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I think I'm pretty bright and pretty good, too, but

Posted By: A on 2005-08-01
In Reply to: Certification is an investment in your future! - Mom-CMT

I am not a CMT. I am a medical transcriptionist who enjoys her job very much (most days). I have chosen not to pursue certification simply because I cannot afford to do so. I believe the certification is a nice thing to have, but I don't believe it is necessary for employment or for excellence in my job. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can't, don't feel too bad. You can still take pride in and do a very good job without it.

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Yes, I usually got pretty good communication. NM
Pretty good experience here
I was worried about switching, too, since I had read here so many people complaining about line counts being down, but for me I notice a small improvement in my line count on DQS, about 30 lines an hour, but I don't work on DQS regularly, just occasionally, and I think my line count would be a bit higher if I worked on it regularly and got used to using the shortcuts more.  There are a few small things I would tweak on DQS per my preferences, but otherwise I think it's pretty decent and easy to use.
I use Spellex and it's pretty good.

Like Diana, I used to use Stedmans but now use Spellex.  It just seems to pick up a few more terms.  JMO


I think this one is supposed to be pretty good
I've only ever used it for double-checking, though (which it was fine for), so don't know about all of the features, etc.

Freebudget @ http://www.webbudget.com

Lower left corner to download.
zabasearch is pretty good. (nm)
I try to avoid it, but I'm a pretty good diagnostician.
Most of the time I'm right, but I hate to do it, cause they invariably will say, "then what should I do?"  - at which point I have to tell them, "go to the doctor.  I'm not a doctor, I'm a diagnostician."
Here is a pretty good link for medications. sm
Let's see if this link works.
TransHealth has pretty good insurance.
Their customer service is pretty good when you have
have you had a pretty good success rate doing this?
how is the wait time?  TIA
Their attack on non-CMT's is a pretty good barometer
Of COURSE they're gonna say they'd rather have their medical records typed in India. The main source of wealth is coming from promoting offshore transcription, and from conning offshore MT's into buying into their phone credentialling system. If they're so 'pro-MT', then why have they been so instrumental in moving so much of it out of the US?
What a load of bull they're feeding everyone.
10 cpl for gross lines is pretty good for Rad.
Especially for Iowa, that is pretty good. UI can get good over time, but that's because of the u

I transcribe more men, so my vote goes to them. The women I get are usually pretty good. I had 1
that was awful but that was because it was tapes and she'd record at 2x speed so she could get more on the tape, so when it was converted to PlayAll files for uploading to the FTP site the clarity would be awful.  They just (finally) got her staff to reset all the machines there and now she is MUCH better.  They have even commented on how much better the reports are now  (not as many blanks), and the few of us that do her now actually enjoy her work as she is a good moneymaker but now she's better as you can do her a little faster now.  Yeah!
I've been using it a few years now. It's pretty good. You'll get used to it. -nm
10 cents a line, 350 lph sounds pretty good to me!
I've got 30 years experience and I've not found to setup you have..Be very careful about changing. I've been looking for over a year and not found anything close to what you say you have. I've also worked for a company for over a year now and still get doctors whom I have never transcribed before.. almost on a nightly basis!
I work 2 jobs and have my hours set pretty good. First

job is Sun through Wed 6 am to 2:30 pm, since we only need 32 hours for benefits. Second job is 8-11 pm Sun through Wed. I work both jobs at home so on Thurs. and Fri. I volunteer at the middle school so I get a chance to get out of the house and deal with other people. I got lucky because both jobs pay every other week but on different weeks so it worked out that I get paid every week.

I think that's pretty darn good! I just started VR on Dictaphone
and I'm having trouble breaking 2000.  It seems like it would be faster just to transcribe.
Oh, geez! My cheeks hurt from laughing. That was pretty good!

I work for a national. Most of the time the voices are pretty good, but

I have been getting some of late that have background noices, door slamming, people talking,  Sometimes the doc will stop talking but the noices sound so close to him that it is annoying.  Do you think the sound card would interfere with my company's computer?  It sounds nice to have even though it does not help the background stuff.   I guess that is a good question for tech.  Thanks again! 

The line rate sounds pretty good compared to other places - by "punch the clock", you mean
it really is not a flexible schedule, even for an IC? That's what I need the most.
Well, this is just pretty much par for the
course for MQ. Guess they never heard the saying "If it's not broke, don't fix it." I'm sure the underpaid tech people will fix it soon.
But they have such a pretty name...
Isn't that the main thing to look for?
pretty much just what they are- I know nothing

How are they like CD's, are they better, worse?  Basic info.  I've googled it, but still not sure.

Pretty is as pretty does.
and your not looking too good here.
Thank you for reading my post and taking it the way it was written.

Some others on this board twisted what I said - as if I was saying "everyone is doing it" by citing the fact that hospital staff are under the influence of various substances - drugs (legal as well as illegal - although someone took it to mean marijuana), alcohol, glue sniffing, aerosols, etc.

Nurses and doctors have the highest percentage of addiction of any professionals - there are many factors that go into, but it is merely a fact, not an accusation or finger pointing, just a fact.

Very nice!
Pretty sure you have to pay for that.
Which makes it even sadder. That she paid for such a poorly worded post.
I am pretty sure I know where the ad came from
These are usually meger start-up places who think they can get by by offshoring and will find out very quickly how bad the work is going to be.  I see these all the time and am pretty adept at stealing the offshore business after the client gets a taste of reality.  :)
Pretty much the same way (sm)
This doc dictates on cassettes, but he only turns it in when he has filled up the tape. I've asked him to turn it in everyday. The only thing they want on their reports is the transcription date, which is what their accreditation requires. Their accreditation also requires a TAT within 4 days, so when he dictates from Wednesday to Wednesday, and I get the tape on Thursday, he is out of that 4-day range. The transcription date is sometimes a week or so later than the actual test date, which is what he doesn't want.

Thanks for the tips!

I do it now, pretty much always have sm
Right now, it is a FT employee with benefits and a PT IC well paid (10 cpl) as well as some hourly QA work. As I have said many, many times, I am not a good sitter. Actual my fanny is in the chair, hands flying time is for full time is probably 5 to 5-1/2 hours, perhaps 6 a day. PT job is much the same, can't sit still probably only work 3 hours a day. The longest I ever sit at a time is the QA stuff where I will sit straight for the 1 to 2 hours that is going to take me.

My income is full time money, about $900-$1000 a week and I don't eat, drink and sleep MT. My income is going up a bit now because I gave up cigarettes and I don't stop to go out and smoke. I take breaks, but the breaks are much shorter and I am faster and faster on the keyboard.
Pretty much the same. SM
Some things the programs I've worked with seem to learn quickly, some they seemingly never learn. (It may be that VR work attracts passive-aggressive-type computers. After all, no computer can really be THAT dumb!)

Regarding making all those corrections, tho, use your expander. If yours won't record the Keystrokes you use to make all these corrections, get another. Let it delete "q.i.d." and type in "4 times a day" for you. Let it break one sentence into two for you. Let it type in a discharge diagnosis heading and then copy the admission dagnoses under it for you. Have it replace the phrases the computer will not learn with the correct versions for you. While you get paid for it.
That is pretty much the only way to use them
now because you need ULD and no phone company offers true ULD.  I worked with a company where I had to use a C-phone and I had digital phone service through my cable company.  I no longer work for the company, but I used it without any problems whatsoever. 
Pretty much.
Soon MTs will be nothing more than minimum wage workers.
This is pretty much
what I do. I make them for everything (plus individual words). Maybe because of the original way I was taught to make Expanders (using all consonants), I have had to alter my pattern in numerous ways (and now include vowels).

I typically use more of the 2nd word when doing two-word combos, like, ihrn for inguinal herna and hdss for heart disease, but I do have others where I do the reverse because of feel or whatever.

I continue to alters my patterns, shorten them and alter some because of letter combo comfort.

I guess it's just difficult when the goal is to have them for "everything" but not being close (because how many endless combos would there really be?), so then I'm not sure if I have one for certain things or not. And given the fact that there are umpteen ways to say the same phrase, I often would swear I had made one for a certain phrase ... but then, a word or two was different.

My thought was maybe it would be better to disregard certain types of phrases/words, and that is why I asked for examples of things you all do not make them for.

When I do the same account or two more regularly, I have a lot less problems. When switching it up, I fumble more. I suppose there is a certain flow and type of speaking with each account and various dicators, and alternating too much disrupts the flow of my autopilot.

Thanks for all the responses. If anyone thinks of anything to add, I will be checking back again.

Actually pretty much anywhere
It's usually over by where the Boost and stuff are carried, Walmart, Walgreen's, Target, even some supermarkets. It tastes good too.

Let me know how it works for you!
They do work pretty well, but.......
Hate to have to wear them for work, as it is so hot here they slide down my face. So far at my ripe old age of 58, I only need them for driving.
Pretty much say the same thing
We needed to be there, still do
Pretty bad punishment...
To be sent to OSi is truly torture...lol...
I'm pretty sure it's "layed down"...
according to Google search.
Yeah, pretty much (sm)
That's why Sunday/Monday can be rough sometimes.

If I have nothing else going on I do stay up all night, preferably doing something productive. However, if I have to do something with "normal" people, I just try to take a nap Sunday evening.
that pretty well covered it....
Are they very quick with getting back with you when you apply? I have 5 years exp and taught one quarter of med trans at a local community college. I'm working in a doc office now (not doing transcription) but want to get back into working at home doing transcription. I had gotten away from it in 2004 because my husband got deployed and I wanted to make sure we had good insurance while he was gone which is why I took the job with the doc office. He was gone for 16 months and is now home and getting ready to take a really good job, which is going to allow me to start working at home again doing transcription. Hoping to hear from them soon. Thanks again for your input!!!
Your time will come and it won't be pretty. nm
Pretty scary. Do you actually think you
are Frank?
Mig was too pretty for them. Am I the only one who thinks (sm)

that Marty looks like a drug addict?

Anyway, I think they made a good choice.

Astrology is pretty old...see

At one time was it wasn't considered anti-bible or anti-Christian.
Sounds pretty sad.
I think the little girl needs a lot of prayer.
pretty scary
I know that this does happen.  I just try not to think about it.  It's amazing how many physician's and other big tim professionals are functioning alcoholics and drug addicts. Even more sad is the fact that other hospital staff know that these people are enebriated and don't dare say anything to anyone about it. 
pretty frightening if you ask me!!!! sm

It's pretty easy (sm)

My DBF is an "IT guy", & set ours up for us.  He's on a conference call right now, so I can't get him to explain it, & if I tried to I'd probably have you and I both confused all to heck....soooo, I found this site that is pretty thorough...


If you still have questions, if you have a Best Buy or Circuit City nearby, you can ask them to help you out...they're pretty good about this stuff.

Hope this helps