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Posted By: ER MT on 2006-08-02
In Reply to:

In Shanghai because of a rabies scare, 50,000 dogs have been clubbed to death. This is so upsetting to me because I love animals.  They even offered dog owners 63 cents to kill their own dogs before they sent out the teams to kill them !!  They actually "seized dogs from their owners and beat them to death on the spot."  What a bunch of barbarians.  Wow.  Glad I live in the U.S.

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Unbelievable. SM

I thought our jobs were to transcribe and keep it confidential.  Now we are supposed to be PI's, law enforcement liasons? 

That is unbelievable.
I don't know why that surprises me after everything that is going on. I am in the same boat with you, as are a large number of other people. It is frustrating, but as a MT, you have no proof other than your pay check took a nose dive over night, and that is not enough to prove anything. This is really sad.
not for MQ is that kind of remark unbelievable!!

You people are really unbelievable.....it's not bad enough that you bash the company, but now you're bashing one of your own!  What a sorry bunch you all are.....Believe it or not, I really don't care....it's what I do, I just thought I would share it with you to let you know that it CAN BE DONE or maybe I'm just the exception....but at the very least, give kudos where it's due! Again, no normals or expanders....just hard work for a single mom putting in a true 8 hour day, working every minute of the 8 hours and deserving every cent I make....the 2800+ was closer to 2900 and I did it in 9 hours....but normally I do 2600 in 8. This is the last post I'm putting on this board ....you people are bitter and wicked! Save your nasty comments to yourselves!


It is truly unbelievable...
I can honestly say that none of the devastating news in the world has had an effect in my daily living: The war in Iraq, the tsunami, the hurricanes, the forrest fires, earthquakes, mudslides, etc. Though all of these devastating events have happened all around me, my daily living has not changed. One of the dinner prayers I taught my boys really expresses how I feel about my privilege and protection by God, "Help us to be thankful to Thee and mindful of others as we receive these blessings." Not just dinner, but daily living.

 An audio hour is 60 minutes of dictation.  Minimum wage...maybe.....assuming they have any "audio hours" to send you.   Even if they provided a steady work flow, which according to the ad isn't likely to happen, how many MTs can transcribe 60 minutes of dictation in one hour? 

Frankly, most of you have to open your eyes and look past your predjudiced ways to realize that what lies at the core of this movie is a love story plain and simple. I have seen the movie. The sex is simple and not gratuitous, the acting is remarkable and the story behind it all is quite moving to say the least. There is no 'gay agenda' being shoved down people's throats - if you don't want to see it then don't buy a ticket. But for those of you who are progressive and open-minded enough to see the film, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
Unbelievable....maybe you can't but some of us can.....nm
If it really is just one person posting all these venemous hate-filled comments, she should seriously consider getting some help. To get so worked up over what people eat or how they describe their homes demonstrates how empty her own life must be.
//  the third QA post got moved to the Medquist company board for some reason and the post says "MT's"  oh no!!
Wow, unbelievable!! What's going on???? n/m
Who are you kidding? As MTs we are responsible for the "quality" of reports now.

VR transcriptionists are QA editors with pennies for pay, and it isn't likely to change. The best thing to do is WALK AWAY.

Leave them holding the bag.
It is unbelievable that someone would
state this misgiving to you, I guess so you will go with VR or just what is their purpose? I love it myself but you cannot get that many lines an hour, just not humanly possible and anyone else who does VR will tell you the same. I hate they are misleading others like this.
not unbelievable
I often do 300 lines an hour with familiar doctors and lots of shortcuts. I believe she is doing 300 lines per hour on a clinic account.
unbelievable... 6.5 to 8 cpl for EXPERIENCED ONLY

that was an ad in the job seeker's board.  UN-freakin' believable.

It's certainly UNBELIEVABLE that they'd do this the city, but
I guess I don't know enough to understand why? What could the government of NY had done to prevent this? What were the grievances? I really think we need to blame the right people here, so hopefully someone will be able to share more info on why this happened.
then that vet would no longer be my VET!! unbelievable. NM
Rose, get this again.. unbelievable but
I was told by the company I work for that I was not supposed to refer to them, they do their own choosing. Well, ok, I only tried to get in contact regarding this 1 time and needless to say, would you try again? I think not. I do love VR and work part-time now and make enough in those days to pay my bills, etc. Good luck with whatever you do!
unbelievable.. or unbeleivable

I can never remember the i before e rule.

UNBELIEVABLE on so many different levels.


I just got the most unbelievable deal

on ebay. I was looking for a standard cassette transcriber with foot pedal and power supply and had no luck except for very expensive ones. I tell you, having patience sure paid off.  I've looked everyday, several times a day for the past week and sure enough, there was a buy it now transcriber just posted several hours ago for....get this, $15.99 plus shipping! WOW. The seller has good feedback selling other transcription supplies and apparently had 5 machines she was trying to unload, all used, and they've all gone (except for one that is on auction). Anyhow, I'm just so pleased, I had to share.

Unbelievable! And to think at MQ we are bellyaching at receiving...sm
only 80% of our regular line rate for editing. It sounds like clinic notes, dr's office notes, maybe just a few docs, nothing complicated, lots of canned text etc. Still 2 cents a line, I don't think you could speed up the sound enough to make any money at that rate unless there were no mistakes whatsoever.
Unbelievable. Just wait till she gets to
be an old timer.

I plan on doing this till I am in a wheelchair on a Roho Cushion, Foley Catheter, IV fluids and therapy massaging me.

SS won't do it.

So wait till I send in my resume claiming 50 years experience.
At first I thought this was a joke. This is unbelievable. No wonder my son SM
had so much trouble finding a job. The last time I went to Target a clerk couldnt help me because she could not speak English and had to get another clerk. Wow...
OMH - This is unbelievable!!! What is happening to our country! nm
What a piece of work you are! Unbelievable! nm
Unbelievable how people have different definitions of the exact same thing
You said, "I just wanted to isolate myself at home on evenings and weekends".

A "social butterfly type" wouldn't have made that observation about herself. You made a decision to isolate yourself, which you of course have every right to do because most of us here do the same thing.
My brother is suing me for the costs of the lawyer.. Unbelievable..nm
Unbelievable! The pedagogy part made me laugh out loud.

Been there. That's why I work at home. Thanks for sharing.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am speechless. I literally have no words! A $5000 trip to China to teach

them how to steal our jobs?