around in my mind, my questions are:  How do I go about getting started? Do I try to purchase equipment first, or start out using tapes? I am worried about spending the money and not having any takers, so I am thinking, I should send out some sort of letters first; but, without having the equipment already, how do I tell them I plan on doing their transcription.  Maybe mention tapes first, and tell them I have plans to go digital after I get up and running? These are all just things I wonder about.  If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to email me with any advice. 

I have been an MT for 16+ years, but as I said, I have always had all of the stuff provided for me and just don't know how to start. 

Thanks in Advance!


AAMT convention
I cannot afford Hawaii but went to Atlanta last year and enjoyed very much getting to know others in the field of MT. It was well worth it, but Hawaii is a bit much for my pockets this year. Hope those who cah afford it enjoy their time there.
so, did he speak at the convention?
I went to an AAMT convention
and the guest speaker was Tessier.  She said Black female is always capitalized, but not white.  I don't understand, but is what she said.  By the way, I never capitalize black, just the same as white, more BOS nonsense.  I have never been dinged for it.
I really liked your post, but the AAMT convention?
Anyone going to the AAMT Annual Convention in Honolulu?
Whooly Cow! Just visited the website and registration cost is anywhere from $295, member (early regis) to $600 nonmember (late regis)! Plus of course, flight, hotel, transportation. GEEZ!
Curious, did Dog speak at the AAMT convention & if so what did he say? Don't smoke crack?
Unfortunately it is legal..so yes it is business and they will continue with bad business practices
I made my business your business by posting and...
I totally respect everyone's opinions. It is easier for others on the outside looking in. That's why I pushed the "post reply" button yesterday. I trust my fellow MTs and I know the more I read from you all, the more confident I am becoming. I just need that final push, not from him though. I also wanted to let you all know that the physical abuse while I was pregnant was documented by my doctor and the hospital. I only wish I had known then that it is a felony to abuse a pregnant woman. I also photographed my face from a couple of weeks ago and told several people in my circle. I had such high hopes for us. Now...not so much. I'm not saying that I won't try to get him to church, but I realize that God can only do so much for someone who isn't listening. j
Business is business. Internet forums are
For a business ad?! A business that deals
''Transcriptsis'' x2

''with good track record''

''serve our clients of all sizes'' (I know what they mean, but I just think the wording is funny)

''strive to achieve highest possible quality'' (once again, they never met an 'article' that they didn't hate)

''all departments including H&P...'' (or a comma, for that matter)

starting out
most start out in an office/hospital setting for experience, then go home.. at least that's how it used to be
I used to when I was first starting out.
I sold all my junk around here to declutter the house and pay off some bills, then I tried finding new merchandise to sell without much luck.  I did have some luck shopping at yard sales and reselling collectibles on ebay.  It just got to be a real hassle packaging everything up and driving to the post office.  I decided to just concentrate on my MT career instead of "supplementing" my MT income with temp jobs and selling on ebay.  You know, do one thing and do it well.  It worked.
Not starting something?
I got mine by direct deposit right on time and got the pay stub in the mail today.

If you aren't trying to start something, why do you ask that question here instead of on the SS sight?

Try direct deposit. You will get you money much faster.
starting out
thank you = that will get me started and I will check out those schools.
starting out= need help
I would like to get started as a Medical Transcriptionist = I have been in Nursing for 30 years and due to medical reasons need to be home with my family and would like to work out of my home.  Can you give me some helpful hints to get started and anyone good that I could send a resume to. 
starting out
I feel that I would have not problem - I know the terminology and at one time typed 120 wpm - after all I didnt start out as a nurse = would like to know some companies that are good to send in a resume
Starting over
Hi: My high school boyfriend punched me in he mouth because he said I looked too good to go out with him and who was I trying to impress? Got of that relationship really fast. My father was a police officer and he told him he every laid a hand on anyone again he would be put away. Then I married a jerk who quit his job and I was supporting him and he got a girlfriend, yep, and then he hit me because he did not like the fact that I had bought something with my own money, so I got out of that relationship quickly. Now I am married and have three wonderful kids to a man who is a hard worker. My advise to you is go to a shelter, get away from him, take your kids and the next time he hits you (if you still live at home), call the police and have him sent to jail. Domestic abuse/violence is a very serious thing and it won't stop until you get help. Heck you are bright, you are a transcriptionist, you will do much better and have less stress without him. I bet he has beat down your self-esteem also hasn't he. Don't let him, he has no right to. You are a good person, you take care of three children. I will say a prayer for you, but get out and help yourself and your three beautiful children. No man ever has a right to hit a woman or a woman hit a man. Just not right. Good luck. Just think of how your children feel.
I'm starting to
agree with you, stone cold.  I hate to say that.  I'm sure there are some doctors who have more integrity and I'm pretty sure I know some.  Unfortunately, I'm starting to believe the vast majority are in it for the money and must just plain fake their concern and bedside manner w/their patients.
starting pay..
Please note there have been so many people apply in the last 24 hours ..its been a bit too much..please do not email me about this...thank you. mtgal847
It has been BAD! I am just starting and even I can't believe some of those s/l!
That's what I will starting doing too.
They are starting to be

Don't know if you've heard the world news about the remarkable stem cell therapy that is being done in Russia and London where people will start flocking for treatment who have no hope to walk again.

Also something called Planet Hospital where there are offices being set up where people can get insurance and go to other countries for surgeries and take a short vacation while they are there, they are doing this for dentistry also.

For people who cannot afford insurance this is a great deal.  I know my hairdresser went out of the country to have a bridge done and she said they did a great job.

Starting a biz
Does anyone have any suggestions on going out on my own to start a small transcription business? Thanks!
Starting a biz
Wow, thanks for that suggestion!
Starting pay is anywhere from 5-7 cpl - sm
as for those here make a nice living, most probably have their own accounts and have been doing the docs for years and have macros out the ying-yang in their expander. It is very difficult to make that good of money working for a national since it is 90% ESL and it takes a while to get up any speed so you make a good hourly rate. If you break $20K your first year that would be amazing. I still haven't and I have been doing this for 6 years, though I am not dedicated but do put in FT hours....just cannot sit here and pound it out, get bored and tired so I just work a few hours here and there but put in about 6-9 hours a day depending on my work load.
starting out
why? do employers look at this chat board??? not cutsey.... TIME SAVING. i dont really type that crap when working. was it really worth noting?
$9.00 starting pay here
I do not work hourly, but applied for a radiation transcription job at a hospital here, and their starting pay was $9.00, so that should tell you something. I hope this helps.
starting out on own
I need some assistance with how to go about starting to get my own accounts. I wondered what is the best way for a newbie to begin.  Specifically how does one count lines? Are there programs? What is the market rate (SE Michigan) for line rate for doing a private practice physician. In terms of getting voice files and sending back work what types of systems work best. This would be just starting out transcribing for one physician.  I have 10+ years in field but have never struck out on own so feel a little lost where to begin. Feel free to mail privately.  I have a physician who my son goes to who wants me to do his transcription.  Thx.
starting again
I have been out of transcription work for about 2 years now and I am looking to get back into the pool. Can you recomend a company that has a reliable rep to get back in with? Also any site that may be  helpful pertaining to medical words and or medicines would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Starting over (sm)

Yes, this is an excellent field to get in no doubt.  I would love to start a self-paced training program, but around here it is a vigorous 2-year course.  I cant' see myself doing this before my school-aged children are out of school (another 7 years!)  I will be 49 years old!  YIKES.

How old are you?

I'm starting to get paranoid....
I've been with Medquist only a short time and have a good experience so far.  After reading some of these posts, though, I am becoming paranoid that things are not so good.  Someone please fill me in on what is going on.  I received the letter a couple of weeks ago from the CEO and just assumed it was a hand full of people involved with this lawsuit.  Now what is up???
I'm not starting a fight.
I just wanted to know why you thought I had no friends because I don't like the skank.  That's how it came across by responding right under my post about not liking Angelina.  Or did your post directed toward another person go in the wrong spot under mine?
I am starting a new Rad job in 2 weeks-$16.50/hr
Starting the day with a bang

Good grief, I must be older than God!  Anyone else start Mt-ing with a standard typewriter, the kind you had to reach up and fling the return lever at the end of every line? 

Before white out you had to actually erase and if it wasn't completely invisible, you had to start over.  White out was the greatest thing since sliced bread!  And ah, the selectric!  Nope, I sure wouldn't want to go back.

Anyone else remember when the only reference books were a Dorland's and a PDR?  Of course you also had your fellow MTs AND nurses and doctors and could actually look at the chart for help?

The only school was the school of hard knocks or OTJ training at minimum wage.  There was no "proper training," just whatever it took to get the job done right.  If you couldn't cut it , you were let go.   I dare say there were way more errors in those days of "untrained" MTs.

Yep, I think it's about time for me to retire.



Any Starting Over fans?
Season 3 started yesterday - but I'm afraid I only watched season 1. Anyone hooked on this show? I loved the first group of women - except for Nyanza!
Well I'm starting my career YEA
So I put my two weeks notice in at my mortgage job and I'm about to embark on my MT career, I have been doing this part time for a year and asked my employer for more accounts and they were kind enough to give me more work !!!!!! So I'm not anticipating making much at first but gas prices will be $5.00 a gallon anyway soon and it will not pay to drive anywhere.  So if anyone wants to give this sort of newbie any good advice it will appreciated... I'm so excited !!!!
Starting pay where I live is $10.00
And, that took some talking. So, I choose to stay at home also. With gas, can't afford to work in an office. Besides, am so much happier at home!!
starting my own MT company
I have been a MT for over 10 years and have been thinking about starting my own company.  What positives/negatives does everyone have on this idea.  I am really not great with the computer end and would not even know what I would need to start up.  IDEAS??
My DH is starting to realize that I just....(sm)
might not stick around for much more of his stuff. I know that won't change him though. I just know it...
You're starting out well...
Now just sit down with your Bible and look up these verses: Philippians 4:6,7;
Ephesians 2:14, Isaiah 26:3 and Job 22:21. But the best of all is Psalm 27, especially the last verse. I was at the lowest point in my life some years ago, my daughter was so ill, our little dog had just died of cancer, I had trigeminal neuralgia, my other daughter was struggling emotionally with trying to get through junior high, my mom had cancer and of course our financial situation was the pits...I took my kids to the library and was just sitting by a shelf of books and feeling bad, and I reached out my hand at random and picked up a book, opened it and found a small sheet of paper that actually said, don't worry about anything, instead pray about everyting, tell God your needs and don't forget to thank Him for His answers, and then cited the verses above. The emotion that flooded me then was wonderful, and I went home and did what the paper advised me to do, and maybe God didn't answer me in any way I could understand, but the relief! If you are an MT, then you've already got backbone - you hang in there and do what you have to, and whatever God has mind for you, you'll make the right decision. I am praying for you.