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what are your favorite top 3 movies of all time?

Posted By: movielover on 2006-06-08
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1. A River Runs Through It
2. The Notebook
3. Bladerunner

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Watch the original, its funny too- one of my favorite movies - sm
George Segal and Jane Fonda-- curious about the remake.
Woolworth's 5&10, Sat.afternoon at the movies - 2 movies for the price of 1
Wow...wish I had time for my favorite

I love House, Y&R, and B&B..so I do lunch at around 1:00 to catch the end of Y&R and all of B&B. 

Other than that, I really don't have time for TV.  I try to watch House while in the bed on Tuesday nights, but usually end up falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the show and have to ask my son what happened...

My all time favorite Koss DC/10 under $20 nm
My all-time favorite ESL funny

"Patient complains that he is not able to sleep while he is driving."

The patient was a long-haul trucker.  I want them to stay AWAKE while they're driving!!

Northern Exposure - all time favorite (sm)
I watch Seinfeld reruns all the time.  I also like All in the Family reruns. 
What is your all time favorite female song?...sm
My daughter just advanced to the local FOX station Idol contest and now has to pick three great songs in a week.  She loves all types of music so it is hard to pick the right song.  She has a deep, powerful projecting voice but has a little trouble with the higher notes.  Just thought you all could give some different ideas, old and new songs, all genres alike.  Thanks
Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter (not my all-time favorite, but at the top) nm
What's your favorite food. Favorite in that you could only have one last meal what would it be?

Indulge me while I stare at computer screen waiting for Q work that isn't there.

I love spaghetti but only served with a great salad with olive oil and some garlic bread. Can't have pasta alone.  And needless to say a glass of red wine.  No dessert, just extra spaghetti.


We actually had some old 8 mm movies...

put on video (some years back) and they must have thought we were a bunch of hicks because to go along with our vintage 1960s era Christmas morning movie, they put the movie to music, of all things, Turkey In The Straw.  I actually went on E-bay and bought an old projector that plays 8mm and super 8mm and we watch all the old movies on an old projector.  It's fun, but I know they will deteriorate eventually.  Nothing more weird than seeing my mother at age 27 (5 yrs before I was born), dragging on a cigarette.  She quit when I was 3, so I have no memory of this.  Old movies are so much fun.

He has been in a lot of movies and was
voted People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive this year.
That's a difficult one - probably would include From here to eternity (the original), i'm telling my age!   Cape Fear, urban cowboy!
fav movies
1. The Frenchman and the Beautician
2. Top Gun
3. Meet The Fockers

I also loved history of violence, I didn't think I liked that main guy in an old movie, but he was quite good! And I think william hurt played an excellent mean person (is that a compliment??)
I think it's because he's doing too much. Look at how many movies he's made in the last fe
all in a row.  Plus, the divorce surely is adding to that.  As far as Angelina, don't blame her.  If Brad was in love with his wife, he wouldn't have strayed.  Plus, it obviously isn't just an "affair."  It seems they are developing a relationship.  Also, don't forget, Angelina was the victim of a cheating husband and had her heart broken, so she knows that pain.  I think Brad and Jennifer spent too much time apart.  And he does have a history of falling in love with his co-stars - Gwyneth and Juliette to name two. 
Seen any good movies lately?
I liked The Pacifier and National Treasure.  We are planning on having an outdoor movie night using a white sheet nailed to the side of the house and a projector to the DVD player on the computer, but I can't think of anything good to rent.
Scary movies
Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The original Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney.
Pay per view movies
Our pay per view channels are the 100's.  Your system might be different.  Our system is supposed to be connected to a phone line always, but a lot of the time it is not.  We can usually still order movies with our remote.  My SIL only has a cell phone now, so I do not know how she does it.  We select the channel with the movie that we want.  Press info.  You can arrow up to exit if you do not want to purchase the program, or press menu to purchase the program.  Our system is older, so yours may work a little differently.  W have learned to be very careful because it is easy to order a movie that you really do not intend to.  Sometimes you can go into purchases and cancel.  With some things, you cannot.  My husband, who is very technically challenged, sat there one night and accidently surfed where he did not belong and accidently rented some kind of special adult presentation.  We immediately tried to cancel, but were unable to do so.  You can also go online to rent a movie, which is also easy, or you can do so by phone. 
when movies were 25 cents and you could...sm

send 10 letters thru the post office on $1.00


geesh - I'm older than dirt.......*LOL* 

Drive in Movies sm
I remember as a kid going to the drive-in movies with my mom hiding us in the backseat so as not to have to pay for all of us.

As a kid I remember the amusement truck coming around and we could take a ride on the "whip" for $0.25.

I remember when it was legal to open the fire hydrant and get wet during hot summer days. (Yes, I lived in a "city").

I remember "Happy Days" was the hit show when I was a teen and the boys tried to look and be like the "Fonze".

I also remember as a teen, a bag of Doritos was $0.25.

Can you guess my age?
(Hint - between 37 and 39) LOL.
I love old movies too...

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Barefoot In The Park

Gone With The Wind...I love them all!

Well, I like his movies, so neener.
How do you order movies from Direct TV?
I'm a fairly new subscriber to Direct TV and up until now when we wanted to watch a movie, we would just go to the video store and rent one.  I know Direct TV lets you order those movies from them and they put it on your bill and you get to watch the movie when you want to.  Do any of you do this and do you find it more convenient/more expensive?  Also, do you have to have a phone line to do this?  Exactly how does it work?  Thank you for the info and feeling a little dumb having to ask!
Some older movies, but good ones...

The Life of David Gale...excellent movie...Kevin Spacey, I think...

Mona Lisa Smile...Julia Roberts...I really liked this one, so did my teenage daughter...

Forrest Gump, of course, one of my all-time favorites...we all know who he is (and the soundtrack is awesome)!!!

Have a lovely weekend...

Movies that are so bad they're good.
I'm gonna check that one out. I love movies like that. Nicholas Cage in Vampire's Kiss - same story, very young, bad movie, but boy did he give it his all. Talk about over acting.
Jack Nicholson movies
He is my favorite actor and starred in two of the funniest movies I ever saw: Goin' South (which he also directed) and The Fortune (with Warren Beatty)--both hard to find but absolutely hilarious!
You want strange movies - check out the
Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn was really a good one.  Also, I happened to come across a movie about 3 or 4 years ago that turned out to be one of my favorites - Last of the Dogmen with Tom Berringer and Barbara Hersey - I HIGHLY recommend this movie - It's not a war movie but I don't want to tell you what it's about because it would ruin the surprise.
Typing Captions for TV&Movies
Does anyone here type captions?  I want to know more about this, as I was watching TV w the captions on and wondering who types the words.   I wonder if you just get to watch TV and type what you hear all day long...that would be so sweet. 
totally agree on Heston movies....nm
jodie foster. Love all her movies
Top 100 inspiring movies on tonight, CBS, 8-11pm. nm
I was watching one of the Freddy movies where the girl was pregnant.
Anyway, I slept in the basement and my parents slept upstairs. It was about midnight when I was watching this Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Our dogs were in the kennel next to my bedroom and started whining. I heard something thump in the ceiling of my bedroom, so I hightailed it upstairs to sleep on the couch. The next morning, we saw what looked like a coiled up snake inside the fluorescent light fixture in my bedroom. It was a studded dog collar and a rusty butcher knife inside the fixture. How it got there, we don't know but it wasn't there before I watched the movie. We can only guess that someone or something was after me that night. I stopped watching scary movies for about 15 years after that. Now, to see snippets of the Nightmare movies, they're so lame and fake.
Same theme, but CBS on Wed. is to review the top 100 inspirational movies. Should be good! nm
How could you forget Tom Hanks?? I've loved all of his movies
I used to love scary movies but now I can't even consider watching them. Guess I've changes i

Yeah! We would go to the movies for 75c - triple feature horror flicks -
Vincent Price and Boris Karloff. Of course, we were too busy 'making out' to watch the movies! That is, until the usher came by a shined the flashlight on us!
he was my least favorite as well, but what comes around goes
Brenda cheated on him with just about everyone, even a woman, the first season?  Still in shock.  There are three more shows left, who else is a goner?
My favorite is
tea sweetened with apple juice, maybe squeeze of lemon or lime  or  if I want to get real crazy some of that  bottled pomegranite juice!  Very refreshing and no refined  sugar.
who is your favorite?
I relate to all 4 women in some way or the other I think. I think Miranda might be mine. They are all great.
My favorite....
very tough choice, but probably Charlotte : )
Favorite TV
Law and Order
CSI (Original only)
48 Hours
Chris Mathews Hardball
Bob Schieffer - Face the Nation
Wow! Just favorite 3??? Well...

Dirty Dancing, Ever After, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

But also like The Wedding Date, all the Harry Potters, Dead Poets Society.  LOVE It's a Wonderful Life - watch it every Christmas.


My favorite is....
The patient is alert and orientated. One of these days I'm gonna have PMS and type it just like that..... I feel your pain.... UGH !!!!!
My favorite
group is "Mercy Me." I love contemporary Christian music. Also love Gary Allen's music. Love his voice.
What wuz ur favorite car?
I loved my 73 Volkswagen Super Beetle
This is my favorite. sm
My favorite is...
My favorite, too, and...
you can find great sales. I always keep an extra on hand, just in case.

I had wrist/elbow problems until I started using the 4000. It's a work and a wonder!

However, now I can't type on a straight keyboard to save my soul. It's a fair trade, I think.
My favorite is...sm...

Bytescribe wav player.  I've tried Express Scribe and Start Stop.  Express Scribe doesn't have good sound, and Start Stop was very buggy.  I've heard the older versions are better.  I bought mine in December 2005.  Wouldn't work right after several install/uninstalls.  Tech support couldn't help me.  I didn't have time to send it back before while it was eligible to return.

I play DSS files, and there's a trick to getting DSS files to play really really well on a Bytescribe.  Bytescribe wav player was made for wav files.  You can email me if you want to know how to do this or call Bytescribe.  They have another program you can use that converts DSS to Wav files.  It's already on your computer if you use the Wavplayer.

I would recommend Bytescribe if you're playing Wav files and Olympus DSS player pro if you're playing DSS files, although I've never tried DSS player pro but heard it's good.

I think it's worth the money to invest in a good player.  It will pay for itself over and over again in productivity and less mistakes because you can hear better.  It also pays to have a very good sound card on your computer, especially if you're on a laptop. 

favorite and most used
The Stedman's Pathology and Lab Medicine Words, 4th edition. You can find anything in there from bacteria to blood tests, etc. love it!
My favorite one of all is

woman came in with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing after eating p___is.  It was supposed to be after eating "peanuts."